How to make money with Fiverr

Fiverrs a fantastic site, and it’s a website pretty much anybody & everybody can easily make money from. If you take a look at their homepage it’s easy to see that quite a lot of people have become successful with many of the sellers boasting hundreds, and some boasting thousands of sales.

What exactly is Fiverr?

If you’re brand new to Fiverr & you’re not quite sure what it’s all about then here’s a quick rundown.

Basically Fiverr is a marketplace for services, all of which are offered for $5. Services could include things like designing a logo, recording a short video clip or as simple as giving your opinion on something. The service you offer is totally up to you and the limits of your imagination but the idea is to try and keep it as less time consuming as possible. Since you’re only going to be getting paid $5 you don’t want to be offering something that’s going to take all day to complete.

You can add extras to your project and you can set a fee for each extra. For example your initial gig might be to design a logo in black and white for $5, but for an extra $5 you might be willing to provide a colour version as well. The extras don’t have to be charged at $5, you can set the price to whatever you like. For example you could charge $20 for same day delivery.

The secret to success.

It’s pretty easy to begin making a fair bit of money with Fiverr if you go at it with the right approach. Here is a quick list of some important points, followed by a bit more in-depth guide to getting started.

  • Think of a gig that provides good value for $5, but requires minimal time/effort.
  • Add a good selection of gig extras.
  • Put effort into your gig descriptions.
  • Promote your gigs via social media & YouTube.
  • Create a variety of similar, yet slightly different gigs.

Point #1: Think of a gig that provides good value for $5, but requires minimal time/effort.

I think this ones fairly self explanatory, but if you’re only getting paid $5 you don’t want to be providing a service that’s going to take all day. Similarly if it takes an hour that means it would take you 10 hours to make $50. It’s better than taking a full day, but there’s still room for improvement. The average working day is 8 hours, so if you want to make $100 a day then your gig should only take a maximum of around 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Point #2: Add a good selection of gig extras.

This is important as the majority of your Fiverr income will actually come from the gig extras as opposed to the gig itself. Since the gig extras can be charged at whatever you like the cost can quickly ramp up. As an example it’s quite common to see people charging around $20 for same day delivery of a gig, so if 1 person was to add that to their checkout you’d have made the equivalent of 4 gig sales in just that 1 transaction. The buyer may not want same day delivery but they may want something else, so try and think of as many different extras as you can to entice them into buying.

Point #3: Put effort into your gig descriptions.

If you lack effort in your gig description then the buyers are going to assume you’re going to lack effort in the gig. If you provide a really great powerful sales pitch you’ll convince buyers to try out your gig, after all it’s only $5 they don’t have much too lose so a little sales pitch can easily convince them.

Point #4: Promote your gigs via social media & YouTube.

Whilst the Fiverr marketplace is great you’ll want to get as much exposure to your gig as possible. This is easily done via social media & sites like YouTube, plus if your gigs a bit wacky it could soon go viral on the likes of Twitter & rake in sales.

Point #5: Create a variety of similar, yet slightly different gigs.

The majority of people that view your gig then go on to check out your profile which is the page where all your gigs are listed. They might have came across your first gig and thought it was “OK” but were hoping for something slightly different. They’ve headed over to your profile page to see if you’re offering anything similar but with more of what they had in mind. If you are then bonus you’ve just turned that visitor into a sale but if you’re not then the chances are they’re not going to buy anything and you’ve lost out on a potential customer.

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