Stansberry Research Review – Scam or Legit Investment Advice? The Truth!

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Stansberry Research is arguably the most popular name associated with various newsletters promising reliable financial advice on a regular basis. The thing here is that these financial products charge you on a monthly basis and becomes important to first go through Stansberry Research scam reviews.

Stansberry Research Website ScreenshotEveryone with money in his/her bank account wants to multiply it and there comes no better opportunity than stock investment. But quick reward means a tincture of risk. This Stansberry Research review will reveal the truth behind this publication to help you make a better decision.

Is Stansberry Research a reliable platform? What exactly Stanberry is and how does it really work? Is it a real profit-making opportunity or another pitfall to avoid?

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What Is Stansberry Research?

Stansberry Research is the idea of Porter Stansberry – the founder as well as the head-writer. It is important to know this name because this man is also the mastermind behind the malicious End of America promotion.

To make this review more reliable, one of our members subscribed to Stansberry’s flagship Investment Advisory. It has over 500k subscribers (including all investment newsletters). Stansberry Research is also associated with Agora Inc, known for extensive publication of investment newsletters.

Stansberry Research came up with a new video featuring senator Ron Paul. It seems as if these promotions are creating hype. But don’t forget that these promotions feature solid economic experts.

We recently came up with a True Wealth review which is also backed by Stansberry Research and the conclusion wasn’t encouraging. Complaints from the subscribers are disheartening. It is important to dig in deeper to see if Stansberry Research has anything legitimate on offer…

How Does Stansberry Research Work?

First, you have to select a financial product to subscribe to its newsletter. Signing up for any newsletter gives you access to the member’s area. Here you have an extensive variety of information including Porter’s month reports tracing back to the first year of the establishment of Stansberry Research, i.e. 1999.

Most of the newsletters don’t provide access to such information. Stansberry Research’s member area also serves you with different reports including:

  • America’s Big Power Shift
  • The Gold Investor’s Manual
  • The World’s Most Valuable Asset in a Time of Crisis

Overall, we found solid information, not the trash that we mostly expect from most of the other newsletters.

Interesting Content

The major quality of Porter’s newsletters is that they are engaging and interesting and feature extensive information. His arguments are compelling and most of the content addresses large-cap stocks. He seems to avoid following technical indicators instead he prefers value investing.

Value for Your Money?

To be honest, the monthly reports are worthless. You pay $199/year to receive something different and effective. The reality is, these reports are no different than usual summaries of macroeconomic conditions. In addition, the newsletters come with least number of recommendations, focusing on a maximum of three stocks.

In my opinion the free reports are also trash. They lack any credible or clear advice. Most of the content is what you can’t practically work with. Let’s have a look at the major drawbacks of Stanberry Research newsletters…

Tough To Make Predictions

Stansberry Research talks facts in its End of America but the problem is that it doesn’t apply to recent times. You can’t predict when it going to happen. It is almost same with most of the predictions in these newsletters. You can’t specify a time-slot for the events to come.

The SEC Ruling

According to the SEC ruling, Porter never made a direct investment neither did he generate direct profit from the stock. Though the information was based on facts, the stock did go up, but the timing was terribly wrong. Stansberry just reported the information via newsletters but never managed to make direct profits. The run-in with the SEC becomes a major issue to consider before you subscribe for Stansberry Research newsletter.

So to speak, Stansberry Research earns profit by bringing in more subscribers. That’s their prime objective. They feed you with financial information but don’t care whether you make a profit or not. That’s not their headache. The argument is straightforward, nobody compels you to follow the advice. The choice is yours if you lose, nobody holds responsibility but only you.

Stansberry Research Reviews

There is an extensive list of reviews focusing on Stansberry Research and we have noticed that most of these reviews have a connection with The American Jubilee. It is interesting because this book is known for playing into fears of the American citizens. Let’s put it aside!

