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Welcome to my review of Earning Expert which is a system that’s just recently launched claiming it can allow you to generate profits of $547 per day from trading binary options. Not only that, but the system claims it can do it all on complete auto-pilot & that you don’t even have to have a knowledge of binary option trading in order to operate it. Today I’m going to be looking into this system to find out what it’s all about and whether or not it actually can help us to make money.

Before I go ahead & get started with this review I want to let you know that I’m not an affiliate of this system. The reason I tell you that is because I want you to know that what you’ll be reading here is a 100% honest & unbiased review – I’m not going to be trying to sell this system to you or refer you to it for a commission.

The website of this system doesn’t really give much away at all until you register, but basically we’re given the impression that all you need to do is fund your account, run this system & then sit back and watch your balance grow. It certainly sounds pretty nice in theory, but as the saying goods “things that sound too good to be true generally are”.

I decided to proceed to register in order to find out more about the system & how it works, and that’s when I came across this:

Lifetime License

Notice the “Free Lifetime License!” bit… If you’ve traded binary options before then you’ll probably know that “free” binary options systems have built up an extremely bad reputation for themselves. If you haven’t traded binary options previously then take my word for it, “free” binary option systems are something best avoided (unless you’re looking to lose money that is).

Hundreds of these so called “free” binary options systems have been launching lately & they’ve done nothing but part people with their hard earned cash. The website of this system looks very professional & doesn’t follow the typical theme of a “free” binary option system but after a closer inspection I think this is just going to be yet another “free” binary options system in disguise.

Why “free”?

You might be wondering why I put the word free in quotes when I talk about these systems, so I’ve decided to put a quick explanation together here. Basically these systems promote themselves as being free but then you’ll find that in order to gain access you’ll need to deposit around $250 (or more) with a broker that they recommend. Personally that’s not what I call free.

However it gets worse, because when you deposit funds with the systems’ recommended broker they get paid a commission. Lot’s of people have been discovering that after depositing funds there wasn’t actually any system at all, and instead it was just a hoax to try and convince them to deposit. Obviously by this point the creators of the system no longer care because they’ve already made their commission – whereas you’re left $250 (or more) out of pocket with nothing to show for it.

Please note: I’m not saying that’s the case with this particular system, but I just wanted to raise the point so that if you’re looking into these types of systems you know what to look out for. Personally I’ll never even consider making a deposit unless I’m giving full access to the system beforehand & also allowed to test the system using a demo account first.

So does it work?

As I’ve just mentioned above, binary systems that work will generally always let you test with a demo account before requiring you to trade with real money. If the system won’t let you trade with a demo account then usually it’s because there’s something fishy. I managed to locate the FAQ of this system & noticed this:

Demo Account

Personally I don’t like the sound of that, but regardless I won’t slam the system just yet… I’ll check it out further before making a decision.

I went ahead, entered my details & “registered” to the system. Immediately after landing on the next page there were two things that indicated that this system does not work.

Firstly, when I looked in the address bar it looked like this:

Address Bar

Notice the “AffiliateID=”, this means somebody is getting a commission for referring me to this system. What I’m confused about is:

  1. Why are the creators of the system paying people to get new members?
  2. If the system works as promised then why are affiliates working hard to get signups when they could just use the system to make money instead?

The answer: Because it doesn’t work! They’re just trying to get you to sign up with their recommended broker so that they’ll get a commission.

& the second thing that tells me it doesn’t work is the fake testimonial. The girl in the testimonial video (the one I’ve taken a screenshot of below) is actually an actor.

Fiverr Girl

Here she is below offering her services on the Fiverr website:

Fiverr Gig

So to be honest I don’t even think I need to continue any further with this review, it’s clear that this system doesn’t work as promised. If it did then they wouldn’t need to pay actors to record testimonials & they wouldn’t need to pay people to get you to signup.

The truth is these “free” binary options systems are all the same & my advice would be to completely avoid them. Personally I don’t like binary option trading at all as it’s extremely risky & very few people actually make a profit. If you’re trying to trade binary options as a source of income then I’d definitely advise quitting – it’s OK as a bit of fun but that’s about it. Online marketing is a much better way to create a steady income online & believe it or not these days it’s not actually all that difficult to get into especially with all the ready made systems available.

If you truly do want to stick with trading then I’d recommend Forex instead or even learning about the stock market and getting involved with that. They’re still both extremely risky but generally carry much less risk than binary option trading… But then again I guess at the end of the day it’s up to you!

I hope you enjoyed reading my review & most importantly I hope it prevented you from parting with your cash. I’d love to hear your thoughts so if you could take a minute to leave a comment below then thank would be much appreciated, thank you!

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