The Global Information Network (GIN Evolve) By Kevin Trudeau Looks Like A Scam!

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

It’s safe to say that there’s been a LOT of negative rumours circulating about the Global Information Network, several of which claim that the company is nothing but a flat out scam…

Global Information Network ThumbSo I’ve decided to take a closer look at it myself to find out once & for all whether or not the company is actually legit.

And in this review of the Global Information Network, I’m going to be uncovering literally everything you need to know, leaving no stone unturned.

Meaning if you’ve been looking at getting involved with the opportunity then you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out if it’s actually going to be worth your while.

What Is The Global Information Network?   |   The Truth   |   Pyramid Scheme   |   Should You Join?   |   A Better Alternative

What Is The Global Information Network?

The Global Information Network, now known as GIN Evolve is a company that was launched way back in 1986 by a guy named Kevin Trudeau. Kevin is somebody you may actually have heard of as prior to launching the Global Information Network he sold several books on TV, with one of his most popular ones being “The Secret Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About”.

You may also recognize Kevin from various other publications too – he’s featured in several, but not for his writing skills… Oh no, for the fact that’s he apparently a massive con artist running a pyramid scheme (GIN).

If you haven’t, let me bring a few to your attention:

Kevin Trudeau Reviews

Not good huh? So you can probably guess which direction this review is going to end up leading in before I even get started… But if you’re interested in finding out exactly what it was Kevin was up to & how his scheme actually works then do keep reading…

Basically, Kevin Trudeau claimed he was a member of the super-wealthy’s secret societies & that through these societies he was able to obtain all sorts of information – information “they didn’t want you to know about”.

His books were supposedly based on this information & it was also on this information that the Global Information Network (now GIN Evolve) was launched, which turned out to be a complete pyramid scheme.

GIN promised to teach it’s members all sorts of different things, such as;

  • How to create wealth
  • How to invest & trade on the global financial markets
  • How to profit from real estate
  • How to obtain credit
  • How to open offshore bank accounts
  • How to pack up your life & move abroad
  • How to use the law of attraction to have or be anything you desire

And so on and so on…

The Global Information Network basically promised to give you all the information you ever needed to prosper in life & live a fulfilled, happy life. Naturally quite a lot of people were pretty interested…

However, all this information wasn’t going to come free – in fact far from it. Kevin asked that if you wanted in on the Global Information Network you would need to make a $1,000 deposit… and then keep paying him a $150 membership fee for 24 months.

So in total, we’re talking $3,600…

But Kevin made the deal sweeter because he not only promised members would get access to all the information they could ever need but they would also get paid a $10,000 bonus at the end of the 24 months.

He didn’t really state where the money was coming from but many who got involved in the scheme believed that it was going to come through some sorts of investments he would be making with the money.

After all, he did claim to have all the investment knowledge that “they didn’t want you to know”…

But Things Weren’t Quite As They Seemed…

After 24 months passed by since those original investors had put their cash in the scheme, there didn’t seem to be any sign of their promised $10,000 & naturally they began to question what was going on.

It later turned out that they were actually part of a pyramid scheme, whereby investors are made to rely on new investors coming into the company to pay their promised returns.

So when people were joining & paying their $1,000 (+$150 fees) this was being paid out to previous investors in the scheme, so to them it was a seemingly good deal.

However to the thousands who got in later the deal wasn’t quite so sweet, because the lack of new investors meant that they weren’t going to see a penny back from the scheme at all. They’d lost everything.

Regardless, GIN Is Still Operating To This Day…

Somehow, despite many regulators making several attempts to close the Global Information Network down it is still very much alive & active with new people actually still getting involved with the scheme.

And GIN doesn’t seem to be shy in telling people how the scheme operates as on their website it clearly states the following:

This home based, internet business requires no inventory, no product selling, and no large up front cash investment or time commitment.

No product means cash gifting, which ultimately means a pyramid scheme… Yet they don’t seem to care!

How does it work? You pay money to buy into GIN, then you sell GIN to other people & earn money when they pay money to buy into GIN… What do you get? You get to b a part of some sort of weird GIN cult through which members claim the company is the best thing since sliced bread.

Should You Join GIN Evolve? My Final Verdict

There’s absolutely no way on earth I could recommend this company to you. For a start, the founder is a convicted con artist who is currently serving 10 years in jail for parting people with their hard-earned cash & secondly the company is blatantly telling people that there’s absolutely no product.

If you run a quick Google search on the company or its founder you’ll see lots of sources stating that regulators are taking massive action to try & close this company down so, in my opinion, it’s only a matter of time before it disappears off the radar.

If you’re looking to make money online then this is absolutely not the right way to go about it, so be sure to stay away from this particular company because it’ll only end up in you losing money.

If you want to learn how to make money online the real way then I recommend you look into something like affiliate marketing instead which is a completely legitimate method of building an income.

Affiliate marketing is actually the exact method I personally use to generate my own income online & I’ve been doing it full-time for the past 5 years or so, it’s truly been a life-changer for me. You can learn how to get started by going through this free training here.