There are reviews from the real subscribers and they are not encouraging as well. Just like we noticed after subscribing to the newsletter, the information is not practically applicable. The recommended prices for most of the stocks don’t really materialize. The timing just doesn’t match for one reason or the other. All you find is a bunch of facts we can’t argue but there is nothing substantial to apply in the real situation. The HOW and WHAT parts are alright, but the WHEN part is totally missing.

Is Stansberry Research a Scam?

Arriving at a Stansberry Research scam conclusion is tricky for the reason that there is nothing malicious with their activities. They have been around for a long time, there are thousands of subscribers, but the problem is that the information and advice are more of a factual representation of the economic situation…

It misses the clear cut suggestion, a way-forward. Rather it is all about keeping you waiting for things to happen…

For instance, the price they recommend for a particular stock may materialize after years or perhaps never. These things put you in a confusing state of mind. We recommend you to stop wasting your money and look for a reliable, learned, and licensed financial advisor to generate better results.

Or alternatively an even better option in my opinion would be looking for a solution that doesn’t involve putting your money at risk – such as one of those solutions that I have listed on my top picks page here.

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But whatever you decide to do I just sincerely hope that my review of Stansberry Research here has given you a good insight into the company & helped you to determine whether or not their investment newsletters are really going to be right for you. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below too.

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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44 thoughts on “Stansberry Research Review – Scam or Legit Investment Advice? The Truth!”

  1. I am a regular subscriber to Stansberry Research and I have been solely dependent on their investment advice ever since taking early retirement many years ago. Typically, I make twice the investment portfolio returns that my wife makes under professional management and with my portfolio volatility in the single digits; in other words I sleep well at night!
    Stansberry Research not only recommends what investments to buy. They also advise the recommended buy-up price (i.e. the “When to Buy” recommend asset allocation, position sizing, when to sell and provide a model portfolio for each newsletter type.
    Each year there is a company wide critical review of each Stansberry Research Newsletter and a public acknowledgement of the success or failure of each and every newsletter.
    It seems to me that if you want to write actionable material, more research on your own part is drastically needed. Why did you not obtain first hand information from Stansberry Research and find out about the quality of their services and most importantly the quality of their results?
    Stansberry Research has an amazing team of Financial Analysts. I would strongly suggest having a look at their academic and career achievements compared to your own as an electrician and ask who has the most expertise and credibility to give financial advice?

    • Thanks for your comment Jim, it’s awesome to finally hear a perspective from a happy customer. It seems they are rare to find when it comes to Stansberry Research as most comments I can find seem to relate to subscription problems, unwanted/surprising billing etc. I’d love it if you could share the advice Stansberry provided you with that turned out to be profitable – it’d make for a great addition to the review.

  2. After several years with Stansberry Research, I remain disappointed. Every few months they come up with a new research product. To get the new stock recommendations, you have to pay another fee for the new research package. This company knows how to make their research sound successful but I haven’t seen the results what so ever. Jim

  3. I have no experience with porter stansberry per se however all the places I have tried are always wanting more money for the best advice.It never ends more money more money more money and no results, and I’m no dumber than the average bear sooo.

  4. Porter Stansberry should have been forced to talk to police in connection with the disappearance of his friend. He sounds like a con man on the surface but underneath, there is something sinister about him.

  5. June 11, 2020, I ordered Porter Stansberry book and I have not received anything unless it was an E-Book of which I was unaware. At any rate, it has been no benefit to me, I haven’t read it and even if I had, I wouldn’t understand it.. I would like $49.00 reversed on my MC Cr Card, please.

  6. I always question the logic of a company touting 1500% profit yet itself being in the business of peddling information for the pittance of $49. Apparently there is more guaranty of money to be made at $49 than the 1500% profit in the sky.

  7. I thought I was alert but I got sucked into subscribing and now I am going to cancel my credit card to stop them from charging me for information a renewals and new programs I never get
    At 95 I should know better

  8. Moments ago I signed up for Stansbury. After more thought, some investigation and a lot of analysis, I decided I do not want to enroll in Stansbury, but cannot find a formal way to cancel. Consequently, please cancel ASAP.

