Review – Fund Recovery Firm for Binary Options Victims

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more] is a website that claims to be able to help you retrieve funds lost to binary options scams, Forex scams & CFD scams – they’re so confident about their service that they even offer you a guarantee… But are they actually a legit company & can they really help you?

I’ve done some research into them & in this review, I’ll be giving you a full rundown of the company & determining whether or not they can really help you.

So if you’re thinking about trying out MyChargeBack then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place to find out everything you need to know before you do… – Overview

As the name suggests MyChargeBack is a company that handles chargeback claims on your behalf – so basically if you’ve fallen victim to a scam then MyChargeBack will deal with all the paperwork & communication throughout the process of recovering your funds. Website Screenshot

Filing a chargeback is something you can certainly do yourself (which I’ve explained step-by-step in this post) however I’ll admit that whilst it’s usually fairly straight forward the process can be lengthy & often with these types of scams the companies that you are claiming against can make things rather complex in an attempt to prevent you getting your money back.

So MyChargeBack essentially offers that helping hand – you can simply employ them to take everything for you & they’ll take a slice of the pie from the returned funds, but ultimately I think you’ll agree that any money back is better than no money back at all.

(you can get a free consultation with MyChargeBack to see if they can actually help you by clicking here)

I’ve come across quite a few similar chargeback companies who also claim to be able to recover your funds from binary options, Forex & CFD scams but MyChargeBack is the one that has been highly rated among the majority of my readers & it definitely appears to be the “leader” when it comes to recovering funds from these types of scams.

Several people from my blog have been in touch with me & said that MyChargeBack has been successful in helping them retrieve their funds so based on that I am willing to recommend MyChargeBack as I do believe they provide a high-quality service.

Though if you feel confident enough to try & take on the chargeback claim yourself then you can learn how to do that by clicking here.

Do You Really Need The Help of MyChargeBack?

As mentioned above to file a chargeback claim you don’t technically need the help of MyChargeBack as it’s something you can do yourself, however in the instance of these binary options scams, Forex, CFD & so on it can be a little more challenging so enlisting the help of professionals may be wise.

The team at MyChargeBack are specialists in processing chargeback claims & they have the leverage of knowing all about your consumer rights & how to properly structure a chargeback claim to have the funds recovered in a more timely manner. Team

This means that whilst yes, you can do it yourself – ultimately you will probably find yourself caught up in a lot of back & forth communication as you to try to resolve the case whereas MyChargeBack have a clear structured strategy to recover funds efficiently.

Therefore it’s all dependent on you – if you are in no rush to retrieve your money & you are confident in dealing with bank/card issuers yourself then you probably don’t need them, but if you’d like to have a higher chance of getting your funds back & having them retrieved quicker then it would probably be a good idea to enlist the help of MyChargeBack.

Either way, MyChargeBack offer an entirely free consultation so you can chat with them & they’ll discuss your specific case with you to help you figure out the best option – you can click here to arrange a consultation with them.

MyChargeBack – The Costs

MyChargeBack takes a percentage of the recovered funds, though they work on an individual case-by-case basis & the amount payable to them can vary entirely depending on the complexity of the claim or the amount involved.

In some instances, there may be an upfront fee involved depending on the work & effort required for the case but the good thing about MyChargeBack is that if at the end of the process you don’t manage to get your funds back (which is pretty unlikely) then this one-off fee is all you have to pay. Some other companies would require you to personally cough up the remaining percentage that they would have taken if the claim was successful but not MyChargeBack as they are genuinely working in favour of your best interests.

Basically, it’s a win-win, and I think you’ll agree that getting at least the majority of your money back is better than getting no money back at all so in my opinion in this particular instance the costs are fairly irrelevant because it would have been money that was otherwise lost.

