American Consumer Eyes SCAM Exposed – My Review Uncovers The Truth!

Last week I received a promotional email from American Consumer Eyes that talked about some mystery shopper job and since then, I started collecting more and more information about this opportunity.

Finally today, after extracting the required information, facts, and details, I will be presenting you with a realistic and honest American Consumer Eyes review. So if you want to know what this opportunity actually offers, how it really works, and whether it offers real value or not, then you’ve just reached the right place.

American Consumer Eyes scam issues are also being discussed by various reviewers online but I don’t want to build my opinion on the basis of any biased argument. I’ll walk you through the basics, the pros, and the problems – if any – to make the right judgement by the end. Let’s have a look at what this job opportunity is all about.

What Exactly Is American Consumer Eyes?

American Consumer Eyes is a decent looking website & it claims to help connect people with high-paying mystery shopper jobs. At a glance it looks like a legitimate platform but don’t let its looks alone fool you.

The Easy Insta Profits system that I recently reviewed also looked like a legitimate platform & it tricked many into joining but that turned out to be nothing but a flat-out scam. You have to tread carefully when looking at these types of “too good to be true” style opportunities.

Which brings me onto…

$300 Per Week!?

The promotional tabs (as shown below) state that the website is going to provide you with a chance to earn up to $300 a week.

American Consumer Eyes Income Claim

Upon clicking the tabs on the website, a new window opens with a form and couple of instructions. They invite you to fill in the information in order to submit your application. The explanation under “How Does it Work” suggests that you’ll be contacted if the administrators find matches against your details and you’re told it mainly depends on your location. The website actually claims that it has a large database and that you’ll have a high chance of obtaining a well paid mystery shopper position.

Mystery Shopping Basics

Mystery shopping is a concept in which an individual applies for the task and the administrators guide you about making purchases for certain products available in stores around your area. They might ask you to purchase and then evaluate the products or write a user review. The basics are the same everywhere but the specifics may differ from website to website.

Below you’ll see a visual representation of the process which I’ve screen captured from the American Consumer Eyes website:

How Mystery Shopping Works

The Application Form

First of all, you’re encouraged to fill in an application form. Remember that this form asks various personal – maybe confidential – questions. There is no subscription fee so you don’t have to worry about making a payment but don’t forget that your personal information is also precious and you must NEVER reveal it to some unknown identity.

The website claims that upon the approval of your application, you’ll receive money from the company to do mystery shopping.

Well, this is something that appears to be really attractive because firstly you don’t have to pay anything & secondly you’re led to believe that you’ll receive money from the company to finalize the shopping deals.

How Does American Consumer Eyes Work?

The website claims that it serves various companies looking for the mystery shoppers. Is it really the case? After having a closer look, I’ve reached the conclusion that the reality is something else. The main problem is that the website doesn’t talk anything about its services. There is no proof of its collaboration with other companies.
When you apply as a mystery shopper, the website doesn’t reveal the names of the companies you’ll be serving. To me, everything refers to the fact that they’re just looking for the subscriptions to serve their own purpose.

Who’s Behind It All?

I don’t think that the website administrators want you to know about their identity. You can find the tabs for all other pages at the top, except “Contact Us”, which is placed as a small text link right at the bottom of the page. Even if you hit Contact Us, it’ll take you a page that doesn’t contain any information about the administration’s location, number, fax or email. There is nothing but a simple form which – in my opinion – is of no use.

Did You Notice This?

Absence of contact information becomes highly significant when you realize that there is no other way for any company to get in touch with American Consumer Eyes representatives. How are they serving the companies then? The only answer to this question is, they really don’t need to contact other companies.

What’s Going On?

I am fairly convinced that American Consumer Eyes website is just a cover. Behind the curtain, something else is going on. The website, which apparently looks extremely professional, is actually hiding some sort of scam underneath. To keep things precise and clear, I’m breaking it down in a series of actions:

  • You receive an email that your application has been approved
  • You receive an email with the task/job instructions
  • They’ll ask you to purchase a product and dispatch it to a certain address
  • They may ask you to buy a digital product and share the product key with someone
  • They’ll send you a cheque and ask you to spend cash the check to purchase the products and deposit the remaining money into their account
  • They give you a deadline (this is highly important)
  • Actually, the cheque is fake but the bank requires a day or two to determine the legitimacy of a cashier check.
  • On the other hand, you have to complete the task within the deadline so you’ll spend money from your own pocket
  • After a day or two, the check bounces back

My Verdict – Is American Consumer Eyes a Scam?

Prior to putting this review together I came across a lot of American Consumer Eyes scam rumours on the web & I am coming to the conclusion that I have to agree with them, because in my opinion the website is NOT legit.

The whole thing is just a con & the people who are behind it all (who keep themselves anonymous) are just trying to trick you into spending your money by sending you duff checks that will bounce back.

So rather than being set out to help you make money like the website claims it is, in reality it’s just set out to make it’s own creators wealthy at your expense instead by getting you to spend your own money.

In my opinion the website should be avoided & if you really want to make good money online you should just go through a legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate instead. It’s there that you’ll get all the training, tools & support you need to find proper success online & you can even get started there for free.

Overall American Consumer Eyes will be getting a thumbs down from me & there is no way I am going to be recommending it to you because it is bad news. Hopefully though you can see that now after reading my review.

If you do still happen to have any additional questions or comments though then don’t hesitate to leave them below & I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

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