MOBE Scam [Update] – Matt Lloyd Is Allegedly In Hiding & FTC Case Confirmed

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Recently I published an article covering the speculations that MOBE had allegedly been shut down by the FTC after all of the websites associated with it randomly disappeared over the weekend & top-earners sending out concerning emails to their downlines…

Well, today I’m posting an update on the whole MOBE scam situation as the FTC have now confirmed that they have indeed taken action against MOBE, and alongside that there’s some new interesting information that’s come to light… Including the man behind it all, Matt Lloyd (real name – Matthew Lloyd McPhee) allegedly going into hiding.

So if you’re a member of MOBE, have been scammed by MOBE, or are simply just intrigued as to what’s going on with the whole thing then be sure to stick around & read this post as I’m sure it’ll be of interest to you.

Matt Lloyd’s Gone Missing – And That’s Not Even His Real Name?

If you’ve heard about MOBE then you’ll have no doubt have heard of Matt Lloyd – he’s one of the guys behind it all & he’s the guy you’ll have soon most of throughout their promotional & “training” videos.

Matt Lloyd Gone Missing

But did you know that Matt Lloyd isn’t even his real name? Well, I mean it kind of is – but he wasn’t being totally honest with us as Lloyd isn’t his last name at all, it’s actually just his middle name.

His full name, which has now been released through the legal proceedings documents is actually Matthew Lloyd McPhee.

Anyway more importantly, according to the same document that reveals his name, he has allegedly “gone into hiding” amid all of the FTC comedown on MOBE which sure explains why he’s been quiet.

Mark J. Bernet, the receiver, has updated the MOBE website with links to information about what’s actually going on – along with an FAQ. In the FAQ there is a question entitled “Where Is Matt Lloyd?” and the answer reads as follows:

Matt Lloyd’s real name is Matthew Lloyd McPhee. He turned 31 in January of 2018. He is an Australian national but he lives now in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has maintained a very low profile since the lawsuit was filed; in particular, he has refused to contact the Receiver concerning this matter, despite the Receiver’s efforts to contact him. If anyone locates Mr. McPhee, please ask him to contact the Receiver.

So yeah, in short it looks like Mr Lloyd has gone into hiding – which sure doesn’t make the future of MOBE look very promising (for those of you who suspect it might actually “win” and make a comeback).

But alongside that the page contains a lot of other interesting information – and I’ve highlighted some important points from it below:

MOBE Scam Update

MOBE LogoPreviously in my review of MOBE, I advised against joining however I “tip-toed” around flat-out calling it a scam… The reason for that is because whilst the business model was certainly one I didn’t favour, from the outside it looked like it could be technically legit – so obviously I didn’t want to say “scam” and get myself into bother (since MOBE had a reputation for slamming scam rumours).

However, according to the publication on Mark Bernet’s website (the receiver), the FTC has defined MOBE as a scam. They basically came to the same conclusion as me & said that whilst MOBE promises to help you build an online business & learn about online marketing, in reality, it just pushes you towards spending money & getting others to do the same.

They said, and I quote – “In reality, the vast majority of consumers who buy into the MOBE program and pay for these memberships make very little to no money, and many experience crippling losses or mounting debts”.

In my review, I also raised concern about the so-called money-back guarantee & it looks like I was on the mark there too as according to the FTC there are several complaints about MOBE not honouring the guarantee. Instead, they were charging customers up to around $60,000, then citing small-print to get out of giving them any of it back when they realized the claims didn’t hold true & that it was actually much more difficult than promised to make money with the program.

Mark (the receiver) also stated that you should not make any more payments towards MOBE & you should also refrain from attending any events or seminars, even if you have already paid for them.

On top of that he also states the following (which is very important):

If you have created a social media site, such as on Facebook, that is promoting or operating the MOBE system, there is a good chance you are violating federal law. I encourage you to suspend such social media sites.

MOBE encouraged people to sign up & invest in expensive packages, then it pushed people towards re-promoting MOBE onto others in an attempt to get them to do the same. At a glance such a business model may seem legit, especially if you’re new to online business – and as a result, you might have already started promoting the program to others to begin earning.

If you have done that, then it’s basically time to go back & remove any such promotion because as Mark said it could potentially you into bother, even if you didn’t realize it was a scam until now.

What Happens Next – Will MOBE Be Back?