Again though you can abolish the costs completely if you handle the claim yourself (which I’ve explained how to do here) obviously this means you’ll have to put your time into managing the process. Reviews

As I mentioned earlier in this post I’ve seen several positive reviews from people who have claimed that MyChargeBack has been successful in helping them recover their funds so I thought I’d share a few of these with you so you can see what others have had to say… User Review User Review User Review

Is Legit?

It’s clear to me that MyChargeBack is a company that provides a great service when it comes to helping people recover their money from binary options, Forex or CFD scams & for that reason the company will be getting a thumbs up from me.

You can click here to schedule your free consultation with MyChargeBack (they’ll take a look at your specific case & let you know if they can actually help you or what the best approach will be for you).

Whilst as mentioned throughout this review a chargeback is something you can certainly do on your own it appears that in this instance with these types of scams it’s often better left to the professionals, and out of all the chargeback companies I’ve come across MyChargeBack seems to offer the best assistance.

So if you’re in a positon where you’re struggling to get funds back from a company then I’d highly recommend MyChargeBack – you can get a free consultation with them & they’ll take a look at your individual case to help you determine what the best plan of approach will be.

If however you think you’d like to take on the challenge & file the chargeback claim yourself then once again here’s the link to the post I put together which walks you through the entire process step-by-step.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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71 thoughts on “ Review – Fund Recovery Firm for Binary Options Victims”

  1. I used Greenfields Capital CRYPTO SCAMMERS!

    I am having problems in getting my money back, they wont answer me back.

    Ive reported them to the Payment System Regulator who told me they are illegal and are not allowed to trade in the UK. The so called trading platform they use is in fact a training platform and is only on their server and does not connect to the trading market in any way, So people think they are trading and making money when in fact it’s a very clever SCAM!

    Once I mentioned I will take it to the fraud police they have suddenly replied that they will try and refund me. Hmm no money yet after a week.
    I hope this helps other people in my position. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

    I have now contacted MyChargeBack.

    • Hi Mozza – sorry to hear about your misfortune. There are a LOT of cryptocurrency scams lately, I’ve been exposing them on this blog on a regular basis but as soon as I do it seems another one appears. I’ve heard about people being duped in the exact same way as you – the brokers have been known to falsify profits to get people to keep on depositing… You would never think for a second it would operate like that but sadly it does, that’s how they’re catching so many people out. I hope you are able to get your money back but I have confidence – I’ve seen MyChargeBack be successful on numerous occasions so they should be able to help you out.

      • Hi there I’ve also invested with Wisebanc a year ago only to find out they are a scam. They keep ringing texting I have to block the numbers I wont activate my account by sending the passport and other documents they need so I cant retrieve the £500 that sits in
        the account it really annoys me it’s not the amount as it’s not a lot
        But I fear getting scammed again
        trusting someone to help me are charge back really legitimate company to trust!

  2. Hi Dale Rory here greenfields capital scammed me out of 7500 around Christmas time do you know is there any hope for me getting my money back I worked very hard for that money like I said it was Christmas time I was lucky enough to get a loan to get presents for my 3 kids cheers Dale

    • Hi Rory, judging from the emails/messages I’ve received MyChargeBack have been pretty darn successful in helping people get their money back so there’s no harm in at least having a chat with them to see if they can help you too. I’m sure they will be able to & I wish you the best of luck in getting your money back 🙂

  3. Hi there

    Can you please tell me whether you have had previous complaints about Binary Online and whether they are operating a scam? I have lost a lot of money via their so called Algo Trader software but I think it could have been a scam as things changed from very well to pretty bad too rapidly. (2-3 days). I do believe my account was never really trading via a Algo Trader software but that it was all a game and that they manipulated it to “blow up my account.

    • Unfortunately I have, and in my opinion it does look likely that you’ve fallen victim to the scam yourself. It’s common for bogus brokers to manipulate their member’s trading accounts to make it seem like they’re profiting merely to encourage them to deposit more… However one the member becomes reluctant in depositing more they’ll generally “give up” on them & that’s when they’ll either stop contact entirely or make it seem like the trades are losing & that your balance depletes to something much lower than what you’ve invested. My advice to you would be to take action as soon as possible because the quicker you do it the stronger the chance you have of recovering your money. ?