    Cal Atwood

    • If you recently found a charge on your credit card statement from SR* STANSBERRY RESEARCH, it’s because you have subscribed to one of Stansberry Research’s financial newsletters or have purchased a Stansberry Research product. Baltimore-based Stansberry Research is an independent, subscription-based publisher of financial information that is dedicated to helping millions of people around the world become better investors. The firm has nearly two dozen analysts and researchers, including former hedge-fund managers and buy-side financial experts. They produce a steady stream of unbiased investment research to more than 500,000 paid subscribers seeking an edge in a wide variety of sectors and market conditions. The company’s uncompromised insight has made it one of the most respected and sought-after research organizations in the financial sector. Stansberry Research publications include, but are not limited to, Stansberry’s Investment Advisory, True Wealth, Income Intelligence, Retirement Millionaire, and DailyWealth Trader. For a complete list of publications, please visit the Stansberry Research Products page on our website. For a list of books published by Stansberry Research, please visit the Stansberry Research Bookstore.
      Contact Information: Stansberry Research is committed to unmatched customer service. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your account, billing, or any related topic, our Member Services team is happy to assist you:
      1. Send an e-mail to detailing your inquiry and one of our talented in-house Member Services Representatives will get back to you within 1-3 business days.
      2. Call our Member Services Department toll-free at 1-888-261-2693 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time. International customers can reach us at 443-839-0986.
      Your complete satisfaction with our services is important to us. At Stansberry Research, we seek long-term relationships with our customers by providing consistently reliable, actionable, and profitable advice, which results in renewal income for our business. If we’re not able to meet your expectations for any reason, you can call and cancel your subscription at any time.

      Cancellation: You can cancel your Stansberry Research membership at any time by logging into your account and accessing your “My Account” page. On the “My Account” page you will find instructions on how to process your cancellation. If you cancel your membership, your account will automatically closed and any applicable refund will be processed to your originally payment method.

      From Stansberry website

      • Dawne I need help in cancelling. I would gladly share my returned payment with you if you can make it happen. I naively paid $2,000 for Ten Stock Trader and it has been negative performance since their hyped Dec 23 date. They refuse to refund my payment to the original method. They will apply my credit to another of their programs, but they have not answered my queries re performance nor revealed any applicable sources I can use as to what better would better satisfy my wants.

    • Caleb,
      Call your credit card company, explain the situation and cancel the credit card you signed up with and follow that up with a letter posted on line to their site and mailing a registered letter with tracking number to 25 N. Charles St, Baltimore MD 21201 canceling your subscription. That documents your cancelation. That is the address that Dr. Sjuggerud used who is one of their financial analysts just sent out with an invetation to watch a presentation available on their site.

      Good luck.


  9. Is Porter Stansberry a sleazy snake oil salesman? Having met him on several occasions, I suspect so. He appears to me as a troubled individual who is unwilling to defend himself when confronted. The secret to his success is he has surrounded himself with a group of individuals who are very smart and have had past success in the investment world. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m a subscriber. I have found value in my subscription. The key is to take their research and augment it with your own. I believe the problem most people have is when they replace Stansberry’s judgment with their own and allow themselves to be led down the garden path. If you are not a savvy investor I would discourage you from subscribing to Stansberry Research. Not everything Stansberry puts out is great for everyone. You need to know what is appropriate for you.

  10. Afternoon Dale, actually its 12:02 in the a.m. in California could you help me in getting my $49.00
    dollars returned to my checking account.

    Thank You

  11. I am a very satisfied long time subscriber to Stansberry Research, have made thousands of dollars based on their advice and my own investment judgment. I agree with the above comment that no matter what research service you subscribe to, you must also rely on your own investment knowledge prior to spending your hard earned money. Stansberry, along with other great sites like this one, Investopedia, and Seeking Alpha, are great, inexpensive and/or free places to learn how and what to look for in any prospective investment. One must use their own knowledge and discipline regarding timing, quantity and percentage of investment funds to use for any given part or sector of the market. Don’t invest in anything you can’t afford to lose. You win some, you lose some – that’s life. Know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em. Don’t fall in love with any of them. One must consider that leaving ones money in a “safe” bank account being eaten alive by inflation is an investment decision as well, often a bad one.

