Anonymous Traders Review – Scam or Legit System?

Welcome to my Anonymous Trader review! This is a brand new binary options system that’s literally just launched & it’s created quite a stir.

The system claims that it’s been setup by a group of anonymous traders who’ve hacked binary options. They claim that their system is the answer to making money from binary options and that it’s users will be able to see profits of thousands of dollars per day.

The concept is certainly pretty crazy, and the claims are most definitely bold, so I’m here today to find out the truth about this system & to discover whether or not it actually works. You’ll be glad to know that I’m not an affiliate of this system so what you’ll be getting here is a completely honest, unbiased review.

So what’s it all about?

Well as I briefly mentioned above, this system has apparently been created by a group of hackers who’ve supposedly figured out a way to ‘force profits’ from binary options trades. To be honest this concept makes me a little wary because I’m not totally sure I am confident in sharing my details with hackers, nor am I confident that this system will be legal to participate in.

The video is presented by a masked man who goes on to tell you that they’re looking for participants to use the system to test that it works on a mass scale. The guy in the video claims that the system is ‘100% legal’, however in the next breath he mentions that the money will be anonymously deposited into your bank account… That doesn’t sound very above board to me! If it was legal, why would this group be ‘anonymous’?

Does it actually work?

I went ahead & entered my name & email to find out more about this system. After doing so I was taken to another page with another video that said my identity was verified & that my account had been authenticated. I don’t understand the whole identity verification bit, I thought this was supposed to be anonymous!

The video then went on to tell you that the group of anonymous traders are here to protect you from scams & help you finally make money online with binary options. Unfortunately despite their attempt at reassuring me, I quickly realized that this system is no different to any of the other binary options systems that have came before it.

Right from the off my advice to you is to avoid this system, and I’ll explain why below.

After initially entering your name & email address into the main page of this website you’ll then be taken to another page where you’ll be asked to sign up with a broker & deposit funds. This is a mandatory step in order to gain access to the system & they require you to deposit at least $250.

The second you sign up and deposit your funds a representative from the broker will call you and ask you to deposit even more. They are very persistent and will do/say anything to try & get you to put forward as much money as you can. Whatever you do, don’t, because any money you deposit into this system you’ll only end up losing.

This system is nothing but hype, it talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Unfortunately though you’re only left to find out that the system doesn’t work as promised after you’ve gone ahead & deposited your funds. If you think you’ll be able to get a refund then think again, because the brokers make this extremely difficult & if you took up the free bonus offer during the signup process then you’ve got no chance.

Bonus Offer

I carried out a lot of research into this system and I’ve found an awful lot of real user reviews who have been reporting major losses from this system. One of the worst cases I heard was a guy who had reportedly lost over $2,000 because he was encouraged by the broker to deposit even more during the signup process.

Make sure you don’t make the same mistake!

Here’s how it really works…

It turns out that this system hasn’t actually been setup by a trader, or group of anonymous traders at all. Instead it’s actually an internet marketer who’s behind the creation of this system.

This marketer has agreed a deal with the brokers & he/she gets paid a large commission for every person he/she gets to sign up & deposit funds. This system is therefore simply just built upon false promises to try & get people to deposit funds so that the creator can earn commissions.

As I mentioned above you’ll only be left to find out that the system doesn’t work as promised after you’ve deposited, but by this point it’s too late. The creator has already made his/her commission and you’ve already lost your money. My advice would be to simply avoid this system altogether and not to get drawn in by the hype.

Sadly a lot of people have been sucked in already and no doubt the creator is making an absolute fortune but in reality it’s nothing but another addition to a long line of binary options scams.

Binary option trading is risky at the best of times but systems like these just make things even worse. Out of the hundreds of thousands of people across the world who trade binary options, very few actually make a profit. Those that do make it look really easy but believe me it takes ridiculous amounts of work & countless hours spent behind a PC monitoring data.

There never has, and never will be a system that can automate this process to a point where it can guarantee profits. It’s literally impossible…

If you’re considering binary options as a means of generating an income online then you need to erase that thought before you end up losing an awful lot of money. Binary options trading is OK for a bit for a fun but it’s far too risky to be relied upon for an income.

I hope you found my review useful, and I hope it helped you save some money.

If however you happen to be reading this after depositing into this system then I’d really appreciate it if you could take a moment to share your experience below to help others who are also considering doing the same thing. Thanks!

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