  4. Hi dale i use wisebanc i invested £300 the trader kept asking me to deposit money every time we traded i have now invested £41.000 with them matching £15.000 of there money there balance plus profit total around £93.000 which seems lot of money to make in one month the trader now ask me get a bank loan for £50.000 to become V.I.P investor needing £150.000 to trade with i am stalling him at present can you help.

    • Hi Kenneth – sadly it sounds like you’ve fallen victim to a binary options scam. I would 100% advise against getting a loan, and instead I would recommend you try to make a withdrawal of the funds from your account. Often the scam brokers operate fake trading systems to make it seem like you are profiting from trades, which in reality are not actually taking place. It’s essentially just a video game & instead of making trades with your money the guys behind the schemes are just taking the cash for themselves.

    • Hi Kenneth – on September the 3rd you posted a public comment here with your full name & asked me to help you out. You’ve also submitted your full name once again on your new comment, but don’t worry I’ll drop your last name from both comments for you.

  5. Hi Dale,
    My father was scammed out of his redundancy and superannuation by trade12. I have already engaged MyChargeBack and going through their options whilst doing my research about them in the background. My question is has any of your blog mentioned anyone scammed by trade12 and were they successful?

    • Trade12 isn’t a company I’ve personally heard anybody mention, but essentially the process is the same regardless of the company so as far as I’m concerned they should be able to help all the same. ?

  6. Dale my life is hell because of wisebanc they stole my money in the name of trading and they manipulated me making me think they are real fake real criminals they even encourage me to make loan of which i did thinking i will be good to go in life but now i have lost everything loans are after me now recently from July to September this wisebanc criminal telling me lie how i will make profit in the next coming event that they never explain what it was for and manipulated me to ask money from my friends my family and i did telling me this is luckiest day of my life when the time of events come he tell me to to look for money once more then i will b good to go of which there is no such” now i have lost $19871.61 can u pls help me Dale to recover this amount of money so that i can pay my loan that i have been made to apply by this criminals, my life is a living hell while they r happy enjoying my money i borrowed pls help , there is nothing good about WISEBANC They make other people s life miserable

  7. I lost USD92,000 overnight while trading with S2Trade. There were small profits initially but when I wanted to withdraw the money, all my money in the account disappeared, leaving USD800. A recovery manager from S2Trade came on the scene. She doubled the amount to USD1600 but when I wanted to withdraw, the amount left in the account was only USD28 the next day. I was flabbergasted. There’s a guy from S2Trade who keeps calling (a UK +44 ….) me to deposit USD! Seriously, I literally don’t have anymore money as my entire pay packet plus topping up (borrowing from friends). The Banks are after me, my life is ruined as I have no more money to even engage for help. Lose-lose situation for me. Struggling to prevent bankruptcy as the way out and that will restrict my life. I wonder if there are any from Malaysia who have suffered such a fate!

  8. Intelligent Capitol, stay away folks, same deal as above, Christian green was the name of the Broker, ass hole, I am now working with mychargeback to recover my funds, this guy knew we were heading for a family holiday and needed my money for this, and still promised me the earth, when I started to make real money on the site they started to close my trades, then open up false trades to make me lose money, they then changed my password so I couldn’t stop their bad trades, real nasty company, if I ever meet any one from this company I will [removed] lol,

    • Hi Mike, I’m really sorry to hear that you lost your money right before heading out for a family holiday – it just shows these guys really don’t care about other people at all. Even though I guess it was just a joke I removed the threat from your comment too as that could be used against you and put you in an even worse situation which obviously you don’t want. Hopefully you manage to get the funds back before your holiday anyway.