    • Public warning: The comment posted by “Tim” was flagged as potentially being published by a spambot. I have decided to approve the comment, but be aware that it may be a biased promotion.

    • Tim, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to glean from you how I might chose the best program from Stansberry. Are you invested in Ten Stock Trader?

  12. Stansberry is a spammer, scammer, ripoff. You can always pay someone to go around the net leaving positive comments, just check more than one site.

  13. I have been a subscriber for years now. You will need to take their advise on stocks and do your own research. The key to making money in the market is to learn how to read charts and graphs. (RSI, MACD, PPO, Money Flow, ADX line, Candlestick Patterns). Also, you will need to learn how to analyze a stock before you buy it. A stock is either overbought or oversold or somewhere in the middle. Before I invest in a stock I always check the P/E ratio, the PEG ratio, Debt to Income Ratio, Enterprise Value versus Market Cap. Find out what the companies debt is. Is the company making money or losing money? Plus, don’t watch the talking heads and rely on them for trading advise. (CNBC, Cramer, Bloomberg). Trade on trends of the stock. You can make a lot of money and lose a lot of money. I keep my subscription to Stansberry only as entertainment because they are good reads. But, I always research any stock they advise and make my own decisions. They don’t provide refunds of stocks they recommend that lose money. Invest wisely.

    • That’s fair enough – it’s just a shame that many of the promotions put out by these types of companies don’t make that very clear. They often lead you towards believing you can just simply “copy & profit”, which is generally far from the truth.

  14. Have been a subscriber to a few of their services. You can find general commentary about the market in many places some of which are free. Stansberry charges a modest fee for their very basic services but bombards you with notices of special events or upgrades to those basic services. For some investors this is annoying . In the end the basic services are a lead in for selling you on upgraded or very specific products they offer. You can take it or leave it and all the PR that goes along with if you like and just stay with the basic information which is available on a regular basis with once monthly updates.
    Standsberry has a number of very specific premium services for very specific investments , China, Tech Stocks, Gold, Options, Income to name a few. Here specific advice on an investment topic and updates are provided at a premium price. If you know what you are looking for in the way of investment advice I have found some of these premium subscriptions maybe worthwhile as they do provide specific recommendations, do track their performance and provide insights into each specific area. An individual has to way the price of the subscription and the value to them given the level of money they have to invest. This is no different then the decision to have any professional advice from an advisor where they would pay a fee. My recommendation is do your homework and call them and ask specific questions so you know what you are buying and who is providing that advice.

  15. Since adding my email to their list I cannot get it removed. It was previously not on ANY spammers lists, but now I get tons of spam from financial newsletters and similar. Stansberry don’t have a legitimate unsubscribe button and despite complaints AND confirmation from their customer service, my email has still not been removed and the spam emails persist. It will now go to law!

    • Unfortunately, that’s not surprising to me. There’s a great service called spamgourmet which allows you to use a different email on every website so that you can track who’s sending you the spam. You should check it out 🙂