Well right now the FTC has taken out a temporary restraining order against MOBE’s business activities. This means that they’ve forced MOBE to cease doing business as they believe the business is operating illegitimately… However, as the name suggests a temporary restraining order can only last so long.

So on June the 26th there will be a hearing, and at this hearing, MOBE’s defendants will have a chance to argue their case against the FTC. The FTC will try to get the TRO made permanent so that MOBE is shut down for good – whilst the defendant will have the opportunity to say why the TRO should be lifted.

Basically, if the FTC wins then MOBE is gone for good, but if MOBE wins then it can resume business activities as normal (however if this was the case then there would likely be very significant changes made to the business model).

But I’ll be honest, it’s unlikely that MOBE will be able to come through as usually, the FTC wins hands down each & every time. I mean for them to order MOBE to cease trading with immediate effect they sure as heck must have had some grounds to do it on.

Personally I’ve never actually seen any online business of this nature bounce back from an FTC shutdown. Digital Altitude (an extremely similar company) recently battled against them & lost so it sure doesn’t look good for MOBE. I certainly wouldn’t advise participating in any “crowd-funding” type campaigns to fund legal costs either… They will just likely see you being parted with even more cash.

I’m aware that some of the members are trying to organize exactly that but like I say I’d highly recommend staying away from it.

And if you’re interested in seeing how the case progresses you can do exactly that via the FTC website – the case number is 6:18-cv-862.

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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27 thoughts on “MOBE Scam [Update] – Matt Lloyd Is Allegedly In Hiding & FTC Case Confirmed”

  1. You’re article is spot on Dale.

    I was a MOBE affiliate and I’ll lose $40,000 USD. That’s fine, I can take the loss, but i feel heart sorry for the tens of thousands of people who cannot. The financial and emotional fallout is going to be unbearable.

    Matt Lloyd’s business & marketing advice and training is, generally speaking, excellent. The problem is, you only get this once you are positioned at a $10K level or higher.

    The FTC were smart enough NOT to label MOBE as a ‘Pyramid Scheme’, as MOBE may well have been able to defend that allegation. Instead they went after much more serious allegations of ‘fraud’ and ‘deceptive practices’.

    In my experience, and that of those I referred to MOBE including my Wife and friends, their recruitment strategy was indeed fraudulent and miss-leading from the start.

    The ‘FREE’ IM Freedom events were only designed to up-sell you to the 3-day Home Business Summit ($497 for two tickets.

    I sent 4 friends and family members to the Home Business Summit and they all came back saying that they [didn’t learn a f*****g thing from the summit]. Zero, Zilch, F***k all. They were however ‘urged’ to sign up to the $10K Titanium package.

    I cannot believe that MOBE would be so stupid as to con people into attending the HBS, investing $497,and then not delivering any value!! (other than a couple of snippets of advice and some handy websites) WTF!

    So in my view, the FTC allegations are 100% spot on, and barring a legal loophole somewhere long the way, MOBE will be finished for good. Matt Lloyd’s known assets, including his resort on Costa Rica and his new Island in Fiji will likely be confiscated.

    What a waste of an potentially incredible opportunity.

    • Hi James, thanks for the comment – and I agree entirely with what you’ve said. I’ve been to a network marketing event in the past & it was the exact same… No real value, just a push on upselling you into the higher levels. The craziest thing was that yes, MOBE was expensive – but all they had to do was justify their costs… Give the value that was promised. Instead though they favoured commissions & it was merely the commission percentages that inflated the cost of the products, not the quality of the products themselves.

  2. I totally agree. I lost $16,000 investing into MOBE Titanium, and I’m one of the more sceptical guys out there. I agree with Dale in that I can live with that, but there are many people out there who cannot afford it. On the surface, MOBE seemed quite legit, but it is nothing more than a massive SCAM!!! I have grown to dislike just about everything about MOBE including the actual software they hype on about all day. Once you invest in it, you realise it’s all garbage.


    I’ve gone on to write books and sell them.


    MOBE IS SH**!!

    I LOST $16,000!!

    Hope that helps

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for your comment. I’m sorry to hear that you lost so much money, but at the same time I’d glad to hear that you’re still able to get by OK financially. Congrats on going for it with the books too – but don’t get caught up in thinking that the only way to make good money is to create something yourself… There actually is VERY good money in affiliate marketing, just sadly programs like MOBE will not truly help you out. All you need is a legitimate program like Wealthy Affiliate (which is free to join) and the training there will show how to properly leverage affiliate marketing to find success online.

