What Would You Do With 100 Million Pounds? (£100,000,000)

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

I’m hoping to get some good interaction from this post, because I want to know what YOU personally would do if you had 100 million pounds so be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

100 Million PoundsAs you probably know I teach people to make money online, and with an internet business literally anything could happen overnight. Your website could go viral or it could hit the top of the search engines and your sales could blow up overnight… It’s happened to me before (unfortunately not on the scale of 100 million, but around $10,000 which wasn’t bad considering I was just sleeping!).

So picture this, you’ve woke up… Reached for your phone… Refreshed your income for the day & you see £100,000,000 aka 100 million pounds.

What would you do!?

I know I’d be shaking like crazy for sure… I’d try and keep it cool though until it actually got transferred over to my bank account. In fact I don’t think I’d tell anybody until it did, just in case it was some kind of crazy glitch & ended up making me look like a fool.

But once it got transferred over to my bank account heck I’d go crazy…. and I mean crazy. I’d probably run out onto my street & just starting dancing haha.

With 100 million pounds the world literally is your oyster, you could go anywhere, do anything & not have a care in the world. 1 million pounds is an awful lot of money, 100 million is just insane.

Think about the interest on it alone – even with the current basic rubbish rate of 0.5% that’s £500,000 – yes half a million in interest every single year! That’s outrageous, how could you ever even spend it? Well saying that, I’m sure I’d find a way!

The weird thing…

The weird thing is you couldn’t even have a plan for it. There’s nothing “sensible” you could do with 100 million pounds. With 1 million pounds you could come up with a plan, decide where you’re going to invest some & what you’re going to spend the rest on… With 100 million you could spend 99 million & still never have to work again – that’s insane.

So where would you start… what would you do?

I think the first thing I’d do is share it out between my family & friends… give them enough to allow them to either never have to work again or at least live comfortably. However whilst your offer may seem “kind hearted” often people take offence to handouts (even million pound ones) so it’d have to be approached with care.

Whilst you could certainly make a lot of friends if you had 100 million you could very easily lose a lot of them too so it’d be a good idea to try and keep your head and remember where you started out.

Okay okay life lesson over, and also it’s worth pointing out that if you do manage to get 100 million pound I’d happily be your friend – heh.

It might sound daft, there are a million things I’d love to do if I had 100 million pound but I think there would be so many that I wouldn’t know where to start – kind of information overload. I’m actually struggling thinking of where to start as I write this blog post and I don’t even have the 100 million yet! (I say yet, who knows – maybe one day!).

I think a holiday would be in order first of all, spur of the moment pack your backs – we’re off! In fact maybe I’d just keep it going.. Going round the world with your friends what could be better? Buy a globe… spin it & see where it lands.

Private jets, chauffeurs, all of those included of course!

To be honest I am genuinely struggling to think of what I’d do with it… I want you guys to throw your ideas my way, what would YOU do with it?

I tell you one thing, I wouldn’t mind a house like this one:

Million Pound Mansion

and imagine an open plan interior like this:

Luxury Open Interior

& of course a few nice cars to choose from:

Nice Cars

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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60 thoughts on “What Would You Do With 100 Million Pounds? (£100,000,000)”

  1. An interesting question, if ultimately flawed. Almost nobody wakes up one morning and have an (unexpected) £100m to spend. For most it is a somewhat steady progression that, i admit can all seem to happen rather quickly. And yes i do speak from experience.

  2. First,I would do what anyone would do: go on a lovely holiday to the Seychelles. Next, I would finish school and then try and go to the University of Cambridge to learn physics, and get a PhD. I would carry on building up my business using the £100,000,000 until I reach over a £1,000,000,000. In fact, I would carry on building it up until my business reaches £Billions upon £Billions, and get my personal wealth up to £1,000,000,000. I would do this by investing in as many areas as possible, in ways in which I know will make a profit in the future but may not for a while; I can wait.

    Next, I would start supporting cancer trusts; support stem cell and gene therapy treatments – maybe by making a business to do this; start a charity to build aquaponics systems, water pumps and biofuel toilets in LEDCs in poor villages in countries in Africa, Asia and Southern America; start another charity to save rainforests across the globe; and finally start developing a business to build Spaceplanes launched from a base floating in the stratosphere held up by hydrogen balloons, and construct a spaceship to take astronauts and other spaceplanes to places such as Mars, asteroids. Eventually I’d make my money back from metals in asteroids, solar panels in space, and taking people up in space for Space Tourism.