  9. Hi Dale

    I have recently lost thousands of pounds to a company called GMOTrading based in Cyprus. They are supposed to be a regulated company registered with the Cyprus authorities. I don’t know if anyone here has heard of them or had experience with them? Like the experience of Peggy above, these are my life savings and I watched their webtrader software on a computer screen as they disappeared in late September. An account manager kept ringing me and in the first few days I was successful in building up the account. He praised me on my success and then he kept encouraigning me to put more and more money in. This happened especially before a weekend because he warned me that the markets could open badly the following Monday and if they did, I could lose all the money in my account. Later additional overnight fees were introduced when trades didn’t complete and had to carry on overnight. If you closed them manually, then you automatically lost all the money in them. Eventually the day came when there was a big movement on the stockmarket and all the trades closed leaving just a few hundred pounds in the account. The ‘manager’ still kept calling me for days after. They wanted me to put another 20K in to try to recover what I had lost. Do you think there is any chance of me getting my money back from this company? I am at my wits’ end and this is destroying me and my family.

    • I certainly hope so John, that’s all I can say – but I personally cannot offer any solid guarantee, you must seek professional advice. Hope it works out for you.

  10. Hi Dale, i lost $46,000 to BECFD online broker since March until June 2018. They claim to be based in UK, but they are registered in Marshall Islands and are using fake terminal to cheat people and loot their money. I initially invested $10,000 and lost. The account manager kept calling me to invest more, added 50% bonus from his side and lost again. Later i received call from their recovery section who promised to recover funds and made me invest $20,000 in total, They again pumped in Bonus amount and we made huge profit almost $125,000. When i requested to withdraw, they refused and asked to open XX trades which i did despite they refused to refund my money back. After a lot of chasing and follow-up they refunded $3,000 and kept be hanging for weeks with no reply. Later when in threatened them to log complaint with FCA and UK police Fraud section, they replied to my email saying they are working on it. 139 days have passed by but they are sitting quiet. I fail to understand how should i approach as their exact location is not known and i have almost lost hopes. Last week i met a cop here in Dubai cyber crime, he has suggested me to approach a lawyer and file complaint against them. I am planning to visit one of the lawyers in couple of days. While browsing today, i have come across your website and wish to know if MyChargeback can really help to retrieve my money back. Please advise.

    • Firstly, sorry to hear about your situation – but at least so far you have managed to reclaim $3,000. As you were advised, seeking expert help will be the best solution no doubt & ultimately there are a plethora companies you could choose to help you out but I do know that MyChargeBack specialize in binary options so I would imagine that would increase the chance of success… But ultimately it depends on a case by case basis, which you would have to discuss with an expert. I wish you the best though & hope you manage to reclaim your funds.

  11. Dale
    Do you know of anyone who has had success in recovery of lost funds from a company called MAGNUM OPTIONS?

    Kind regards

  12. I was scammed late 2018 by an outfit called Global Spread Exchange. Took a total of£36k. The rest of the story reads similar to a lot of the other posts, but fortunately for me, as I hate asking people for money I refused to go down that route and as my credit is shot to pieces, I can’t get loans, but I still have the threat of financial ruin hanging over me. This is the stuff that suicides are made of, honestly. Dealt with various creeps there, Thomas Williams, Jacob Rosenberg, Daniel Green, Blake Crawford, Stephanie Brooks, Joe Dennis. Company claims that they are a management consultancy, headed by Kenneth John Munro.. it really is time the UK put proper measures in lace to stamp out this activity and stop these vermin from ruining people’s lives.

    • I agree, binary trading is certainly bad news but thankfully most of the regulatory authorities have upped their game now & whilst there are still some sites in existence, there are now much fewer than there ever were before.

    • I’ve heard of Vemarkets – but I have to say that everything I’ve personally heard hasn’t been good. What’s your issue? Have you deposited with them in Bitcoin & found yourself having problems? Please explain a little more ?

