DNA Wealth Blueprint Review – The Truth!

Welcome to my DNA Wealth Blueprint review – as always with my reviews you’ll be getting the no BS approach and I’m about to dive right in to see whether or not this new system lives up to it’s claims and more importantly whether or not it can actually make us any money.

This product is brought to you by 2 guys named Andrew Fox and Peter Parks. I’m not quite sure who Peter Parks is but I do know that Andrew Fox is quite well know throughout the industry and this isn’t the only product launch that he’s been involved with. In fact I’ve actually purchased some of the previous products that Andrew Fox has launched and they haven’t been too bad! With that being said, is DNA Wealth Blueprint going to live up to those expectations? Let’s find out…

Now if you’ve already looked into purchasing DNA Wealth Blueprint before coming across this review then you’ll realise that it’s actually a high ticket product starting out at around $197 and then has multiple upsells. This might put a few people off purchasing the product but personally I prefer high ticket items because generally they’re packed with more value and haven’t been “skimped” on (that’s usually the case anyway – but not always).

I actually did some digging and I found a video of Peter Parks speaking on stage on his website – he seems like a great speaker & made some good points. Plus since he’s actually up there on the stage surely that means he’s got some value to bring to the table right? I’d assume so. After watching that video I’d made my mind up already – this was going to be a great product. A well known internet marketer launching a product alongside a great speaker, it looks like a good combination… but then I came across this review:

He doesn’t show anything. He only tells you you need to test you landing page test your images and test your copy. But never shows you how to do it. Its crazy.

It sounds disheartening, but what you’ve got to remember is that everybody is at different stages in their own internet marketing career – one product cannot cater for all so whilst this might be excellent for one person it may similarly be rubbish for somebody else, that’s just the way it goes.

Here’s an example, another guy also reviewed it and said:

Looks good to me.

A few more people left negative reviews but then again as I’ve just mentioned I think it’s just one of those products that simply doesn’t cater for everybody, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Why? Well often when people focus too much of their time trying to make the product cater for everybody the product loses value. By targeting a product at a specific audience it’s going to basically annoy a whole load of people but at the same time provide an awful lot of value to those it’s targeted at.

The new version of DNA Wealth Blueprint actually launched of December the 2nd, so those previous reviews don’t hold against the new version but I did feel that they were important to include because based on the previous product you can get a better idea as to what this one is going to be like.

Peter himself responded to the negative feedback, I felt like there was some anger in his words which is fair enough after all his product has just had some bad words thrown at it. He believes that the people who left negative feedback had actually stole the product instead of purchasing it. More interestingly though here are some facts that he offered out about v1 of DNA Wealth Blueprint:

  • Over 80 5 figure earners.
  • Over 35 6 figure earners.
  • Five 7 figure earners.

How true those stats are I’ve no idea, but they were brought to the table by Peter himself.

What will v2.0 bring to the table?

DNA Wealth BlueprintVersion 2.0 of DNA Wealth Blueprint looks really interesting indeed, it’s basically all about psychological triggers and how to use them to get people to actually buy a product.

My conclusion.

Well put it this way these are certainly 2 very smart guys and the product is no doubt going to contain a lot of useful information. Whether it’s going to be useful to everybody – probably not, but for those who find it useful it will probably be very useful indeed.

As always if you have your own thoughts on this product then please do feel free to share them below, they’d be much appreciated. I hope you enjoyed reading my review!

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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