HoneyGain Review – Scam or Legit? There’s NO WAY I Would Ever Use This App

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

HoneyGain is a new app that has gained a heck of a lot of attention in a short space of time due to the fact that it claims you can literally just download it, install it & then begin earning money completely on autopilot without having to do anything extra…

HoneyGain App Website ScreenshotBut could it really be so easy? And could it really actually be true? Or is HoneyGain a scam that you should avoid instead?

Well, I’m glad that you decided to do your due diligence & came here first before installing it because in this detailed HoneyGain review I’m going to be uncovering the reasons why I would NEVER install this app…

What Is HoneyGain?   |   How Does HoneyGain Work?   |   My Concerns   |   Update (More Concerns Surface)   |   Is HoneyGain a Scam?   |   A Better Alternative

What Exactly Is HoneyGain?

HoneyGain portrays itself as a “passive income app” & leads you towards believing that you can simply download it, install it & then begin earning money without actually having to do anything.

How HoneyGain Works

The app allegedly runs in the background on your device & you’re told that HoneyGain’s “data scientists” use the app to leverage your unused internet data… And they claim it’s this data that they’ll be paying you for.

But is that legit? Could you really sell off your unused data like that?

Well yes, and no, I mean it’s technically possible but there are some HUGE concerns I have with the whole thing & I have to point out that even if you really could earn money doing this I still personally definitely wouldn’t join HoneyGain & I’ll explain why below…

How Does HoneyGain Work?

HoneyGain claims to use your “unused net data” & it’s this that they’re promising to pay you for… So the idea is that you install the app, they use your data & they then pay you accordingly in return.

HoneyGain Data Scientists

But what exactly do they mean by “unused net data”?

Well, let’s, for example, say that your internet connection is 10mb/s – this means that you could potentially download 10mb’s worth of data every second… However typical internet tasks will use much less than that.

So HoneyGain is said to use the remaining bit that you don’t use, and they claim that their “data scientists” will be using it who allegedly enable other businesses to run intelligence, market, and business research.

But I have to admit here this all sounds extremely sketchy…

And guess what? Surprise surprise “is HoneyGain safe?” is the first question within their FAQ because no doubt they too know how sketchy the whole operation sounds… Now, of course, they’ve answered “yes” within their FAQ… But is it really safe?

In my opinion, no, it is not – because you’re giving an anonymous company (which looks to be based out of Russia) access to your data (and god knows what else).

Yep, that’s right – HoneyGain fail to give ANY details away as to who’s actually behind the whole thing. No office address, no company information, nothing – so by installing the app you’d essentially be giving an anonymous firm full access to your data.

That’s never a good idea, regardless of how much money you’re being offered!

Which brings me onto…

My Concerns Regarding HoneyGain

Well, firstly there’s the fact that like I just mentioned in the previous section of this review HoneyGain fail to give away ANY details whatsoever with regards to who is actually behind the whole thing.

Who is using your data? You have absolutely no idea. They are very vague when it comes to mentioning what they’re actually doing with your data which is a huge red-flag… And their website has multiple instances of broken English which doesn’t come across as very professional.

I decided to check out their Privacy Policy but still, that is very vague too. It doesn’t really mention anything about these so-called “data scientists” or what they’ll actually be doing with your network. They could be using it for ANYTHING.

They’re essentially piggybacking off your connection so they could be downloading any material and it would appear as if you yourself are downloading it… So there’s potential for this “app” to actually land you in some trouble.

And from what I can see, the HoneyGain operation seems to be based out of Russia.

But let’s for a moment just pretend you don’t care about your personal data or getting into trouble… Could you really make a good income from HoneyGain?

The counter on their website certainly suggests you can. It suggests that if you leave HoneyGain running for 24hrs per day then you can allegedly make $50 per month, and they claim they’ll also pay you 10% of what the people you refer earn too.

HoneyGain Earnings Potential

So let’s say you ran it yourself for 24hrs & you referred 10 friends that also did the same, HoneyGain is claiming that you’ll be able to earn an additional $100 per month by doing absolutely nothing other than run the app.

That’s a VERY bold claim in my opinion, so I decided to do some further research into it…

One source claimed that he left the app running for 4 hours & only earned $0.04, which would equate to a mere total of $1.20 per month… And with a withdrawal limit of $20 that would see you having to run the app for 24 hours per day for 17 months before being able to request a payout.

