Cash Code Review – Scam Or Legit System?

Welcome to my review of the Cash Code system. This system claims to be something that can provide you with a limitless amount of cash on complete auto-pilot. Now I’m sure you’ll agree that sounds fantastic, but the question is does it actually work or is it just another scam? We’ll soon find out the answer to that question as I take a closer look in this review…

One important thing I want to mention before I get started with my review is the fact that I’m not an affiliate of this system. Basically this means that you can rest assured in the fact that what you’ll be reading here will be a 100% honest review, not some hyped up BS put together to simply try & sell you the system to earn myself a commission like most of the other so called “reviews” out there.

I also want to alert you to the fact that this IS a so called “free” binary options system. The reason I want to make that clear right from the start is because these systems have built up a pretty bad reputation over the past few months by making false promises & taking peoples money. I’m going to give this system a fair review but I’ll be honest I don’t have high hopes for it based on the others that have came before it. As always I’ll only ever recommend a system if it’s absolutely proven to work.

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Cash Code Review

Cash Code WebsiteThe video on the Cash Code website makes some pretty bold claims, with one of them being that the system can make you a millionaire in just 60 days from now without doing any work whatsoever. Remember the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”? Well that certainly springs to mind right now.

Unfortunately other than making bold claims & sharing so called “testimonials” the video isn’t really helpful at all in regards to explaining how the system is supposed to actually work. Instead in order to find out more about the system you’re asked to enter your name & email. For the purpose of this review I decided to go ahead & do just that.

Why I Quickly Became Disappointed

After submitting my name & email I was taken straight to another page where I was shown yet another video. In this video I was told that in order to gain access to the Cash Code system I’d need to sign up with their recommended broker and deposit at least $250 into my account. Firstly this isn’t exactly what I’d describe as “free”, and secondly this is a major red flag as it’s exactly the same as how the other (dodgy) binary systems operate.

There’s a timer at the top right hand side of the page to try and rush you through the signup process but I decided to stop right there and do some research instead. It turned out that my suspicions were correct & that this system isn’t actually any different to another of the other binary systems that have came before it. This Cash Code system it’s merely another dodgy binary system put together to do nothing more than part you with your money.

How Does Cash Code Work?

Despite what you’re told in the video this system hasn’t been designed & developed by an expert trader at all. Instead it’s been created by an internet marketer who to be honest probably doesn’t even have a clue about binary options trading.

The internet marketer behind this system has affiliated himself with a broker, which means he gets paid a commission for each new member that he gets to sign up & make a deposit (a pretty huge commission too). The trouble is though that most people understand how risky binary options trading is which means they’re unlikely to sign up & deposit any money because they know that the chances are they’ll lose it.

This is a nightmare for the internet marketer because he wants those big commissions but he just cant’ seem to get anybody to sign up…. And that’s when the Cash Code system was born.

You see the marketer behind this system was clever, and he realized that if he could just convince people that they’d be able to make a profit from their trades then they’d be much more likely to deposit, meaning he’d be able to earn himself those big commissions. This Cash Code system is therefore nothing more than a whole load of hype that’s been put together to simply try and convince you that you’ll be able to make money – you’ll only find out that it doesn’t quite work as promised AFTER you’ve made your deposit, but by then it’s too late.

A No-Refund Policy

The main problem with these binary systems is that the brokers are very reluctant to give out any refunds – so you may as well wave goodbye to any cash that you deposit because the chances of you seeing it again are very slim. Some of them do offer refunds but require you to make a certain amount of trades before you become eligible, and by this point you’ll have most likely lost your money through trading anyway so you’re still no better off.

Therefore if you think you can deposit money ‘just to try it’ then withdraw what you have remaining in your account, think again.

Is Cash Code a Scam?

I’d definitely advise you to avoid this system, unless you’re looking for a way to LOSE money that is. This system is no different to any of the other binary systems that have came before it, just like those it’s just full of hype & false promises that it wont deliver on.

The only people that will make any money from this system are the creators and the affiliates promoting it.

Now I’ll assume that you probably stumbled across the Cash Code system because you were looking for a way to make money online, well if you were then let me tell you binary options is certainly not the answer. People make it look so easy online but the truth is despite what they say very few people make any money at all from binary options trading, most of them lose it (very quickly too).

