The True Face of Binary Options Scammers

Around 4 years ago now, towards the start of 2014, I begun exposing binary options scammers online. I started doing it after a close friend of mine asked me for some advice on an “automated trading system” he’d come across whilst browsing the web.

The system (which I believe was the Millionaire Blueprint system) promised that he would make thousands of dollars every single day without having to do anything – it claimed it would work entirely on his behalf & generate him profitable trades completely on autopilot.

And at a glance, especially to somebody new in the world of making money online it did come across as looking surprisingly legitimate, even despite the extremely bold “too good to be true” claims it made… But needless to say, it wasn’t legitimate at all.

Binary Options ScammerInstead it was just built to trick people into signing up & depositing with a rogue binary options broker – a broker who was unlicensed, unregulated & purely set out to make money at the expense of others. Sadly, primarily those in the most desperate need of cash.

The bad news is that whilst my friend managed to “dodge the bullet” and save his money, there were many who didn’t and lost thousands, some even hundreds of thousands to these ruthless scammers.

But for those who did indeed lose money to the scams, there is potentially now light at the end of the tunnel as a company named MyChargeBack has been founded with the intention of helping binary option scam victims reclaim their lost funds.

I reached out to MyChargeBack to find out more & they were kind enough to share some of the case stories with me. After hearing some of the stories I have to say I was utterly shocked as to what extent the binary options scammers had gone to, but as you’ll soon see when I share them with you below it seems MyChargeBack are proving to be very successful in helping people get their money back from binary options scammers.

Introducing The Stories That MyChargeBack Sent Me…

If you ever doubted that binary options scammers won’t stop at anything, read on. The following are just two of thousands of real life stories we’ve heard at MyChargeBack. We’re a global fund recovery firm headquartered in New York that has assisted clients retrieve over $5 million stolen from them by of online scams.

A Recent Divorcee Mourning the Loss of a Child

It was the worst time in her life. She had just buried a child, and as a result of the dislocation felt from that trauma she and her husband divorced. A binary options trader contacted her at random and pretended to befriend her. He knew what to do to gain her confidence. He listened to her as she recounted the heartbreaking events that had just transpired and, like a psychologist would under those same circumstances, told her he could help. She could turn her life around and learn to live again.

But unlike a psychologist, he was trying to scam her. His prescription was investing in his own binary options site. She’d be sure to rack up quick profits, or so he told her. She’d soon have enough money to travel the world and leave her troubles behind.

It gave her hope. So she invested her life savings of over $100,000. She lost it almost as quickly. Once it became clear that she was scammed, she turned to MyChargeBack for help. We recovered the $80,000 she transferred to the scam using a charge card. We’re still at work attempting to recover the remainder, which was paid using a bank wire.

The Suicide Note

Written NoteIt arrived as an email but read like a suicide note because that’s exactly what it was. A 70-something-years-old retired nurse arrived one day. She had the sleeping pills by her bedside and was ready to overdose on them. She had invested her pension in an online binary options scam after being called out of the blue from a boiler room.

She fell for the scam because the scammer promised her that she would be able to withdraw her winnings within 48 hours of a trade. But when she asked to do so she was informed that she would first have to deposit an “insurance” payment of $7,500, which she sent. Of course, they then claimed they never received it and she would have to send another $7,500. Her credit card was at its limit, so she arranged for a loan.

Wouldn’t you know it, the scammers then told her that second payment didn’t arrive either. The scammers, who were ostensibly based in the United Kingdom, even sent her a forged letter from Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs demanding $10,000 in back taxes on her winnings, which panicked her into paying that too. When she realized it was just one big scam she was too embarrassed to even ask her bank to trace the payments.

The credit card debt and repayment on the loan meant she was reduced to eking out an existence. Worse yet, she hadn’t told her husband. Since she was sure she’d start making quick profits, she decided to surprise him when the news came. But it didn’t. So that left suicide. “I see no way out of the debt,” she wrote. “All seems lost.”

We first managed to talk her out of suicide. We explained to her the chargeback process and confirmed that she had retained all the documentation necessary to submit a request to open a dispute with her bank. She began to see, as she later recalled, the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel.” We ultimately were able to recover $45,000.

You Can Fight Back Too!

Binary options salesmen are true professionals. They know how to talk anyone into anything. Don’t fall for it. Don’t let them make you their next victim. If you have been victimized, however, take note of the above two examples of how you can fight back and win!

MyChargeBack will provide a free consultation to determine if there is a way for you to recover your funds. Several different strategies are available that cover the full range of transactions: The Advanced Chargeback Program is custom-made for clients seeking to retrieve $5,000 or more in funds charged to a credit or debit card, the Wire Recall Program for clients who wired funds to a vendor and the Legal Assistance Program for credit or debit card transactions made more than 540 days before, wire transfers to banks made more than two years before, cryptocurrency payments, cash payments, for which there is a legible and legally acceptable receipt, and payments made by checks that were properly endorsed before being cashed or deposited. You can leave your contact information here and we’ll be in touch.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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