Commission Academy Review – The Proven Method For Making Money Online?

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Commission Academy ReviewSo you’ve heard about Commission Academy & now you’ve found yourself wondering things such as what is Commission Academy? How does it work? And can I really make money with it?

Well, the good news is that you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out everything you need to know.

In this Commission Academy review, I’m going to be giving you an inside look into the platform, I’ll be explaining exactly how you can begin making money with it & I’m also going to be explaining how you can get full access, completely free of charge.

Sound good? Let’s dive in & get started…

What Is Commission Academy?   |   How Does Commission Academy Work?   |   Is It Legit?   |   Who Is It Best For?   |   How Do You Make Money With It?   |   Does Commission Academy Have an Affiliate Program?   |   The Bottom Line   |   Free Fast-Track Bonus   |   Commission Academy FAQ

What Is Commission Academy?

Commission Academy is a platform that enables people to earn money through a method known as affiliate marketing, which simply involves promoting products in return for commissions online.

It’s a method that’s completely free to do & the best part is that there are also absolutely no limits on the amounts that you can earn with it.

So how does it work?

Well basically, these days, most companies with an online presence (including the big names like Amazon) have programs known as affiliate programs through which you can simply sign-up & promote their products for money.

As an example, here’s a screenshot of Amazon’s program, which is named Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates Example

As you can see from the screenshot above, the program states that you can earn up to 12% in advertising fees (otherwise known as commissions) by simply partnering with them & promoting their products.

Pretty cool, right?

But obviously your success with this method is reliant on your promotions. In order to make good money with affiliate marketing, you need to know the tricks to effectively promote things online…

And that’s where Commission Academy comes in.

Commission Academy shows you step-by-step how you can get started with affiliate marketing & it also shows you step-by-step how you can scale your income to any level you desire.

Commission Academy Training

You’ll learn what affiliate marketing is, how you can join programs for free, how you can begin generating an income in the shortest time possible & even how you can automate the entire process.

Plus, Commission Academy also provides it’s own lucrative affiliate program so that you can literally start earning right-away as soon as you’ve completed the training process.

How Does Commission Academy Work?

The good news is that the process inside of Commission Academy is really straight forward & providing you can follow simple step-by-step training you will undoubtedly be able to see yourself finding great success.

So, after creating your free account the first process you go through is the “Setup Wizard”. This is a simple 3-step process that welcomes you, explains more about affiliate marketing & then shows you how you can get started.

Each of the steps is in video format so it’s really easy to follow & then by the end of the Setup Wizard you will have your very own niche website live on the internet, ready to begin making money.

And I’ll point out here that you don’t need to worry because you don’t need any technical experience to get it set up either. It’s literally push-button simple (and totally free to do!).

Then, from there once you’ve got everything set up & ready to begin making money you’ll be provided with access to the Fast-Start Training.

The Fast-Start Training is basically a short video series that outlines how you can begin making money as an affiliate in the shortest time possible & how you can leverage tactics to generate passive income, enabling you to compound your income & scale it to any level you desire.

Hint: It’s not uncommon for affiliates to find themselves earning over $10,000 per month ??

Amazon Earnings Example

So overall it’s safe to say that the process inside of Commission Academy is very simple & it’s very newbie-friendly. Providing you can watch videos & copy what’s done in the videos, you’ll likely find it easy enough to follow.

The good news, however, is that if at any point you do find yourself struggling, you’re provided with access to other members in the affiliate marketing community who you can reach out to for help.

And that includes me, too, because I’m also a member which means that if you join via my link you’ll actually get me as your personal coach which gives you 1-on-1 direct access to me.

So if you do decide to check it out, be sure to join via my link to get my help & support.

Is Commission Academy Legit?


As mentioned already a few times throughout this Commission Academy review, the training simply teaches you a method known as affiliate marketing which is perfectly legitimate.

As an affiliate, you’ll simply find yourself promoting products or services for other companies online (which could include companies such as Amazon, eBay & Etsy).

This means that you can essentially just think of it as “freelance advertising”. You’re placing advertisements online to promote products & then if people happen to buy them, you get paid.

And the training inside of Commission Academy is also provided to you completely free of charge, too… And free really does mean free, there’s no credit card required or “trials” that’ll expire.

100% access, 100% free.

Don’t believe me? Well, you can create your 100% free account right here… So there’s your proof.