But anyway on that note hopefully you can see that the Global Information Network is not a legit company, and more importantly, I hope I was able to help you dodge it so that you could keep hold of your cash.

A Better Alternative

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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18 thoughts on “The Global Information Network (GIN Evolve) By Kevin Trudeau Looks Like A Scam!”

  1. I’m so glad someone wrote about this. I was intimidated into joining this group by my boyfriend and his friends at the time. It is a full on cult. That’s why people are still members of it, they are brainwashed. They tell you what you can and can not watch and they try to tell you to listen to these audios in all your spare time. They would say you should listen to these audios until all you want to do is listen to them. It’s often not mentioned that it definitely seemed like a religion. If something good happens to you they would say it’s because you manifested it with correct thinking, a good mind, and if something bad happened or if your not rich it’s your fault that your mind isn’t in a good enough place. You’re supposed to bring good things to you with your mind. When Kevin talked on stage people treated him like a god. It was terrifying. From what I saw while I was on the inside I would say it is modeled after scientology but it didn’t have the chance to get as large or powerful before Kevin Trudeau was sent to jail. I really hope him getting sent to jail makes enough people skeptical of him. We don’t need another scientology. Thank you for honestly reviewing this cult.

    • Well I guess your mind is made up. I have been a member for some time and I still use the educational material on a daily basis. From my experience at events it is not a cult and nobody is pressured into anything from within the organisation. I credit the educational material for helping me getting where I am in live where I am now besides other sources. But the material is the only source I keep getting back to. I wonder if the author of this blog ever listened to and used the educational material and ever went to a GIN meeting. It is so easy to just Google and talk to a few people and get a very unbalanced view on anything.

  2. Dale, appreciate you article very informative.

    I joined the club when I was 18 still in college about to attend university in the UK I had many goals and dreams which seemed very far out of reach.

    I will simply say but using the information I learned and giving myself enough time to grow and integrate into my lifestyle I’ve become a person who lives the life of of my dreams. Doing things daily I enjoy to do.

    This club is not directly responsible for the entirety of my success but was the catalyst to me understanding how to take the path to live my best life.

  3. Man I am so glad to see this. I never officially joined but came very close to it. I listened to the 14 tapes on youtube about your wish is your command and it’s 14 hours of kevin speaking to you talking about the law of attraction and how their is so many secret societies and how your brain can attract things into your existence and how there is never any scarcity. And a the end is when he invites you to join GIN. I still feel like I’m brainwashed after listening to those 14 cd’s I literally changed my whole outlook on life based on that and I had a realization of how scary it really is that if I think of something catastrophic in my life it could happen by me thinking about. I still struggle with this every day And am trying to find true evidence everywhere that that’s not the case and this helped out so thank you.

    • Bro..I don’t understand any of this negativity about kevin trudeau.the law of attraction is real.the books he recommends are all positive and reprogram your mind to radiate positive a assuming all the negative comments are people who hasn’t read any of the books and didn’t take the material still have a negative mindset.the fact that your terrified of a catastrophe is evidence you need to reprogram your paradigm. Energy goes where attention focus on negative and bad things happening then it will.this is why you focus on positive only .your sayin your happy you can think of a catastrophe and it won’t happy because it was a scam? I’m immediately exiting this page after I’m done. if you think kevin was telling you false things your mistaking.those are facts.i know from experience my brother and mom’s know from experience.we listened to the audios for free and it changed our life dramatically.. check out bob proctor ,ralph smart , michael beckwith, rev ike or they all say the same.oprah, tyler perry,jim carrey, kendrick lamar,jay z big sean beyonce plus many more live by these laws.what do they have in common ? Rich successful loved by all. If y’all keep listening to the news and other broke unsuccessful negative thinking people you’ll stay on that same frequency..i pray you find the light .love you all namaste

  4. Hello,

    As I have always said, whenever someone speaks ill of another person, company or enterprise with the sole purpose of showing that what I do is good, I believe that the remedy ends up being worse than the disease, because said person is acting from the EGO seeking to harm the other. If your business works at the level you say it does, you should not make these types of comments or invitations.


    • So, you’re suggesting I should stop protecting people from falling victim to scams (like GIN)? And you’re suggesting doing so is bad? I think you need to change the things you always say because it’s clear that they are wrong.

  5. Hey!
    With all do respect Dave, you do not know what you are talking about. You just assume. And when you assume things, do you know what you do? I know you don’t because you aren’t educated. So, I hope that you keep your opinion, in this respect, for yourself an others like minded people (victims of life with no real desires), because we were trained to use our discernemet and this kind of blog did not affect us.
    As our beautiful friend KT loves to say, may you never be the same!
    Dragos T.

    • It looks like you also assume things because you seem to have assumed my name is Dave when in actual fact, it is Dale. I can assure you that there were no assumptions made in the review as it resulted from 4 days of research. Thank you for your comment though.


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