Facebook For Marketers – How To Setup Your Profile For Maximum Effectiveness

Facebook Like ButtonFacebook is a fantastic tool for online marketing. Not only does it allow us to easily connect & engage with thousands of new people, but it also enables us to show them that we’re a “real person” & build massive amounts of trust with our prospects.

You see as I recently talked about in this post, trust plays a huge part in your success online. It doesn’t matter how trustworthy you feel like you’ve portrayed yourself to your prospects, when they visit your website or blog they’ll simply just see you as “another person on the internet”.

They’ve literally just met you – you’re a stranger. You can tell them anything you like, but what reason have they got to believe you? They haven’t got one, and that’s why people online are immediately skeptical. There’s tonnes of bogus products and they don’t want to get ripped off… You can’t blame them.

This means that it’s up to you to install confidence, show them that you are who you say you are and most importantly show them that they can trust you. Those might sound like challenging tasks, but you can easily cover them all by simply using Facebook in your marketing strategy.

You see when your prospects visit your Facebook account they immediately see a few things…

  • They see your history, and see that you’ve been around a while so that it’s less likely you’re going to take their money and run.
  • They see photos & videos of you, emphasizing that you are actually the person you say you are.
  • They get to see other people interacting with you, and trusting you. It’s human nature for people to follow other people, so if they see other people trusting you then they’ll be much more likely to trust you themselves.

That’s all before they’ve even gone ahead & connected with you. Once they’ve connected & befriended you they’ll get to see your posts in their feed meaning they become familiar with you… You become somebody “they know”, and no longer that stranger they just met.

Facebook Marketing MoneyFacebook is a really powerful tool, but unfortunately a lot of marketers get it wrong because they think it’s just common sense.

However there’s actually a bit of a fine art to tweaking your Facebook profile for BIG results & it’s worthwhile taking some time out to make sure you’re doing it right. Just by making a few small changes you can dramatically increase the results in your business.

So without further ado, starting from the top in a list style format I’ll walk you through setting up the “perfect profile”…

Setting up your profile.

1. Use Your Own Name.

To some of you this might sound totally stupid, but you’d be surprised at the amount of people I see using (or wanting to use) an alias on their Facebook account so that they can “hide” from the people they know in real life. Don’t do it, your name is your name and if you use anything other than your real name on Facebook you’re going to have a real hard time with engagement down the road.

2. Profile Picture.

Your profile picture should be a picture of YOU. I’ll admit this sounds like total common sense but even so I still see a ton of marketers who are using cartoon graphics or photos of their cars and pets as their profile picture – this is no good. People visit your Facebook profile because they want to see who YOU are, so make sure your profile photo is a picture of yourself.

Ideally you should upload a photo in which you’re smiling, and try to get a close up of your face so that your smile is easy to see for the people landing on your profile. By letting your personality shine through you instantly come across as a positive, friendly person and that’s the type of person people want to connect with.

Now I know that some people are shy and don’t like putting themselves “out there” or taking pictures, and to be honest when I first started out I was the same so I completely understand. However, there comes a point where you’ve just got to realize that you shouldn’t let the worry of what other people might think hold your back in your business.

“If you friend request me on Facebook and your profile picture is a car, I will assume you’re a Transformer”.

3. Cover Image.

Your cover image gives you an expanded opportunity to share your message and showcase what you’re about. This is a BIG image and it’s one of the first things visitors will see when they land on your profile so it’s important you make sure it gives off the right message.

A couple of ideas as to what type of image you could put there are:

  • A picture of your family together having fun – a lot of marketers go down this route as it shows your a down to earth caring person & people can relate to you.
  • An inspirational/motivational quote image – again another great one because it shows your positive and this type of image can actually install motivation in the visitor into making a purchase decision. They might be sitting on the fence about your offer but see a powerful quote on your profile saying something like “YOU are the creator of your own destiny” and it can be a real decision maker for them.

Previously I used an image of me stood next to my Range Rover as my cover photo (which you can see below), but it had a negative impact on my business. You see whilst it showed that I’ve had success in my business (and that I like cars), it also came across to some people as if I was “showing off”. That’s not really how you want to portray yourself as it will only attract the wrong type of people towards your business.

Range Rover Facebook Cover Photo

Whatever image you decide to use for your cover photo be sure to keep it positive, because once again as we mentioned above people like to connect with positive, like-minded people. Be sure to learn from my mistake & don’t use an image that might make it seem like you’re “showing off” as that’s certainly something people don’t like.

4. Birth Date.

I understand that lots of people don’t like to share their age, especially with people they don’t really know & that’s fair enough. However the great thing about adding your birth date to Facebook is that when it’s your birthday Facebook lets all of your friends know & encourages them to connect with you by writing a message on your wall.

Plus, the added bonus of them writing on your wall is that the activity is published to their friends too, so it can massively increase your reach. Think about it, let’s say 50 of your friends write a happy birthday on your wall, and they each have 100 friends or more – that’s at least 5,000 people your profile has been pushed in front of in just 1 day without you lifting a finger.

Not only that but it also gives you the opportunity to re-engage with your friends & followers. If they leave a happy birthday it gives you the chance to comment on it and say something like “Hey, thanks for that – we haven’t spoke in a while we should catch up, drop me a message when you get a spare moment”.

The bottom line is that it’s definitely something to consider. One thing I would advise though is not to lie – I know it’s tempting to make yourself a few years younger but adding your birth date is a case of adding the real date or not bothering at all. The reason for that is because when people are checking you out online they’ll do quite a bit of research, therefore the last thing you’d want is for them to come across any discrepancies as it’ll make you seem dishonest.

5. About Section.

The birth date that I’ve just talked about above does actually come under the about section but I felt it was quite important on it’s own so I decided to give it it’s own space on the list. However, it is also important that you go ahead & fill out the rest of the “About” section.