  13. Hi Dale,

    Please advise people about BlockchainETrader they take your money ask for commission with promises that you will get your money in your account. Once you pay commission they stop the money going to your account and tell you to pay taxes otherwise you will not get the money. Total scammer

  14. Hi Dale,

    I was cheated by LTrader International (HK) about USD24000. They keep on asking me to top up, saying that the company has made profit in my account using computer trading. But when I wanted to withdraw, they will give excuses this and that, until they told me my account was frozen due to a malpractice by my relationship manager.

    I am seeking help from MyChargeBack now.



  15. Have you heard of Bit2click or Jubitor
    I deposited £250 and they phoned a few times to teach me how to trade but I decided against it and I’m trying to withdraw my money with no luck.

    • Hi Mark,
      I also made a deposit with bit2click and I am unable to withdraw any of my funds. I haven’t been able to contact them on any of their numbers and they don’t reply to e mails. have you managed to make any progress at all?

  16. Hi Dale I traded with Meta4 under Rc pro company and I paid lots of hundred of dollars then I lost all. Do you think I can recover back?

  17. My husband paid money to an investment broker, on Facebook it all seemed above board when he made the final payment to receive his profits, he was then advised that he had to pay more. This has caused my husband so much stress, he attempted, to take his own life. I am not sure how much he has invested, but I recently paid the last £500 to get my husbands profit, he wants more and has said that he will block me if I don’t pay him. I don’t know what to do. We have copies of all the Facebook Messenger correspondence.
    I need your help but I am not in a position to pay any upfront fee as we have no spare cash, and all credit cards are maxed out along with a £2000 overdraft.

  18. Hi Dale,
    I have invested with a company called TREDOFX which now I am realising might be a fraud. Have you got any more complaints about them?

    • TREDOFX is a new & unregulated broker that appeared earlier in the year. They claim to be regulated, but they are not & that is a major red flag. I would advise staying well away from them.

  19. Hello Dale,
    I got cheated with libraforex company which is completely fraud they have taken around $5500. how to come out of this?

  20. Hi Dale,
    Are you familiar with LBinary working out of Israel?
    I have been burnt by a couple of online companies again both scams trying to get my funds back. These two companies promised the world – all looked good on paper but nothing came of it so again lost money on their fees – Birman lawyers & Cortalaw.
    Also I have tried getting my money back from Barclays with no avail & we are talking a lot of money. What other avenues are there to take without putting money up front as I cannot afford to be duped again.
    Thank you for your assistance.

    • Familiar with them all Wendy, they’re all bad news. Unfortunately, if your bank isn’t willing to offer much help then there isn’t a great deal you can do. That’s why I try to do my best here in exposing the scams, before people fall victim to them.

  21. My expercience when trying to get help in solving crypto-currency fraud, where my entire capital was stolen, thus I cannot pay any upfront fee:

    It is clear that MyChargeBack is part of an environment in which victims only exist when they make Hugh upfront payments, so laywers can live a luxurious life !

    I cannot imagine, I am the first victim with this problem !

    ——-Their reply:
    Regarding the upfront fee, I understand your position.
    We require the upfront fee in order to cover the cost of the work and resources advancing your case towards a successful outcome. Our company would be out of business if we operated on a pro-bono basis.
    Additionally, the success commission fee is our incentive to put in the maximum efforts to win your case. If another company offers a small or no success commission fee, obviously, their incentive is minimal.
    When you look online, we have many clients that are happy with our service.
    Even those who are unhappy with the final result of their case due to the bank’s decisions are still pleased with our services and efforts.
    Simply, this is how we operate and we would be more than happy to take on your case.
    You certainly deserve your funds to be returned to you. We are ready and able to make this effort for you.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you got scammed, but the reality here is that lawyers, etc, all still have to make a living. There is free help available (through banks, etc) but if you’re looking for additional help outside of the scope of the freely available help (which is exactly what you’re doing by contacting third-parties) then, of course, that additional help is going to come at a cost.

