Millionaire Middleman By Abdul & Chance Review – Scam or Legit Agency Training?

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Millionaire Middleman is the name of a course that’s been produced by 2 guys named Abdul & Chance & it essentially promises to provide what they call “freedom-seeking entrepreneurs” with everything they need to create wildly profitable online businesses…

But as you can likely imagine the course doesn’t come free of charge & so there are likely a few questions floating around in your mind about it – such as is it actually legit?

And is it really worth your time?

Or is Millionaire Middleman a scam that’ll ultimately just see you spending money & not really getting anything valuable in return?

Well, the good news for you is that you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out the answers to all of those questions as I myself have personally taken a closer look into it & in this honest Millionaire Middleman review I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know – including of course whether or not it’ll truly help you to create a profitable business like they claim. 🙂

What Is Millionaire Middleman?   |   How Does Millionaire Middleman Work?   |   A Better Way To Make Money   |   Is Millionaire Middleman a Scam?

What Exactly Is Millionaire Middleman?

Abdul & Chance, the two guys behind Millionaire Middleman are online entrepreneurs that make livings (other than from selling courses) by acting as “middlemen” in the world of online advertising – hence the name of their course.

Abdul allegedly makes around $2 million per year doing it & Chance apparently pulls in somewhere around $800,000 per year… And the Millionaire Middleman course, in short, is essentially designed to show you how they do it and more importantly how you can too.

Abdul & Chance

So what you’ll be learning through the course is ultimately how to set up your own online “freelance” advertising agency whereby you’ll be seeking clients who are spending money on advertising & then offering to manage it for them on their behalf (at a cost).

In a way it’s quite similar to Tai Lopez’s Social Media Marketing Agency & Sam Oven’s Consulting programs, however, the Millionaire Middleman course is primarily geared towards managing local Google ads instead.

The “trick” though that you’re taught in the course is to essentially find people who are already advertising but advertising badly… So this is what you’ll be taught how to look out for, and then the idea is that if you show them how you could do it better they’ll be quite likely to take you up on the offer (for a fee).

So you’ll be managing the ads for them on their behalf & they’ll be paying you a fee on top in return for doing so – and if you do a good job the idea is that you’ll have gained yourself a long term client who’ll continue paying you for as long as you keep their ads performing well.

Now I can tell you here as a former agency owner that both in theory & in practice this is indeed actually a pretty effective method of gaining clients – but the only trouble these days is that with the rise of so many agencies there’s a heck of a lot of competition.

It’s still certainly possible to make money doing this though – and a lot of it as well.

And on that note, it’s worth me pointing out that in the course you’ll also learn about outsourcing the management of the ads too which will allow you to scale the business up & ultimately step back from managing the ads yourself.

So next question…

How Does Millionaire Middleman Work?

Essentially the Millionaire Middleman course is a video training course, so once you join you’ll get access to training that’s laid out in a step-by-step & modular format which makes things pretty easy to follow.

On top of that, you’ll also get access to their “Big Money from Small Business” community on Facebook too, but that’s also accessible for free for members who haven’t joined the Millionaire Middleman course anyway.

Though on the topic of the Facebook group I have to admit that other than posts published by Abdul & Chance themselves the group doesn’t actually seem all that active, and at a glance it seems to be more a “boasting” ground showcasing how much money members are allegedly earning as shown below:

Millionaire Middleman Facebook Income Claims

On the other hand though I guess this shows that it’s probably pretty easy to actually reach Abdul or Chance directly…

And after digging deeper I did indeed discover that there was actually a community hidden away for paid members as well – and Chance & Abdul have actually employed “mentors” to help out within this private community too. This means that every question you post should realistically receive an answer (or at least you’d hope so anyway).

But anyway that aside, back onto how it works…

Basically the first thing you’ll learn about is how to actually find clients – and you’ll do this by browsing sites like Google looking for ads & specifically looking for some pretty obvious, easy to fix mistakes with their campaigns.

Specifically, though the focus is on local advertising, so as an example you can see a local ad listing for a plumber in London below:

Example Local Google Ad Listing

And like I say you’re job from here will be to try and spot obvious mistakes within the campaign. Is there some way you can make it better? If there is your next step will be to contact the company that’s being advertised & tell them, and then offer to help them fix it.

Obviously, you won’t be giving too much detail away to them about what they’re doing wrong (as they’d likely fix it themselves), but enough to show them you know what you’re talking about – and then this will be where you pitch your ad management services to them.

A “tip” mentioned in the Millionaire Middleman community is to offer the first month for free, so they just pay for the ad spend & nothing on top… Which essentially gives you a chance to prove yourself, and then from the following months you begin charging them a fee if they decide to continue with your service.