  3. I’m not posting here for no reason.

    It’s a matter of hard work. I’ve been posting video’s on YouTube 3x a day for the last 4 months and as of recently been able to quit my regular job due to seriously starting to make more on Youtube.

    Right now I’m at 2 685 211 views / month which equals to roughly 2 100 E – 3000 E. If I keep posting, which I will, those numbers will grow as everytime I post all of my video’s get views in the progress and new people get to know the channel and binge through it.

    I also put a lot of work into reddit and stuff, but since this is not that kind of post I’ll skip that.

    Just keep working hard at it folks!

  4. £100,000,000 is an awful lot…
    I’d spend £10,000,000 on buying houses to rent out
    I’d give £25,000,000 to charity
    I’d invest £1,000,000
    I’d buy a nice house (about £750,000 in this part of London)
    I’d put about £1,000,000 aside for university and so on
    Seeing my total lack of interest in cars, I’d probably buy a £2000 old banger and be done with it
    I’d put £250,000 aside for retirement
    I’d put £2,000,000 aside for living comfortably (which should last about 90 years)
    I’d spend a lot on a holiday of course.
    The rest I’d share out between friends and family, probably.

    I seem to have gone into this quite deeply 🙂

  5. Agree, it’s fun to imagine, it’s the main fantasy of many people, me included of winning the EuroMillions rollover. First thing I would do would be to have a stiff drink, let my family know (but keep it quiet, to avoid an onslaught of begging letters, phonecalls etc), then I would meet a tax financial independent adviser to be as “tax smart” as possible. Go on a nie break somewhere to think about your future plans. I’d then give 10% of the money to family and good causes. And invest the rest in “bricks & mortar” build luxury apartments to sell for profit, build hotels, that’s how Donald Trump started and he’s done ok 🙂

  6. If i have 100 mills,i will go on with my life as is but with better car and house.i will put the rest on investment( gold and mutual funds).
    1.100 mills is a lot but it cant afford me a jetset lifestyle.because it can buy a lot of ferarries but it cant afford much private jets.even if i spend it on private jet and so on,i will soon deplete those 100 mills.when those 100 mills is gone,i will go back to negative zone.its like when someone fly you to the sky and let you fall.thats why its better to maintain old lifestyle.
    2.its better to maintain old lifestyle because if people know we have a lot of money,it will attract unneeded attentions.
    3.i will not share it with people.because i believe if someone is competent,he/she will be able to make money even if we dont give them any money.if someone is a fool,no matter how much we give them,they will always lose all the money we gave them.its just a matter of time,it can be quick or it can be slow.not many people i know are wise enough to manage their money.charities are fine but mostly i gave 2% of it.i prefer to create job than give money away.
    Give a person a fish,he can live for a day.give him a fishing rod and way to fish,he can live longer.
    Thats my 2 cents

    • Great comment, I especially love point 3 you are very right… That’s why you see so many lottery winners go broke shortly after, you need to learn how to have money before you get money.

  7. If i had 100million id probably open a homeless centre ..get everyone vaccind..and help them build a life..if i had any spare change ad probably treat ma self to something nice..

  8. Ironically, one of my plans is to spend very little on materialistic-items.
    Why worry about servicing, MOTs, insurance etc when you can just hire cars and yachts?
    Why buy large houses when it merely isolates you from the real world?
    I wouldn’t give anything to registered charities. Most are a flawed-concept and besides, they get money from lotteries etc all the time anyway and winning £100 million is extremely rare. You should hang on to as much of it as you want without being guilt tripped.
    I’d buy lots of houses and lease them. If the banking-system as we know it goes kaput etc, I’d still have somewhere to live.
    With my time I’d like to travel, Invent and design things, volunteer and participate in all the activities going from marathons to triathlons etc. I’d like to help people that could be helped.
    I think at some point I’d also start a CGI business and make feature-films/adverts etc. However, I’d send my employees randomly on training-courses that have nothing to do with their job titles. Just the bemusement of them being sent on a plumbing/electrician course or whatever..Make them get an HGV licence…Flying lessons.. Just random stuff they’d never do because of time/money constraints, or because they have no inclination of pursuing that as a career. It would look good on their CV and they’d have something to fall back on if I decided the running a business was too much aggro. With £100 million the business wouldn’t have to be too profitable and so you could pay your employees a really decent wage.
    Id’ like to participate in robot-wars, Soap-box challenges etc. I too would learn trades etc…. The materialistic side of things is sad and I think the lottery winners that have a fleet of expensive cars and a huge house etc are deep down extremely miserable and turn to alcohol.
    You can’t tell anyone that you have won. no one respects a lottery winner and extreme wealth, if flaunted, isolates you from the rest of the world.

