How To Double Your Blog Traffic TODAY

Have you ever been in the situation where you’ve published an awesome piece of content on your website & being totally hyped for a “traffic explosion” only for it to go unnoticed?

No likes…. No shares… No backlinks…


Unfortunately I can safely say I’ve been a member of that club once upon a time. It’s a horrible feeling and all that work feels like it’s pretty much gone to waste.

But after the reading what I’m about to share with you that will be a thing of the past and you’ll never have to worry about that any more going forward.

You see, I’ve set up brand new blogs with just ONE piece of content that have gone from zero visitors to over 7,000 uniques in as little as 30 days.

What’s even more impressive is that it was done without any underhand tactics whatsoever.

It sounds almost impossible doesn’t it? Well let me tell you that it’s not, and it’s actually surprisingly easier than you might have first thought.

I’m going to help you bring those articles back from the dead & revive them in style.

Firstly though before I actually delve into the techniques used to get eyes on your content you need to make sure your content is actually engaging & shareable.

If you’ve produced poor content then don’t expect miracles to happen, but if it genuinely is high quality & worth the read then set yourself for a traffic explosion.

Lists are a great place to start, everybody loves lists & they tend to be the most shareable/bookmarkable type of content.

My tip for producing great content: Be unoriginal.

Yep, you heard that right – I said UNoriginal. Go out on the web & find content that’s already been a big hit then work on a way to improve it. Make it better, make it your own & then unleash it onto the web.

You’ve taken a proven piece of content & made it better, success is inevitable.

Here’s how you can find yourself some proven, shareable content.

Using Buzzsomo we can find the most shared content for any topic or domain.

First things first you’ll need to head over there & login.

Then, once you’re in click the “Top Content” tab and enter a keyword related to the topic that you want to write about.


Make sure you select “Article” over on the left hand side & then hit search.

On the next page you’ll be shown a whole load of posts ordered by the amount of times they’ve been shared on social media. You’ll be able to see exactly how much Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Google+ shares each of the articles has had.


Obviously the more shares the article has had the chances are the better it’s probably going to be, but don’t just rely on the shares – check it out, what do YOU think?

Once you’ve got the content boxed off it’s time to promote it, but by promoting it I don’t just mean sharing it on Facebook & Twitter then hoping for the best… Heck no, you’re going to be promoting it like your life depends on it.

Without further ado, let’s begin our traffic explosion strategy.


This is an absolutely amazing tool. Seriously amazing.


Because it allows you to leverage other peoples content in order to drive traffic back to your own website.

Let’s say you find an absolutely fantastic article on SEO and it’s so good that you want to share it with your followers. Going down the traditional route you’re going to send traffic to that website but you’re not going to get anything out of it for yourself.

That’s where comes in because by “snipping” a link before you share it you can actually attach your own promotional message in the corner linking back to similar content that you’ve published yourself.

Here’s an example:


Pretty cool isn’t it?

Plus you get the option to use the little link, which looks something like this:


Or alternatively you can even use your own domain name, so you could have something like

It doesn’t stop there because you can even use for lead generation by using the “form” field instead of the button, just like this:


Using other peoples content to get traffic & leads, what could be better?

#2. BuzzBundle.

What an awesome tool this is.

Thanks to this tool I’m able to get hundreds of visitors to my posts within just moments of having published them.

BuzzBundle allows you to quickly find your target audience and engage with them through the likes of:

  • Blogs
  • Social Networks
  • Q&A Sites
  • Forums

The first thing you’ll need to do is download the BuzzBundle desktop application.

Once you’ve got that installed & good to go open it up and click “Start a new project”.

From the next page click “Create new stream” and then you’ll be asked for some keywords to find.

In this example we’re going to use “link building”, so we want to see who’s mentioning it in order to find out who we can engage with. We’ll do that like so:


You can enter URLs too if you wish, but that’s not necessary.

Once you’re done click OK and the streams will begin to populate (it may take a little while).

Once they’ve populated it’ll look somewhat like this:


The free account gives you access to 30% of the threads so as you can see above some of them are greyed out and that’s the reason why. 30% is still a fair amount of people to engage with, but of course if you’re looking for maximum traffic then 100% is a much better number.

Once you’ve got the streams it’s time to actually engage with the people and in order to do that you’ll need to create yourself a persona.

This will be the profile that you’ll be using to engage with people.


Once you’ve setup your persona you’ll then be given the opportunity to connect your social media profiles like so:


After doing that you’re all set to engage and ready to get some eyes on your content, to get started just hit “Find Buzz” in the top left.


You can select to only include certain channels but I always just go for “All types of websites”, the more people you reach out to the better.

Once you’ve hit Find Buzz you’ll be shown all of the people that are talking about the keywords you previously entered (which in this example was link building).

From there you can engage with these people and share your content with them. Don’t do it in a spammy way, make your content seem like a useful solution.

