Cloud Token Wallet Review – I’m Very Sceptical To Say The Least

Cloud Token Wallet Website ScreenshotHas somebody been trying to get you to join Cloud Token Wallet?

Have they been telling you how great an opportunity it supposedly is & asking you to join via their referral code?

And now are you wondering what it’s about, whether it’s legit & if you can really make good money through it like they’ve probably claimed you can?

Well the good news is that you’ve landed in exactly the right place because that’s exactly what recently happened to me & after doing some digging to find out more about it I’ve decided to put this Cloud Token Wallet review together to help others out who are in the same boat.

What I will say first of all though is that right from the off I was very sceptical about Cloud Token Wallet – especially because of the way some of the people were promoting it… So if you just want to skip to something that’s proven to be legitimate then be sure to check out my Number 1 Recommendation for making money below…

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What Is Cloud Token Wallet?

Cloud Token Wallet is as the name suggests – a wallet that is designed for storing cryptocurrencies… However unlike traditional cryptocurrency wallets which you might be more familiar with (such as CoinBase), Cloud Token Wallet claims to actually pay you in return for storing your funds.

Then, on top of that it also boasts a business opportunity through which members can earn money by recruiting other members – providing they have at least $500 worth of funds held in their wallet.

But here’s the problem…

When you combine investing, earning & recruiting in such a way that Cloud Token Wallet have done, it becomes VERY difficult to determine whether it’s legit or whether it’s just another pyramid scheme that’ll see you losing your money.

If it is a pyramid scheme then not only will it be illegal, but it’ll also inevitability collapse seeing investors towards the bottom of the pyramid losing everything they put in…

And if it isn’t, then where is the money coming from? How are they able to pay around 0.3% interest per day (equating to around 10% per month) on all of the members money? Could that really be possible without risk?

The answer in my opinion is NO.

The reason I say that is because at the moment the average “good return” on your money through a relatively safe legitimate investment would be around 5-7% per annum… And so in comparison 10% per month is an insanely high figure.

Cloud Token Wallet of course claim that the figure is achieved through automated investments that are done using what they refer to as an AI Jarvis bot… But frankly my personal opinion is that that’s BS – and without solid proof of such a bot I’d take it with a pinch of salt.

My personal opinion is that the whole thing is a well covered-up member to member cash gifting scheme… Meaning that the earnings paid out to old members are simply coming from the investments made by new members…

And not only is that unsustainable, but it’s also only really geared to benefit those at the very top. The average Joe may be able to earn something, but they’ll be the ones lumbered with all of the risk… And the lower down you get in, the more risk you’ll face.

How Does Cloud Token Wallet Work?

The idea is that there are 2 primary ways to earn money from Cloud Token Wallet. You can earn an “interest” by simply storing your funds in their wallet, or you can join their business opportunity & earn by recruiting others.

Either way though you’ll still have to deposit funds to participate in either method because Cloud Token Wallet require members to invest (and hold) at least $500 in order for them to qualify for the business opportunity.

This again is another red-flag as far as I’m concerned because you’re ultimately being forced to pay money to make money, which is another thing that is commonly associated with pyramid schemes.

Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Structure

That aside though, let’s discuss the potential earnings you may be able to generate…

Earning From Holding Money In Your Wallet

The reason Cloud Token Wallet appeals to so many people is because they essentially offer a “set and forget” way of making relatively decent money. They claim that you can simply deposit, and then a daily interest on it of 0.3% which is added to your balance at the end of each day.

This equates to around 10% per month, which in the world of investments & returns is a huge ROI, and it is one that greatly raises my suspicions.

In monetary terms this would mean that you could invest $10,000 and receive a passive income of $1,000 back each month…. Or you could invest $100,000 and receive a whopping $10,000 each month.

They claim all this is achievable through the use of their “Jarvis AI” bot which automatically trades your money on your behalf.

You’re told that the Jarvis AI bot buys currency from exchanges where the price is low, and then sells it at exchanges where the price is high in order to generate you a profit… All on autopilot.