    • Awesome comment & I agree with you on many of the points you made, especially regarding the materialistic side of things. Did you know almost 70% of lottery winners go on to declare bankruptcy? It’s a crazy statistic but when money feels like it’s endless it’s surprising just how quickly it does end up disappearing, especially if you’re involving yourself in materialistic purchases. I love the idea of sending your staff on random courses too, that’d be a great quirk 🙂 I also very strongly agree on the front of not telling anybody you have won – it would break down friendships for sure if you did.

  9. Well firstly in my country (South Africa) 100 Million pounds is R1,742,423,038.00 Billion. So what I would do with this money has been planned already.

    6 years ago I actually wrote a cheque to myself requesting from the universe R2 Billion.
    I actually have a list of things to do once the money is in my position to use or even before it is in my position (as long as I have proof that I have acquired it).

    Planning(pin pointing exactly what you want and knowing how much it costs) is important so that you don’t end up buying things that you will loose interest of in a few days you have bought them or spent money on.

  10. If you have a 100 million. Buy a 20 million pound home and the rest you can keep it on savings account and invest 2 million in investments and another 10 million on a second real estate.. See you how multiply your income. You should be making 4 million pounds a year just on real estate and interest

  11. Making £100 million is actually one of my goals that I really want to achieve and I don’t know why but this seems to be very easy (to me) to achieve. I want to achieve this goal before I’m 30 years of age but to answer your question on what will I spend it on? Well… let me show you my list…
    1) Expensive timepieces.
    2) Clothes.
    3) I will give my parents each £2 million.
    4) But either a yacht or jet.
    5) Holidays whenever I feel like going.
    6) Expensive cars.
    7) Buy a mansion or two.
    8) Invest in property, businesses, technology and buy stocks/shares in companies.
    9) Help others both the less fortunate and the fortunate and help them in believing in themselves and to dream big things and maybe build a school or library.
    * This is just 9 things that I will do with my millions but would like to do others things also. Just thought I’d share this with you! Thanks 🙂
    – Zak

  12. Keep the money for five years before touching a penny then Id give it all away to the less fortunate because id only spend it on materialistic things that to be honest I simply do not need.

  13. This is an interesting question which many of us day dream about. Interestingly not many comments reflect on long term use of the money: how several generations of your family may benefit from the win. We tend to think about crazy purchases and high living, with little time span involved, probably because it’s the most fun fantasy. But, how much pleasure would it give in the long run to know that your common sense planning could enable your children and their children be financially independent.

    My fantasy, as a professional artist, would be to have a very large well lit studio in which to work and all the time in the world to work in it. To be able to travel, day dream and truly enjoy life with others. All the other bling stuff would be fun, but short lived thrills. Free time and reduced stress is the real dream. That means employing others to do the things you don’t want to spend your time doing. – cleaning for example or organising aspects of your life for you.

    Giving a percentage of the win to charity would be right. Better I would have thought, for that to be a long term commitment of a regular amount, to help charities plan their actions.

    This is a very boring post. Secretly, I would also like to ride a lion everywhere as well.

    • Hahaha, thanks for the comment Jason – that last sentence made the comment truly EPIC lol… but you’re dead right. Material things as you say soon get boring – the real “good life” is about travel & experiences… The moments, and living stress free. I think you’d find more enjoyment out of having £100,000,000 by just paying yourself say ~£4,000 from it every month, that way you would stay relatively grounded and keep a sense of reality, but know that you have a chunk there as the ultimate “safety net” to fall back on. Again boring, but I think in my opinion that’s probably one of the best things to do.

  14. I found this website by accident cause I was looking for answers what to do if you have £100 millions.

    Everyone says it’s not possible but I won £127 millions on euro millions lottery. I was just a normal guy so like most didn’t even dream of £100 millions I think 1 million was the limit. But here I am seating on £127 millions and still working Which I’m finding hard to continue.