It’s pretty self explanatory to fill out, but it’s actually quite effective in encouraging people to connect with you. I’ve had several people connect with me purely because they noticed on my Facebook profile that I used to work as an electrician. It’s something they were able to relate to (because they were electricians too) and it made them decide that they’d like to connect with me.


You can share your interests & the things you like on your Facebook profile. These can include things like which sports you follow, what books you read and the types of music you enjoy listening to.

It’s recommended that you do go ahead & add these to your profile as it builds the possibilities of connections with other people. The more things you have on there the more chance you have of somebody visiting your profile finding a common interest with you, which ultimately encourages them to connect.

Plus people can find you on Facebook based on your interests, so by filling out this section you actually enable other like minded people to discover you & connect.

Posting content.

This is where quite a few marketers fall down, simply because they feel it’s common sense & don’t put a great deal of thought into what they post on Facebook.

The truth is Facebook is super powerful, and by posting the right content you can generate massive amounts of leads for your business quite easily. At the moment if you’re not posting the right content you might not realize that, but by making these changes that we’re going to be talking about you could very quickly see big improvements in your business.

So in this section I’m going to do the same as above with regards to the list format, only this time I’ll be splitting them into two groups, the Facebook DO’s and the Facebook DON’Ts.

To start with, we’ll run with the Facebook DONT’s

1. Don’t Steal Content.

Really this should come without saying, but still I see a lot of people on Facebook stealing content from other people. Copying posts from another person is a lazy technique and it’ll get you nowhere in your business, it really does pay to be original so always be sure to come up with your own ideas.

By all means feel free to take inspiration from somebody else’s post, but never directly copy it & post it under your own name (regardless of whether it’s text or a photo). If you really like what they’ve shared then hit the share button and share their post with your audience – don’t be a copycat.

2. Don’t Spam.

Now with this I don’t mean don’t start randomly sending hundreds of messages to people you don’t know promoting your offer (although that certainly is spam and you shouldn’t do it)…

What I actually mean is always make sure your posts contain value because all too often I see marketers just posting their affiliate links and nothing else. Sometimes I see them add a few words like “check this out”, but quite often I actually see them post nothing at all other than the link & then they ask me why they’re not getting anywhere in their business & making sales. The reason is simply because they’re not giving anybody any value.

If you have a blog, share your blog post & link to your offers from somewhere within your blog – that’s adding value… You’re giving your audience something.

If you don’t have a blog, at least put some effort into your post, don’t just share a link and expect miracles to happen. Use Facebook as your blog and type up a post that you feel will give your audience value, and then maybe include a link to your offer.

It’s also important not to over promote on social media. If you’re promoting in every single post you’ll just be known as the guy that’s always trying to sell something & people will get sick of you. Give at least 3 posts of value in between each promotional post you publish.

3. No Complaining.

Right at the start of this post we mentioned that people enjoy connecting with positive, like minded people, so that means no complaining on your Facebook profile. I know we all go through stuff & you might be not be having the easiest time but Facebook isn’t somewhere you should be expressing your problems.

The truth is nobody wants to hear about your problems, they probably already have enough of their own. Therefore if you start bringing negativity onto Facebook then people will begin disconnecting from you & it will have a damaging impact on your business. Bottom line, stay positive – even if it is just an act.

4. No Over-Tagging.

This one kind of comes under the “no spamming” one that we just talked about above. Lately I’ve seen a lot of people publishing posts and then just tagging a whole load of people in the hope that it will reach a bigger audience. Don’t do it, it’s spam, it’s annoying, nobody will buy from you & worst of all your account will probably end up being banned.

Feel free to tag where appropriate, such as where the post is directly related to the person you’re tagging (e.g. you’re both in a photo together), but whatever you do don’t randomly tag people or the sake of simply trying to reach a wider audience.

Moving on to the Facebook DO’s

1. Be Yourself.

Self explanatory really, people connect with YOU because they want to get to know YOU as YOU…. So just be yourself.

Post about your day to day life (remembering to keep it positive), post about your trips, post about your goals etc etc… Share photos, videos and really get people engaged with you as a person.

2. Share Your Vulnerabilities.

You want people to connect with you, so share stories with them to show them that you haven’t always been where you are right now. Share your struggles, and share how you overcame them – it inspires people, and allows them to relate their situation to yours.

Just make sure you don’t share a vulnerability that you haven’t yet overcome, because that’s not the type of thing people want to see. All the stories you share about your adversities must always end with a victory. People want to be able to relate to your story and see light at the end of the tunnel for themselves.

3. Be Sure To Post Quality.

We touched on this in the “dont’s” section above when we talked about not spamming, but I just want to highlight once again the importance of posting quality content.

Nobody cares for boring posts about what you ate for dinner, or “spammed” affiliate links. You want to aim to make every one of your posts high quality and something that people can engage with. Always give your audience value, don’t be the guy that’s just trying to sell something.

The more people that engage with your posts, the more people your posts will reach. Strive to post content that people will have to like or comment on and create discussion to give yourself maximum exposure.

To wrap it up…

I understand that this has become quite a long winded post, so I just wanted to provide this little recap of the things we went over so that you’re sure to head off in the right direction.

Basically when it comes to Facebook the most important point is that you just need to be yourself. Show people who you are, share your mission, show your passion & always come across with a positive attitude. On top of that be sure to give your audience value and don’t just spam your affiliate links expecting quick sales.

Facebook is a super powerful tool providing you take some time out to learn how to use it right. Follow the steps above and you’ll be set for big things in your business.

So I’ll leave it there, thanks for reading this post & I hope you found it useful. Be sure to leave your comments below to let me know your thoughts.

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