But if this is true, and if it is truly “safe” like they claim it is, then why isn’t everybody doing this? Why are people still slaving away at jobs they dislike if they could generate an automated income so easily?

And why hasn’t this been covered by any news channels?

The answer in my opinion is because it is NOT legit, and NOT safe.

Earning From The Referral Business Opportunity

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this review it’s likely that the way you came across Cloud Token Wallet was through somebody trying to refer you – and the reason they’re doing that is because Cloud Token Wallet run a referral scheme through which members can earn money by introducing others.

And this is where things begin to look even more like a pyramid scheme as the Cloud Token Wallet referral program operates on over 21 levels… But initially not all of the levels are unlocked to earn from.

Instead they begin unlocked individually as you recruit new members – e.g., level 1 is unlocked upon your first referral joining… Level 2 is unlocked upon your second referral joining, as so on…

The exception is that after level 10 you need to refer 6 more members, and then all of levels 11 to 21 become unlocked.

In terms of commissions, you’ll get a 100% matching bonus of the ROI generated by your referrals on level 1, 50% on level 2 & a 5% bonus on levels 3 through to 21.

There’s a few more performance based bonuses involved but I’m not going to delve too deep into those for the sole reason that frankly I don’t believe the company will be around long enough for anybody to benefit from them.

Again though, in order to participate in the referral opportunity you must have at least $500 held in your Cloud Token Wallet account.

Can You Really Make Money With Cloud Token Wallet?

I’ll be totally honest, I do believe that you can actually earn money from Cloud Token Wallet – however I also believe that the risk of you losing your money is FAR greater than the potential of you making a profit.

For that reason I do NOT recommend investing money into Cloud Token Wallet, regardless of how good anybody “claims” it to be.

You see let’s take $500 as an example… If you invest $500 then at the promised rate of 10% per month it would take you a whopping 10 months to recoup your initial investment.

10 months is a heck of a long time to have your money held up in something which looks an awful lot like a pyramid scheme, which could ultimately disappear (with your investment) at any moment in time.

Maybe you could get lucky & invest $500, then withdraw it 1 month & get $550… But even that’s still risky, and in my opinion the reward is not worth the risk.

These types of things are just primarily setup to make those at the top of it rich (the creators and their close associates)… Anybody else who happens to make money from it just gets lucky… But the majority just end up losing money.

BehindMLM (a trustworthy biz-opp review website) have branded it a Ponzi scheme:

Cloud Token Wallet Branded Ponzi Scheme

Who Runs The Show?

Another alarming fact about Cloud Token Wallet is that there’s absolutely no giveaways as to who’s behind it all. The website was registered privately just 5 months ago at the time of writing this review & the “contact” section of the website features nothing but a basic contact form.

No verifiable social media presence, no phone number, no address… Nothing.

There is however some mention to a company named CLOUD TECHNOLOGY & INVESTMENTS PTY LTD in their terms & conditions, but after carrying out a search of this company I discovered that it had been setup just 1 mere month ago at the time of writing this review.

This all looks very suspicious and regardless as to how legitimate an opportunity looked, there is simply no way I would ever invest my money into a firm that could just disappear at any moment without trace.

I think that would be the definition of madness.

My Verdict on Cloud Token Wallet

To me it looks like Cloud Token Wallet is indeed just another cryptocurrency based pyramid scheme. It shows all of the classic signs, such as promises of excessively high ROI & unverifiable sources of claimed income.

There is no proof the AI Jarvis bot exists, and all evidence/logical thinking points towards it not existing… And if it doesn’t exist, then the company is 100% a pyramid scheme which means it should be 100% avoided.

These things may seem like an easy way to make a quick buck, but like I’ve mentioned a few times throughout this review the only people who’ll really be making the bucks are the creators & their close associates.

Everyone else who joins will just be lining their pockets…

Couple all of the red-flags with the fact that the Cloud Token Wallet website gives absolutely no idea away as to who runs the show & I will suggesting that you definitely give this “opportunity” a wide-berth & avoid it instead of joining.

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