    I have best advisors I could have asked for. I have more or less followed their advice and tried to keep my feet on the ground. I had a list of things I want to do and people I want to help mainly Clear thier mortgages and push them to do something better with thier life’s but most of them have limiting beliefs and not interested in doing something in thier life which I find it strange they are just happy with having no mortgage. But one friend said he would need £500,000 to do what he wants and for him to quit his job. My reply to him was I’m kind but not stupid if you need so much money so you can take a year off and then decide what do sorry can’t help.

    One of thing’s I have recently is just packed a bag and took off for weekend away in private plane and chauffeured driven I’m falling in love with that life style slowly but surely.

    I have also set up fund to help others who really need it that’s all I’ll say without giving all the details. My passion and goal is to help homeless people so this Christmas I’m going to feed 1000 homeless people in my town and provide them with sleeping bag, warm clothes etc that is just a start my main goal is to help them get them on thier feet as I have been volunteering with homeless organisation for last 5 month’s or so learning and understanding.

    I’m not sure how long I’m going to continue working as it’s getting harder and harder to be at work but I go because of social side and nothing more considering I’m single dad and also protecting my son so he doesn’t screw up his life.

    To everyone who believes that you can’t have something you are right like Hendry ford said if you think you can or can’t you are right or something like that. I believe mind is most powerful thing we have and if you believe it anything is possible.

    I’m still coming to terms and taking one day at a time. For the record when I found out the amount I went into depression cause I couldn’t tell anyone the amount and I didn’t know what to do till I spoke to my advisors. Before anyone comments please first try to be in my shoes and then talk as I had lot’s of people telling me what I should do as i told few I trusted just so I don’t suffer and feel depressed I know it sounds silly but believe me I was depressed and felt lonely. Now I started my own journal which helps me a lot and I write every day.

    • I appreciate you stopping by & leaving a comment… But I took a quick look at the Euromillions draw history & there’s never been a £127 million prize handed out. You have a nice imagination at least, heh – and I’m sure if you do win it one day you will do good with it! Best of luck. ?

  15. Buy a bungalow for 10 million, buy cars for 5 million, secure 25 million in a bank, invest 10 million in real estate, start a school for 10 million & give free education, select 10 lucky winners & give them a million each. Pay the school teachers with bonus using remaining 30 million.

  16. Put it all in an investment bank(one of the reputable ones,)and tell them your investment priorities are
    Security of capital
    And regular income.
    That’s the most sensible thing to do

    • Security of capital & regular income… I think that’s everyone’s investment priorities is it not? I’d like to think so at least LOL! But yeah… Definitely remain anonymous for sure!

  17. Well, if my Euromillions numbers ever came up, I’d stay in the same house (okay, with some repainting and redecorating and some new furniture), buy a new car (nothing flash but reliable and ecofriendly – with 100 million, I can rent a supercar on occasional trips to Nice), help my children buy their first home, fly long haul in business class and invest most of it safely to ensure a monthly income. And I’d probably buy more books and drink better wine.

    • Very sensible! 100 million might be a lot but if you got carried away it’d be sure as heck easy to blow… Hence why nearly one-third of lottery winners end up declaring bankruptcy within 3-5 years of their win, a pretty crazy statistic.

  18. I’d give my kids everything they ever dreamt about. We are poor and I mean dirt poor. My kids can buy their own homes wherever in the world they wanted to live. I’d pay off mortgages to those of my friends and those I like. I’d have my mum move in with me so I could take care of her properly she’s so scared of going into a nursing home. Then I’d buy the biggest chunk of forestry land with a river that flows through it
    I’d build bilbo baggin’s home to spec. Then I’d have an inlet in the river that water would flow throw but no wee fishy’s would get hurt, to create my power. I’d have chickens, goats, sheep. This would be on 3acres. The rest I’d restore back to nature so the foxes 🦊 deer 🦌 and badgers 🦡 and the like would all be protected and can do their thang without worrying about ever being culled or run over. Then I would spend my days and nights looking for ufo’s 😜 well that’s what I’d do

  19. When I have(win) £100m, I would do as below:
    1) Keep quiet and not telling anyone(absolutely no one) for my security.
    2)Book myself a nice holiday.
    3)Hiring a financial advisor while I am holiday and plan for the money.
    4)Follow the financial plan.
    5) And of course, be a better person and help others(wisely).
    Whats else can we do?

  20. Take £20 million to blow and let the kids manage their own inheritance they can waste their time talking to suits
    I am sure they would look after there old mum and dad when they turn up skint but happy having done one of everything 😊

  21. Being a grandad investing in the very long term future of my children, grandchildren and future children has to be upper most in my planning. I grew up poorer than you can imagine for sure. Anyways after that splurge on a big house with plenty of land n chill.

