The Viral Pay Scam Is VERY Dangerous – My Review Exposes Why & What To Do

Viral Pay Website Screenshot

A new website named Viral Pay has just launched (at & it promises to provide its members with a super easy way to earn lots of money online – plus on top of that it also promises that they can even make $500 the very same day that they get started… But I’m sure you’ll agree with me when… Continue reading

Watch Out For The SCAM! My Review Exposes The Whole Thing

Kid Fortunes System Website Screenshot

The Moziah Kid Fortune system (found at promises to provide you with access to the same “secret” that a 9-year-old from Memphis allegedly used to earn over $150,000 online – and you’re led to believe that you’ll be able to earn the same kind of money with it as well… But is there really a “secret” that can enable… Continue reading

Amazing Rapid Cash Review – Scam or Legit System For Making $1,000/Day?

Amazing Rapid Cash System Website Screenshot

The Amazing Rapid Cash system (found at claims to be able to connect you with a so-called “new income strategy” that could supposedly see you making more money in a minute than most jobs pay in an hour… It even goes on to claim than an 8-year-old girl makes $1,000 per day with the method too, but is there… Continue reading

The Cannabis Wealth Scam By Jacob Walters – My Review Uncovers The Truth

The Cannabis Wealth System Website Screenshot

The Cannabis Wealth system has allegedly been launched by a man named Jacob Walters & it promises to provide you with an easy way to cash in on legalized cannabis stocks through some sort of so-called “NASDAQ loophole”… But it boasts some extremely over-hyped & suspicious claims, such as the claim that it can generate you $1,838 instantly, and the… Continue reading Scam? My Review Exposes The 8-Year Old Girl’s Weird Trick

New Plan Today System Website Screenshot

The strangely named New Plan Today system by Ron Porter (found at promises to provide you with access to the same so-called “weird online trick” that enabled an 8-year-old girl to make $490,600… And you’re led to believe that you’ll be able to get similar results too… But obviously that’s a pretty darn bold claim – and the fact… Continue reading

Is Quick Home Websites a Scam? Yes It Is & My Honest Review Exposes The Truth

Quick Home Websites System Screenshot

The Quick Home Websites system which has allegedly been put together by a guy known only as Jake promises to provide you with access to some sort of “free weird trick” that’ll supposedly see you earning as much as $1,000 per day, right from the very same day you get started… But obviously that’s a pretty darn bold claim, so… Continue reading

The Online Innovations Scam – My Review Uncovers The Phony “Free Weird Trick”

Online Innovations System Website Screenshot

The Online Innovations system (found at has been put together by a guy named Teo Vee & it promises to provide you with a super easy way for you to begin earning as much as $1,000 per day online, all through some sort of so-called “free weird trick”. You’re led to believe that you don’t need to have any… Continue reading

Insider Profit Groups Review – I’ve Seen This Scam Before Under Another Name!

Insider Profit Groups System Website Screenshot

The Insider Profit Groups system claims to have been put together by an ex-baker named Steven Jason who allegedly managed to turn a mere $9 into a small fortune by cashing in on a “$4.7 billion honey-pot” that’s supposedly named “the new internet”… And surprise surprise he claims that you too can do exactly the same – only first you… Continue reading

The Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam Exposed – Just Pay For Shipping Huh?

Instagram Brand Ambassador Scam

If you have an Instagram account with any sort of reasonable size follower base then the chances are that you’ve been approached by various people whether through direct message or comments asking you to work with them as one of their brand ambassadors… And at first glance it may seem like a great opportunity – especially when the offers appear… Continue reading

AVOID The Cash Sniper Scam – My Honest Review Exposes The Fake System

Cash Sniper System Website Screenshot

The Cash Sniper system promises to provide a way for you to earn a whopping $3,500 online within just 1 day, even if you’re totally brand new & even if you have absolutely no technical knowledge whatsoever… In short it claims to basically do everything for you, generating you a totally auto-pilot income… But in order to get access to… Continue reading