DMM System Millionaire Coach Review – They Tried To Silence Me But Now I’m Fighting Back!

DMM System Website ScreenshotThe weirdly named DMM System Millionaire Coach (found at promises to give you access to some sort of easy method for generating $1,000, $3,000 & even $5,000 cash commissions…

However in order to “try it out” you’re required to firstly hand over $97 of your own hard earned cash, which has likely left you feeling a little sceptical.

So what’s the truth? Does it really work? Or is the DMM System Millionaire Coach a scam to avoid?

Well the good news is that you’ve landed in the right place to find out because not only am I going to be revealing the full truth about it in this review, but I’m also going to be uncovering how the creator actually tried to silence me to prevent you from finding it out.

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Or if you want to see the full review & find out how the creator tried to silence me then keep on reading below…

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What Is The DMM System Millionaire Coach?

The DMM System Millionaire Coach (which I’ll be referring to as just the DMM System from now on) basically portrays itself as being some sort of system that can automatically earn you large commissions online without you having to do a great deal of work.

The website promoting it boasts claims like “you can start getting paid $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 commissions”… And that “over 576 people just like you have already been paid $33,467,332″…

So there’s no doubt that it sounds pretty intriguing to say the least…

However just like most of the typical get-rich-quick scams I expose the DMM System then essentially forces you to hand over $97 of your own hard earned cash first in order to find out more about how it actually works.

The video on the homepage (prior to handing over your money) claims to tell you how it works, but it never does – at least not in any really form of detail anyway… Instead it just continually hypes up the opportunity in a further attempt to push you into handing over your cash.

And one thing I always stress is that you should NEVER spend money on something that is not fully explained prior to handing over your cash.

The reason for that is because most get-rich-quick scams promise members the opportunity to earn easy, fast money but then simply leave them to find out things aren’t as they seem after they hand over their cash.

And I can say with confidence that in my opinion the DMM System is certainly NOT what it seems – and as their disclaimer states (shown below) – “who knows, you may never make any money”:

DMM System Disclaimer

I will explain why you likely won’t make money with it below, but firstly before I do that…

Why The Weird Name?

One thing you’re probably thinking is that the full name of the program, DMM System Millionaire Coach, is a little weird…

Well the reason for that is because the system actually goes under several names. Some web pages on the website refer to it as just the DMM System, some refer to it as the DMM System MOPB & some refer to it as the DMM System My Millionaire Coach.

DMM System Names

This, in my opinion is done as a bit of trickery… To make it hard for you to find reviews about the program.

You see often when money-making scams launch they will regularly change their names in an attempt to escape the negative reviews that surface so that they can go on to con more people out of their hard earned cash…

And it seems in my opinion that rather than doing that, the creator of the DMM System has just made up a bunch of wacky names from the start in the hope that it’ll simply make it difficult for people to find the correct reviews… Thus leading to them “trying it out”.

And “trying it out” is exactly what the creator wants you to do, because that’s how he’s cashing in… But when I show you how it all works in the next section below I hope that you’ll decide not to do that – and to avoid it instead. 🙂

How Does The DMM System Work?

The truth is that the DMM System is really just a doorway page that funnels visitors through into something known as a high-ticket affiliate program, and this is where things begin to get really sketchy.

You see the DMM System Millionaire Coach website itself boasts really hyped-up claims about how you’ll be able to make lots of money & how you’ll be able to make it all really easily… But not only is that very far from the truth, the creators also fail to mention the money that you’ll actually need to spend first.

They make it seem like $97 is the only cost involved & that immediately after spending that money you’ll be able to begin profiting – however the true cost is actually multiple $1,000’s… Potentially even 10’s of thousands.

And the majority of people who join these types of high-ticket affiliate programs actually fail to make anything back… So they end up spending thousands upon thousands of dollars & seeing nothing in return.

That’s why the FTC has been busy shutting them down. Last year alone they shut down both MOBE & Digital Altitude & it wouldn’t surprise me if they shut more down this year too (including this one).

