NeoLife Review – Is It a Pyramid Scheme?

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

In this review, I’m going to be taking a close look at the NeoLife business opportunity to find out what it’s all about, if it’s really worthwhile & whether or not there’s any truth behind the NeoLife pyramid scheme rumours.

NeoLife HomepageSo if you’ve been thinking about joining NeoLife as a distributor you can rest assured that you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out everything you need to know about the company before you sign yourself up.

And it’s worth me pointing out that I’m not affiliated with the company in any way shape or form which means you’ll actually be getting an honest review of NeoLife from somebody who has no interest in getting you to join.

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What Is NeoLife?

NeoLife is a global network marketing company that specializes in health & nutrition products. They claim that they can help people take control of their wellness, not just physically but also financially (their words, not mine).

Launched way back in 1958 by a guy named Jerry Brassfield the company is actually one of the longest-running MLM’s around to this day, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that must mean it’s all legitimate & completely above board because I’ve seen a lot of seemingly long-running MLM’s that were actually only clinging on by a thread behind the scenes.

One potential reason for NeoLife’s sustainability over the years is the fact that compared to other MLM’s competing in the same space NeoLife has apparently had a substantially lower average turnover of around $150-200 million per year. It’s clearly still a fairly high turnover in real money terms but it means that NeoLife has kept a fairly low profile alongside its rivals – some of which are turning over billions of dollars each year.

NeoLife is also actually part of the GNLD family of brands which is something you may have heard of as they also own companies called Nutriance & Golden, 2 other pretty large companies in the same space.

Anyway being a network marketing company NeoLife run a business opportunity through you which you can sign up as a distributor & earn money by reselling their products. In typical network marketing fashion, you can then also earn additional income by recruiting other distributors into the business & earning a percentage from their efforts too (this is kinda where the NeoLife pyramid scheme rumours have arisen from – more on that in a moment).

What Are The Products?

Since this review is more geared towards the business opportunity itself I’m not going to go into any sort of major detail about the products as the information can be found on the NeoLife website anyway, but obviously, the products are an important factor in determining your success through the business opportunity so I will touch on them briefly.

Basically, the primary product line of NeoLife consists of nutritional products for general well-being with their 3 core products being the NeoLifeShake, Pro Vitality+ and the Tre Nutritional Essence. Aside from those though they do offer some wider-range products such as things for hair-care, body-care & even biodegradable laundry products that are said to be more gentle on the skin.

Now overall the NeoLife products do seem to have fairly good reviews from consumers across a number of different websites, though there is quite a few people who claim that the NeoLife products have shockingly high levels of sugar especially considering they’re items that are supposed to be good for your health. I’m no doctor so I can’t make comment on that but there is definitely a lot of people that seem to be concerned about it.

The disappointing thing though is that the website doesn’t list any prices for the products, instead, it forces you to contact a distributor to find out more information. This is something I don’t like to see because I personally feel like this is the company pushing the opportunity more than retail sales of the product. I mean if you created a great product & built a business around it why would you want to restrict it to being sold through distributors? Surely you’d want the world to benefit from it.

Let’s Take a Look At The Business Opportunity…

First things first, if you want to be able to make money through the NeoLife business opportunity then you’ll have to purchase one of their business kits to start promoting which range in price from $49 all the way up to $1,616 as shown below:

NeoLife Business Kit Prices

Naturally you’ll also be pushed into buying the highest priced kit you can afford because the distributor who recruited you will earn a bonus when you purchase a kit & the bigger the kit you purchase the bigger the bonus they’ll get.

Despite this I always recommend you start small if you want to start at all because the last thing you want is to spend all that money only to find you struggle to make anything with the opportunity & end up stuck with a load of product that you can’t shift (and an empty wallet).

Then once you’ve got your kit – whichever kit you get – you’ll be ready to start earning with the company (or trying to earn should I say). As mentioned earlier in typical network marketing fashion you’re given the opportunity to earn commissions from your personal sales & also from the sales of the people you recruit (and the people they recruit and so on…), therefore the real goal is to build a highly active downline as opposed to selling products personally because as with all network marketing companies the real money is made though leveraging other people.

So basically whilst you can make some money by promoting the NeoLife products yourself to make “the good money” with NeoLife you’ll be expected to be heavily recruiting people into the business & then training them up on how to make sales so that you can leverage their efforts rather than your own.