If you take only 1 thing away from this post then let it be the fact that binary options trading is bad news. If you’re looking for a genuine way to build a scalable income online then you need to look into an internet marketing system instead, those are where the real money is to be made. That’s just my 2 cents.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review & most importantly I hope that I was able to prevent you from parting with your cash. If you’d like to leave a comment then feel free to do so below, it would be much appreciated as I love to hear my readers thoughts!

A Better Alternative

The sad truth is that unfortunately most of the programs promising to help you make money online are scams. I can say that confidently after exposing over 500+ of them here on this blog.

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About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

90 thoughts on “Cash Code Review – Scam Or Legit System?”

  1. Thank you Dale for your review of this (yet another) online scam! The video is VERY convincing and I actually had my credit card out, ready to make my $250 deposit! I’ve fallen prey to a couple other scams similar to this one and have lost my money in both cases. Is there ANY “software” out there that works for trading? Or is there really NO such thing as “software that actually works” with regards to binary options trading? Also,if possible, I’d like you to do a review on “Rock the Stock” which is also a “software” driven site which claims to only trade in what they call the “only truly predictable” options to trade which are “stock pairs” options. According to the website video, currencies, commodities and indicies are way too unstable in their up and down movements to make dependable predictions on and therefore very unreliable for making trades on. Thanks again for your review! Kevin

    • Hi Kevin, firstly I’m glad you were able to dodge the Cash Code system before you ended up depositing funds. Secondly I want to tell you that ye, there’s certainly software out there that can make trading easier/more profitable but as for systems that claim they can win trades on complete auto-pilot, no.. These are most likely scams. As I mentioned in the review binary trading is extremely risky and it’s something I’d highly recommend you avoid, even with the use of systems there’s no way you can build a sustainable income from binary trades. I will however look into the other system you mentioned and find out what that’s all about. Thanks.

  2. I just want to thank you for your taking the time to educate us about these things. Youve shared some great info about the binary trading in which I know nothing about really except that I lost $200 last year trying to use one of the same kind of systems. My husband was sold on the system however I was not. And when I eventually showed him that it doesn’t work we tried trading on our own and quickly lost all the money we’d deposited. I just really appreciated reading your review because of how honest you were about the binary trading. Your absolutley right you can go into something like this with no knowledge and training. Anyways I just felt like I needed to say thank you so much. Your a good man and god bless.

    • Thanks for your comment Stacey! As you rightly say binary trading is very difficult – I know the guys online make it look easy but in reality unfortunately it isn’t. Those who do manage to make a profit spend countless hours behind their PC’s and even still it’s extremely risky business & everything could be lost overnight. It’s certainly no way to build a sustainable income & is definitely best avoided.

    • I would like to thank you for this info, I receive emails almost every day to say that I now have $15203 that I must claim within 6 hours. It then explains that I have to fund the broker account first. This is an absolute scam. I even received an email the other day to say that there are 9 checks waiting to be deposited, be carefull, these guys are vultures

      • Thank you for your awareness ,I was thinking,if it sounds to good to be true ,it ain’t.Glad you verified this Mary Glasgow Scotland

  3. I just lost $250.00 by getting sucked in to Cash Code’s oh-so-persuasive b.s. video, $200.00 in less than a minute! I should have done due diligence research first but didn’t, so got the scamming I deserve. Never again will I ever let this happen. Kudos to you for laying out the truth about binary trading. Too bad it’s too late for me.

    • Ahh no way – I’m really sorry to hear that. Well I guess it’s a lesson learned & it’s probably safe to say you won’t be going anywhere near binary options again anytime soon.

  4. Hi! I must say, I also was ALMOST ensnared by this scam. The video was convincing, I went to the cherry trade site, filled-in the online application, and some called me from the trading itself! Thats how quick they responded. I have my doubts, but continued to give my visa card details, acct #, acct name, 3 digits behind the card, BUT NOT THE PIN. So my question is: its not possible for them to take the money of the acct, since I still have the card, and did not give them the PIN of my card, correct?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Daniel, in answer to your question – unfortunately yes it is still possible for them to take the payment. When conducting a transaction online you don’t actually need to enter the pin code, the details you have given them are ample enough for them to take payment. The only thing I can suggest you could do is call your bank before the payment is taken and let them know you’d like to cancel it. Hope it works out for you.

    • Hi I just want to know after you give them your credit card details do they actually take the amount they say they will or they are a scam used to steal all your money in that account? I’m asking you because you said you have them your credit card details and I was wondering what they did with that..