Anyway once you’ve mastered all that – and once you’ve mastered the actual management of the ads (which is the trickiest part) then you’ll finally be taught how to scale up the business by outsourcing the management to others.

So the end goal is that you’ll have outsourced everything to the point where you’ll merely be overlooking things… Though I can tell you that in this game even just “overlooking things” can be pretty darn hectic.

Still, though the method itself is sound & there’s definitely a lot of money in doing this…


I Believe There’s a Better Way To Make Money

Okay so the truth is that if you want to be successful in creating your own advertising management agency then you’re going to have to be able to make the campaigns of your clients profitable, there’s no doubt about it.

If the campaigns ain’t turning a profit, they ain’t gonna pay for your services – it’s as simple as that.

Now ask yourself this – if you have the skill to generate profit from advertising for other companies, then why the heck wouldn’t you just do it for yourself & generate profits for yourself?

That way things would be much easier to scale as you wouldn’t need to keep sourcing new clients, you could just put more money behind your campaigns.

So in my opinion whilst the training inside of Millionaire Middleman is pretty good in the sense that it can help you start an ad agency business, I personally believe you’d be better starting an affiliate marketing business & using paid ads to generate revenue for yourself, rather than clients.

And in case you don’t already know, affiliate marketing is basically where you promote products from companies online in return for commissions. So as an example you could become an affiliate of Amazon & promote their products in return for commissions (as highlighted in the image below):

Affiliate Marketing Explained

This means that in order to generate profits for yourself it would be a simple case of affiliating yourself with a company whose products you wish to promote & then using paid advertising to drive traffic to them.

This way rather than making a profit for somebody else & charging them a fee, you’re making the profit entirely for yourself.

Plus the good news here is that over at Wealthy Affiliate you can actually get training on how to do this for free – and on top of that they’ll also provide you with all of the tools that you need to get started as well.

And when it comes to Commission Academy I can definitely vouch for that course as I’ve even personally met the owners of it at a conference (shown below) where we literally brainstormed ideas of how to help members as best we could:

Wealthy Affiliate Conference

The guys behind it (Kyle & Carson) are 100% legit & they truly care about the success of every single member. That’s easy to see once you’re inside the platform so I’d definitely highly recommend you check it out – and like I say it’s free.

But anyway, back onto the Millionaire Middleman course…

My Verdict – Is Millionaire Middleman a Scam?

To be honest I don’t really like associating the word “scam” with a legitimate course however I appreciate that when it comes to any sort of opportunity that promises to help you make money people are always wary so regardless the question does need answering…

What I can tell you though is that the Millionaire Middleman course is definitely NOT a scam. It’s a legitimate course & it’s a course that could truly help you find some quite substantial success as advertising agency owner.

I’ll also point out that the Millionaire Middleman course is partnered with a large & reputable marketing firm named the HOTH (Hit Them Over The Head) which further proves its legitimacy as there’s simply no way they would partner themselves with a low quality “scammy” program.

So yeah, Millionaire Middleman does get a thumbs up from me & if you’re specifically looking to make money by managing advertisements online for people then it’s a program that could definitely be worth checking out… However, like I said above in this review I do personally believe there’s a better way to make money than managing ads for other people.

It all essentially just boils down to what you want to do though – but before you dive into it I would recommend checking out all of these other legitimate ways that you can make money online too as you may feel that something else will be a better fit to your circumstances.

Whatever you decide to do though the one thing I hope is that my Millionaire Middleman review here gave you a good insight into how the program actually works & what you’ll truly be getting from it. Of course if you do still happen to have any further questions or comments though then don’t hesitate to leave them below & I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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195 thoughts on “Millionaire Middleman By Abdul & Chance Review – Scam or Legit Agency Training?”

  1. I joined Millionaire Middleman in Aug, 2019. They charged $5000 or $299 per month. They informed that it can be stopped in between. But when i cancelled the program well before the period started but they kept threatening that i have to pay more. This is a scam and people who like to join need to aware of these details.

    • After going through internet I thought they are providing legit course. Even their company is recognised by Forbes!
      But the reviews here is really contradicting! I badly want to earn money at this crucial time so I decided to enroll but after reading the reviews I’m severally confused and tensed about what to do to earn some income!
      If anyone actually learnt and got benefitted from any affordable online course and if you are making descent income from it, then please recommend it to me.
      I’m really frustrated about not earning a penny since lockdown and struggling really hard. So please help me just by recommending some legit ready apply course.
      A humble request to all!

      • Ashwjj – I liked UDemy’s courses – I learned how to set up WordPress and Shopify sites and got paid to do both as a freelancer. You can usually buy these courses for around 20.00 or less. Best to you during these trying times!