This is one of the reasons why NeoLife has been slammed as being a pyramid scheme because whilst it does have genuine products (which technically makes it NOT a pyramid scheme) lot’s of the distributors simply sell the idea of making money & when you do that that’s when things get a little bit borderline. It’s not just NeoLife though, this happens with most network marketing companies & personally that’s why I avoid them.

NeoLife Compensation Plan

One thing I will say about the NeoLife compensation plan though is that it’s extremely complicated, and I mean extremely… In fact I’ve looked at hundreds of different MLM companies over the years & I have to say the NeoLife compensation plan is probably one of the most insane I’ve seen to date.

The main takeaway from the compensation plan that you need to know is that it all works on a ranking system, and to move up the ranks to unlock higher commission rates & bonuses you need to recruit – so we’re back to that recruiting thing again. It seems to be a heavy push with NeoLife.

Is NeoLife a Scam?

Well NeoLife isn’t a scam (and technically nor is it a pyramid scheme) but I do feel that as an average distributor relying on personal sales you would struggle to make money with this particular opportunity.

It’s clear to me that to make good money with NeoLife you would have to put in an awful lot of work & build a huge downline which would involve a lot of recruiting, aka talking to people & getting them to buy into the opportunity just like you. This is typical of a network marketing company & that’s why I personally don’t like getting involved with them.

If NeoLife sounds like something that’s up your street then by all means give it a try but just be aware that overall very few people actually manage to find success in network marketing companies – it’s scary how many don’t even make their initial investment back so just make sure you’ve got the room to store a whole bunch of product if you can’t manage to shift it… OR take the smart decision & try something like this instead which in my opinion is MUCH better way to make money.

A Better Alternative

The sad truth is that unfortunately most of the programs promising to help you make money online are scams. I can say that confidently after exposing over 500+ of them here on this blog.

But the good news is that even though most of them are indeed scams, there are actually some very good programs in amongst them - some programs that can truly help you to earn money.

And out of all of the legit programs I've seen, the one I would recommend the most to anybody looking to get started online is Commission Academy. In my own opinion, that's the best place to start.

At Commission Academy, you'll be provided with everything you need (including the training & tools) to begin earning real money by promoting products or services for companies like Amazon online.

The best part is that there's literally no limit on the amount you can earn with it & the process is pretty simple which means that it's absolutely perfect for people that don't have much experience.

Some wealthy affiliates even earn as much as 5-figures per month... Or more!

Amazon Earnings Example

I mean don't get me wrong, that kind of money won't just fall into your lap without doing any work... But the harder you're willing to work at it, the more you stand to earn with it.

So if you're looking to get started but don't know which route you should go down or which program you should join (and don't want to waste money on bogus things that don't actually work), then I'd highly recommend checking out Commission Academy first. You can learn more about it here.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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7 thoughts on “NeoLife Review – Is It a Pyramid Scheme?”

  1. 1st Scam: Jerry Brassfield did Not start NeoLife and is Not the Founder. Don Pickett was the founder and started the Company in 1958. I was a friend of Don Pickett. Pickett Manufactured some Products back in the 70’s for a Company that Brassfield owned. I believe it was called Multiway. The Company went Bankrupt and 1000’s of People/Distributors lost 1000’s. My understanding is that Brassfield Bought NeoLife in the early 80’s for 13 million. NeoLife has some fairly good products however they are very pricy considering manufacturing costs. Research is correct that only 2 or 3% of People/Distributors ever make their Initial investment back. If You hope to make any kind of an income in networking plan to spend More Time and Money than You ever thought You would. Again, NeoLife does make some fairly good products so if You’d like to try them get out Your Wallett. If You actually want to make some Money then get a J.O.B. I started working with NeoLife in 1982 and in 2001 I became the Vice President of Sales for NeoLife and traveled the World for them. Do Your research before parting with Your Money and Time with Any Network Company. Ask Yourself “How many People do I know that Actually make a Solid living with a Network Company. If it Always sounds too good to be True then maybe it’s just too good to be True. You can Roll Dog Poop Around All Day in Powdered Sugar but, You will Never have a Jelly Doughnut.

  2. Hello. I am a retired senior suffering with some severe health issues and I was told Neolife could “change my life” and basically heal me. I am more interested in these products from the consumer standpoint. Most importantly, do the work?

    Thanks for your response.


    • Hello Sandra, I’m a Neo-life distributor, send a message to my Gmail and let’s discuss about your health, the solutions and the best product that will improve state of your health for good.

      Best Regards,


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