      • Hi Anna, I can’t say for certain. I haven’t heard any reports of them taking more than users willingly deposited, however based on their overall dodgy tactics it wouldn’t surprise me if they were to pull extra money from your account.

  5. thanks Dale, i was ready to do this, luckily in the past ive also considered to do other realistic sounding money making scams but thanks to research, it has always saved me and ive never lost money, but thanks to you, once again, i hadn’t lost any money, Thank You for the awesome review

  6. I can’t believe another scam, or can I, especially with tough times. Before i ever decide to make a move that makes a big promise of money, I always look for reviews. Thanks god for people like you, I’ve yet to find one that works.

  7. Dale Thank you It,s sad that these scams are out there ripping off Hard working people that are just trying to better there life’s and are family’s But thanks to you they wont be getting my money

  8. hello I was introduced to this cash code by fluke.your right they asked for $250.00 or credit card info but I refused I said you have my mailing address sendivate my account but when I do me a first they said I have $7200.00 and then in 2 days they said I have $79,000.00 so again I said you have my mailing address send me the cheque to my postal mailing box and then they repliied asking if this was my paypal address and again I said just mail me the cheques you say I have in my account. My computer comes up blank saying I need a parameter I am missing a parameter.what does this mean? Why dont they just mail me my cheques to my post office box? Could you try and answer and have me understand.thank-you if you can reply.

    • Hi Glenn, sorry to be the one to break it to you but the Cash Code system is simply not legit, that’s why they won’t “just send the cheques”. Have a read of my post above, and the comments that other members have left & it will quickly become clear. (sorry again!)

  9. Almost fell for this too! I need to earn extra cash but everything seems like a scam and its all confusing. Is there anything you can recommend?

  10. Thanks Dale for your review. I almost fell for it as it was too convincing. But I decided to do some due diligence before making payment and your review saved the day. Once again, muito obrigado.

  11. i sent my email to cash code on doing the 1st registration part and then stopped at giving them money to continue their free signup. after a couple of months of ignoring their emails, trying to unsubscribe them, cash code told me i suddenly, through no effort on my part have $200,000 in commissions but unfortunately $108,000 of this has gone? If i want what is left give them money before the close of business yesterday, yesterday. I’ll play and see how far they are prepared bullshit me. i tried to email with them and they sent me all over the place, mostly to the cash card website to get me to give them money. I asked questions to various email addresses I was sent to. Mostly there was no email address to receive me, if there was NO information or explanations was forth coming on any topic at all. i’m gunna continue to play until either i’m bored again or they stop sending to me.

  12. I actually heard an advertisement on the radio and got suckered into it because I thought it was time to try something out and test it. But you are correct this system sucks your money dry. I was taken by this and just have to chalk it up to experience. Do not trust a radio ad.
    Yet most internet offers require some type of deposit or purchase. As far as I see it there is not many internet marketing opportunities that work either. I believe the human element of doing business is the key to being successful online. Not the machine; machines just are a tool.

  13. I got referred to this by a gentleman I bought a subscription from I the past.

    Made eight trades, 3-5. You see where this is going. Also the minimum is for $350, not $250. The “top traders” also make trades from $500-850 by the system limits you to $25-300 trades, so either these people have different maximums or it’s just completely fabricated garbage. Broker did call me this morning and was pleased I opened an account but told him I’m in a losing position and will most likely close my account but he at least sounded sincere and said “if you’re not making money than neither am I”. I’ll class bollocks on that; brokers get paid per trade, with or lose. I’ll confirm his sincerity when he tells me to deposit funds to keep my account liquid…

    I’m sure some people make money doing this either by my “referral” getting commissions driving people to that site or just really lucky pickers (I don’t even want to call them traders). I’ve studied commodities and I know why they recommend $2000-5000 minimum margin… only trade 10% of your account per trade (and start with mini options). Since the smallest trade you can make is $25, you have 12-15 trades, tops. You better get lucky and hit at least 55% or you’re eventually going to be out money.

    Learning experience and at least I can pay the card off quickly and limit the interest charges.

  14. Well I fell for it and got redirected to Bloombex site but quickly realised I wasnt going to succeed on trading.I went from $250 to $226 when the online chat rep suggested a broker – I have contacted them to see if they can make money for me – I know if they are prepared to trade for me they will take big commissions but maybe they wil be able to make something for me? Or should I just withdraw the money – Blombex state that if I scan about 6 docs I can get money paid bacl to my credit card?

