Contenu Review – Scam or Legit? My Review Explains Why I WON’T Be Using It

Conteu Website ScreenshotJust 3 clicks and you are on the way to generating instant money – that is what Contenu advertises and many of our readers want to know if it is actually possible by any stretch of logical approach.

To prepare for this Contenu scam review we spent significant time looking deeper into this system to reveal the truth. The claims are too good to believe though! If it does work as promised, then it is going to be the best income-generating program of the year and also for years to come without a doubt.

In this honest Contenu review we are going to tell you exactly what the Contenu money-making platform is, how it really works, and whether there is any possibility of their extremely bold claims actually being true…

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What Exactly Is Contenu?

Well, the beauty of this system – at least what they claim – is that it doesn’t require selling expertise, traffic to your sites, or any investment. Helen is the lady who introduces this scheme to us. According to her own claims, she generates over $900 a week at least with this platform only as pictured below:

Helen Contenu

Contenu is based on a simple concept which involves a WordPress plugin. This plugin is said to have the ability to extract content from YouTube videos.

What is does is as follows; you insert a keyword in this plugin and it brings to you various YouTube videos in return that are relevant to that particular keyword. You can then extract information from the videos it serves you with & have the plugin automatically produce written articles from it.

How Does Contenu Work?

Contenu has supposedly been built to save your from having to actually type to produce articles. Instead you can just load a YouTube video in & create an article from it because this plugin converts audio into text format which you can then publish on your websites and blogs.

In theory the idea is great… You can come up with dozens of blog posts each day to generate more traffic to a page or blog. But is this really possible in practice?

What Is Bad About Contenu?

Like most of the tricksters, this plugin is also going to have its downsides. Just think of an online paraphrasing tool (such as Spin Rewriter). Once you pass the content through a spinning tool, it turns up with hilarious synonyms which simply triggers jokes and fun laughing straight back at you.

This Contenu plugin also leaves you helpless because whilst it may indeed initially save you some time by automatically creating the documents for you, you will then have to go through an extensive editing exercise to correct the mistakes.

Over 50% Chance of CopyScape Detection

Well, when a person creates a YouTube video they more often than not also write a similar blog post with identical phrases for his/her blog. There are therefore high chances that whatever he/she speaks in the video is already published on his/her website or blog. There is no use of such activity which you have to ability to revise in order to erase the issues.

Secondly, a copy is a copy after all. Your blog is not going to retain visitors if you don’t offer something new and unique, and search engines are not interesting in listed copied or duplicated content within their results.

Speech Is Way Different Than Text

Speaking is way different because different accents make use of different contractions and software can easily lose track of the exact word. This could result in funny phrases, senseless typos, and annoying misses. While writing, you have to check your content for proper grammar. You have to make use of editing tools and go through the whole content yourself. If you don’t, you are going to publish something hilarious thanks to such a plugin.

Who Is Contenu For?

If you ask me, I’ll say that you can only use this plugin if you are creating your own YouTube videos and want to publish a text version. This is the only way you can guarantee plagiarism free content. But even then you’ll have to go through the conventional editing process. This is the only scenario where you can speed up the proceedings.

I don’t really see any value in this product personally & therefore I don’t really have much else to say about it, so I think it is time for…

My Verdict – Is Contenu a Scam?

Concluding this Contenu review is funny in a sense because this program is not a scam but at the same time, the idea is extremely funny and impractical. They are actually promoting a plugin and the creators might well have been earning income selling it. But I don’t think of any reason this program can generate money for you as the end user – and certainly not on autopilot like they claim.

The website talks a lot about the efficiency of this program but the reality is, if you are a content writer or you own a blog or a website and you publish tool-driven content, nobody is going to revisit your page…

If you are a freelance content writer, your clients will straight-away notice the loopholes and will never trust you again. I think, in that case, Contenu will be a quick way to lose trust and a steady income, but that’s about all it will help you do.

I came to a similar conclusion when I reviewed the Spin Rewriter program recently which aims to help you do a similar thing (speed up the process of creating content) but really these things are just gimmicks.

You should not rely on machines or algorithms to create quality content for you, because it will never truly be “quality”. As I just mentioned these things are just gimmicks that have been designed to try to help you “game the system”, but that is never a good idea.

Gaming the system may indeed work in the short term but that’s all it will work for, it’s not a long-term solution so eventually your business will come crashing down. Instead it would be a much better idea to just focus on creating original unique content yourself, or hiring a writer to do it for you.

If you want to discover legitimate ways to get better at writing content or to get better at getting content ranked in search engines then rather than wasting money on programs like Contenu I would recommend you just check out a program like Wealthy Affiliate instead.

It’s at Wealthy Affiliate that you’ll get access to tools like SiteContent & will be provided with training that can help you quicken the process up whilst still doing everything by the book & legitimately.

Or if you’re not interested in writing content then you can check out these alternatives for making money.

But whatever you decide to do I just hope that my review of Contenu here has given you a good insight into how it works & I hope it has helped you to see why it’s not really a good idea. If you still have any questions or comments about it though then don’t hesitate to leave them below. 🙂

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