Freedom Checks – SCAM or Legit? Read This Review Before Investing!

Freedom Checks Website ScreenshotAccording to a video found on a newly launched website named Freedom Checks, as of February the 1st 2018 certain companies in the USA will be paying out a combined total of $34.6 billion to American taxpayers through something called U.S. Freedom Checks…

And whilst there doesn’t appear to be much information on these so-called Freedom Checks elsewhere online, the “official” Freedom Checks website (operated by Banyan Hill Publishing) claims it can show you how to access these funds in return for a small fee.

But what’s the deal here, is the whole Freedom Checks thing actually legit or is Banyan Hill a scam company that’s just put together some clever BS to part you with your hard earned cash? Well thankfully you’ve landed in the right place to find out because I’ve done the digging, trawled through hundreds of Freedom Checks reviews & in this post I’ll be sharing everything there is that you need to know. ?

What Exactly Are Freedom Checks?

Freedom Checks is merely a term that’s been made up by a company named Banyan Hill Publishing & it refers to the so-called checks that will be getting paid out to American taxpayers through this alleged new scheme. It’s also the name of the website they’ve created through which they promote their “assistance” in obtaining these Freedom Checks (found at

At a glance the Freedom Checks website looks fairly legitimate, and the video that you’re presented with on the site seems very convincing. You’re basically led to believe that this Banyan Hill company will help you obtain your “slice of the pie” from the funds that are going to be getting paid out by these designated big-name companies in the USA.

US Freedom Checks

Throughout the video you’re also shown several testimonials from people who’ve apparently already received Freedom Checks (which is a little peculiar since according to the website they haven’t become available yet), but nevertheless it appears to be reassuring. Then, on top of that the website itself is also packed full of alleged testimonials too.

At a glance all of the testimonials seem amazing, and you’re led to believe that Banyan Hill’s clients are all thrilled after receiving thousands, some even millions of dollars in Freedom Checks thanks to a so-called loophole which was exploited on their behalf by Banyan Hill Publishing.

But Is Freedom Checks Actually Real?

It’s easy to get sucked into the whole hype of this Freedom Checks thing, and so far it seems many people have. In fact after a guy named Matt Badiali shared the information on these so-called Freedom Checks people have literally been going crazy about it… And who could blame them? I mean who wouldn’t want access to a “free” check that could see you depositing thousands or millions of dollars without actually having to do anything?

The problem here though is that it all just seems too good to be true, don’t you agree?

And if it’s actually real as it’s made out to be then why hasn’t it been covered by any mainstream media?

This alleged “loophole” still remains a secret, only to be known by a small company named Banyan Hill Publishing even after they have apparently successfully helped hundreds of people obtain millions of dollars in free cash.

It’s all just a little too weird, and here’s the real kicker – in order to get access to the “secret” on how to obtain your Freedom Checks you have to firstly pay Banyan Hill Publishing a fee of $49 to sign up to their newsletter…

This is where it all gets very, very suspicious.

The promise of easy money is one thing, but to actually have to pay money to get access to the easy money is another – this sounds like a classic scam & the whole thing actually looks very similar to one I recently exposed named the Ultimate Retirement Loophole… In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the two were actually linked.

So Who Is This Matt Badiali Guy Anyway?

Matt BadialiWhilst the whole Freedom Checks thing is operated by a company named Banyan Hill (as I’ve mentioned throughout this review), it seems the whole hype surrounding these checks was actually set off by a guy named Matt Badiali… So you might be wondering just who this Matt Badiali guy actually is…

Well according to his own personal website he is supposedly an expert in the mining, energy and agricultural industries. He claims that he has perfected a way of finding profitable investments in natural resources as he supposedly has solid experience as both a geologist & financial analyst.

And surprise surprise it seems Matt Badiali is also the main man beyond the company Banyan Hill Publishing, which is the company that is selling this whole Freedom Checks newsletter thing… So essentially Matt could just be feeding us a whole bunch of BS…

Sadly there appears to be nothing else online that backs up any of Matt’s claims which ultimately leans me towards thinking that he is indeed just spouting a whole load of BS, and that he is just trying to create hype around these checks to get as many people as possible to sign up to his $49 monthly newsletter. Of course though that’s just my own personal speculation, but in my opinion it looks very likely to be the case.

You might be thinking though that it would be quite extreme to go to all this trouble, but what you’ve got to realize is that if he can get even just 10,000 people to sign up to his newsletter he will be making a whopping total of $490,000 per year.

If he increases that figure to 50,000 people he will be generating an even more whopping $2,450,000 per year, so in reality it doesn’t seem so extreme at all that he would set all this up merely as a ploy to get newsletter subscribers.

And what’s even more worrying is that that’s exactly how the Ultimate Retirement Loophole scam worked so this is potentially just a re-hashed version of that…

But I will state once again that this is only speculation based on my experience with similar scams. Another worrying thing though is that if you search for “Matt Badiali scam” you will actually arrive at an article which starts out by calling the Freedom Checks a scam, but then it twists it round and refers you to the Freedom Checks website. It seems like Matt is anticipating people to call his service a scam & he has attempted to cover all bases (which is very odd indeed).

Why would you anticipate people calling you out as a scammer if you were in fact legit?

It’s all very odd.

Where Do The Freedom Checks Come From?

As I mentioned towards the start of this review the Freedom Checks are supposedly to be paid out from “designated entities”. These designated entities, according to Matt, are basically companies working within the natural resources sector (such as oil & gas companies).

Matt claims that he has been carrying out historical analysis on these companies & that he is expecting them to see gains of up to 39,832% in the coming year due to the fact the oil production has declined in Middle Eastern countries & has instead remained in the USA due to a recent fracking boom.

He states that these companies will be offloading their profits to investors through dividends & that due to the extremely large gains you could potentially see a huge ROI on your stake as an investor.

Again, this all sounds a little too good to be true, but the problem here is that even if this all were true it’s still just reliant on guesswork. Nobody can say for certain that a company is going to see such gains because anything can happen – yes you can assume, but that’s all you can do, so even if Matt is telling the truth then these so-called Freedom Checks are by no means guaranteed.


My Verdict – Is Freedom Checks a Scam?

Thumbs DownHere’s the real bummer, unfortunately there’s absolutely no way to tell for certain whether or not this is a scam without signing up for the $49 (or $79) auto-renewing newsletter which honestly is something I’m not prepared to do (because in my opinion it all looks very sketchy).

I will say though that without signing up, based on pure speculation in my opinion I believe it shares many common traits to a typical get-rich-quick scam, and even if it’s not the whole thing still relies on guesswork so there is absolutely no guarantee of any “Freedom Checks” coming through even if you do pay the $49 fee.

You see the big problem here for me is the fact that you’re promised easy riches yet have to pay to access the “secret”. I mean if this really worked as promised then why can’t our guy Matt just take a cut of the profits handed to you?

The reason as far as I can see is because it seems unlikely that you’ll actually be making any money, instead Matt himself will be the guy making all the money & that money will be coming from everybody that’s signed up to his newsletter.

Again – it’s speculation, and my personal opinion but that seems to be the real deal here. For those reasons I personally won’t be investing & I wouldn’t advise you to invest either. There are much better, free alternatives available.

But anyway hopefully this review provided you with the insight you were looking for into this whole thing & hopefully you can see why I have decided not to recommend it. If you happen to have any further comments or questions don’t hesitate to leave them below. ?

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