How to stop people unsubscribing from your email lists.

Building an email list is great, and it feels good when you see your numbers increasing. However… It doesn’t feel all that good when people decide they want to unsubscribe, so the question is…

What can we do to stop them unsubscribing?

Well firstly you’ve got to question why they’ve unsubscribed. Chances are it’s because they don’t like the content your sending them.

When somebody subscribes to your email list they usually do that because they like the content they’re currently reading. They may not necessarily have read your other pages, and your site may not necessarily contain all of the same type of content.

As an example, let’s say you wrote a post about making money. A user lands on your site, spends half an hour reading your post & loves what they’ve read – they want more, so they subscribe.

However, your site may not necessarily be about making money, it might have just been a random post you’d written and any emails they receive may be on a complete different topic altogether.

There probably not going to want to hear about what else it is you have to talk about, they wanted to hear more about making money & unless your very lucky, they’re probably not going to stick around.

Which brings us on to point 1.

Point 1 is that it’s absolutely vital you tell your subscriber what they’re going to be receiving.

If your going to be sending out SEO guides then somewhere around your opt-in form tell them this. That way if they’ve happened to land on a post you’ve written about baking cakes they’ll realise it was probably a one off .

Now if you’re blog is mainly dedicated to one subject (very rare) then having one list might be all fair and well, but if you regularly talk about a whole host of different things then there’s  something else you’ll also need to consider.

Which brings us on to point 2.

Let’s say you have an internet marketing blog just like me. Despite people sharing a general interest in internet marketing, they may not want to hear about every aspect of it.

For example someone may regularly visit your website to see what latest PPC guides you’ve posted, whereas similarly someone might visit to see the latest things you’ve written about SEO.

If you create a “general” list sending out the same things to everybody then the chances are they’re not going to find every post they receive useful.

This means that after time your open rates will probably begin to drop since the user isn’t as actively engaged with your list.

What you should do in this instance is look at creating filters, and filter your list based on interests.

How do I do that?

Filtering lists by interests is really easy and it can dramatically increase your engagement from the emails you send out.

On your site you probably have a number of different opt-in boxes scattered around, and if you don’t – why on earth not?

These boxes don’t necessarily have to all go to the same list, instead you could filter them based on interests. Maybe a box in your sidebar that says “Love PPC? Get all my guides direct to your inbox”, which as you probably guessed would put the user on your PPC list.

Similarly at the bottom of your post you could add “Love this blog? Subscribe to all my latest posts”.

Get the idea?

So now you’ve built yourself separate lists specifically dedicated to the users interests, allowing you to target them better based on the things they want to read & increase the engagement from your broadcasts (oh, and of reduce the number of unsubscribes!).

It’s just a really simple change that over time can make a very big difference.

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