Another source claimed that he had managed to earn $40 but didn’t specify the time-frame nor if he’d actually received a payment or not.

Either way though, paying or non-paying I just personally don’t believe it’s worth the risk.

Update 25/09/2019 – More Concerns Surface

I literally only published this HoneyGain review 2 days ago but already more concerns have surfaced. Coincidently I logged into a website which I frequent at & I noticed somebody from the HoneyGain team promoting HoneyGain via a spam post.

I’ve included a snippet of the spam post below which claims to have been published by Kaiden Holmes, and to the right, you’ll see the photo that “Kaiden” has uploaded to his profile:

Kaiden Holmes HoneyGain

Now not only do I get extremely suspicious when a company resorts to spamming websites to promote their services, but I get even more suspicious when the staff members appear to use fake images of themselves.

That became evident when I looked up Kaiden’s LinkedIn profile as shown below:

Kaiden Holmes LinkedIn

2 completely different people…

One thing that did remain consistent though was just how vague they are whenever they talk about what they’re actually doing with the users’ connections, because here’s a snippet from “Kaiden’s” spam post:

Kaiden Holmes Post

Despite him claiming to appreciate that you’ll have concerns over how the data is being used he still then fails to specify exactly how it will be used. Market and research purposes could be ANYTHING. This app should be giving you absolute clarity & because of the fact it’s not, I am very, very worried as to what it’s really doing with the people’s connections that are using it.

Which brings me onto…

My Verdict – Is HoneyGain a Scam?

Well look, “scam or not” I can’t really comment on because I’ll admit that I didn’t install the app, there’s simply NO way I would ever install an app that keeps itself so secretive & has access to all of my data/connection.

From what I’ve read people do seem to have been paid from it, however, as reported in the previous section of this review the payments seem to be MUCH lower than what is advertised on the homepage for their site.

Regardless though, paying or not there is just simply no way that I can recommend this thing to you because as far as I’m concerned it’s just way too dangerous & I’m extremely concerned as to why they’re so vague about what they’re doing with your data.

Instead, if you want to make extra money online I suggest you just stick with one of my picks which are all proven, tested & legitimate. Or alternatively, you can read more about the way I personally make money online here.

But whatever you decide to do I just hope that my review of HoneyGain here has given you a good insight into how the app works & the hidden dangers that may be present. Please do feel free to share your thoughts or questions below in the comments if you have any. 🙂

A Better Alternative

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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51 thoughts on “HoneyGain Review – Scam or Legit? There’s NO WAY I Would Ever Use This App”

  1. Hello,
    I have a bit of a different opinion about this app because I’m using it for the last couple of months and I earn not bad passive income (about 30$, but also I use the referral program that made my earnings almost double). Before I’ve tried online surveys but it wasn’t that good.
    Btw, I didn’t understand the part of that two different people because I see two people with different names and different pictures. Probably both works for Honeygain and have one email address for affiliate marketing to use.

      • He has no experience at all because he has never used it.

        I just see someone who is either looking for a cheap traffic on his site or naively having a vague assumption.

        There are alot of people getting paid on with the app.

        I read all the write up…I must say you never give any convincing point apart from disinteresting assumption.

        • Of course people are getting paid. Do you know how much money the people behind botnets earn for their illicit activities? Ridiculous amounts. If they didn’t pay, people would just up & leave so their plan wouldn’t work… Instead, they drip feed a little of the money they earn to their members to keep them running the app on their devices. It’s clever, but it’s sad that so many people have fallen for it & are a willing to let an app like this run of their device without properly questioning it.

      • Be careful, because even if the payment is “real” they can still use your internet connection to do as they please which in my opinion is a risk that simply isn’t worth the reward.

        • Yes, is the internet safe now? Whenever information security is paramount.
          I’m using this program, Honeygain. What are key developers doing with this program?
          What is the meaning? Or steal personal information.
          Honeygain, use the device to hang traffic, in this case, the Internet traffic is consumed every tens of seconds.
          Anyone who joins Honeygain with a referral link will receive a ‎‎$5 starting gift‎, and you will receive a ‎‎permanent bonus equal to ‎‎10% of their income! It feels very tempting.
          In the age of network information, the most important thing is to have a clear will to guard against personal information.

