Peak Profits Formula Review – Does It Really Work?

Welcome to my review of the brand new Peaks Profit Formula system! The launch of this system has created a lot of hype and after taking a look at the claims this system is making I’m not surprised as to why. The big question that everybody seems to want to know is “does it actually work?”, so that’s exactly what I’m going to be finding out today & sharing with you right here in this review.

As always you can rest assured that this will be a 100% honest review since I’m not affiliated with this system. Most of the other reviews you’ll find online are simply put together by affiliates who are only interested in trying to get you to buy into the system so that they can earn themselves a commission – that’s certainly not the case here! I’ll only ever recommend something if it’s absolutely proven to work & lives up to all of it’s claims.

So what exactly is Peak Profits Formula?

The Peaks Profit Formula is actually another so called “free” binary options system. If you’re not aware of what these are, basically they’re not good news. I’ve seen literally over a hundred of them launch in the past few months alone but I’ve still yet to see even just 1 put anybody into profit.

These so called “free” systems tend to launch with a whole load of hype & bold claims, but in actual fact end up being nothing but bogus systems that strip people of their hard earned cash. Whilst I’m by no means saying that this is the case with the Peak Profits system I just wanted to fill you in so that you know when it comes to these types of systems you need to be extra wary to avoid getting burnt.

But as I say I don’t want to tarnish the Peak Profits system with the same brush so I’m going to give it a fair review – I just wouldn’t recommend getting your hopes up because based on these system’s histories you’ll most likely be disappointed.

The first thing I noticed when I landed on the homepage of this system was the fact that it stated you could make $2,100 within just 24 hours. Usually outrageous claims like these are a dead giveaway for a bogus system, but then I noticed that this system has supposedly been featured in various high profile publications such as Bloomberg, CNN Money, Fox Business & more… (see below).

Featured Publications

Naturally I decided to investigate these to see if they held out, and guess what…

They didn’t.

Thanks to the likes of Google it was very easy to find out, using a search like this:

Search Results

I searched the whole of the Sky News website for Peak Profits & there were zero results. I then repeated the same search for each of the other publications & my findings were exactly the same so we’re certainly not off to a good start.

I then did something even cleverer… Using Google’s reverse image search I looked up some of the people featured amongst the numerous so called ‘testimonials’.

Take a look at this testimonial which was supposedly written by Debby Lewis:


I copied the thumbnail image & did a reverse image search over at Google, here’s the results:

Reverse Image Search

Lone behold I found an exact match and it’s not Debby Lewis after all – it’s Joy Veron, a Texan teacher who saved her children’s lives by stopping a runaway SUV. If you’re interested you can read the full story here.

I did exactly the same again for all of the other testimonials, and guess what – none of them turned out to be legit. So fake accreditation & fake testimonials –  it’s safe to say I’m sceptical!

But hey, according to the homepage we don’t have to pay… So it can’t be a a scam, right?


The homepage states they usually they charge a 1.5% fee from your profits but they’ve decided to waiver to fee & let you in for free… Only in reality this isn’t actually the case. You see immediately after entering your email address you’re asked to sign up with their recommended broker & deposit a minimum of at least $250. I don’t know about you but that’s not what I call free!

But I’ll make money right?

Sorry – wrong again!

You see rather than depositing $250 & trying this system out I decided to do some digging first… What I discovered will shock you.

This system hasn’t been created by a trader at all, in fact it’s actually been setup by an internet marketer who knows nothing about trading.

Yep you heard that right.

Basically the internet marketer behind this system is affiliated with the binary broker company meaning he gets paid a huge commission for each new member he gets to sign up & make a deposit. The only trouble is that because most people know how risky binary trading is they’re generally very reluctant to deposit… Meaning no big fat commissions for Mr Marketer.

So in order to get people to sign up & deposit with the broker he’s affiliated with he figured he had to make people believe that they’d be able to make a profit, and that’s when the Peak Profit system was born. You see this system is simply nothing but hype put together to try and make you think you can profit, so that the marketer behind this system can get you to deposit & earn himself a big fat commission.

Of course though you’re only left to find out the system doesn’t work as promised AFTER you’ve deposited, but by then it’s too late.

What’s even worse is that the brokers these marketers work with make it very, very hard to get your cash back… In fact it’s almost next to impossible. I’ve heard of a few cases were people have been lucky enough to get their money back but it’s extremely rare. Take it from me, any money you deposit into this system you’ll lose. If you think you can just “try it out” and refund your remaining credit then think again.

So to sum things up…

If you think you can make money with this system, think again.

If you’re thinking of trying to this system out, don’t bother.

This system is clearly no different to any of the other so called “free” binary option systems that have came before it. If you’re looking for the quickest way to LOSE your money then great, you’ve found the answer, but if you’re looking for a way to make money then I’m afraid you’ll have to keep on looking.

To be honest I’d highly recommend avoiding binary option trading in general because it’s far too risky. I know people make it look like an easy way of making money online but take it from me it’s not. Out of the millions that try it, very few actually manage to profit & even then their profits are totally unsustainable. It’s certainly no way to consider building an income that you can rely on, the only thing it’ll do for certain is put you into debt.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading my insight into this system & found it useful, but more importantly I hope it helped you from parting with your cash. Feel free to leave your comments below, it would be much appreciated!

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