    • At the end of the day it’s up to you what you do with your money, but my personal advice would be to withdraw it and enjoy it. Binary trading is nothing more than a gamble, and I’d hate to see you end up losing it.

  15. Thanks man, you saved me 250 bucks. I like some of the others was sucked right into believing this at first. Had gone as far as having my cc out. Thank God I hesitated long enough to research it some and found your review. That’s 250 of my extremely hard earned bucks they won’t get. B*****ks, is there any real ways to make money online that “are” “legit”??

    • No worries Earl – glad you dodged it & held onto your money. This whole website is dedicated to building an income online, just take a look around & you’ll find a ton of different methods 🙂

  16. Wow! These videos are too good to be true! These old men are lying shamelessly and God will judge them
    Just now, these scams popped up on my computer and I almost fell for it!
    I felt it wasn’t for real so as a curious Attorney, I decided to search for reviews; thank God!
    So, shortly after signing, a guy calls me from the UK and I said I thought I was dealing with an American company? He said they’re just marketing for them! That he’s an accountant with magnum options and that he was there to help connect me with my broker. I said ok but am reading a review right now that is warning me about scams associated with this and he said that’s true but they are for real. The guy started asking if I wanted to use visa or MasterCard and I said I will be using either of them. At this time, my husband was trying to reach me nonstop and I told him that I needed to take my husband’s call since it was insistent, the dude refused and said we should just conclude this since we have started and that they don’t work on Saturdays that am lucky?.
    To cut a long story short, I told him I have the link and that I was going to help myself out and he kept pushing and saying how he is an accountant and ready to fix me up with a good broker. I said, the problem is that I don’t even have my card handy right now and he didn’t find it funny! ?

  17. Nev er heard about this cash code system until I read an email from Capital Hill Daily. Wanted to learn more and your review has done just that. After reading the review I think I can use my $250 to a better advantage and invest it rare coins always a good investment. Thank you for your helpful review.


    • Hi Emily… Firstly my names Dale, not Donald which is a little awkward! However I can’t say I’ve seen Donald Trump promoting the Cash Code system!! To be honest I’m not quite sure what drugs you’d taken when you wrote that comment, haha.

  19. Thank you or your review.
    I’m retired,social security don’t pay too well and you saved some money. I couldn’t afford to lose plus the grief of trying to get it back no matter what they say.
    Thank You

  20. Thanks I am sick and tired of receiving offers about the binary market, promising big bucks, turn up to be nothing but SCAMS, the latest one is First day online pay day, or Cash Machine, the video
    says you play with $50 bucks their money, these are 60 seconds trades, in which you click the green and the red button only when
    they reach 90% or more, then you win I did it and the $50 became
    in the 20 free trades I receive $360 BUT LITTLE THAT I KNEW THIS
    IS NOT REAL MONEY, but Virtual, then the continue button urge me to deposit the $250 to continue playing… and I could only withdraw the money after 50 trades. People be AWARE, this is another scam going Viral in the Internet…be aware.

  21. When it comes to Binary options system or any FREE software offers,do ask the brokers 2 important questions Are you registered here in the USA, do verify their license #’s too if they claim they are registered ?

    Is your trading company located ,or operating legally under US laws , unlike most of those foreign trading companies located wherever now co? In the USA we police all trading companies registered here , against fraud or any unfair trading activity?

    Also in the USA all trading companies must be registered and fully licensed , otherwise any company can rob you blind without any legal ramifications ? So deal only with reputable companies,those not earning big commissions for simply steering you to those ugly fly by night trading companies located in foreign countries now such as Cypress?

    Ask too about their Amazing trading software will it work with all trading platforms or any company you might choose to use now ?

    Because if it does truly work as in all their claims , then it should also work now with any Binary Trading Company ,not just the one they wish you to sign up with today ??

    You’ll quickly find all the answers you were looking for ..

    Good Luck!!


