How To Make Money With ShareCash

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I discovered the CPA network ShareCash & quickly began making over $50 per day. As promised here is my follow up which goes a little more in depth into the methods that I used to begin earning so much money so quickly.

ShareCash LogoFor those of you that don’t know ShareCash is a CPA (cost per action) website which pays you around $1 every time somebody downloads any of the files that you’ve uploaded there. There is a little catch and that is that for somebody to download your file they have a fill in a survey first. This makes it a little bit harder to get people to download your files but thankfully the surveys aren’t too long and with the right approach you can easily get between 50 to 100 downloads per day.

Whilst ShareCash is easy money, the hardest part is trying to find the right niche & the right approach – but once you’ve cracked this the money will start rolling in. In this post I’m going to do my best to help you crack the niche & make the most out of ShareCash.

Firstly, it’s rare that uploading an actual file itself to ShareCash will make any money because the chances are the user will just go somewhere else and download it without having to fill in a survey. Unless the file you have is completely sought after and you have the only copy then chances are that’s not going to work. Even if it does it’ll soon run dry because once a few people have downloaded it they’ll start sharing it and you’re back to square 1 again.

So if you’re not to upload the actual file, what else are you supposed to do?

I found a much better approach was to put your file in a password protected .zip archive, then save the password in a text file & upload the text file to ShareCash.

ZIP Archive LayoutOnce you have done that you should create another text file called PASSWORD.txt and put the following content in it: “Download the password here: [** LINK TO PASSWORD FILE ON SHARECASH **]”.

Finally, put PASSWORD.txt and your password protected .zip file in a folder together and once again .zip the whole thing up, but this time don’t password protect the main archive. Upload this to a free file host, one that gives the user instant access to the file without them having to fill in any surveys.

Why go through all this trouble rather than just uploading the file direct to ShareCash?

When the user downloads your file they’ll extract it and think great, they’ve got the goods – only to find that the archive inside is password protected. However you’ve kindly given them the link to the password – all they have to do now is fill in your survey to get access to the file. I found this converted a heck of a lot better because the user feels like they’ve already got the file so it would be quicker to just fill in the survey than it would to look for another version of the file and go through the whole download process again.

So where should you promote your files?

Firstly you could upload to torrent sites, these sites get a lot of hits and you could easily get a lot of downloads especially if your file is unique or new & highly sought after. It tends to work better on larger files because if you’ve uploaded a smaller file then people generally prefer to just re-download a non password protected version as opposed to filling in your survey. If however the files over 1GB for example people are going to be much more inclined to fill in your survey rather than go through the whole downloading process again because it would probably be quicker.

The only issue with the torrent method is that people will begin leaving comments letting others know that your file is password protected & this will deter people from downloading it.

As an alternative you could take to YouTube – this one proved the most successful method for me.

Basically all you’ve got to do is a find a niche and exploit it – you’ve got to think, “what do people really want?”. Some examples are:

  • Applications to secretly get into other peoples Facebook accounts.
  • Applications to make people higher levels or cheat in games.
  • Leaked photos/videos.

Now most of these applications don’t even exist, but your users don’t need to know that – at least not until they’ve filled in your survey anyway. The Facebook one was a really big hit for me, there’s a tonne of people who want to be able to get into their partners Facebook accounts & read their private messages. Now whilst I didn’t have an application that could actually do it, I could easily pretend, so here’s what I did…

I downloaded a random application online, something around 17MB & renamed it to facebook_hijacker_v1.3 just to make it seem believable when the user looked inside the archive. I then of course followed the steps above, password protected the archive & uploaded the password to ShareCash.

Once that was done I set up a YouTube account & downloaded a whole load of videos of “Facebook account hijackers” then re-uploaded them to my own account. I gave each video a different title so that they’d appear for more search terms, such as “How to hack someones Facebook account”, “How to read someones Facebook private messages” etc… I also added the date to the end of the title to make it seem more believable, as if it was brand new and just been released. My title now looked something like this: “How to hack someones Facebook account [OCTOBER 2014]”.

Then in the description I provided a link to download the application. Instead of disabling the comments on my video I set them to require moderation, and then I made a few other random YouTube accounts & left comments on the videos saying things like “wow, thank you so much”, “worked like a charm”. Again to make things seem more believable – that really helped and massively increased the amount of downloads.

That was it I was all set and I began receiving downloads within just a couple of days, then each days I’d add more and more videos in different niches & do the exact same thing. After about a month of doing this I managed to get a pretty stable income of around $50 per day.

CPAlead HomepageI kind of hit my peak at $50 per day, but I started looking for other ways I could increase my earnings and that’s when I stumbled across CPAlead. By using CPAlead you’re basically taking out the middleman and they pay much higher rates per completed survey. The only downside is that whilst they offer the widgets they don’t offer any file hosting services so you’d have to upload your file elsewhere (such as a free file host) or create your own website.

If you own your own website then CPAlead also offer a whole load of other widgets that you can add to your website to make more money. After implementing their exit traffic tool to one of my websites I was making $20 per day just from people that were leaving my website, and the incentive banner tool has worked very well for me on another site I own too.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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