The Federal Account Recovery Scam EXPOSED In My Review

The Federal Account Recovery website claims to help reunite people with their lost assets & on top of that it claims to pay “helpers” a percentage of the recovered assets if they assist in processing the worksheets…

So you’re led to believe that you can simply search unclaimed property databases, process worksheets & start making money working from home – but is it actually legit or is Federal Account Recovery a scam?

Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out because I recently heard about this & decided to take a closer look into it myself. I found out exactly how it all worked & in this review I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know… 🙂

What Exactly Is Federal Account Recovery?

Federal Account Recovery claims to be a company founded by Brenda Paulson & through their website you’re led to believe that they’ve been specializing in helping people in North America recover lost assets for over 10 years.

Apparently (according to their website at least) they’re “striving to be the company with the biggest heart”…

But the first thing I can tell you is that the whole thing about them being in business for over 10 years is a lie. I carried out some research & the earliest trace of this so-called Federal Account Recovery service was back in November 2015.

Federal Account Recovery Website History

This means that despite their claims of operating for 10+ years in reality they’ve been operating for 3 years at most and when you see how this company really works you’ll realize that’s been 3 years too long…

Which brings me onto…

How Does Federal Account Recovery Work?

Basically the Federal Account Recovery website leads you to believe that they are genuinely interested in helping reunite people in North America with their lost assets, assets that they potentially may not even know they’re entitled to.

And this type of thing is indeed a real thing – there are actually assets out there that nobody has claimed & that are various databases that list them & processes people can go through to get reunited with them.

However the Federal Account Recovery website is merely trying to capitalize on this & scam people out of their hard earned cash.

Whilst there are actually legitimate websites out there such as Missing Money for example that will help people easily reclaim their assets, the Federal Account Recovery website try & make out like it’s a tedious process to do so.

And surprise surprise they also offer a solution to this so-called tedious process. They claim that in return for a small fee they actually manage people’s asset recovery for them so that they don’t have to mess around with the “tedious process” trying to do it themselves…

But they claim that they have so many requests that they need help and this is where you come in…

Federal Account Recovery claim they need worksheet processors to help them process the requests – they say that you can do this from your home & that in return for doing it they’ll pay you a percentage of the fee that they charge to the people they’re recovering funds for.

Federal Account Recovery Account Processor

It all sounds fair & well & the large amounts they promise to pay you for helping them process these worksheets can almost make this whole thing sound like the dream job. Especially since all you’ll be doing is sitting at home searching databases & filling in worksheets…

I mean who wouldn’t want to get paid hundreds of dollars per worksheet if that’s all they had to do?

Sadly as I mentioned the whole thing’s just a big scam.

Here’s How It Really Works…

Federal Account Recovery aren’t interested in reuniting people with their lost assets at all – they’re not even a real company. The whole thing is a scam that’s been designed to part YOU with your hard earned cash, $5 at a time.

Unfortunately though many people have been falling for it & to be honest it’s easy to see why, the whole thing comes across as being pretty legitimate & the scam itself is actually pretty clever.

For the unsuspecting person it’s easy to get drawn into this whole thing…

Basically though here’s what happens – when you sign up as a worksheet processor you’ll be given links to 2 online databases. These databases are legitimate & they will show you details of missing assets…

They also provide you with a worksheet template & you’re told that all you need to do is go through these databases & find assets valued over $500 in total. Once you do you simply need to fill in the details on the worksheet template you’re given & submit to them along with a $5 processing fee.

This $5 fee according to their website “covers the costs of mailing, faxes, calls, paperwork, legal and accounting”…

But that’s BS. The reality here is that this $5 fee is going straight into the pocket of whoever’s behind this website.

And just who is behind this website? We have no idea because again surprise surprise they’ve chosen to hide their details. The 2 addresses they provide on their contact us page merely arrive at 2 random mailboxes shared with several other companies…

Federal Account Recovery Reviews

There’s no trace of “Federal Account Recovery” being associated with them.

The Federal Account Recovery Scam In Short…

I appreciate that the whole thing going on here with this Federal Account Recovery website might be a lot to get your head around so let me summarize in short exactly how the scam works…

  1. Federal Account Recovery lie about being a company that recovers funds for people (they don’t even exist & use fake addresses).
  2. They claim they need help & that you can make lot’s of money working for them as a worksheet processor.
  3. They ask you to pay $5 for each worksheet you submit but promise that you’ll get a lot more back once the funds are reclaimed.
  4. After submitting worksheets & paying $5 for each worksheet you’ll never hear anything back… They’ve just pocketed your money.

I also found out after digging into this a little more that it’s actually tied in with the Legit Flex Jobs Academy scam that I previously exposed on this blog. This program worked in a similar way – they claimed you could make money processing worksheets buy required you pay $37 to get access to the “job”… Needless to say it was all a load of BS, just like the whole Federal Account Recovery thing.

My Verdict – Avoid This Worksheet Processing Scam!

I appreciate that the Federal Account Recovery website looks fairly legit & that the whole thing almost sounds convincing, but honestly this is nothing but a clever ploy designed to get thousands of people to part with $5 in the hope that they will earn lot’s of money back.

The creators have figured out that with such a small fee of just $5 plenty of people will be willing to just “try it out”, and that some people may even submit multiple worksheets thinking that they will earn more money… It’s a tactical ploy to take advantage of people & unfortunately it seems like it’s potentially worked as there have been numerous complaints getting posted on BBB from people who’ve fell for it.

So overall it’s safe to say that I won’t be recommending the Federal Account Recovery worksheet processor jobs because it’s clear to me the whole thing has just been setup to make the creators wealthy (whoever they may be) at your expense. For that reason it’s 100% best avoided.

Anyway, hopefully this review provided you with the insight you were looking for & more importantly hopefully it helped prevent you from losing your cash or wasting your time with this site. If you do happen to have any further questions or comments don’t hesitate to leave them below. 🙂

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