Polygraph Millionaire Review – Is It a Scam System?

Welcome to my review of the latest binary system to surface, which is none other than the Polygraph Millionaire.

If you follow my blog you’ll know that I’ve reviewed several of these binary systems & each one of them has turned out to be nothing but a scam.

At a glance the Polygraph Millionaire system seems no different – however after watching a few minutes of the video I realised that this one comes with a bit of a twist.

That ‘twist’ made me decide to take a deeper look into this system to find out what it’s all about and discover once and for all whether this system actually works.

So if you’ve come across the Polygraph Millionaire system & are wondering if you’ll be able to make money from it, stick around because I’ll be revealing everything in this review. Oh and as always I want to make it clear that I am not an affiliate of this system – meaning what you will be getting here is the TRUTH.

(most reviews are written by affiliates who have a direct interest in promoting the system and making it sound good because they get a big fat commission for each person they get to sign up – here I’ll be skipping the BS and telling you it as it really is)

So without further ado, let’s take a look into this system…

As I mentioned at the start of this post, this system at a glance looks like just another binary options scam – it has all the common traits which include showing you ridiculous income claims of $500,000+ per month, videos of the creator driving around in Range Rovers & showing off his mansions etc…

Polygraph Millionaire Homepage

However the creator of this system has done something I’ve never seen before. He actually comes out in the video and admits that he “was” a greedy, evil guru who spent years of his life making money off the back of desperate people by selling them ‘silver bullet’ systems.

Obviously now though he claims he is a changed man and wants to help people by providing them with an honest system that will allow them to make money as he deeply regrets his past. In an attempt to prove to you he is being genuine he is shown in the video to be undergoing a ‘polygraph’ lie detector test – hence the name of this system.

My first thought on that is that if you’re going to the effort of building a fake system then surely it wouldn’t be all that hard to fake a lie detector test too, polygraph or non polygraph? But anyway…

So what’s it all about?

The concept is that Daniel Wilkins (the guy supposedly behind this system) has discovered an algorithm that can automatically detect profitable trades – he has then built this into a system so that anybody can plug into it & make money on auto-pilot by letting the robot handle their trades.

It all sounds good on paper, but does it work?

Unfortunately despite the desperate attempts to try and convince you that this system works, the answer to that question is no it doesn’t.

Scam Stamp

This system is just another one that’s going to join the long line of all the other binary scams that have came before it.

The reason I can be so sure about this is because after conducting some research it turns out that system is nothing but a re-brand of a system that launched earlier this system. That (or should I say this) system was called the “Lie Detector Millionaire” which was a total flop – it promised the world, and left thousands of people worldwide completely broke.

As I mentioned above too a video of a lie detector test, polygraph or not cannot count as proof towards this system working – and the fact it’s even been attempted is a bit of a joke.

Here’s the truth…

Firstly our good friend Daniel Wilkins, the guy who is supposedly the creator of this system doesn’t exist – and the guy shown in the video is just an actor.

In fact this system hasn’t been developed a trader at all, and the secret profitable ‘algorithms’ are nothing but nonsense.

The truth is that this system has been put together by an internet marketer, and it’s been put together with one thing in mind which is getting as much cash as you from possible.

You see the internet marketer behind this system is affiliated with a few binary brokers, meaning he gets paid a commission for every person he manages to get to make a deposit.

But since most people know binary options trading is very risky, most people are very reluctant to deposit… Which isn’t such good news for the *real* guy behind this system because it means he’s not going to be getting himself many commissions.

However he’s not daft – and he knows that all he has to do is convince people that they’ll be able to make money & he’ll easily be able to get people to deposit.

Which of course is where the idea for this Polygraph Millionaire system came from.

This system has been purely built as a ploy to get you to deposit funds with the “recommended” brokers (and by recommended I mean the ones that are paying them the big fat commissions).

Need proof?

If you’re not happy taking my word it and still need solid proof that this system doesn’t work, then I give you that too.

Firstly go and have a look for the “Lie Detector Millionaire” system that launched earlier this year – you’ll see that it’s exactly the same system, and you’ll also see thousands of complaints about it being bogus.

Secondly if it’s that not enough, go and find me somebody who has written that they’ve profited from this system other than somebody who is an affiliate of this system… I bet you won’t be able to (and take a look at the comments at the bottom of this post to see what people who’ve tried it have said).

But don’t get caught out..

The biggest reason people get caught out by these systems is because they think they can just ‘try them’ and withdraw their funds if it doesn’t work out.

Unfortunately this isn’t the case.

The brokers these guys work with make it very difficult for you to withdraw your funds or get a refund, so basically if you deposit any cash then expect to lose it all – even if you don’t plan on trading it all.

Plus the minimum these guys usually let you deposit is around $250, which is by no means a small chunk of money – especially if you’re already nearly broke & looking into this as a ‘way out’ – which many people are.

My final thoughts…

Definitely avoid this system – it’s no different to any of the other binary scams that have came before and it’s been created purely to part you with your hard earned cash.

But it’s not just this system you need to avoid, it’s binary options altogether. Take it from me, binary trading is bad news and is definitely not a way to build a sustainable income due to the massively high risks involved.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra money all you need to do is take a look around this blog for genuine & sustainable ways to do just that – I’ve shared lot’s of different methods & systems that can help so I’m certain you’ll find something that will be useful.

Anyway that’s me signing out for this review – I hope you enjoyed reading it, I hope you take my advice on board and most importantly I hope it helped you from parting with your cash.

P.S. If you were unfortunate enough to have already deposited into this system before coming across this review then please do leave a comment below sharing your experiences. I’m sure other people looking into this system would be very grateful to hear what you have to say about it (and I myself would be too).

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