Who Is It Best For?

If you’re chasing silver-bullet systems & expecting to make millions overnight or get rich without doing any work, then Commission Academy will not be for you. Those are just pipe-dreams.

However, if you’re serious about building an income online (an income that you could potentially take full-time) & you’re prepared to put in the work to make it happen, then Commission Academy is where you want to be.

Sure, it will require you to follow some step-by-step video training & initially put in some work as you progress through the training, but it can ultimately provide you with an income that you can scale to any level you desire… And a 5-figure per month income is absolutely not unrealistic.

So, is the initial work worth it? In my opinion, absolutely!

And it’s also worth pointing out that as I mentioned earlier in this Commission Academy review, the training is completely newbie-friendly so even if you’re not technical, it’s not a problem whatsoever.

How Do You Make Money With It?

Commission Academy teaches a 3-step process for making money online with affiliate marketing which involves the following:

3 Step Process

You see, when you create content online, search engines (such as Google, Yahoo & Bing) automatically discover it & then they list it within their results as an option for people to click on.

This means that by creating content, you can begin getting a steady stream of visitors arriving at that content from search engines (completely free of charge) & that then gives you the opportunity to promote products to them as an affiliate.

If the people visiting the page happen to click & buy the things you’re promoting, you get paid commissions.

Pretty amazing, right?

So from just a small one-time effort of creating the content, you can begin generating a passive income as visitors start arriving at the content from search engines & begin purchasing things via your affiliate links.

The best part is that these streams of passive income could last for many years & there are absolutely no limits on the number of them that you can create. It’s simply a case of the more you create, the more money you stand to make… And that’s how some affiliates earn over 5-figures per month.

Does Commission Academy Have an Affiliate Program?

Yes, it does. In fact, Commission Academy has one of the most lucrative affiliate programs in the entire affiliate marketing industry.

The reason I say that is because Commission Academy enables you to set up over 16+ different income streams. This means that rather than simply earning affiliate commissions from one source, you can earn commissions from multiple income streams, all by simply promoting one link.

And the best part is that you can earn a mix of one-time commissions & recurring commissions from the Commission Academy affiliate program, with one-time commissions from several income streams reaching in excess of $500+ per sale.

As a result, you can earn $1,000’s from every single referral to Commission Academy, despite it being completely free for people to join.

You can view details about the affiliate program on Commission Academy’s affiliate program page, or you can learn more about it in this Commission Academy affiliate program review.

The Bottom Line – Should You Join?

If you’re looking to begin making money online then I would highly recommend that you check out Commission Academy.

As I mentioned further up in the review it’s completely free to join (you don’t even need a credit card) which means that you can try it with zero-risk & there’s nothing that you have to remember to “cancel” if you decide it’s not for you.

But in the same breath, I’m sure you’ll love it…

The training is literally super-simple & by the end of it, you could be in a position to begin earning literally thousands of dollars per month by simply promoting products & services for other companies.

And as I also mentioned further up in this review, the earning potential is completely unlimited which means that the harder you work at it, the more money you’ll be able to make.

So if you’d like to go ahead & check it out, then you can create your free account right here. That’ll give you full access into the platform & as I say, you don’t need to pay a single thing.

Free Fast-Track Bonus

You want to earn money online & you want to begin earning it as quickly as possible, right? It’s human nature.

So here’s the deal…

If you sign up to Commission Academy via my link & show that you’re committed to achieving success by completing both the Setup Wizard & Fast-Start Training series, then I’ll offer you my personal 1-on-1 help.

Yep, that’s right – I’ll literally give you personal 1-on-1 support & coaching to show you how you can build a thriving affiliate marketing business in the shortest time possible.

You’ll get direct access to me via private messaging & you’ll be able to reach out to me with any questions, at any time… But remember – only if you complete the training series.

And you might be wondering, “why do I need to complete the training series?”…

Well, the simple answer is because if you want me to help you, then you must show me that you’re willing to help yourself first.

In the past, I have spent countless hours helping people who had no intention of even taking any action on my advice, so I’ve decided to switch up my approach a little bit.

If you prove to me you’re willing to put in the work & ready to see success by going through the Commission Academy training series, then I’ll give you all of the help & support you desire.

I WANT to help you succeed… And I WILL help you to succeed.