But how are you supposed to make money through them?

Well in short the concept is that you sign up to learn how to make money, then you’re left to discover that the way you actually make money with it is by getting others to sign up to it & invest just like you did.

Multi Level Marketing Pyramid Structure

So you’ll sign up to the DMM System, pay $97, then potentially multiple thousands… Then it will be your job to get others to sign up & invest as much money just like you did, only this time you’ll earn at their expense.

It’s safe to say it’s not a business model l am fond of whatsoever as it falls extremely close to a pyramid scheme, which of course is completely illegal & ultimately unsustainable.

The much better option is just to join a free training ground like Wealthy Affiliate & learn how to properly build a real business online – a business that is actually legitimate & that will stand the test of time.

Is The DMM System a Scam?

Sure, there is the “possibility” of being able to make money via the whole DMM System thing (if you’re able to recruit somebody else and get them to invest), but ultimately in my opinion I do believe it is still a scam simply because it is SO misleading.

You’re led to believe that you can just sign up & profit, but that is not going to happen…

And also you’re told that you’ll get access to so-called “millionaire coaches”, who in actual fact aren’t millionaire coaches at all… They’re just sales people that have been employed to encourage you to invest more money.

Those tactics in my opinion are tactics of a scam.

But those aren’t the only dodgy tactics either – it actually gets worse because all of the so-called “testimonials” on the website are fake as well. The people shown in the video are simply paid actors that have been hired from the website Fiverr.

You can see below that the same guy shown in the DMM System video has actually featured in several other videos for scam systems boasting similar claims:

Fiverr Actor Profit Genesis 2.0 System

Why would any legitimate business need to pay actors to say good things about their services if they were truly as good as they claimed?

They wouldn’t… It’s the act of a trickster… And I think that alone speaks volumes about the whole thing.

But that brings me onto my next point…

How Did The Creator Try To Silence Me?

Believe it or not, upon advising people to steer clear of this system the creator of the high-ticket affiliate program behind it threatened me with legal action, claiming that my claims were “defaming”… Which frankly is just ridiculous.

It is quite clear for anybody to see that the claims presented by the DMM System are wildly misleading.

How can you run with the headline “start getting paid $1,000, $3,000 and even $5,000 cash after watching this video” and then include the following your disclaimer:

DMM System Disclaimer

How can you claim you have “opened up the final 100 positions” when the website has been online for months and is still accepting new members?

How can you use fake actors making fake claims about the program to trick people into signing up & think that is OK?

Clearly therefore my statements are not defaming, they are true – and I will continue to publish them in order to protect people from falling victim to this thing.

My Verdict on The DMM System

In my opinion the DMM System has been launched with the sole intention of parting people with their hard earned cash so that the person behind it (and the “gurus” that are promoting it) can earn commissions at their expense.

Just as the DMM System disclaimer states, the average person who joins it will likely make no money (despite the website claiming that it easy to make thousands of dollars even if you’re new).

So for that reason there is simply no way that I will be recommending the DMM System to you, and instead I will be advising that you steer clear of it.

But if you are still looking to generate an income online then don’t worry all is not lost because even though the DMM System may not work as promised there are still legitimate alternatives which I will touch on below…

A Better Alternative For Legitimately Making Money

As mentioned above the DMM System itself may not work, but that does not mean that you can’t make money online. There are actually still several other legitimate ways to make good money online.

One of the best ways I have personally come across though (and which is the same way I personally make most of my own money online) is something called affiliate marketing, which is where you get paid commissions for connecting people with the products that they’re looking for.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is it requires next to no startup cost but the earning potential from it is actually unlimited. Plus there are plenty of great programs like Wealthy Affiliate where you can actually get started for free.

So if you’re still looking to earn online then my suggestion would be for you to check out Wealthy Affiliate, as it’s there that you’ll get the training, tools & support that you need to find great success. 🙂

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

Making good money online isn’t easy, but it IS possible – and this free training gives the average person the best chance of success at launching their own profitable online business.

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