    • I also asked them for an attraction two days ago and I also sent them an email and I did not receive any money or answer from them

  2. They didn’t pay me it is a scam so delete this I sent them an email asking what happened with may payment and they did not respond for 4 days that’s why I tell all people to run away from these scammers

    • Well, it’s certainly not nice to not get paid however in my opinion it’s what they’re doing with people’s data that concerns me the most. Thanks for sharing your experience though, I’m sure it will be helpful to others considering trying HoneyGain.

  3. For anyone reading this, it’s my first day using it on my PC and on my tablet. I think it’s not what I expected. At this rate, I’m not gonna meke anything useful.

    I’ve been using it for six or eight hours on my two devices. So far, it hasn’t convinced me to stay. Up to this moment, it’s only managed to use 200 MB, which according tothem, gets me 20 credits. According to Android network stats, itsays honeygin has used 114 MB, while the dashboard says 98 MB. I’m using Wi-Fi though, so keep an eye on honeygain if you use mobile broadband or any metered (company bills you per data volume) plan!

    I have a 2 MB/s unmetered Internet plan

    As per this comment’s date and time, one gets a credit per 10 MB of data; a credit is $0.001, therefore, one gets $0.01 per ten credits. So $1.00 is worth 10 GB of data used by a device or user. I doubt this could even afford to pay a metered Internet plan in my country

    Up to the time of this comment,
    200 MB / (6 * 3600) = 9.29 KB/s.
    They claim they might use up to 10% if one’s bandwidth in the FAQ. If so, they coudl use up to 200KB/s of my bandwidth. Doing the math:
    0.2 Mb/s * 86400 s * 0.00001 $/Mb = 1.728 $/day
    For those who are ambitious! Actually, i’ve made 0.5% of what I could do

    About my safety and privacy, I accept what might happen. I promise I haven’t shared honeygain with anyone else, and I’m not going to do it until I know how safe it is.

    Only God knows what they may have gathered from my devices, although the Android app doesn’t seem to require permissions such as accesing contacts, media, camera or mic. On Windos, the program hasn’t tried to access my files yet, it looks like….That’s fair for me to to mention.

    So, I think it’s a waste of time and even one’s money and hardware resources for so little benefit. I visited their site, and it doesn’t mention anywhere who they really are, who uses one’s bandwith, with which purpose, etc. I could actually trust them if they clearly said who they are, what they do, whether they’re using one’s bandwidth to hack, crack, transmit illegal content or running deep Web serviers. From my point of view, if all doubts were clear, I would grant them most of my bandwidth at certain times, as long as it actually earn enough to pay at least my Internet plan.

    • “About my safety and privacy, I accept what might happen.” – it’s not necessarily your safety or privacy that’s the main concern in my opinion, it’s what criminal activities they could be doing using YOUR connection, leading you to get the blame. It would be extremely difficult to prove that you were not the one using the connection, and so for that reason I would stay well away from the HoneyGain app. The fact that they’re not overly clear on how they’re using your data & don’t provide any sort of traffic logs is a HUGE red-flag that something dodgy is going on… And as you say, the “rewards” are simply not worth it.

      • But it’s here from 2018 I think and still there are no such cases have been came out regarding this and people are still getting paid , so is it really that dangerous ?

        • Because people don’t understand what it’s doing in the background of their devices. The answer is YES, it’s dangerous. You should never let any company use your data (especially your internet connection) without explicitly explaining what they’re doing with it.

    • You’re right Dale. Besides, I was talking to more people, and they told me about that risk you just told me. 20 hours in, and I “made” $0.11. What a waste of time and of computing resources. Even if I was paid, I could get in more trouble than any reward. I would be the one to get blamed if those behind honeygain were doing something illegal or hurting honest people and businesses.

      Thanks for your feedback and for this wonderful website. I’ll be reading it to educate myself.

