Millionaire Blueprint Review – Hmm I Don’t Think So!

Welcome to my Millionaire Blueprint review! According to the website the Millionaire Blueprint system is supposedly “100% Easy Cash Generating Software” worth $4,999 but to be honest it just looks like another supposedly “free” binary options system to me. As you’ve probably guessed I’m not an affiliate of this system & in this review I’ll be uncovering the truth about this system & finding out whether or not it actually lives up to it’s extremely bold claims.

If you tend to trade binary options then you’ll know that the “free” trading systems have built up an extremely bad reputation. Literally hundreds of them have launched just in the recent past few months alone and they’ve done nothing other than part people with their hard earned cash. They’ve become renowned for making false promises & preying on the vulnerable.

However the creators of these systems have cottoned on to this reputation that’s been arising they’ve started to come up with a sneaky tactic to try & get around it & regain peoples trust so that once again they can take their money. What they’re doing now is making out that the system isn’t actually free, but you just so happened have timed it right & landed on the page whilst they’re offering a free copy. Take a look at this screenshot I took of the Millionaire Blueprint’s website:

Free Button

Most people will come across this page & say “wow, bargain” thinking that they’re getting access to a $4,999 system for free. The truth is that it’s a lie, this system has never been $4,999 and it never will be – it’s all just a ploy to try & get you to believe that this system must be good since it costs so much.

So now you might be thinking well if the system is free then what have I got to to lose? Well whilst the video might make claims that the system is totally free of charge & no credit card will be required this isn’t true either. The second you enter your email address you’ll be taken to a page where you’ll be asked to sign up with their recommended broker and make a deposit of at least around $250 – that’s not what I call free.

This system appears to be nothing more than a hyped up “free” binary options system. It’ll most likely fool a few people but hopefully if you’re here reading this review then you’ll hold onto your cash & give it a miss… Unless you’re looking for the fastest way to lose your money that is.

Here is something that will prove to you that the claims made by this software aren’t true. I’m publishing this review on the 22nd of January 2015 and the Millionaire Blueprint website claims they’re only letting 30 people in. If that’s true then those spaces should be filled up within an hour, or a day at most so if you’re reading this review at a later date & they’re still accepting applications then guess what, that was a lie.

It doesn’t stop there either because there’s actually a timer on the front page which gives you only 10 minutes to activate your spot, however if you refresh the page then you’ll notice this counter resets so it’s clearly a dud that’s trying to rush you into entering your details & buying in.

Countdown Timer

This is nothing more than another “free” binary options trading system that’s been dressed up with a fancy website. I don’t know about you but personally I just wouldn’t be willing to trust a system with $250 that makes false statements right from the off. If the amount of spaces available is a lie then what’s stopping the testimonials from being a lie? And if the testimonials are a lie what’s stopping from the systems promises all being a lie?

It just looks like a tactic to try and entice you to deposit funds with the broker so that they can get paid a big fat commission.


The website may come across as being convincing but this is nothing more than another free binary options system that’s not going to do anything other than help you lose your money. These systems just don’t work, all they are is an attempt to give you confidence in trading to encourage you to deposit funds so that the creators can earn a nice big commission. It’s actually been proven that some of these systems have been created by the brokers themselves to try & increase custom, obviously those are the last people that are going to be wanting you to profit from your trades.

Binary option trading is truly risky business at the best of times and there’s no way any system can guarantee you profits from your trades, it’s simply impossible. In binary options there are very, very few people that actually manage to create sustainable profits & even again the majority of this is down to a long streak of luck. Most professional traders work with Forex or the stock exchange because at least with those there’s some degree of skill involved as opposed to leaving 95% to chance as you do with binary options.

My advice would be to stay away from this system, and other systems like it. I’d actually advise to stay away from binary options in general because like I say I see a lot more people losing money than I do winning money.

If you’re truly serious about creating an income online then you should look at getting into online marketing, that’s how most people create real sustainable incomes online. Rather than leaving things to chance you’re actually building up a skill and believe it or not it’s an awful lot easier to get into than you might think, especially with the amount of proven systems that are readily available these days.

I hope you enjoyed reading my review & I’d love it if you could take a minute to leave a comment below & share your thoughts – thank you!

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