MOBE Review – Can Matt Lloyd Really Help You Create Your Own Online Business Empire?

Lately I’ve came across several systems such as the Ultimate Dot Com Lifestyle system which have turned out to be fronts for the MOBE (My Online Business Empire) opportunity.

I’ve therefore decided to take an in-depth look into the actual MOBE system itself to find out what it’s all about & whether or not it’s legit. So if you’re trying to figure out if you can actually make money with MOBE then you’re in the right place as I’ll be revealing everything there is to know right here in this review.

What Exactly Is MOBE (My Online Business Empire)?

MOBE is a multi-level marketing company that was launched by an Australian guy named Matt Lloyd in early 2011. It claims to be set out to teach people how they can launch, run & grow their own online businesses & it gives members the opportunity to earn money by reselling the program onto other people.

Photo of Matt Lloyd MOBE CEOIn typical MLM (multi-level marketing) fashion members also have the opportunity to earn a percentage of the commissions that are generated by the people they refer into the program (known as their downline).

This means that whilst you can earn money with MOBE simply by referring people yourself, the “big” money is made by bringing people in who also then go on to resell the program themselves.

Basically if you’re looking to earn big with MOBE then you should be prepared to spend a lot of time networking with the people that you refer & training them up to help them make more sales, as ultimately you’ll be earning commissions off the back of their efforts as well as your own.

Multi-level marketing is commonly referred to as network marketing because if you want to become truly successful in it then on top of being good at sales & recruiting you should ideally be good at networking too.

MOBE’s 21 Step Training

As mentioned above MOBE’s primary aim (or so they claim) is to help people to start, run & grow their own online businesses. Now whilst MOBE has several different products & training programs it’s clear that the main focus is put onto their 21 step training program.

MOBE 21 Steps Program Description

In fact you cannot actually join MOBE without going through their 21 step training program, even if you simply want to signup as an affiliate & promote the program you will still be pushed through the 21 steps.

Update: I discovered that you can now directly sign up as a “MOBE Consultant” without going through the 21 steps by paying a fee of $19.95 per month which enables you to earn commissions by reselling the program on to other people (more details can be found below in the MOBE compensation plan section).

It’s also worth mentioning that it will cost you $49 to be able to access the 21 step program.

So, What Do The 21 Steps Involve?

Prior to joining MOBE I was quite excited as I had thoroughly browsed the MOBE Marketplace & there seemed to be quite a few interesting products, however I have to say that I was disappointed with the 21 steps program.

I will admit though that my disappointment may have been due to the fact that I already had online experience prior to joining MOBE & that to a complete newcomer the training may be more enlightening, however there was no option for me to skip this process & I therefore kind of felt like I’d paid $49 for something that I didn’t really want or need.

In my personal opinion the 21 step program itself was nothing more than basic training that seemed to have been put together with the simple intent of trying to upsell you into the higher levels of MOBE.

The training seemed to be geared more towards the selling of MOBE & it was all very hyped up “make 6 figures in your first year” kind of stuff. Throughout the whole of the 21 steps I didn’t really feel that I learned any actionable skills. The steps seemed to just scratch the surface & then towards the end it was “you’ll find out about the good stuff in the next bit” which by the way comes with a whopping price tag of $2,497.00.

Yes that’s right – in step 6 of the 21 step training program I found out that the cost of the course quickly escalated to over 50x the cost of the original $49 entry fee. That sure is some upselling!

The other problem is that in order to get through the steps you have to keep making regular phone calls to your coach in order to get them unlocked. This is pretty annoying if you’re like me & just like to be left to your own devices. It’s also pretty annoying when you get to step 6 and realise that your coach isn’t really a coach & that they’re actually just a salesperson who’s just been trying to build a false relationship with you so that they can get you to whip out your credit card and blow that $2497 to earn themselves a commission.

So the 21 steps themselves definitely got a thumbs down from me as I didn’t really feel that they gave enough value to justify a price tag of $49. I also didn’t enjoy the fact that I’d paid $49 for what seemed to be the simple luxury of being asked to pay even more money to continue with the program.

What Are MOBE’s Products?

