MoolaVine Review – Is MoolaVine Legit or a Scam? Important Things To Consider

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Moola Vine has certainly become a sensation, mainly because of its claims. If you are looking for reliable sources of earning passive income then you might have ready Moola Vine review at some stage. If you haven’t yet, or you think that you need to dig in deeper, here comes our third-party legitimate Moola Vine scam review.

Moola Vine Website ScreenshotBryan Winters is the person behind this incredible looking online money-making platform. Yes, it really makes money but for whom? That’s the question! Doesn’t it only generate money for Bryan Winters or is it going to generate profits for me and you as well? This is what we need to consider by having an insight into what exactly is Moola Vine and how does Moola Vine work.

In this Moola Vine review, we are going to discuss in detail the procedure and mechanism behind this apparently promising platform before concluding in the end if Moola Vine is a scam. Right now, we can tell you that Moola Vine is by no means a scam but it is more important to know if you can generate enough passive income that you desire.

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What Is Moola Vine?

They claim that Moola Vine is a legitimate income-generating system mainly based on affiliate commissions you earn by getting people to buy certain products. Bryan Winters calls it “reverse affiliate marketing” because you don’t have to reach customers, it is the customer who comes to you.

MoolaVine Description
Description of MoolaVine according to the promo video on the MoolaVine website.

Bryan further claims that Moola Vine doesn’t require you to have marketing expertise. Well, this is what almost all affiliate schemes claim. He also claims that you are ready to start earning commission as soon as you register. Well, that’s really cool, isn’t it?

Most of the times, such claims only come from illegitimate platforms. Bryan, as per our understanding, has gone too far and this is what instantly discourages you because none of such claims has ever materialized for the customers.

Bryan Winters also says that you can start earning money without making an investment but this claim also goes to the bin as soon as you go through the pricing plans of the platform. Nobody on Earth offers money without demanding something upfront.

Till now, we had a bird’s eye view of what Bryan tells us and now is the time to reveal the truth via an in-depth Moola Vine review of how it works and if it really is a legitimate offer.

How Does Moola Vine Work?

From a distance, affiliate marketing looks effortless but in reality, this is a hell of a task. Remember, people aren’t really willing to trust anyone’s recommendation. They buy what they like and for that, they don’t really need someone telling them what to buy. In addition, people aren’t carrying their debit/credit cards, ready to buy online.

Most of us are basically very good at miscalculating. We presume things we like to happen. Moola Vine demands to respond to emails containing your affiliate link.

That’s fine! Bryan promises from $10 to $100 in commission per sale. Let’s be fairly straightforward, it DOES NOT work this way!

Out of 10k emails, you must consider yourself lucky if you manage to get just 100 email respondent to open your email. People hate affiliate links in their mailbox. Secondly, out of 10k emails, even if you get lucky enough to materialize 10 clicks on your affiliate link, the chances of purchase are next to zero.

Bryan’s talk basically tricks your brain into anticipating the brightest results. Here is how Moola Vine works:


You first need to register with Moola Vine by using your email and selecting a password. It opens a free account and the system takes you to another page featuring a video. At this stage, you realize that Moola Vine is NOT FREE.


The video encourages you to buy a 5-day plan which serves your account with Green Status over the next 5 days. After these 5 days have passed by, you need to pay $20 a month to earn commissions for each referral, Vine in this case. In addition, the system promises a reward of 10$ for each Vine that happens to purchase the 5-Day plan.

A Monthly Fee Is Inevitable

An important point to remember is that even the 5-day plan doesn’t allow you to buy products. You need to purchase a monthly plan in order to start purchasing products. Failure to purchase anything will result in account inactivation.

Moola Vine IS NOT Free

The conclusion is simple! Moola Vine requires you to pay on a monthly basis. You don’t have any other way to buy products and earn commissions.

What If You Don’t Buy…

If you don’t buy the offer, the system moves you to plan B, it’s a new upsell page, Dual Sqeeze priced at $97. It is basically a software that creates email lists through which you can promote Moola Vine products by sending emails to hundreds of people all at once. In addition, this software also creates different pages where you can collect and extract emails of the visitors.

Moola Vine Plan C

If plan A and B fail to impress, the system tries Plan C by taking you to Moola Vine traffic co-op. You can buy this plan called Traffic Share. One Traffic Share costs you $40 a month.

This is extremely risky because we don’t really know the targeting procedure in this case. There are scores of bots available online which serve your websites with fake traffic.

Moola Vine Members Area

If you don’t buy Traffic Share or any other offer, the system takes you to the member area where you are told to buy either a JVZoo or ClickBank product. You get 1 green-day for each dollar you spend. You basically buy a product via recruiter’s affiliate link which means that the recruiter is earning commissions on your purchase. This is basically the crux of this whole practice.

Is Moola Vine a Scam?

As long as Moola Vine scam verdict is concerned, we don’t have a reason to call it a scam. Yes, Bryan Winters’ claims are way beyond reality and basically tricks you into different upsell pages but the system itself is not doing anything wrong. It is up to you if you want to buy any of these plans.

One thing is clear that this system is not going to earn you anything unless you already have an extensive list of email subscribers, blog visitors or a popular website. This thing is going to work only for those marketing gurus who already have a huge readership on their online platforms where they can promote Moola Vine products to earn commissions. Otherwise, it is a total waste of time and money.

In my opinion though there is no need to waste your money on something so over-hyped & risky (and costly) when there are many legitimate affiliate marketing platforms out there such as Commission Academy which you can actually get started with for free.

Plus on top of just providing the training Wealthy Affiliate also provides you with all of the tools you need to see success as well, along with access to a community of thousands of people who will support you if you ever have any questions.

So if you want to pursue affiliate marketing & actually stand a good chance of seeing great success with it then I’d recommending joining Commission Academy over Moola Vine.

Or alternatively you can also check out these other great ways to make money too.

But whatever you decide to do I just hope that my review of Moola Vine here has given you a good insight into how it all really works & the true costs that are involved so that you can make a better decision as to whether or not you really want to join.

Feel free to leave any comments and questions below. 🙂

A Better Alternative

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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