    • Consider yourself lucky th en because out of every membership,partnership and ownerships I have, Porter and Oxford are the only ones that actually tell you what you need to know far before it happens and if you think for a second it’s a scam then I feel sorry for you. Then again I don’t expect everyone to be intelligent enough to see the truth behind his words. He is the first ,enter in trade I had and If it wasn’t for him and George Gilbert I wouldn’t be where I am now along with being just as blind as others that just want to stay blind because they refuse to believe what is going on. To bad. After Genesis technology goes online in full next year on January first if your not prepared and positioned, you will not have another chance just like many many others all because they believe the lies of this corrupt society. Example: I’m guessing you don’t even realize that the financial reset is very real and will happen no matter if you believe it or not. 5g, AI,AR, IOT and IOV along with the control Center called Genesis are all one in the same. He’s trying to warm you and you will only have yourself to blame when the Final system goes online that will completely change the way you live. I cm that’s what you call living that is. But go ahead and keep shoving your head in the sand allowing this upcoming hell takes over just like the left wing media and party wants. You have no clue what’s about to hit and even though I’m sure your rolling your eyes right now, you won’t be soon. This so called great country is anything but that. It’s full of hate and deceit. It’s a shame since it’s staring you in the face and you guys can’t even see it…or rather refuse to like the sheep you all are. Wake up. Before you won’t have that luxury either. I pray you see the message within this warning aswell if not then I pray you will be safe and have another income stream or 2. The cyber attacks have all ready started and the black pits will knly get worst as Genesis goes online. Be glad that at least you have been warned. Most won’t even get that. After this it’s up to you to protect your family from what’s coming and life as you know it will never be the same. All the way till the Singularity. Then game over. Yes I said GAME over. Because as far as the powers that be stay in charge along with the already finished A.I. and the so called vaccine that’s nothing but Genome tech that manipulates your essence so you won’t get sick ever again, aka The final Sigil, or also known as the Mark will be forced a pond you and you won’t even know unless your informed. Now you have. I pray you take this to heart. God bless and be safe

  16. I am a current subscriber to their Investment Advisory and have tried two of their others but they weren’t for me for various reasons. I’m contemplating a third subscription because I’ve had success with them and I enjoy their thoughtful, informative, and sometimes entertaining content. I have no idea how anyone could have trouble navigating the logistics of subscriptions and cancellations. They have solid customer service by phone. They also recently revamped their interface. Once logged in, it takes some poking around to find the cancellation option for subscriptions, but it’s there and it works. I think they’re pretty transparent about their fees, upfront about the risks associated with any investments, and remarkably honest in reviewing their own performance. If you’re looking for a guarantee that you’re going to make money through investing, you’re chasing a unicorn. No one can guarantee results. And even the best investors make missteps sometimes. I like the Stansberry crew because they’re honest when one of their recommendations doesn’t work out. In addition, if you think you’re going to invest $100 and be a millionaire next week, you’re delusional. They’re very clear that, in general, their recommendations return better-than-market returns and that’s easily verifiable. Of course, their newsletters and emails are sales pitches and that can get tiring, I agree. But what business doesn’t try to sell you something? One thing I really appreciate is that, for most of their services, they’re upfront about how much investable capital you should have before subscribing. I think that speaks volumes about their integrity. They are, again, up front about what level of investor some of their different publications are aimed toward. In their Investment Advisory, they not only give a thorough explanation of their latest stock pick but also a Buy Up To price. I’ve never seen a new issue come out where the stock wasn’t below that price. Of course, if you look at months- or years-old issues, those stocks may have exceeded their Buy Up To price. Isn’t that proof right there that their recommendations are usually solid? Something else I appreciate is that, in addition to a new investment pick each month, they give a thorough update on their model portfolio. Sometimes, they raise or lower their Buy Up To price and sometimes they remove investments altogether depending on changing circumstances. This is active investing, not passive. They keep their recommendations up with the times and you have to keep up, also, if you want success. If you’re more the “set it and forget it” type, buy yourself a good index fund and hold it for 25 years. You’ll do alright … but not as well as active investors who follow good advice. I’m sure some of the negativity aimed toward Stansberry, individually and personally, has to do with his politics. In his Survival Guide book, he clearly demonstrates Libertarian tendencies (as do many of his crew) and I’m sure that rubs some people wrong, especially liberals. He doesn’t have too many good things to say about government and so people want to discredit him — like they discredit anyone who disagrees with their views — by making him out to be sleazy or corrupt or whatever. It would be funny to me except that virtually all of his predictions about the state of the USA have come true.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. I think many of the complaints relate to “surprise fees” and after reviewing some of their marketing material myself, I have seen quite a few subscription “tricks”. In fact, I personally nearly fell for one of them myself until I noticed there was a very small bit of text stating that I was actually subscribing when I thought the product was a one-time payment. I think they need to be more clear with their marketing & they may receive better reviews.


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