MOBE Products MarketplaceWhilst MOBE is undeniably expensive the one good thing about the company is that they do offer genuine products, so unlike some of the similar systems that have launched in the same space (I won’t mention any names) at least when it comes to MOBE you do actually get something in return for your money.

MOBE have a marketplace which consists of over 33 pages of educational products & I believe that as a member of MOBE you can resell these products yourself as an affiliate (more on that shortly). These products cover all sorts of different topics such as Facebook advertising, outsourcing tasks & lead generation to name just a few.

Whilst these products do seem to contain good information, I do feel that just like the MOBE core products the products found inside the marketplace are also overpriced. The average prices of these products seem to lie between $47 and $297 which is fairly expensive considering that it’s information which with a little bit of groundwork you would most likely be able to find elsewhere online for free.

However, at least they DO have products which is more than can be said for many other businesses competing in the same space. Again, no names mentioned. ?

On top of the products inside the MOBE marketplace, MOBE also has a line of core products. These are the top-tier products that are referred to throughout the 21 steps training program & these are the products that you will be pushed into purchasing by your coach and your sponsor (the person that referred you) as these are were the big commissions are to be had.

So, let me run you through the MOBE core product line:

MOBE Silver Masterclass

MOBE Silver Masterclass ProductThe MOBE Silver Masterclass is an 8 module training program that comes with a pricetag of $2,497. This course is purely geared towards mindset training & claims that it will help you think like a successful entrepreneur.

Now don’t get me wrong I completely agree with Matt Lloyd when he mentions that mindset training is fundamental to your success & that it should be put first before anything else… But would I pay $2,497 for it? I’m not going to lie, probably not!

However, I’ve got to admit I was almost tempted when I seen that after completing the Silver Masterclass you’ll get a badge and a certificate. Wowza, sign me up straight away! Jokes, of course. ?

This training might be valuable & it might be packed full of content but honestly there is no way I could personally justify paying so much for mindset training. Not to mention that on top of the initial $2,497 fee you’ll also be charged $27 per month for the luxury of being in the “Silver Inner Circle” unless you notice it in the small print & decide to cancel before you’re billed.

I’d advise you to keep the $2,497 & run a search for Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube instead – that guy will give you more mindset training than you can handle & the best part is he won’t charge you a thing for it.

MOBE Gold Masterclass

MOBE Gold Masterclass ProductIn order to be able to purchase the MOBE Gold Masterclass you must have first completed the MOBE Silver Masterclass, there’s no other way that you can access this product. In fact this same purchase plan operates throughout the full MOBE core product line – in order to buy a particular product you must first have purchased all of the products that precede it.

The MOBE Gold Masterclass claims that it can teach you how to build a 6-figure business that consistently generates sales & it’s said to be based on the exact same customer acquisition process that is used at MOBE itself. The cost of this training is $4,997.

Throughout this “masterclass” you’ll learn how to identify your target audience & how to convert traffic into buyers, however you won’t actually learn how to generate traffic just yet… That’ll be held off until another masterclass, or should I say mastermind as that’s what the next products in the lineup become.

Matt Lloyd knows that this information is widely available elsewhere & he even mentions so in his sales letter for this product, however he claims that the other business training available elsewhere is, and I quote based on theory (not fact) or “embarrassingly out of date”.

This simply isn’t true – there is lot’s of good, solid, actionable training on these subjects readily available online for free & there’s also plenty of well up to date training that’s based on facts & backed up by case studies available for free too.

I’m confident that Matt’s training will be good as he’s clearly built up a very large & profitable business, but again I do not feel that it could possibly justify it’s ginormous price tag.

MOBE Titanium Mastermind

MOBE Titanium Mastermind ProductThe MOBE Titanium Mastermind is an all-inclusive 3 day networking event that claims to have been designed to help you take your business to 7-figures and beyond by implementing what they refer to as next-level marketing.

However, unlike the previous products in the lineup you have to actually apply for the privilege to attend the Titanium Mastermind. In order to check your eligibility to attend the event you’ll have to schedule a 1-on-1 strategy session with one of the MOBE coaches.

