Increase conversion rates with indirect marketing

In this post I’m going to share with you an extremely simple technique that dramatically increased my conversion rates, in fact from the 160 visitors I received during the 3 day period of running this method, 117 of them submitted their email address.

That’s a conversion rate of just over 73%.

Plus it’s really simple & doesn’t even require any spend in advertising.

Here’s what I did…

In my example the product I’m going to be selling is related to making money, but this method can be adapted to suit anything.

So using indirect marketing, this is how I gained a 73% conversion rate to my product…

I firstly thought about my target market – I’m looking for people who want to make money so where’s the best place to find them?

I decided a good place to promote would be on a website that sells cars, since this is where all the dreamers hang out – the people who browse all the nice cars wishing that they had that kind of money.

So this is what I did next….

I decided that the best way to get a whole load of attention would be to sell a nice car, but something a bit wacky that would make people click onto the advert to see the image full size.

I popped over to Google images & searched for “Pink Range Rover For Sale”.

Without further ado, this is the image I chose (along with a few more):

Pink Range Rover

My idea being that if you owned a Range Rover, especially a pink one, you probably had money right?

So with a bit of Photoshopping, I then did this:

GetFilthyRich Range Rover

I had a whole load of different views of the car, front, side, back etc & I did that to all of them.

Then in the advert I put *decals have been removed since photos were taken, paintwork is fine*. That just gave it the bit of extra legitimacy.

What happened?

Just as I expected the dreamers seen my ad, got curious & started heading over to my website where I’d placed a squeeze page.

On that squeeze was a little video of yours truly telling them how I could help them make money online. I gave it the usual talk, how I’d quit my job, how I could help them quit theirs & how I could help them become successful online (all of which I have, and can).

I instructed them that if they’d like my help all they need to do is enter their email & I’d send them a guide straight over.

You guessed it… From 160 visitors I received 117 submissions.

A conversion rate of just over 73%.

& if the conversion rate itself wasn’t good enough, these people were all dying to make money online – they’d seen “my car”, they’d heard my story, they wanted to be taught and they were willing to buy whatever it was I was selling.

So from a 3 day advert on a car classifieds site I cashed in around $4,500 and the bonus was that I didn’t even have to sell a car.

The moral of the story.

Whilst this story may seem a little daft & may not appear to hold any value, think again.

This story is aimed to stress the fact that as an online marketer it’s important to think outside the box. Don’t get caught in all the usual SEO, PPC, social media hype – sometimes you’ve gotta switch off your IM head & think how your target market would think

…or hire me to do it for you 😉

P.S. sharing is caring 🙂

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