      • Hi AshwinJ

        Hope your doing great.

        I would like to add here some value …. as you may be searching for the review over internet …..tell me what you have come across most for any review ……..think………… yes, your right its a blog …… i would suggest you to start a blog.

        This is the one of the best way to get your pieces on internet …….there is different types of bog and niche blog are at boom and blogger are earning a lot ( You can search on google top bloggers earning reports in your country).

        This is also a review blog…. blog will help you to build more audience and having great earning potential as your visitor grow …….you can start with free blog and or with very little investment …….

        I will be very honest ….no online courses will be perfect you can learn by practical implementing the thing only .

        Suggest you to learn from any good online edu portal and implement it right away on you blog which will help you to learn & earn also.

        Before starting a blog you should be knowing 5 things.

        1. Finding Right Niche
        2. How To Do effective Keyword Research.
        3. Basic on page SEO
        4. Effective backlink
        5. Effective Content Writing

        I can help you with the blog setup and content writing .

    • Did you ever got a refund back and blocked the payments? I’ve called my bank to stop making payments and disputed them but I got charged again and this “robot fb person known as Kit-Geenius” told my that everything is non-refundable and that he/she recommends me to just go through the training. I felt as if this was a forced decision as I kindly told that person that I had made 5 emails before the dispute, contact 2 people from their fb group and even the “coach” and no one responded or told me that I have to pay the monthly pay and can’t cancel at all cost.

      I am so stressed over this!!! I’ve also resarched them and know them as MODERN MILLIONAIRES and just heard now (with further research) that they were once called Millioniare Middleman. LOL WOW

      • You shouldn’t have been charged again if you told the bank to block the payments. I would recommend calling your bank again, and if you want to put a definite stop to it then ask them to cancel your card & issue you with a new one.

    • I watched all of Modern Millionaires videos that are on their “informercial” on FB. I decided to call and sign up of the price was right. In the one video, I had technical difficulties and heard them say $79.99. But, when I called, the guy told me that I would have to take out a loan, with them only, and pay $320 a month the first year, and then the second year, twenty-two percent would be added to my low monthly payment. So, in total, I would be paying over seven-thousand dollars. They were quick to get me approved and get me to sign every thing within a half-an-hour. So, I had a meeting at work, so I didn’t review the forms yesterday.
      After reviewing the company online, I noticed that a lot of reviews mentioned that this was not going to be as easy as they claim it to be. I would have to pound the pavement, going into businesses, and trying to convince them that I am the person to get them more business by advertising it with online billboards. No easy task! This is not an “online” only job. But, it costs an arm and a leg without any “in-person” support or training. I would suggest that they help you get your first two clients so that we, the new business owner, can experience it and get a feel for it before going out on our own. I am a visual learner and I need to see it done so that I can emulate it. Furthermore, they don’t tell you that you will have to invest additional money into this. One simply cannot just buy this program, install it, learn it, and begin making money. You have to be hired by a business owner, and invest your own money into making the ads and paying for them.
      I would say if you have about $10k-12k just sitting there, then this might be for you if you like going door-to-door trying to persuade people to buy your ideas and advertise for them. But, this is a huge commitment and there is really no training except for what you buy.
      For now, I have decided to let this idea go and research further to see if I can find another online job opportunity that doesn’t break me or take up large amounts of my time.

  2. Thank you Dale for taking time to explain all these. You are really appreciated.

    @ Bruce, did you try the WA yet? I’ll love to hear from a real person that tried it and if it truly works. Thanks for your help

  3. I hate to have to tarnish the name of a business, but this particular duo leaves much to be truly desired. I (rafael a. Lopez invested $397.94 on this effort and was disappointed because of the lack of support. The company has no viable phone number; and although I was refunded $291.00 on my investment, there is still an issue of $106.94 that has not been refunded to me. I honestly believe that at this point I should have already been refunded what’s owed to me. Would I recommend this firm as a trustful one? No way!

    • How did you go about getting your refund? The only way to contact support was they’re email address and I just get an automated message

    • Hey, Rafael

      Where do I go to get a refund from them . I applied three days ago for $133.94 so far and it’s not for me.

  4. I have not signed up for it yet, but it looks like a scam, at the end of the video

    They had a few conflicting thoughts in the video. I wish I wrote them all down.
    The biggest one that alerted me of a possible scam. They initially have the price at $14,500, they claim they sold it at that price before, then cut it down to $7,999, then they give you another disouount to $5,995 for today ONLY. Then if you call your coach in the next 60 seconds you can have access to the finance every month. If anything wants you to rush a payment really quickly it is scam. I have been scammed for $600 bucks like that at a gas station for some speakers. However, it taught me a lesson, to always be skeptical of what you are buying.