  4. if it’s based out of russia, then it’s most likely a large proxy operation, so they can continue to pretend to be americans on twitter, facebook and other platforms

  5. could also be a used as a botnet to disrupt internet connections

    i can’t think of any legitimate uses for this app with their vague wording

  6. I have been using Honey Gain from at least December and I’ve had several payments into my paypal account totalling about $100. The payments seem to come in a few days after I request them so no problems there. I’ve not really got any concerns about them using my data and getting me into trouble just because they are using my connection. Hackers often do illegal stuff through someone else’s computer and it’s not considered their fault. Sure it’s a fairly dodgy system but what online paid system doesn’t seem dodgy. As for the broken English I’ve seen worse English from legit businesses, news sites and this article. I think they are being vague with how they are making their money for 1 or 2 reasons possibly both 1) They don’t want people to copy them 2) They are doing things with the data that might deter some people.
    It’s a bit of a shame this article doesn’t actually provide any evidence as to what is specifically wrong with it but rather you just don’t like it because you don’t know anything about it. I mean it’s not so much a review of the product as a review of their website.

    • I’ll be honest, I don’t even know where to start when it comes to replying to that comment. You think they’re possibly “doing things with the data that might deter some people” yet are still willing to use it? Well, each to their own I guess… But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

      • I like how he talked about how hackers do bad stuff through other peoples computers all the time, so he’s just gonna willingly give someone the chance to do this??? xD

  7. After reading this review and the comments , I guess ill give it a try might as well earn some cash if its legit . thanks for a great review though.

  8. You ain’t gonna make no real money with this crappy app. I got this running on 3 devices for 4 days almost now. Also i run youtube videos so it uses more data..You wanna know how much I made?? $1.24 in 4 days. Lol this app is a joke. Even if I doubled the amount with a referral that’s 2 bucks and some change in 4 days. So with what I’m at right now I would make 30 bucks or so in 4 days. I’m unistallin this trash. giving up my data randomly for 30 bucks month ain’t worth what might happen next. I’d rather sell weed n smoke 4 free if that’s the case n make more than 30 bucks. Lol

  9. I use Honeygain because it is legit and safe. I’m not a new user, use it for more than eight months and went through many steps with this app and no disappointments. a month I get an average 35-40$ what is cool having in mind I dont need to do anything special. btw, people share their referral codes, but I just want to share they common one that gives 5$ free for all new users – *referral code removed*. happy earning

    • Given the fact that the sole purpose of your comment was clearly to get people to sign up via your referral code, the information you have provided cannot be trusted. I have NEVER heard of anybody earning that much with HoneyGain & it is certainly not a “safe” app.

    • It’s one big lie I in one month I made maybe 5 dollars and connected 7 different devices and when I got to 20 dollars I made a withdrawal and still did not see the money, it took me 5 months to reach 20 dollars

  10. Hello,
    I was really interested in honey gain, given the fact that you do nothing and get paid. But thanks to this post I can keep myself away from these scams. I assume they are turning our devices into botnets.
    Anyways there is an app called packet stream, where you sell your bandwidth to real users. Can you tell me whether I should use it? I am interested in these passive income apps.

    • In my opinion, no – you shouldn’t. And to be honest, I’d avoid “passive income apps” as a general rule of thumb because the legitimate ones will only pay you very, very little. You’d be best off just sticking to cashback apps & saving money, rather than trying to earn money passively.

      • LMAO bozo you seriously just called the most basic principle of value in any economy (value only goes up as demand goes up(btc has finite supply like gold or a similar metal) and supply conversely goes down) this drives the value up. 🤡it works like this for any asset on the planet not just BTC.

        • I might have actually taken this content with a pinch of value & responded properly to it if you’d had left a real name or email address. Nevertheless, I’m glad you took 5 minutes out of your day to stop here & leave a comment. Thanks! 🙂

  11. Thank you for your review. I’m going to look into Commission Academy. I’m also in UK but yet to find a successful way to earn a living online.

  12. i’m using honeygain since last 2 months. but today my antivirus removed it and when i tried to download it again it was blocked and said its a virus.
    its not todays error. i’m using 6 email accounts on my laptop, two weaks ago google sent mails(on 4 accounts on same time) me that i have suspicious app on my pc. i didn’t take tension and changed password, but today i think honeygain steals our passwords too and use them. btw, i cant say anything more about it

  13. Thanks for the warning, shan’t be downloading it now. Too risky.
    May well give Commission Academy a try though.



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