The secret to success in online marketing is… (do not read)

Before I reveal the secret to success in online marketing I’m just going to talk a little bit more about the length of my post excerpt, and you’ll soon see why.

Basically, the first 55 words or so of my post show up as a small snippet on my blog page. This means that the user can see what the post is about before they decide whether or not to open it…

If I was to tell the user what the post was about they would be able to make a conscious decision as to whether or not they wanted to open it.

If I didn’t tell them what the post was about (and left them with a bit of a cliffhanger style title) then chances are they’d open the post because they were curious as to what’s inside.

Now for some reason, despite me specifically telling you not to read this post you’ve ended up all the way down here.

Do Not Read

You see what I did there? & I got you didn’t I? Because the secret to success in online marketing is playing with someones…


You need to keep your reader/visitor always wanting to find out more, never tell them everything.

I see it all too often, people creating squeeze pages explaining something & then expecting the user to enter their email. It doesn’t work.

Let me just show you an example. I’m going to put a huge red button below and I’m going to tell you to what ever you do, not to click it. But I am going to let you know that there actually is something pretty interesting at the other side.

Do Not Click

So what do you do, do you click or do you leave it?

By following my instructions you might feel good about yourself, but by breaking them you could potentially be given $50.

It’s an interesting scenario isn’t it? And it kind of relates back to this post which again is all about thinking outside of the box.

You see the truth is there so many marketers out there that are hounding their audience begging them to take their offer that these people are starting to get wise to it. It’s actually working out better to almost tell your target audience to do the opposite, and to not buy into your offer.

I mean what’s more appealing to you? The huge button above that says don’t click, or the one below that asks you to?

Please Click Here

I’ve got to say I probably want to click the red one more… It feels like I’m going to find something that I maybe shouldn’t… A top secret.

Whereas the green one, well that one seems like it’s going to channel me through to some crappy offer because of the desperation that it conveys.

Remember The Rich Jerk?

The Rich Jerk was a prime example of how playing with peoples curiosity can be one of the most powerful marketing tactics there is.

Now for those don’t know and have never heard of The Rich Jerk, here’s a quick rundown.

The Rich Jerk was the clever branding of a marketer named Kelly Felix.

For years and years nobody had any idea who was behind The Rich Jerk, but he was popping up everywhere telling people how they were losers & how they should be rich like him.

Just take a look at the video below, you’ll soon get the idea:

(Update 02/12/17: I’ve now removed the video from this page as it’s been deleted by the author)

But whilst he might have bragged about how rich he was all over the web and practically insulted everybody that came across his ads, he never really let on to how he managed to make any of his money.

He popped an e-book on his website but that was it, no direct sales hype or nothing…. It was just there.

But because people became so curious as to how he was making his money they made the effort to look for it, and it worked, it sold like crazy and according to his blog post (link no longer works so has been removed) $10,000 a day was a bad day.

By the way, I would highly recommend taking time out one day to read that blog post – it’s an amazing & inspirational read (though one does wonder if it’s exaggerated to promote the launch of his new venture).

Regardless the moral behind this post is that curiosity is a very powerful tool when it comes to online marketing & you should try implementing it into your methods.

Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy to get right, but master the art of curiosity & you’ll become a very wealthy online marketer.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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