What Are The Best Pay Per Download Websites? (Highest Paying PPD Sites)

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Best Pay Per Download WebsitesDid you know that you can actually earn money (and quite good money, too) just by sharing files online?

Well, you can – thanks to something known as pay-per-download websites, or PPD sites for short.

These types of sites enable you to upload files, share them & then get paid every time somebody downloads them… And some sites even pay on average around 60 cents per download.

But with payouts rates varying so much between sites, you might be wondering – what are the best pay per download websites? And more importantly, what are the highest paying PPD sites?

Which is exactly why I decided to put this blog post together.

In it, I aim to share with you a list of the best pay per download websites & offer you some tips on how to earn the most money through PPD sites (think $100+ per day).

So let’s dive in & get to the good stuff…

What Are Pay Per Download Websites?   |   How Do PPD Sites Work?   |   The Highest Paying PPD Sites   |   Best PPD Sites Without Surveys   |   How To Earn From PPD Sites   |   The Bottom Line

What Are Pay Per Download Websites?

As I briefly touched on above, Pay Per Download websites (or PPD sites for short) are basically websites that provide you with the ability to earn money by sharing files online.

You simply upload your files, share them & then earn for every time that they’re downloaded – hence the name, pay-per-download.

And the reason these sites are able to pay you money (and often quite good money) for each of your downloads is that they typically lock your file behind something known as an “offer wall”.

This means that in order for somebody to actually download the file you’ve shared they must first complete an offer, which could include signing up to a website or completing a short survey.

Once they do that, the file becomes unlocked & you earn some money from the advertisers who were paying to promote their “offer”.

The PPD site, of course, takes a cut for themselves too… And therefore everybody’s happy. The visitor gets the file, you get some money & the PPD site gets a percentage.

Pretty simple, right?

And if you’ve spent any reasonable amount of time online in the past then the chances are that you’ve actually come across a file that’s hosted on a PPD site at some point.

You’d know because before you can download it you’re presented with a page like this:

PPD Site Download Page Example

And no doubt, you’ll have also been annoyed by such a page because nobody really likes completing surveys for files… But the trick to earning well with PPD sites is to provide highly sought after files (as you’ll learn more about in this post).

If people really want the file, then they’ll complete a survey for it… And you’ll earn money. 🙂

Plus, as you’ll also see further down in this post there’s actually an alternative way that you can earn by sharing files without forcing people to complete a survey, too.

How Do PPD Sites Work?

The good news is that pay-per-download sites are pretty simple & in most cases, you just need to sign up (which should be free) & then upload the files that you’d like to share.

For each file that you upload you’ll be given a unique link to it & then all you need to do from there is simply share the links with the people that you’d like to download the files.

When they attempt to download them they’ll be prompted that they need to complete an offer (or pay a small fee to skip the offer) and when they do, you’ll earn some money.

And once you’ve finally earned enough to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold (which typically should be no more than around $10), you’ll be able to request a payment.

So it’s safe to say that it’s a relatively easy way to earn some money online… And several years ago I actually found myself earning in excess of $100+ per day through PPD sites.

But there are 2 main “secrets” to achieving good earnings through PPD sites and those are as follows:

  • You need to upload & share files that are highly sought after
  • You need to leverage the highest paying PPD sites

The good news is that in this post, I’m going to help you with both of those points… And first, we’ll start by finding the highest paying PPD sites.

The Highest Paying PPD Sites

Sadly, it seems that one of the most popular & highest-paying PPD sites (which was actually the same site I made $100+ per day with in the past) has bitten the dust.

The name of that site was ShareCash, and it’s a name you may have heard of as it was extremely popular. In terms of high paying PPD sites, it was the go-to site for several years.

The good news, however, is that thankfully there are still several alternatives.

So here are the currently active highest paying PPD sites:

Dollar Upload

Dollar Upload Website ScreenshotDollar Upload is a PPD site that has been around for a long time (as you can probably tell from their website’s design) & it has a solid reputation, with a 4 out of 5-star rating on Affapying.

You can withdraw from Dollar Upload as soon as you’ve earned $10 & whilst most of their offers payout $0.40 to $0.60 (depending on the downloader’s country), you can actually earn up to $20 for a single download.


Rapidgator Website ScreenshotRapidgator is a site that you may have already come across as it is an extremely popular file-sharing website & it offers 2 methods of earning for uploaders. You can either choose to earn via the pay-per-download method or alternatively you can choose to earn on pay-per-sale which means that when a downloader purchases a Premium account, you will earn a commission.

File Upload

File Upload Website ScreenshotFile Upload is another popular file-sharing site that pays uploaders when their files are downloaded. Uploaders at File Uploader can earn around $3 to $7 per thousand downloads & these earnings are dependent on things such as the filesize downloaded & the membership tier that the downloader is on, etc.


Up-4ever Website ScreenshotUp-4ever has a similar payout structure to that of File Upload mentioned above, however, this particular site offers a whole bunch of different payout options such as Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Webmoney, Payoneer, and more.

The large array of payout methods offered by Up-4ever make it very attractive to those in countries where certain merchants (such as PayPal, etc) are restricted.