  22. Thank you for your reply Dale.

    I agree with Leo’s statement below – when all of your funds have been wiped out It is very hard to pay an up front fee – I have been scammed twice paying up front – luckily I was able to retrieve one amount. Still it hurts!

    • I totally agree, Wendy. That’s why I’m suggesting that any options with an upfront fee should be reserved for those that have the money to spare. If you don’t have that money available then there are free alternatives you can pursue (as mentioned in the article), but you cannot expect all lawyers etc to work without payment, simply because you fell victim to a scam. Sure, there are some that will work on a no win no fee basis, but not every company can afford to operate in such a manner.

  23. Hi Dale,
    I invested nearly $95,000 in Uniquecryptotrading via bitcoin, and wanted to know if MyChargeBack can actually help. I am doing my research about MyChargeBack as I don’t want to lose anymore money. They have requested for a fee of $1250+10% of the funds recovered.

  24. Hi Dale, have you heard of a company called Aphex, I have also experienced exactly what the other people above have. you put in money, they tell you to put in more and when you want to withdraw they go dark, no calls, nobody at the company answers the phones, they don’t reply to e-mails. This is shocking that people like this can live with themselves, karma will get them, it always does, the sooner the better. I have contacted MyChargeBack and will start working with them in the new year. They are asking for GBP1500 up front and 10% of what they recover.
    If anybody hears of or from this company or anybody from it cut them off – full on scam.

  25. Hi Dale I got scammed out of AU$45k, almost my entire house deposit I’d saved. I was trading on a fake platform with Dan Paulson and Benjamin. Such charming intelligent scammers! Set me up to fail. Made it appear like I lost my money, then tried to get me to reinvest on the NASDAQ to recover my money. Told me I could get it all back in 3 weeks! The NASDAQ is so reliable, it’s buyers market, buy now, buy now. Sell what you can, borrow from a friend! It’s unknown in I had been fooled!!!

    Mychargeback seem to be legitimate but I’m still so nervous to proceed. Do you have any words to help me feel more certain to pay the upfront fee? I understand that they need to cover their costs. I see they have a free consultation, but I’m scared yo pay more.

    I recognise their South African addresses, their staff details in South Africa look legit. The businesses on their SA staff CVs are legit. I am originally from South Africa. I’m fi fingers it hard to trust myself to make the decisions.

    Please help.

  26. Dale, have you heard of a company call LAWBRARY, they said they are a law firm who can help victims from cyber scam to get their money back. unfortunately I am one of the victim and seeking some expertise to help to get back my money.
    LAWBRARY contacted me recently and I am not sure should I start working with them or not, would like to seek for your advice if possible, here is their details.

  27. Hi!I Have such a complicated situation!!I put more then 100.000euro to a traiding platform,now I contacted one of the companies to help me to take my money back and I found their name as a SCAM COMPANIE!!!WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW???WHO COULD HELP ME TO GET MY MONEY BACK,PLEASE IAM IN SUCH A TROUBLE.THANK YOU

  28. fjyizhun, which fulfills orders from Alibaba Amazon Aliexpress companies, was confiscated worth $8,600. They log in via and open membership using the reference code. (Someone I don’t know contacted me on WhatsApp.)
    The name of the platform is Mall. Funds are deposited into the app through Binance, and a group of 5 people is created to complete 25 orders from the aliexpress_amazon_alibaba sites by communicating via Telegram. 25 commands are set via the app. In the amounts I have shared in the attachment, it is shown that each company receives a commission of 4.8% and 12% for each transaction, depending on the transaction.
    I signed in with $100 to complete these orders. However, orders were constantly being placed for very large amounts, and I had the idea that I needed to complete them plus 25 other orders so as not to lose my money. $. 65,469.06 and the mall manager stated that unless 25 tasks are completed, no money will be withdrawn and my money will be burned. They confiscated $8,600 of my money.
    I’m looking for someone to help me
    It seems like it’s all a scam. Please does anyone have an idea to help me?


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