  3. I also fell for the MOBE trick. I went to the free evening and then signed up for the three day training (forgot what they called it) which cost 495 dollars. I felt like I was on a three day sales pitch and learned nothing new as I was already with a company which does amazing training for free *LINK REMOVED*
    I was so angry with myself and I contacted them and told them how I felt about the ‘training’ and got my money back – I had to bother them a few times and threaten legal action before I got it back. It was so sad to see people spend thousands on ‘positioning’ themselves in the company, one guy spent $30K – I couldn’t believe it!

    • Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment. At least you managed to get your money back though, that’s the main thing – many didn’t… However I have to say it’s sad to see that you tried to use my post here to promote the new high-ticket scam that you’re involved with. I’ve removed the link to it that you shared because I don’t want people getting caught out by that just so that you can earn yourself some money at their expense.

  4. I’m out almost $70K, I’m embarrassed to talk about this. Is it even possible to pursue to get any money back? I’m nearing retirement and this really puts a crunch on my family and I. I hope this will get to Mark Bernet for help in somekind of recovery.

    • Well from following the updates I know some funds have been recovered… However as to how (or if) they will distribute those funds I do not know. I would imagine the pot *may* be split with those who come forward for reimbursement, though if this is the case it means you may get some money back but sadly likely not all of it.

    • You’d need to get in contact with the receiver to find out, but to be honest in instances like this it’s unlikely… It’ll unfortunately probably just have to get written off as a hard lesson learned.

  5. Honestly, people complaining about having “lost” their money is so stupid and pathetic. I didn’t work on/with MOBE but the same concept applies if you go to a gym. Let’s suppose you want to get abs (so lose body fat and build muscle) and so you go to the most expensive gym and you pay one of the best personal trainers, you spend $20k for both. After you paid the money, you kinda go to the gym every now and then but you are not consistent and when you go you don’t train well, even if you are in the best gym, you don’t train to push yourself to get stronger and lift more, also you don’t sleep and eat as the personal trainer have told you and you continue this circle for 6 months/1year. After 1year you are quite still the same, you say that the gym is not that good and the personal trainer scammed you. This is exactly what has happened with MOBE, you could buy one of the best programs (some better some worse) and have one of the best information you could find but YOU didn’t apply, YOU thought it was easy, YOU had the “buy 10k course and automatically learn what they teach after 1 watch without persistence with actions” mentality. They sold you the truth (not everyone, there are scammers of course but that’s why you should buy only courses from non-scammers by having proof that they make as much money as they claim) but you wanted the magic button and you wanted to get rich without any action or any consistent effort for months and years. Why should the personal trainer get sued for “scamming you” for “promising you the physique you wanted”, why should the gym be closed as you thought it was bad because you weren’t building muscle. It’s just your fault, and this time the law has made a mistake. 99% of people don’t make money because they search for the magic button, they think that only buying a 10k will get them rich the last 1%, buys it and do whatever is necessary, watch the course 10 times, apply it with precision and be persistent for years. You can choose to be in the 1%, you are not born with it. Do yourself a favor and stop with this stupid BS.

    • I appreciate you taking the time to comment, but unfortunately you are incorrect. Don’t get me wrong I understand were you’re coming from – of course you have to do work if you wish to see results… The problem is that MOBE didn’t properly portray that. Instead they portrayed the opposite – they led people into believing they could make lots of money with little to no work & hyped up the claims to encourage people to spend more money.

  6. Honestly, regarding clients, some had health emergencies and this seemed like a good way out, but other than that, clients must accept their responsibility… we all want to be millionaires, but we’re not necessarily investing all our savings into magical systems. I did work closely to Matt, and MOBE had amazing workers who gave all its professionalism to the company. He paid us extremely well too, there was not a reason not to be grateful. I wish he could’ve done things differently, but I guess making money at all costs got to his head… greed is sick, if you’ve a company already making hundreds of millions, why to push it to billions?, if he would’ve had enough we wouldn’t be here. I lost an amazing job, didn’t get paid my last salary and we couldn’t get any remuneration, I didn’t have other option but to leave Malaysia, a country where I lived in for almost a decade. It was sad, frustrating, and although I had my reservations regarding Matt himself (always pushing us to work more hours than what was fair) I certainly didn’t want such end for my workmates and me. Not only clients lives were hit, but also a lot of workers with the greatest intentions.

