Instant Cash Creator Review – Does It Work?

Welcome to my review of Instant Cash Creator which is one the latest systems that has launched claiming it can help us make a boatload of money. I’m here today to take a look into it & find out whether it’s all hype or if the claims it makes actually hold true.

Instant Cash Creator WebsiteJust so you know, Instant Cash Creator is actually another “free” binary options trading system. It’s been created by a guy named Brock Moss who actually recently launched another “free” binary options system named the Insider Income Club. The reviews left by people that had used that system weren’t too great so to be honest I don’t really have high hopes for this new system, but nevertheless I’m going to check it out anyway.

By the way, if you were wondering why I put the word free in quotes above then here’s the reason…

Basically these so called “free” binary options trading systems require you to deposit money in order to make money, so whilst the system itself is free you will need some money to actually get started.

Now this might sound great because the system is supposedly going to turn that money into more money, but let me tell you that out of the hundreds of systems I’ve came across I’ve yet to see this be the case… The majority of systems I’ve came across have resulted in nothing but people losing money.

Binary options are a gamble at the end of the day & any system that claims it can guarantee a win is lying… There’s no way it’s possible for a system to determine the outcome of a trade, and if it were then none of the brokers would be left in business and I can almost certainly guarantee that the method would be illegal.

Sure, a system may help determine the outcome of a trade, but for a system to claim it can make you $928,197 from a $250 deposit in the next 90 days is pretty ridiculous… Yep, that’s what this system claims it can allow you to do.

At a glance…

Just from taking a quick look this system seems to follow the same structure as the other free binary options systems… It doesn’t immediately seem to bring anything new to the table.

The video follows the same theme too as it goes on to try and sell you the dream to try & entice you to buy in, but there was one thing I noticed…

The house in the video that he claims is his is actually the same house that features in the video of the Profit Legacy system, take a look…


So either somebody is lying, or this guy actually owns all 3 systems which is a little bit concerning. If 1 system worked, why would you need 3?

Maybe this other site was somebody else’s clone? I’m not sure, but regardless, I decided to give it the benefit of the doubt & carry on to check it out…

One thing that wasn’t mentioned in the video was how the system actually works – in fact there wasn’t really any mention of that at all anywhere on the website itself so I went ahead & entered my email to try and find out a bit more.

Once you enter your email your taken to another page containing another video where Brock goes on to tell you that he’s been approached by a big firm & will soon be selling his software as opposed to giving it away for free so you’ll need to get in quick. I personally don’t understand why if he has all this money he’d need to sell the software, so that left me feeling even more skeptical.

(I have to admit, this Brock guy… If it really is him, does appear to live in a pretty nice house!)

Below the video you’re provided with a form and told that you have 3 minutes to fill it out and get access otherwise you’ll miss out. Personally I don’t like these counters that rush you into a decision because I usually feel like they’re doing it so that you don’t have chance to research more about the product. There not always bad, some legit companies do use them as a marketing technique but I just like to take my time especially where it involves spending money.

After entering my details I was taken to the system, which looked like this:

Instant Cash Creator System

The system itself is fully web based, but as you can see it mentions that “This Software is useless unless your account has a positive balance to trade”. This means that you’ll have to make a deposit with their recommended broker which appears to be Big Option. I clicked proceed to deposit & the pre-inputted amount was $400 so I’m not sure if this is the minimum amount required to get started with the system. If so that sure is a lot of money to “risk” on a system like this.

I guess the 1 good thing though is the fact that you can actually see there’s a system there & available for you to use – though whether it works or not is another matter. You see a lot of these free binary options systems don’t actually show you the system until after you’ve made a deposit, and often you’ll find that there wasn’t actually any system at all – they just wanted to make a commission from getting you to deposit with their recommended broker.

Now personally I wasn’t going to deposit $400 to “try” this system out, so I decided to look around the web for some other users reviews to see what experiences they had using this system. Unfortunately since the system is so new I was unable to find any real user reviews in amongst all of the affiliate promotion, so right now I’ve been unable to reach a decision on this system.

My conclusion.

I’m not going to be recommending this system & there’s a couple of reasons why. Firstly, I don’t like binary options in the first place & out of all of the systems that I’ve came across previously I’ve yet to see 1 that works. Secondly, the creator of this system also recently launched another system & the reviews of that one haven’t been too great. Lastly, since this system is brand new there’s a lack of real user reviews out there on the web at the moment & I don’t want you guys to be the guinea pigs. If you’re still tempted by this system then my advice would be don’t rush in – wait for some reviews to surface (not affiliate ones!) and make a decision based on those.

From what I’ve seen previously I doubt this system will live up to it’s bold claims, but right now that’s just my personal opinion & it isn’t backed up by any evidence. Similarly though I haven’t been able to find any evidence that this system does work & considering that it’s supposed to be make you thousands per day right from the off I’m finding that a little surprising – I’d be shouting from the rooftops about this system if it worked for me!

Have you used it?

If you’re reading this post after trying the system out for yourself then I’d love to hear about your experiences. I imagine that since you’re here your experiences probably haven’t been too great & you’re looking to find out how it’s worked for others, but if you have had positive results then by all means prove to me wrong & let me know!

You can leave a comment below & I’d really appreciate it because it’d not only help me, but it’d also help other people who are also looking into depositing money to get started with this system.

P.S. sharing is caring 🙂

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