  22. The video I watched was a European lady the most trusted looking face offering all the same things. Then I was told an email will be sent to my email address but I was at the same time urged to quickly sign up within a time limit. I did add my credit card details but when it got to my Card Security Code I decided to quickly checkout the email and I saw there that I had to find and pay for a broker of my choice and other information appeared dodgy so I quickly closed the entire page before the final step was completed.Then you wouldn’t believe it but I immediately received a phone call 9pm on a Monday night sounded like an Indian as her accent was obvious she tried to make me finalise the process forcing the dream of wealth on me and she wasn’t taking No without any pressure..Finally I told her to beat it its not happening and she hung up on me now this is where I need some advice..Indian men and women call me almost every night around 5pm trying to convince me to trade. Some often very forceful and argumentative asking me why you sign up and waste my time but I also tell them to beat it… What do you think I can do who can I contact to get rid of these low lives actually makes me afraid for our elderly because I believe they can verbally intimidate vulnerable people to do what they want. Apart from changing my number who do you think I can call I am so dying to find the boss of these thieves..

    • Unfortunately Rose there isn’t much you can do other than count yourself lucky that you didn’t get caught yourself. I have put this review out there to help prevent other people falling for the same traps so we can just hope that people come across it.

  23. After reading “Donald Trump reveals simple plan to help every American earn more money” scam (And he want to be our president) I google this program and came across your review, and that was the last evident that Mr. Donald Trump promises are empty once.

    Thanks for the valued information.

  24. Dale, thank you and all others for disclosing this latest Scam. I read Donald Trumps article on Sara Taylor, the person responsible for the “Home Cash Code” program. My mistake was trusting him. For Gods sake America, careful who you vote far, not that their will be a Great choice. Sounds like I just donated $102 to these folks.

    • Hi Lucas, I’m sorry to hear you lost your money but I just want to clear something up.. I looked into the Home Cash Code system you mentioned and it doesn’t have Donald Trump’s genuine endorsement, the article is fraudulent. I admit it does look pretty convincing, but let me assure you it is not – if you take a look at the URL of the page it’s not actually on the real CNN website.

  25. I enjoyed your review. The truth is hard to find on the internet. Do you offer any suggestions on how to make money on the internet ? There is so much BS on the internet it has become a real joke. After reading your review was just wondering how YOU make money on the internet.
    Take care,

    • Hi Jim, thanks for your comment. There are plenty of ways to make money online, and I’ve listed several of them in one of my blog posts which you can find here. Hopefully that helps you out, but the important thing to remember is that like anything it doesn’t come easy and you won’t see results overnight (disappointing I know! – but that’s the hard truth).

  26. Thank you so much for posting about the review for this Home Cash Code. I’m just about to purchase the program. But thanks Goodness I came across you’re site review. Thanks for saving my hard earned money. You have big heart trying to save people hard earned money. You’re an angel Dale.???

  27. Dale – Thanks for posting this warning about the “Cash Code” system. I had not encountered a pitch for binary investment system before so I sat and watched the video. I moved onto the second level of video and once they really started to push the importance of investing by a certain timeframe, I was getting the hair up on the neck feeling. Like I said, I had not encountered a pitch for a binary system before but the fact that a person was given a deadline to sign-up by so they could jump on the bandwagon before time ran out just seemed a bit incongruous. I’m not a major stock player but overall I can’t see the market allowing a software program to operate in such a positive investment pattern. Investing just doesn’t happen that way. So I decided to find the review that would either rid or qualify my concerns. I found yours and you stated exactly what I was suspecting. Thank you.

  28. Thank God there are still good people in the world. I’m semi retired and struggling, just like many others. I almost fell for this crap. Came close but no cigar. Someone should scam these crooks. Again, Thank You

  29. I almost fell for this one! Thanks for info. I dodged this bullet.

    Beware. I fell for one called Werner Advertising Sales.

    Not quite a scam, yet not as helpful as they promise to be. It was a total waste of my time and.. $495.

  30. Thank you for an honest review.
    I, on the other hand, did not read your scam review on binary trading soon enough.
    I now have $250 locked up in a Cherry Trade acct.
    I called the company to close my account and issue me a refund. They offered me a broker to help with my investments, I agreed. When he called I explained my situation and requested a withdraw from MY account. He quickly informed me I needed to double my funds before I can withdraw my full investment.
    So I decided to try my hand at trading (on my own)
    My account has been at $210 for over a year now.
    Again I thank you for the review.