So if you want to take me up on that offer the free fast-start bonus you know exactly what you need to do. Simply join Commission Academy via my link & complete the Fast-Start Training.

You can create your free account via my link here.

Commission Academy FAQ

Got a few extra questions about Commission Academy before you join? No problem, you can find some of the most common questions answered below…

How Much Does Commission Academy Cost?

I’ve already said it a million times throughout this Commission Academy review, but it’s 100% free… And yes, free really means free – there’s no credit card required & no “trials” you need to cancel if you decide it’s not for you.

How Much Can I Earn With Commission Academy?

How much do you want to earn? There are absolutely no limits on the amounts that you can earn with affiliate marketing… The sky’s the limit!

Do I Need Technical Experience?

Nope. Providing you can follow simple step-by-step videos & copy what’s done in the videos then you’ll be able to see success through Commission Academy, even if you’re not technical.

How Long Does It Take To Begin Making Money?

Obviously, there’s no “one size fits all” answer to this question since it depends on how much time you spend at it, but 3-6 months is generally a good goal to set before expecting to see your first commissions (even though some people do earn money much sooner than that). The good news is that it works like a snowball effect, meaning that once your income begins to grow, it’s growth typically tends to speed up so things can scale up pretty quickly once you’ve gained the initial momentum.

Here’s an example of a real affiliate’s income tracked from month 1 to month 10 to give you an idea of what’s possible if you actually put in the work:

Wealthy Affiliate Income Growth Over Time

Got More Questions?

Feel free to either leave them in the comments below this Commission Academy review or alternatively head on over to my personal Wealthy Affiliate profile & send me a direct message.

Either way, I’ll get around to answering you as quickly as I can.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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109 thoughts on “Commission Academy Review – The Proven Method For Making Money Online?”

  1. hey dale, i,m having problem building my web site. i,ve tried different things no luck.i,m not too
    good in computers. please help.

  2. Hi Dale,
    Besides Amazon, ebay, shopify, does Commission Academy support other platforms like clickbank, maxbounty etc.?


  3. Hello Dale. My name is Earl just like the show Lol! My email is *email removed to protect user from spam*. I need help call me if you can at *phone removed to protect user from spam* I need a serious mentor like yourself. Am a family man. I do get sales calls so if I don’t answer right away I do listen to them just say your name. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    • Hi Earl, happy thanksgiving to you too. If you need mentorship, just follow the instructions in the review above (under the heading “Free Fast-Track Bonus”). I’ll be looking forward to helping you get started 🙂

  4. Hello Dale.
    I was wondering whether you need need to connect your bank account to your Commission Academy account. If not, how do you receive your commission?

  5. Hello Dale,

    I came across your blog while searching for a review on Lead Lightning. You have clearly put across your views to people like me.
    I started to learn about affiliate marketing seven months back. Got enrolled in an online course; learned some of the things.
    Then came the prime part, implementation! As soon as I got a membership to JVZoo, ClickBank & WarriorPlus, promotional emails started flooding in. Being new to this industry I purchased some of the offers which sounded lucrative. In the process, I mismanaged and lost the minuscule savings I had.
    So, besides being denied access by Facebook to open an Ad Account for no reason provided yet, I do not have the money to run Fb Ads or purchase Solo Ads as taught in the course.

    Is there a way in which I can start acquiring leads and make my income through affiliate marketing without technical skills?

    • Hello Koushik, thanks for your comment. Yes, of course – there are several ways that you can start acquiring leads (and most importantly, sales!) without technical skills. That’s exactly what Commission Academy teaches you, so I suggest you go right ahead & check it out. I know it’ll be exactly what you are looking for.

  6. Hi dale, I’m from Nigeria… I have heard about internet marketing but most companies pay through PayPal because of the fraud activities associated with my country PayPal is not available here. I don’t know if there are other sites or companies that I can actually work with that can pay directly to the banks here…I really don’t like fraud and want to be a change in my society

    • Yep, there are plenty of different payment methods available to you as an affiliate. You simply join the programs that pay via the methods you prefer to use.