But remember, the MOBE coaches are actually salespeople so it’s clear that the real intent of this 1-on-1 strategy session is to get you extra-hyped up before they drop the whopping price tag of $9,997 upfront & $121 per month after that. Ouch!

Again don’t get me wrong events are massively valuable & even more so in the network marketing industry where MOBE lies as it’s all about building relationships, but would I be willing to pay such a high price for that privilege? Nope, I wouldn’t personally.

To put it into perspective there’s a hugely popular digital marketing event named UnGagged that takes place a couple of times each year & the tickets for that generally go on sale for around $500. The UnGagged event usually has high profile attendees such as Bing & Yahoo whereas the MOBE Titanium Mastermind is around $8,500 more & is only open to members from within the MOBE community.

Personally, I’d opt to go to UnGagged – it’s much cheaper & I’m almost certain that you’d get much better content there too.

MOBE Platinum Mastermind

MOBE Platinum Mastermind ProductThis is basically an extended version of the MOBE Titanium Mastermind being that it’s a 5-day networking event though this one claims to have a focus on long-term wealth building.

To be honest I’m not quite sure what the difference is between wealth building & generating 7 figures… They both sound like the same thing but worded differently? I feel like this literally is just another Titanium Mastermind event but spanned over an extra 2 days.

The big difference however is in the price as this one has an upfront fee of $17,164 & then a monthly recurring fee of $198 per month. Yikes!

Now don’t take that the wrong way, I’m not knocking the training – I’m certain that you’ll come away with valuable information & tips that will help you take your business to the next level… But it seems awfully expensive.

MOBE Diamond Mastermind

MOBE Diamond Mastermind ProductThis is the highest leverage package that MOBE offer and it claims to be a complete “done-for-you” solution. You’ll be whisked away to a 10-day business building retreat & you’ll apparently get a “million dollar” sales funnel built for you right there at the event.

To be honest though I’m not quite sure what a “million dollar” sales funnel actually is. I mean a sales funnel is a sales funnel, you get good ones & you get bad ones but you don’t get “million dollar” ones.

In fact on it’s own a sales funnel is completely useless – the real money lies in the traffic. You could have the best sales funnel in the world but if you haven’t got any traffic then you’re not going to make a dime.

This 10 day vacation & sales funnel setup comes with a pricetag of $29,997!

That leaves me speechless…

My Verdict On MOBE’s Products

Ultimately the price points of the products inside MOBE are irrelevant. Matt can charge what he wants for the training that he’s created because, well, it’s his training.

At the end of the day you either want it & buy it, or don’t want it & don’t buy it…

I feel that it’s made quite clear as to what the products contain, so if you personally spend $29,997 on a 10 day retreat & then moan that all you got out of it was a 10 day retreat then realistically you only have yourself to blame. I know that’s not nice, but that really is the hard truth of the matter.

What you’ve got to realise though is that no matter which level you buy in at you can’t simply expect money for nothing – I’m sure you already know that the world doesn’t work like that. So whether you’re a basic member, silver member or diamond member you’re going to have to put in (a lot of) work to be able to make money, just like you would with any other business online or offline.

Can You Actually Make Money With MOBE?

MOBE is by no means a scam, it’s just (in my opinion) a very expensive network marketing opportunity.

With that being said, yes you can potentially make money through the MOBE opportunity. However, it’s important to note that you can only earn commissions on the products that you have personally purchased (or made 5 qualifying sales of).

This means that if you want to really leverage the MOBE compensation plan & make the big amounts of money that are flashed about in the various testimonials then you’re going to have to buy in at the top.

MOBE Testimonial

With hard work & dedication there’s the chance you could make it work, but if you don’t then you’re going to be out of pocket big-style. It’s safe to say that the MOBE opportunity does not come without risk.

Oh, and on top of having to purchase (or make 5 qualifying sales of) the products that you want to be able to resell you’ll also have to pay a monthly affiliate fee of $19.95 if you want to become eligible to actually earn commissions.

What is the MOBE Compensation Plan?

As a MOBE Standard Consult (a member with the most basic level of membership) you’ll be able to earn 10% to 50% commissions on the front-end products sold through the MOBE marketplace.