    • No worries James – it’s just unfortunate that you didn’t see it before you signed up, but hey we live & learn right. I bet it sucks even more knowing that your money is still there but just not being able to access it… That’s not cool 🙁

  31. It astonishes me that anyone, who actually lives and works in the real world, would believe that he can get rich quickly and with less than a whole lot of RISK. Further, any advertisement using Donald Trump as a selling tactic HAS to be a scam- the “one percent-ers” (…or those close to it) will NEVER, EVER let the average American in on the secret- yes, there is a secret. One will find a real GRQ scheme when the dog finally catches his own tail. The responsible American knows that paying down debt and doing the things that make him happy is only way to be “rich”. One should only allow himself to be “taken” by these scams 1 time, If, after that, he does not learn from that experience, he probably needs a fiduciary because he should definitely be deemed incompetent to manage finances.

    • Exactly comment Charise – I totally agree. You’re right about there being a secret too by the way – have a search for the book “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, it makes for a very interesting read.

  32. I got introduced to the Home Cash Code in my junk mail. How others don’t fall for the plan and for Donald Trump’s plan. It was from FOX News.

    • Hi Debbi – the affiliates pushing these systems have been known to duplicate news websites in the hope that people will trust the story & dive right into the system without a second thought. It’s therefore most likely that it wasn’t promoted on the genuine FOX website, but instead a duplicate. Similarly it’s not the real Trump behind these systems, they’re just using his name again in the hope that it will make people trust it & dive straight in.

  33. The Old addage goes that” Millionaires don’t get rich by giving their money away” Warren Buffet Goes on The Anderson Cooper show Creating fears by blowing the BREXIT whistle and Touting this Cash code BS trying to get the average Joe into buying this load of BS that he’s trying to shovel down our throats. My only Question is what part of the take is the robber baron Warren going to take? As for my thoughts on Mr. Warren, he can get down on his knees and buffet! You Evil dried up excuse for a person!

    • Hi Rene, thanks for your comment. I just want to make it clear that after conducting research I found out Warren Buffet was not actually behind this system, it is merely scammers using his name in the hope that it will make people trust it. It’s the same with the system using Trump’s name – obviously in his current run for president there’s no way he would be pushing such a system so again looks like people simply using a ‘big name’ in the financial world hoping it will make people jump straight in.

  34. Many thanks Dale for the education. I did not fall prey to the Cash Code System. I decided to read the reviews first and found your site. Your a Gem!

  35. Thank you very very much Dale it is people like you that make the Internet a good thing. There are to many rip-off artist out there stealing from innocent people that are just trying to earn a few extra dollars every month.

    Kindest Regards:

  36. When this popped up instantly went to the reviews,I read yours and kinda figured,it was another scam! I have MS, stuck in a wheelchair…I used to be a professional drummer until this s*** a*8 disease took my legs! I’m not looking for pity, I just want to work from home and take care of my family, it’s really depressing when there is nothing but a bunch of scams on the internet…anyways I just wanted to thank you for sharing a honest review, that probably saved me money I don’t have to lose! Thank you very much

  37. Thank you for the review. Do you know anything about the Global Pay Day System? It was on CNN with Karen Evans by Suze Orman. Thanks! Dawn

  38. Thanks Dale,

    This confirmed my suspicions. I recommended other to try this, but actually had no personal interest. Now I must get back to them to let them know Home Cash Code is just another scam.

    They put Donald Trump’s name up front to attract suckers, so probably it’s at least partially spawned by Democrat operatives to swindle conservatives that are suffering under the current Democrat/socialist regime that have made current economic desperation more likely to plunk down their money.

  39. Hi Dale!

    I saw your article just as I was about to actually fall into the trap. This time they have it disguised as the Hawking Code. They stooped as low as making it seem that Steven Hawking has developed it. I think this is another of their scams. I live in South Africa and $250 is R3500 which is what my whole month household budget is for our family of 3! Imagine how much it would have hit our pocket losing that *Still cringing at the thought* Thank you so very much for actually taking the time and spending money to expose such scams. We owe you big time!

    • Hey Jasmin, I’ll take a look into it and see what that one’s all about – but I think you’re right no doubt it’ll be another scam by the sounds of it. Wow $250 for a whole household for a month, I’m moving to South Africa… Haha 🙂

  40. Thank you Dale for your review. I was sent an email and watched there video. I have to say I was very sceptical about there claims and decided to see what people were saying on the internet before going any further. Have found a couple of interesting articles, none of which was complimentary about there claims. Did not send them any of my hard earned pounds thank goodness.


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