  7. Buenos dias y bendiciones “Dale”. Te acabo de descubrir y realmente pareces una persona súper honesta. Vivo en Argentina y tengo 58 años. Solo hablo español pero espero que puedas apoyarme si tengo preguntas. El traductor de Google siempre está en línea. Gracias.
    Good morning and blessings “Dale”. I just discovered you and you really seem like a super honest person. I live in Argentina and I am 58 years old. I only speak Spanish but I hope you can support me if I have questions. Google translate is always online. Thank you

    Angel desde Buenos Aires

  8. HI Dale
    Thanks for the information you provided. I am sorry to ask this question and don’t mean to be rude but what is in it for you to give out a free training program on commission academy? How do you benefit from anyone going through this course ? Also if someone does the course are there any fees/expenditure required to do the affiliate marketing thereafter ? Thanks for your honest answers.

    • Why do I need to benefit, Neelu? I’m a big believer in the well-known Zig Ziglar quote: “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want”. You can go through the course 100% free (and you can even pursue your affiliate marketing business 100% free, too) but being realistic, if you want to get good results there are some things you should purchase such as a domain name (~$15/year), etc. All in all, as a beginner your costs at most should be no more than $50/mo & they will only grow as your businesses profits grow in line with them. If you’re interested in affiliate marketing I’d advise you to just go right ahead & check it out, you have nothing to lose yet everything to gain.

  9. Dale,
    I am just wondering, making a living as an electrician isn’t as bad as you tell us it is, from what I know is you probably are part of some union, which then tells me you probably made a very nice hourly income that most people can only dream about… just saying

    • Hi Ome, where did I say that I didn’t like it? If you read my article properly, you’ll see that I actually enjoyed it but the reason I “wanted out” was because the place I was working was a very dangerous place. Was I paid handsomely as an electrician? Yes… But now not only am I earning more, I am also able to do my work safely from behind a desk as opposed to having to crawl under large machines in the dark.

  10. You cant review your own site or site that you are affiliated to, why don’t you ask someone to do that?

    Or ask people that have succeeded to review and show their profits.

    • Hi Khaya, it turns out I can, and I have. If you’d like to hear any stories of member profits, just connect with the other members & ask them. But all in all, the course is free… So it’s not like you even have anything to lose.

  11. Hi Dale,
    Im interested in starting the Commission Academy training and I qould like to know if you need a desktop/laptop computer? or can you do everything from the Academy training and the affiliate marketing on my Samsung S4 tablet? Thank you, from Shawn

    • Hi Shawn. Well, it’s definitely possible to do it all on a mobile but heck, I hate looking at those tiny screens for 5 minutes let alone doing ALL of my work on them. My recommendation would be to use a desktop/laptop computer.

  12. Hi, Dale I will be unemployed soon and am interested in commission academy and generating income. Do you have to have a website already or is there other ways with CA that one can participate?

    • Hi Cecilia, CA is a training course designed for people starting from scratch without any website or experience. You can certainly participate 🙂

  13. Greeting you all the way from the Philippines!
    Is it possible to join the CA even if I only have web access via internet cafes? I don’t have a personal computer/ laptop, and the only way I can have a ‘desktop environment’ is by renting one in an internet shop. Is it even possible to run an affiliate program/ business even if you’re just ‘renting’ a desktop? Thanks and God bless you!

    • Hi Faye, there are many businesses that run using rented equipment. For example, many companies rent their fleet of vehicles rather than buying them outright. A rented car still drives the same as a non-rented one & a rented PC still works the same as a non-rented one 🙂

      • Faye, sorry to learn you not owning a lap top. I have 3, one I’m not using. I just need to know how I can send it to you.

  14. Hi Dale it has been months i connected with commission Academy affiliate and i have been promoting it a lot but one thing. Do i need to join wealthy affiliate to see my earnings cause i can’t see anything it say just keeps taking me to wealth affiliate website which i don’t have money for now. I just want to promote first this then i will connect later to wealth affiliate

  15. Hi Dale,

    Liv from Indo here. very interesting. But i always confused and where to begin. PLeaseee oh please help..

  16. I know you say the course is 100% free, which i understand, but what you haven’t mention is: What is approximate the total out of pocket cost one might spend on all the other things you’re gonna have to sign up for in order to move forward with this free course. please give us a little insight on what we’re in for, so if we decide to go though with the course, we can at least be saving some money, and not be surprise when they ask.

    • Hi James, I specifically created the course to help everybody get started online, including those with literally no budget whatsoever… So there are no additional fees required. Free really does mean free 🙂

  17. Hi Dale
    Does this mean we have to promote this to people we know through email etc?
    Do we contact them directly and guide them to our page/website?
    Or is all done through search engines?
    As you can guess I am a complete novice but am interested.