As an owner of the MOBE Silver Masterclass program you’ll be able to earn $1,250 to $1,625 per sale by reselling that particular program. The amount you earn will depend on whether you opted to use the help of the MOBE sales team or not.

MOBE Gold Masterclass program owners will be able to resell that & earn between $2,500 to $3,250 per sale again with the amount earned depending on whether or not you used the MOBE sales team.

MOBE Titanium Mastermind owners can earn $3,300 to $4,800 per sale (same story as above).

MOBE Platinum Mastermind owners can earn $5,500 to $8,000 per sale (same story).

And finally the MOBE Diamond Mastermind owners can earn $10,000 to $13,500 per sale, once again the commission amount depending on whether or not the MOBE sales team closed the sale.

Then to top it off you get 5% commissions on the sales of the people that you personally sponsor, but only for the products that you were personally eligible to receive commissions on at the time you enrolled them.

So if you were a Titanium member and somebody you referred made a Platinum sale you would not earn a commission on that sale. Their Platinum sales would be locked to the next Platinum member in your upline, even if you decide to upgrade to Platinum yourself at a later date.

MOBE Motors ProgramMOBE also run a program which they call “MOBE Motors” through which they’ll cover a car lease payment for you if you manage to hit a certain number of points each month. The points are based on your sales volume so basically in order to qualify for the MOBE motor program you’ll essentially have to hit sales targets within your business. It’s worth mentioning too that for MOBE to keep up the payments on your car lease you will need to keep hitting the required sales volume each month.

Whilst the MOBE Motors program can sound enticing, it would be something I’d personally avoid. I just don’t like the thought of my sales volume dropping a little bit one month & then ending up stuck paying for a car lease payment. I know that’s a negative thought but ultimately if you want to be successful in business you should always prepare yourself for the worst.

My Final Verdict On MOBE

There’s no denying that MOBE is a genuine opportunity & that you do at least get something in return for your money but unfortunately I just feel that the products have been priced with commissions in mind as opposed to being priced on the amount of value they provide.

The other big problem I see with MOBE is that due to the fact everything is said to be “done-for-you” I feel that you become kind of locked into promoting the MOBE opportunity itself & don’t really take away any actionable training that would enable you to set up your own similar business model. In fact, despite MOBE claiming to teach you how to build this specific business model they actually require to sign a disclosure which states that you will not personally duplicate it.

So essentially they claim to teach you how to do something but ban you from doing it which is kind of strange. Now I appreciate that of course a “done-for-you” system most likely sounds great and you’re probably wondering how that could possibly be a negative, but what you’ve got to realise is that a “done-for-you” system is only good as long the company is active. Generally these companies have short lifespans & when the company goes, so does your business (and investment).

I’m not saying that it will happen, but I want to make it clear that in the MLM industry it should always be something that you are prepared for. Success in MLM is all about being at the top of the chain & having huge productive teams below you so if you spend any length of time inside the MLM industry you’ll quickly realise that it’s a game of jumping ships to the “next best thing” in an attempt to try and be the one that locks themselves in that top spot.

In my personal opinion whilst I’m sure the MOBE program could prove to be potentially lucrative with dedication & hard work, I feel that with this particular opportunity the risk is far greater than the reward. With that being said, I won’t be recommending that you join MOBE as I feel like there are several much more cost-effective means of obtaining similar training & building a successful business online.

However, I don’t want to slam MOBE & call it an outright scam because it’s not. A scam in my opinion is something that either parts you with your money without your consent or parts you with your money by promising you false guaranteed returns. MOBE, whilst expensive, is a legitimate business that you can earn money from.

So on that note I do hope that I was able to provide you with all the information you were seeking if you were considering becoming involved with the MOBE business opportunity.

If there is anything else that you would like to know then feel free to leave a comment below & I will do my best to help you out – also if you have personal experience with MOBE then I’d love to hear about that too.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

Making good money online isn’t easy, but it IS possible – and this free training gives the average person the best chance of success at launching their own profitable online business.

…I should know, because that EXACT training enabled me to leave my job as an electrician & pursue working from my laptop instead. See how I went from nothing to over $10k/month here.

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