Update To The List of High-Paying PPD Sites

It seems that these days, with most apps, videos & things being cloud-based, there is very little downloading going on & so the demand for PPD sites has dropped hugely.

As a result, many more of the sites seem to have bitten the dust recently & so the list above has been reduced even further.

But the good news is that even without PPD websites, there is actually still a good way to earn money from file-sharing online which I’ll discuss in the next section below.

The Best PPD Sites Without Surveys

In the list above in the previous section, there are actually a number of PPD sites without surveys & those are as follows:

However, there’s also another nifty way that you can earn money from sharing files without having to force downloaders to complete surveys & that’s by using paid link shorteners.

In fact, with so many PPD sites having bitten the dust in recent years, this is a method that has become increasingly popular & the benefit is that you can upload your files at any file host you choose, yet still earn money when they’re downloaded.

You see, paid link shortener websites provide you with the ability to shorten a link & then earn money everybody somebody clicks through it.

So as an example, you could upload the file that you’d like to share to a file host of your choice, and then use a paid link shortener to shorten it (and give you the opportunity to earn money).

All you then need to do is simply share the shortened link to the file, and when somebody clicks on it they’ll be taken to a page on which they’re forced to view an advert for a few seconds before they can continue.

The adverts pages usually look something like this, and no doubt you’ve seen one before:

Link Shortener Advert

After the time up is up, a button appears like the one below & the user can continue to the destination:

URL Shortener Skip Ad Button

But the benefit is that because the user has been forced to view an advert, you get to earn some money… And it isn’t too annoying to the visitor because they don’t have to complete a survey.

All they to do is wait a short number of seconds before they can continue.

So if you’re looking for PPD sites without surveys, or you’re looking for an alternative way to earn by sharing files online then my advice to you would be to leverage paid link shorteners.

Nowadays, using paid link shorteners is typically a much better way to earn from file-sharing rather than using PPD sites with surveys, because people cannot be bothered to complete the surveys – especially if they’re using a mobile device.

Plus, there is also nothing stopping you from using paid link shorteners in combination with the PPD sites listed above so that you can increase your earnings even further.

After all, if people want the file badly enough then they will do anything for it.

Which brings me onto…

How To Earn From PPD Sites

When it comes to earning money from PPD sites, if you want to earn the big money ($100+ per day) then there are 2 important things that you need to factor into your plan.

Those 2 things are as follows:

  • You need to share a file that is highly sought after
  • You need to get people to make a commitment, before downloading the file

I’ll explain these in more detail below.

1. Sharing a file that is highly sought after

It comes without saying that if you want to make good money by sharing files online then you must be sharing a file that people actually want, otherwise nobody is going to download it.

And also, if you are using a PPD site that locks the file behind a survey (or similar offer) then you want to make sure that the file is even more sought after, and that most importantly it is exclusive.

The reason I say this is because if the file is not exclusive, then when the visitor sees the survey they will just click off the page & search for another place to download the file.

2. Get people to make a commitment before downloading the file

This is one of the top tips for finding HUGE success with PPD sites because if you can get somebody to already make a commitment before downloading the file, then they will be much more likely to complete the survey or upgrade to Premium, etc.

So, as an example, if you send somebody directly to a file & then they realize that they need to complete a survey in order to download it then they will likely just click away from the page.

They have nothing to lose since they have not yet made any commitments.

However, what I used to do when making $100+ per day with PPD sites was actually upload the initial file to a normal, free file host (but password protect it) and upload the password to a PPD site.

This means that the user will spend time downloading the file, but then once they’ve done so & they try to extract it they will realize that they need a password to unlock the archive.

I simply put in a link of where to obtain the password (at the PPD site) and now, because the user has made a commitment (they spent time downloading the initial file), they will be much more likely to complete the survey.

In their minds, if they don’t complete the survey it will seem as if they have wasted their time downloading the initial file, so it will feel better to proceed & complete the survey, because at least if they get the password & unlock the file then their time won’t have been wasted.

And of course, that is just one way you can get people to make a small commitment… But there are many alternatives, and if you can master this bit then you will find a lot of success with PPD sites.

The Bottom Line

There’s certainly some good money to be made with PPD sites if you have files that are highly sought after by a large audience, but personally, I think that it’s becoming more difficult.

These days, most things are web-based or cloud-based & people aren’t downloading files as they did many years ago so it’s more difficult to get people to do so.

I mean, if you know what you’re doing & you’re good at marketing things online then sure – you could definitely still make money with it by using the methods & sites that I listed above…

But I think that if you’re brand new & just looking for a way to get started making money online, there are better alternatives that you should begin with… Such as affiliate marketing.

So of course, it’s entirely up to you – but before you dive in & begin joining PPD sites, you may want to check out my list of alternative ways to make money here.

But either way, whatever you decide to do I just hope that this blog post has given you a good insight into how to earn with pay-per-download sites & provided you with some good sites for you to begin with if you decide to pursue it.

If you happen to still have any questions or comments then, of course, don’t hesitate to leave them below. As always I’ll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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