Money Map Report Review – Scam or Legit? The Complaints Are Concerning

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There aren’t many newsletters that cater to newbies or investors with zero or minimal market knowledge, however, Money Map Report claims to be one of them.

Money Map Report Website ScreenshotIt’s often difficult to find credible professional advice for such people because as harsh as it sounds they are easiest to scam & so unfortunately many of such publications are just set out to take advantage of them.

Money Map Report though is a financial newsletter by one of the renowned financial consultancies. It covers a wide range of global investment opportunities and provides an in-depth analysis of the market trends.

We, therefore, decided to put together a Money Map Report review because its teasers have been doing rounds on the internet & we’ve noticed that a lot of people have been asking questions about its legitimacy. There have also been a lot of complaints.

What Is Money Map Report?   |   How Does It Work?   |   What Do You Get With Your Subscription?   |   Concerns   |   Is Money Map Report a Scam?   |   A Better Alternative

What Exactly Is The Money Map Report?

Money Map Report is a flagship financial newsletter catered by Money Map Press. It provides investment advice based on market analysis done by the team of professionals working with them. This newsletter is edited by a man named Keith Fitzgerald.

It covers a broad range of macro-level indicators including medicine, energy, technology, conflict, demographics, etc. It is a very comprehensive report in terms of the numbers they present. Investment advice is based on these numbers and financial trends.

Money Map Press is led by Mike Ward and it works under a parent company called Agora Financial. Agora Financial runs other financial consultancies too. It is a legitimate company based in Baltimore.

Keith Fitzgerald himself is a man known for his professional market advice. One of the feathers in his caps includes a successful prediction about the 2008 financial crises. He reportedly advised many people who were saved from grave losses during the recession which bankrupted a huge number of investors.

Numerous teasers are floating around online which direct you to sign up for this newsletter. However, we shall only mention the one which intrigued us the most. A promotional teaser related to Money Map Report was recently launched which tells you that you could claim up to $23,441 of unpaid social security.

Here is a screenshot of a snippet of that teaser:

Money Map Report Social Security Claim

This teaser claims that irregularities have been identified in a recent social security audit and you can claim your unpaid security if you do as they guide. We couldn’t help ourselves but review a financial newsletter which talks about claiming unpaid social security rather than telling what the hottest investment opportunity in the market is right now! Funny, right?

So let’s take a closer look into how it all works to find out what’s actually going on…

How Does Money Map Report Work?

It is a financial newsletter which means you have to subscribe or sign up for. It’s for anyone who wants to learn about market trends and get professional investment advice. It is always a bonus to have some knowledge about all of it. However, Fitzgerald does his best to make sure that the claim of serving the newbies stands well.

Money Map Report isn’t free. All the recommendations and reports which are a part of it are free but the newsletter subscription isn’t. This means that you can learn about claiming your $23,441 of unpaid social security for free as long as you are a subscriber.

Grabbing a subscription though would cost you a heavy $299. If you can make money that covers the cost and makes a profit for you, sure, it’d be a good deal. But the cost is high, in our opinion of course.

What Do You Get With The Money Map Report Subscription?

There are a lot of updates that you would get from Keith Fitzgerald once you sign up for the Money Map Report. These include:

  • Monthly Newsletter: These are very detailed newsletters with an in-depth market analysis by Fitzgerald. He tells about the trends and makes recommendations. He explains why those recommendations are made. For a former Bloomberg opinion maker, you would definitely like to have his opinion.
  • Weekly Updates: These cover the weekly market analysis.
  • Urgent Alerts: These are sent in if Fitzgerald thinks you must pull out of something immediately. The red alerts, if you want to call them that.
  • Access to Members Area: You get to a website for Money Map Report subscribers where you can find all the alerts and discussion threads.

There are other reports about market intelligence, some important indexes, audio and video tutorials and much more.

It’s a fair deal but we still think it’s a high cost to bear.

Do We Have Concerns About the Money Map Report?

Sure, we do! We know that it is a legitimate company run by legitimate people but there is more to a financial newsletter than just that.

Money Map Report has no information about its performance records related to its recommendations and predictions. You can find their successful recommendations and stories about how people benefited from them. But how many of these recommendations have gone wrong? And how terribly wrong were they?

And I think it’s quite evident that they’re making things sound way better than they actually are – they’re leveraging “hype” to draw people into signing up.

You can’t question Fitzgerald because of the man knowns what he talks about. But in my opinion, it’s clear that he sugar-coats everything, If you pay just a little attention, you would be able to tell what sounds right and what sounds exaggerated.

Which brings me onto…

My Verdict – Is Money Map Report a Scam?

No, we won’t say that – Money Map Report is run by legitimate people. It does give you the professionals’ word on everything. But we have our concerns as highlighted above in our Money Map Report review.

There are issues of transparency related to data. Who knows if they manipulate the market for their own gains which may eventually benefit a few other people? We can’t say… But for those reasons, I won’t be recommending it.

And to be honest I have to admit that I always steer clear of recommending investment-related opportunities because no matter how good they are made to seem on the surface they always carry a high degree of risk unless you’re only set to make small profits from them.

In my opinion, there are much safer ways to make good money online & therefore it doesn’t really make sense to get involved with such risky investment opportunities… That’s my personal belief anyway.

Take something like affiliate marketing for example – it is a very solid way to make good money online & it puts you in control of your income. There is no need to rely on markets or anything like that… It’s a simple case of the harder you work, the more you stand to earn.

And I mention affiliate marketing because that’s actually the same way that I personally earn most of my own money online. It’s one of my all-time top recommendations & the best part is that thanks to programs like Commission Academy it’s actually very easy to get started with.

Whatever you decide to do though I simply hope that my review of the Money Map Report here has given you a good insight into what you can expect from this publication & I hope it has helped you to decide if it’s really right for you.

If you still happen to have any questions or comments about it though then, of course, don’t hesitate to leave them below. 🙂

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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