Profit Maximizer Review – Is It A Scam System?

Welcome to my Profit Maximizer review, this is a brand new system that has just launched in the past couple of days that’s promising to make us rich beyond our wildest dreams. According to the website, by using the system you’ll be able to generate £1,175 per day on complete auto-pilot. Somehow I think that’s a load of BS, but regardless I’m going to check it out anyway to find out what it’s all about.

Profit Maximizer Logo

The first (not so) big shock is that this is yet another binary options system. To be honest I’m getting a little tired of seeing these, over the past month or two there’s literally been about a hundred or so new “push button riches” systems just like this one launched. The trouble is that out of all these I’ve yet to actually come across one that works at all, let alone lives up to the bold claims it advertised.

Before I dive right into this review I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I personally hate binary options. I used to trade them in the past when I first started out online & I lost a lot of money… I learned the hard way. The trouble is I still people making the same mistake everyday – my advice is that if you’re considering trading binary options, stop! They are nothing more than a gamble and for 99% of people they’ll do nothing other than leave you broke.

Free binary options systems are certainly not the answer, they just help you lose your money even quicker! I haven’t even taken a look into this Profit Maximizer system yet but I can almost guarantee it’s going to be the case here too. Think about it, firstly if you could create a system that could generate people £1,175 per day why would you give it away for free? Secondly, if it really did work then all the brokers would be going bankrupt overnight because they make their money when you lose, and if everybody was winning well they wouldn’t be making any money!

These systems just try and flog you a dream hoping that you’ll buy in and to be honest from my first glance this Profit Maximizer system doesn’t seem to be any different with the website background being of a luxury location featuring a fancy boat and the box in the top right corner throwing numbers at you as to much the other members are “apparently” making.

We can immediately see though that these stats shown on the homepage are actually fake, because take a look at this…

According to the banner on the homepage 1,525 people are watching the video right now:

1,525 People

But if you notice, the video is hosted on YouTube:

Video Hosted on YouTube

So I decided to click on it to see how many views the video had, it must have millions surely if thousands are people are watching it every second right?

Wrong, in fact the video only actually had 241 views since the 1st of January:

Video Views

So right from the off they’re telling lies. Now this might just be a marketing ploy to try & draw you in, but personally tactics like this do nothing other than leave me feeling very skeptical because if they’re happy to lie about this then what else are they happy to lie about?

So based on that fact I’m going to say all the other counters on the homepage are fake too. Just as an example there’s a counter there that counts down how many free copies are left available and it counts down super quick but then when it gets to 1 it never goes any lower, coincidence? Luck? I think not…. I think it’s just plain fake!

Right from the off it’s not looking good at all, but I decided to go ahead & enter my email to check out what’s actually inside & see if it is actually going to live up to any of it’s claims. As you can imagine I highly doubt it will based on what we’ve soon and you’re probably thinking the same too.

After entering my email I was presented with another video & I decided to check the YouTube views on this one. There were 70 views on this video which meant 70 people had entered their email address, but it also meant a whopping 171 turned away – I can’t blame them!

On this next page you were told that your spot would expire in just a few minutes if you didn’t proceed to sign up with the broker that they recommended. The thing is your spot doesn’t expire at all because I let the timer run right down & it simply refreshed and started again. It’s nothing more than a tactic used to try and rush you through so that you don’t get chance to read the reviews left by others mentioning the losses that they’ve had with this system (yep – there’s a lot!).

My thoughts.

After entering my details to register with the broker & gain access to the system I was unable to do anything until I’d made a deposit. There were a few buttons on the left hand side but other than that everything was hidden until you’d deposited funds so basically there was no guarantee that a system even existed. Until you’d deposited you were basically living on a promise.

Now what happens with these systems is the owners are paid a commission from the brokers when they refer somebody to deposit, so if you went on to make a deposit through this website the owners of it would receive a commission. A lot of these so called systems have been nothing more than a lie to get you to deposit with the broker, and many people have found that after making a deposit there isn’t actually a system at all – it was all just a con to get you to deposit so that they could get a commission.

I’m not saying that’s the case here with the Profit Maximizer system, but for that reason I won’t be recommending it today. Any system that requires you to make a deposit before you’re given access should be avoided at all costs in my personal opinion. Plus I did a little research and the reviews left by users of this system aren’t too pretty. The majority of the positive reviews are left by affiliates promoting the system, but I dug deep & I found some real reviews – it was nothing but losses from the guys that I came across.

My advice would be to keep hold of your money because if you invest it into this system then the chances are you’re going to lose it!

I understand though that some of you reading this have probably already deposited money & tried out this system. If that’s you then I’d love for you to share your thoughts, you can do so by leaving a comment below. Let me know what your experiences were and most importantly whether or not you came out in profit.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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