    • Hi John, you don’t need to promote anything to anybody you know. The idea is to attract new people via search engines. If you’re a novice, why not sign up for the free training & learn more?

  18. Hi Dale, from Nigeria, I’ve read through your blog and found it interesting, though I’ve a bit technical knowledge, but the issue is I don’t have a laptop and wanna know if if just an Android phone can go with this business

    • Hi mate, I’m no expert on mobile phones but I would imagine that if you can access the internet it will work. Easiest thing to do is to just give it a try 🙂

  19. Hi

    What does it cost me to have as a mentor after completing The Commission Academy free course for someone who is looking to start an online business through affiliate marketing

  20. This program looks an honest trainning, but when building a website with great content like yours I beleive that only a few people can do it. Take me i not very good writing new fressh content, that is what the spiders like, then you need your keywords, and wait how much 3 month or more so the the so call spider grab your site , depending on all the variables google wants, that already know.
    Is not easy. I know affiliate marketing it is great way to mame money if you put the work the patience, money and perhaps you will be one of those inside the 2% that earn money with affiliate maketing. But great article very honest and complete. Man i sure would like to have a site like this but my creativite in writing or knowledge are terrible. I’ll think about it

    • When you say “only a few people can do it”, I have to completely disagree. When I first started out my content was absolute rubbish but it’s just like anything, you get better at it over time. You say only 2% see success, but I would say that 100% of those who stick with it see success. The only ones that don’t as far as I’m concerned are those that give up. For those that are willing to put in the effort & stay consistent, the money is there for the taking.

  21. Hello Dale, I really want to learn how to do this and not waste your time or mine for that matter. After reading the last email you have up as a question on your site (from Carlos, October 15,2021), I am confused as to what this career opportunity will necessitate. I would have to build a website in order to attract buyers to it, is that what am to understand?
    And if so is that something one can do without training. People usually take courses for that, don’t they?

    • Hi Sylvie, if you’d like to do this without wasting mine or your own time, why not just head over to the free Commission Academy training that I’ve already created? Saves me having to explain it all again here. Or alternatively, feel free to read my review above to learn how it works.

  22. Greetings, you are saying the same thing the other guy said, but you said that his site is a scam. You say that it’s possible to earn 5 figures a month. You even mention that passive income is possible just like he did. What makes his site a scam and not yours ?

    • Because my site offers proper training & informs people that it takes real work in order to become successful online. Plus, I also provide the training for free.

  23. Hi Dale this is Randy I examine your review and like everything I heard I’m trying to get rid of some information overload and find a mentor that can put me right on track for building an online business some things I know I got to do over again. I’ve enjoyed your review thanks looking forward to your training.

  24. i am interested. I don’t know if I will be able to learn all there is to start another business again @ my age of 80 and not very computerized.

  25. Hi Dale..Linda here,I’m glad I found you.For the past week I’ve been sent so many requests to join these programs.First starting at 97$,then oh wait ‘PRICE DROP’ for the extra 32 minutes 27$ ,now wait let’s go to a 1$for the next 23 minutes and you must unsubscribe in 3 days.Well that was an eye opener which led me to you.
    I didn’t like the fact that they wanted cc info and bank information. I’d choose another way of payments when they start rolling in.
    You seem honest and I’m sure your making money from our clicks as well.I. going to give this a try and put my full trust in you to lead me on.Im a 73 yr old woman with a bit of technical savy but still alot to learn,fortunately I have my son and 16 yr old grandaughter to help me get started with things I don’t know.
    Now my questions are …I have a phone a desktop and laptop with windows 11.what would be my best device to use and learn on?Would it be best for me to start and stay with just one???
    Second I do take a medication that makes me shaky and has been a problem at times with typing,will that pose any problems.
    Sorry for the lengthy questions but where I feel you’re an honest person I hoped for some truthful insight.
    Thank you in advance,
    Linda Hughes


    • Hi Linda, thanks for your comment.

      With regards to your questions;

      1. It’s a personal preference. I prefer a desk & a bigger screen, so I’d pick the desktop.
      2. Again, that’s a personal issue – only you (or your doctor) can decide if your shakiness/medication will pose any issues.