    • It “seemed like a good way out” because MOBE made extremely misleading claims & essentially promised people that it would provide them with an easy income, thus tricking them into parting with their cash… Hence why it has now been shut down. There is no way the company can be defended and blame should definitely NOT be passed onto the “clients”.

        • You will need to follow the receiver’s website, Jenna… But even if there is anything left over to pay out, it’ll likely be very minimal – probably a cent for every dollar lost (at most).

  7. Are any of the upper-level scumbag MOBE affiliates like John Chow, who knew it was a scam and STILL conned people into signing up, going to get punished in any way? Just curious. If not, John Chow was dumb enough to show everyone where his house is located and the car he drives in some of his YouTube videos. Disclaimer: I don’t condone violence of any kind. wink, wink.

  8. Hey I actually did invest in the entry fee. It was just $4,000. Fortunately since I did not have a credit history I did not invest in any high programs. Some of the training I thought was good as well as the exercises. However, I still want my money back anyway. Besides that fee was paid with debit. I guess I was scammed. I am going to make sure that I know better on picking my investments wisely, by checking the FTC guidelines. I hope that I am more deserving of a refund since I only got started on just getting a website as well not being given any explicit on where to start on affiliate marketing. That was what was wrong with the training. I hope that I did sound like an idiot. I was kind of ignorant about affiliate marketing. It was my first time. I am now currently trying to be a drop-shipper or day-trader. I think that this is more profitable. I could be wrong. Have a nice day.

    • Hi Michael – sorry to hear about your situation. In my opinion $4,000 is still a heck of a lot of money to refuse, and unfortunately regarding “refunds” there probably won’t be any. Often when these companies are seized the money left only just about covers the legal fees, let alone refunds… But only time will tell. Also I personally don’t recommend drop-shipping or day-trading. Yes it’s possible to make money with them but I believe there are many much safer alternatives.

  9. Idk why but mobe popped up in my head just now and I saw this article wanting to see any updates…
    It’s been more then a year I believe after I lost about 5k+ on mobe. Those darn people opened 11 accounts in my name when I told them “not to open so many”. Do I want my money back? Nah, I will take this L, sadly it seem legit even though the prices were insane. But I do believe everything happens for a reason, you just have to step to the side and reflect. Listening to the books my coaches told me to buy did change my outlook on money, and how to make money. I was actually learning things with the classes, but it really could’ve been done differently lol.
    Took more risk after (no more affiliate marketing or high ticket marketing etc). But projects I invested in with the credits cards that were open etc. The only one thing that is successful was buying land…just a chain reactions of things finally going my way.
    Anyways, it’s was a hard lesson on a lot of us but I am glad for this experience I know what to do and to not do now and if anyone else went through this scam called “mobe”. Don’t give up there are plenty of ways to make money. All these “get rich quick things are bs” it takes time, patience and willpower.

    • I’m just sad about the bad name it has given affiliate marketing, because I know that done legitimately affiliate marketing is an excellent business model… Unfortunately though MOBE did not do it legitimately – they were just attempting to sucker people in & squeeze as much money from them as possible as opposed to putting value at the forefront. You’re 100% right though, there are many ways to make money – it simply takes time & work. Nothing worth having in life comes easy.

  10. My name is Carolyn, I lost $50,000.00 a little more buying the leads. I cant believe I fell for this. I was very vulnerable, just going through a divorce that was toxic at the time. I needed something to help get me back on my feet and I fell for this. Should have known it was too good to be true. This hurt I have a daughter trying to get through college, and bills to pay. How do people do this stuff to others, the world is full of shams.

    • The world is full of shams for sure, but thankfully there are good people in amongst them too. I’m sorry to hear that you got caught out by it & I can believe it hurts for sure. I hope things look better for you moving forward.

  11. Matt Lloyd is back. His personal Facebook page is now on (He blocked me) and he is advertising for new people for a new business adventure. I am all for entrepreneurship and I even agree with selling educational programs but all Matt did was take money and not deliver what he promised to tens of thousands of people and he has no shame or remorse.

  12. Mattrew Lloyd McPhree the utimate conman, an rogue australian international criminal. He should be sent to a prison for life and be incarsuriate for life to rote away. He back at it again a new money making scam. MOBE Ltd is dead but he continues his scamming ways


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