Is The Copy My Email System a Scam? My Review Exposes It!

Copy My Email System Website ScreenshotThe Copy My Email System is a newly launched online money-making program that’s allegedly been put together by an internet millionaire & it promises that you’ll be able to earn around $160 to $440 per day just by sending simple emails from home…

You’re even told that Bobby the millionaire behind it will pay you $100 just for “trying it out for free” but I think you’ll agree when I say that this all sounds a bit suspicious… So what’s the truth about it all – is it actually legit & can you make money or the Copy My Email system a scam that’ll just see you out of pocket?

Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out because I’ve took a closer look into it all & in this review I’m going to be uncovering everything there is you need to know, including how it all really works (which isn’t like you’re led to believe!)… ?

What Exactly Is The Copy My Email System?

The Copy My Email System is a program through which you’re led to believe that you can easily duplicate a millionaire’s online business & start earning the same kind of money he’s earning for yourself just by sending simple emails from home.

Bobby, the alleged millionaire behind claims that all you need to do is sign up, start sending the emails that he’s prepared for you & that you’ll be paid $0.20 every time one of the recipients clicks any of the links contained in the emails you send.

He’s confident that the amount of clicks you’ll get by following his instructions will see you earning around $160 to $440 per day which I think you’ll agree is a pretty substantial income…

It actually equates to around $13,000 per month & Bobby claims all this can be achieved just by sending simple emails…

All sounds a bit too good to be true don’t you think? I mean if it was really as easy to make this kind of money as Bobby claims it is then why are people still wasting time going to work… Why isn’t everybody just using his system?

Sadly the reality is that the Copy My Email System is indeed too good to be true. It’s nothing more than a scam that’s been setup to make it’s creator (who by the way isn’t actually Bobby) wealthy at your expense.

But of course I don’t expect you to just take my word for that, instead let me show you exactly how it works so that you can see first hand for yourself…

How Does The Copy My Email System Work?

Well the truth is that the Copy My Email System doesn’t work & that none of what you’re promised is true – the system isn’t free, you won’t make the money that you’re told you will & Bobby isn’t even real!

How do I know all that? Simple, because I’ve seen this exact system before launched under a different name. It was the same website, same video & I actually exposed it right here on this blog.

The reason I realized was because I scrolled down the Copy My Email System website & noticed that they’d forgot to change the name at the bottom. If you look carefully at the image below you’ll see that it says “GIM System“, not the Copy My Email System:

Copy My Email System AKA GIM System

And the GIM System, alternatively known as the Guaranteed Income Machine System was a scam that I exposed right here.

Guess what the GIM System looked like?

Like this:

GIM System Guaranteed Income Machine Homepage

Pretty much identical to the Copy My Email System – it seems the only difference is that this time around the promised income has changed from $125 to $461 per day to $160 to $440 per day…

It doesn’t matter though because they’re nothing but fake numbers to lure you in, there is now way at all you will end up making that kind of money as a result of getting involved with this system… All you’ll actually do is lose money instead.

And whilst I’m on the subject of things being fake it’s also worth pointing out that Bobby, the alleged millionaire behind it all is actually just an actor that’s been hired from a website called Fiverr as shown below:

GIM System Bobby

Not a good sign at all…

Here’s What’s Really Going On…

Basically the Copy My Email System is just a big pyramid scheme, and you’re being “hired” to do the dirty work of spamming people via email to try & sucker them into it… The problem is you’ll never be paid.

Not only that, but you’ll also risk getting a hefty fine because sending emails out in the way that this system tells you to do so is massively against something known as the CAN-SPAM Act.

So here’s how the whole thing ties together…

After signing up to the Copy My Email System (which if you haven’t already done so I don’t recommend you do) you’ll find out that it isn’t actually free like you were led to believe. Instead the first thing you’ll be asked to do is purchase something called Inbox Pro which costs around $27 per month (for the most basic membership).

Without this you won’t be able to do anything since this is what’s going to be used to send the emails – so yeah, “free” quickly turned into at least $27/month.

However Bobby, the actor that pretends to be the creator says that this doesn’t matter because he’s going to load your account up with 500 subscribers each week so you’ll be making tons of money in no time which will completely cover your costs.

As you can probably guess this is just BS, he just wants you to sign up with Inbox Pro so that he can earn a commission at your expense.

Then – if you did happen to do that Bobby would come back again & pitch you another offer, an offer through which he claims he’ll provide you with 3,000 subscribers instantly for a one-time payment of $177. He says this will enable you to start making money right away…

Again this is more BS… If you look back to the main website the whole pitch of the sales video was Bobby claiming he needed help because he had too many subscribers to handle & now despite claiming that he needs desperate help with these subscribers he’s trying to charge you to take them off his hands.

The truth is the “subscribers” he’s giving you are just what’s known as scraped email addresses… This basically means they’re computer generated, the creator behind the Copy My Email System has some software that just pulls loads of random email addresses off the internet. Not only is it 100% against the CAN-SPAM Act to mail these people, but I can safely say there is no way you will make any money by sending them random emails as you will be through this system…

The chances are none of the people will even see the emails since they will likely land straight in their junk folder. The whole concept is flawed.

Sure you can make money from an email list but not like the way “Bobby” claims.

Anyway, if you did happen to sign up to everything as you are told too & purchase the subscribers then you’d be provided with email templates like this:

GIM System Spam Email Template

All these emails are geared towards getting people to sign up to the Copy My Email System – so basically you’ll be responsible for spamming loads of random email addresses & getting them to sign up this exact same system.

In return you’re promised you’ll be paid $0.20 for every person that clicks the links in the emails but there are 2 problems with this. Firstly nobody is going to be clicking those links since it will likely land straight in their junk folders & secondly if you were lucky enough to get people to click you’d never be paid the money you earned.

Why do you think the GIM System mysteriously changed to the Copy My Email System?

Because it’s a big fat scam – it’s just been designed to get as many people as possible to sign up to this thing so that the creator of it can make a fortune at other people’s expense… He (or she) has even got the members doing the dirty work of promoting it.

When people request their payments, boom system’s gone & gets re-launched under a different name.

My Verdict – Is The Copy My Email System a Scam?

Thumbs DownYes it is, there’s no doubt about that & it’s actually a pretty dangerous one too because of the way it operates. The problem with this particular system is that it will not only lead you to losing money, but it encourages you to actively participate in spamming people which as I mentioned totally violates the CAN-SPAM Act & that’s a very serious thing.

The system promises you a lot of money in return for little work & that should be the largest red-flag here – it’s a classic case of “too good to be true”. It’s just a get-rich-quick scam & the reality is that it’s been setup purely with the intention of making the creator(s) wealthy at your expense.

The fact that they have gone out of their way to hide the true creator of the program speaks volumes about it’s authenticity too – if it was a genuine millionaire with a genuine method that was actually going to help people then I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t mind sharing it personally himself rather than using some low budget actor from the website Fiverr.

But anyway I could go on & on about this system – the bottom line is simply that it’s a scam & should be avoided. There are many legitimate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate for example where you can learn how to build a real income online but the Copy My Email System will just waste your time.

With all that being said, hopefully this review helped you dodge this program & save yourself some money. If you do happen to have any further comments or questions about it then don’t hesitate to leave them below.  ?

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