  22. This is not an exhaustive plan, but the current Euromillions jackpot is up to £99m so…

    I do not currently have a SO, so I would talk to my parents, who are recently retired and looking to move, and see if they’d want to move in with me.
    That would help decide the area, house and land I would purchase, and influence the type of lifestyle I would pursue and the personnel I may need to hire.

    I would speak with closest family and friends (as an introvert the total number is not THAT high) and declare current mortgages and (current and future) educational debt to be paid off if they wish it (I would take the tax hits too); I would attempt to wipe the slate clean as it were.

    And decide together on any further levels of support I would give, hopefully without hurting anyone’s pride or feelings.
    NB/ My feelings are that most people these days either have the time, OR the money, but they rarely have both. If feasible, I would give annuities to improve their quality of life when they DO have time, so they can CHOOSE to find jobs they love rather than taking ones they need.
    I envisage this as £20k-40k / year (dependent upon their situation and my info from financial advisors); a safety net to help them choose what they want, not a buoy the sole support holding them up.

    I would get myself a nice 2nd hand car as a treat, maybe an Audi R8 convertible, and put aside £100k / institution for a few charities that help people I know / love.

    So, I would put aside an amount based upon the above choices and information and speak with (multiple) financial advisors and lawyers to get an idea of possible income levels from the remaining capital (prob. ~£90m).
    NB/ Unless my advisors can give good reasons otherwise, this would likely be split via up to 5 investment firms and a large percentage would be invested into FTSE250 funds; betting on the market average rather than actively managed funds.

    I would hire a PT and nutritionist and get into the best shape of my life over the next 3-6 months while waiting for things to be arranged/decided.

    Then, or during that time, I would either;
    1/ I would settle into my affairs at our new home, sign up for multiple courses / clubs / hobbies, get a purebred Siberian cat and 2-4 horses and start doing small amounts of philanthropy in my local community; if monetary it would be capital investments only. i.e. I wouldn’t pay for a rugby team’s tour, but I would contribute to building a new clubhouse.
    I would then start ticking off my bucket list, slower but making arrangements myself as my new commitments and income permit.
    2/ if my folks decide to stay housed separately, I would set aside an amount for hiring a PA to arrange travel etc. and to accompany me, and to pay for my personal bucket list, around the world over the next 1-3 years

    The above bucket list includes everything, from: Blacksmithing, Helicopter piloting, Coding, Glass blowing, Scuba diving, watching an NFL, or NHL, game live, going on the next Lions tour, putting £100k on black (or red) in Las Vegas, walking Austrian mountains and the Canadian wilderness, Camel riding etc.

    Hopefully, during my gathering of these life experiences, my SO situation may change.
    If not, then I’d make a VERY clear will.

    The above spending and investment would probably let me recoup enough funds to cover Inheritance Tax within 6-9 years without damaging the original balance.

    In short, I want to Live…while leaving a legacy that my Family can use to help them thrive in the future.

  23. £100m
    -£10m kids trust funds
    -£5m house (incl furniture)
    -£150k 2 cars
    -£5m gifts for family and friends
    -£2m house abroad
    -£100k holiday and shopping
    -£20m investments
    -£1m charitable causes
    The rest in the bank

  24. Being immunosuppressed / isolating and with seriously bad health. I’m 53

    I would hire a huge big plane and go and visit my son in Canada and personally tell him our* great news. I would set him up in business and he would have everything he wants and I would try and get my health back.
    Have the best medical health professionals going , because it wouldn’t be fun having all that money and you can’t do anything 😭 but i got to admit, its even worse having bad health and no money 🤦‍♀️

  25. I would buy an island.
    Buy thousands or millions of rabbits and put them in an island in a free range concept of farming. Make island a tourist spot full of cute and liveable rabbits. And of course, help people by providing jobs.

  26. If I had 100m rn ?
    I’d get my family out of the Getto, get stuff I never had as a child just for fun …. I’d uhmm.. travel the world and invest in real estate and give to charity.

  27. house 15m – 145m
    30mil property -115m
    car collection 3 mil-112m
    watch collection 1m – 111m
    villa 5m – 106m
    pub 2m – 104m
    zoo in garden 4m – 100m
    60m away in bank – 40m
    retire parents 10m – 30m
    make youtube about being rich – ??
    host a festival 5m – 25m


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