  26. I’m willing to try your on-line business because, I’m retired and am finished with manual labor. I can learn to work on-line and be successful.

  27. Hi Dale,

    I’m very interested in Commission Academy and was wondering how money earned through this is taxed in the UK?

  28. Hi Dale
    I’m very interested in your program I was with Keala kanae and didn’t get the support during the very long webinars that I needed so I never got anything up and running then at the end they wanted you to be an affiliate for $14500.00 so I told them I wanted a refund I was told I wasn’t able to have a refund because the 14. Day time period had passed however they scheduled the webinar to be after the 14 days and then if your site isn’t up an running within 3 days after the webinar the free leads you are promised go away and you need to go and buy your own leads very expensive to me it is a bait and switch.I feel bad for the people who fell for his fast talking. I believe I will be signing up for your program in the next few weeks I need to get some things out of the way so I am able to devote my time to your program.

    • Sorry to hear about your experience with Keala Kanae’s program. Signing up with Commission Academy only takes 30 seconds so it’s probably best to do it now & then come back to it when you’re ready. That way you won’t forget & you’ll be good to go when you’re ready 🙂

  29. Hi
    Are there any financial risks involved such as lots of people visiting the page but not actually buying anything?
    Is it possible to lose any money from affiliate marketing?

  30. Hi Dale,

    I would like to join this, but I would first like to email you with my plan. It’s too involved to lay it out here and, although I’d love to speak with you about it, I suspect you’re a busy guy. If I can email it to you, you can read it at your leisure and let me know if you think this can work with your program. Possible?

  31. Dale,

    I just watched the whole video with FullStaq and he does a really good job. he says that for the first time, it will only cost $99, and apparently that is for life. But, being older, even though I have that window open and can enroll he says anytime in the next 24 hours or so, I wanted to do some investigative research. That’s when I ran across you.

    He says he is offering the opportunity to use the same products, the same sales funnel, etc that he has used to make over 50 million bucks. He says there are no further fees…sounds good but when I asked him how much cash I should have on hand for marketing, etc., I got no answer.

    I have no problem with $99…but free is better so I want to ask you, how much money do I need to start. I am on Social Security and would love additional income but am limited in what I can invest. He said you could buy leads for as low as $65 but then he talked about endorsed email traffic.

    I know this is long but I had a website years ago. My son helped and in one month we got over 69,000 visitors to the site…but not a single sale. I know the products were priced about the same as the competition but we were not able to convert them into sales. So you see, I have as much time as I need to invest, just not a whole pile of cash.

  32. Do you need to show your face / reveal your real name to become an affiliate marketer? I have other businesses and don’t want my name and info attached with this

  33. Hi Dale,

    I am from South Africa and I just want to say a big thank you for helping people make money online for FREE. I have spent so much money and time with people promising to show how to make money online but they just keep taking money and more and more money. You need a medal!
    Thank you again.

    • Thank you so much, Natalie. Your message comes very timely as I am working extremely hard at the moment to provide updated training & make it even better than ever 🙂

  34. Hi Dale

    Greetings from Japan.
    Is forsage a scam ? Searching this info I just stuck your article and training information. and read all comments. It gives interest me to a try. I have to spend 2/3 days in a week only. I am engaging with my personal business and work. If you truly support me I will be encouraged to be a part of you.
    Thank you in Advance.

  35. Do you need to develop your own website and have an autoresponder? How do we exactly get access to these affiliate links? Are they pre-approved affiliate links that we can use? Where exactly do we post these affiliate links? What other costs are associated with this program?

  36. Interesting guide Dale. One might be interested in knowing how much you charge for using the Commission Academy. Will I be required to make some payments?

  37. Hey Dale, just a change of subject, but have you ever looked into this program called “AI Side Hustle” by founder named “Joe”? I’d like if you had a review on this or if you had personal experience learning about this program as it is something j have contemplated carefully before wanting to jump in?

    • Hi there, Clarence. If you’re looking for a legitimate AI recommendation, check out Bloggomatic. It will FULLY automate a website (and when used with the Commission Academy method, can enable you to generate automated income). In the meantime, I will check out AI Side Hustle but at a glance, it does not look good IMO.

  38. I already have an account with Wealthy Affiliate years ago they said that I needed to resubscribe.
    I was wondering which Premium upgrade I need to get the $49.00 or the $41.00 one and then you said to contact you when I upgrade.


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