As an example, let’s say you come across this post:


You could respond with something like:


It’s an easy, obvious & direct way to get visitors over to your content. If you take an hour or so each day to interact directly with users like this then over the course of a month this method alone with attract a whole load of new visitors.

Plus the other benefit is that these people all like talking about the topic at hand so they’re more likely to then go on to share your content if they feel impressed by it.

This method + quality content could be a winner on it’s own.

#3 Forum Marketing.

This is a fantastic and easy method to get targeted traffic over to your website.

I won’t bore you with the details, but basically you simply need to find forums related to your topic of choice that allow members to put links in their signatures.

Then simply provide the community with useful content & aim to become an authority figure on the forum. If people look up to your advice then they will be more inclined to click the links in your signature, and this is of course where you’ll be linking back to your blog.

As opposed to replying to threads it’s best to start a new thread as your post will be at the top of the page and your signature will be the one that has the most eyes rolling over it.

The trick though is to publish yourself as an authority figure by providing highly unique & useful content, yet at the same time creating engagement by fishing for discussion.

Threads on forums can quickly get hot and receive thousands of views in a matter of hours or days so perfect this & you could receive a truckload of traffic.

#4 Timing Your Social Stuff

So you write great content, then you tweet it to your followers and you wait patiently for somebody to retweet….reply…..or at least comment.

But nothing happens.

It’s awful right? It feels like everybody is ignoring you but it might just be simply because nobody seen it.

However, fear not because from now on you can use Tweriod to see when the largest number of your followers are online.

That way you can time your tweets & get them displayed in front of as big an audience as possible – wahoo!


This one is pretty self explanatory but I’ll quickly run through it with you anyway. Simply sign in with your twitter account & then head to your dashboard.

From the next page hit “My Analysis” & then you’ll be shown a graph displaying the times when the most of your followers are active, like so:


& you can do exactly the same with Facebook too except over there there’s no need for any third party tools.

Simply head over to your page insights tab like so:

Facebook Page Insights

From there click “Posts”:

Facebook Page Insights

& on the next page you’ll be able to see when your fans are most active:

Facebook Page Insights

& last but not least you can also do exactly the same for your Google+ page by using the free tool Timing+.

Simply head on over & sign in with your Google account, then you’ll be shown the best times to update your Google+ page based on your followers activity.

Once you’ve figured out the best times for engagement you can use Buffer to schedule your posts accordingly and automatically post them on your behalf.

#5 Outbrain

This is an insane content promotion strategy and can get your content featured on some very “well-to-do” websites.

Whilst this ones not free the CPC does come relatively low at around $0.10 which in my eyes is fantastic for reaching out to quality targeted traffic.

No doubt you’ve seen boxes like these scattered around the web below articles:


Yep? Thought so.

Well using Outbrain you can get your content promoted here too and you can set the criteria of the people that you’d like to target.

It’s all based on clicks, so the more clicks your ad receives the more it’ll be displayed across the networks, hence why you tend to see more “virally” type posts displayed here – however here’s a little tip…

As opposed to linking directly to your content with Outbrain, a clever combination of & somebody else’s story can actually drive a lot more traffic.


Well lets say you pick a really interesting story that people feel obliged to click, they might decide to then go & share this story with their friends on social media – but remember it’s via your link so your ad will appear in the corner.

This way in the long run you’ll reach out to a much wider audience as opposed to linking directly to your content & receiving a few direct clicks through.

#6 Sulia

Sulia is a content sharing site visited by millions of readers & you can use it to get your content noticed.

All you need to do is simply sign in & publish an attention grabbing headline along with an image or video and of course a link back to your website like so:


Readers are not only given the option to Share your content via Facebook or Twitter but they’re also able to comment on it or “push” it to other Sulia channels widening your reach.

#7 Social Media Persistence

When you publish something new I’d imagine the first thing that you do is head on over to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc & share it right?

Well once you’ve done that do you ever bother doing it again?

If you don’t then you could be missing out on an awful lot of traffic. Here’s my recommendations for social media persistence:

  • The 1st week of your content being published share a link to it every day.
  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th week share it once a week.
  • From there onwards share it once a month.

Social media persistence really does pay off & it keeps your old content alive rather than just getting lost in amongst all your other posts.

Send your traffic rocketing today.

Why wait until you publish something new? If you haven’t already exploited all of these channels on your previous posts then step to it.

If you’ve already got a whole load of content on your blog then you see a dramatic increase in traffic if you quickly run through all of these methods and draw attention to it.

I really hope you found the post useful, and if you’d like more online marketing tips then be sure to give me a follow on Twitter & I’ll keep you updated whenever I post something new.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

Making good money online isn’t easy, but it IS possible – and this free training gives the average person the best chance of success at launching their own profitable online business.

…I should know, because that EXACT training enabled me to leave my job as an electrician & pursue working from my laptop instead. See how I went from nothing to over $10k/month here.

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