    One said that one person made a deal in 48 hours and they never had anyone do it that fast. Then about 30 mins later they stated that someone struck a deal in 24 hours.

    The first slide had some grammar that was misspelled.

    • I totally agree with you Destin, I’ve fallen victim to spending money I didn’t really want to spend on impulse in the past due to a pushy salesman. Since then, I’ve learned to never buy anything immediately… Now I always take a step back, read reviews, sleep on it then decide the next day.

    • Thank you for alerting me, my friend. I was about to pay tomorrow for them. At the same time, I feel sad because I needed such businesses that make money in an unconventional way.

    • Hey Destin,

      I did buy their “Masterclass” for $5 and then the “Asset Vault” for $33 because I can’t afford the 97 they originally quoted. I had been sitting on them for months. So when I finally buckled down because I desperately needed something, I watched their so-called Masterclass and practically came out empty. All I heard for more than 50% of the time was “wah wah wah” just useless information. It wasn’t until I got into the Unannounced bonuses videos that they started to actually give the process to get started but even then they didn’t give very much details as to the actual start-up costs. I personally starting a business and never went far with it because I had a bad exprience the career field it was in.
      I haven’t watched all the bonus content yet but there are still some red flags.

      The whole time I’m listening and watching, I’m thinking “Well, everything they’re saying appears to be sound, but what about the content they’re using and presenting? Is it Photoshopped?” I found only picture that reeked of Photoshop and then most of the other photos don’t give much information to their location. Mountain, on a boat in the ocean, and other questionable pictures like who took the photos?

      Also when they name prices for their extra content they are always in the thousands. So how does gaining access to the FB group cost 2k? Or the business system 5k? When they were done the total cost was 22.5k at the end of the 2 hour video that didn’t give much to begin with. (There were 7-10 items they were selling). Granted when you make that kind of money it won’t matter but to offer it when they know people are still struggling is inconsiderate. It shouldn’t be there in the first place.

      BBB also has them unaccredited, so take that as it may. I have had some interactions with the BBB but never got far with them. I got too busy trying to work towards my career choice at the time.

      Their interactions with their “students” is also questionable. Everything looks real, sounds like real situations, but what the background noise of the students’ lives? Idk I’m ranting at this point.

      I will give them the fact that starting the business they your that you will make 6-7 figures down the road is just that. Months in advance. They admit it takes work and not everybody is cutout for this type of business. So in the bonus videos they do get into the actual workings of starting the business and where to go and how to get what you need to start working but so far neglected how to actually get into FB or Google to actually set the ads up.

      If I were to rate them myself on legitimacy, I would give about 50- 67%. For anyone reading this post take it as my unprofessional opinion despite the fact I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and have heard many MLM schemes throughout my life. So far from what I’m seeing, they are trying to take advantage of others even though they say want to help.

      Again what I’m saying is just my unprofessional opinion.

      Lastly, great review Dale! I’m glad I found this even after making my uneducated purchases with MM. I just wanted to give some insight what Abdul and Chance are selling.

      • That’s a great comment, thank you for sharing it – and my opinion also falls in line with yours. Yes, what they’re teaching *could* work, but it’s a lot more difficult than they make it seem & in my opinion, it is simply not the best method for beginners to get started with.

        • I really like the honest comments!!! It’s a shame so many wanting to get into a work from home business but everything I have seen that could be interesting with potential turns out to be a scam of some sort I wish someone could post something that is not a scam for a change so that we could all actually benefit from an online job how is the internet and social media’s allowed to let this happen without taking it down and allowing so many to surface everytime I think something sounds good it is ALWAYS ALWAYS A SCAM!!! what a shame so many have wasted money just to try and find a legit way to raise their families and pay bills only to be scammed these websites that are allowing this should be the ones held accountable!!!

          • Well Daynia, feel free to check out my free training. I literally built it after uncovering so many scams, as a project to *finally* help people launch an online business without having to make any upfront payments.

  5. First of All, you guys must understand the way they sending you email for infos about their company (and how it works) not setting of legit business email! My 10 yrs old niece can write an email way better & professional that those ppl… Second of all, it looks fishy when you look at the company founders: a guy name Abdul (from middle east or 4th world country & a caucasian Boy who face looks like backstreet skater who has never continue academic)….3rd of All, their email shows the address of somewhere in Boise, ID in USA which not make any professional method of business owners!

    • Sergei
      I found your comment pretty racist . You are trying to judge this company by the Owner’s Name (Abdul),Origin (middle east or 4th world country) and Race ( Caucasian Boy).

      Please be more careful in the future.
      By the way I am not related to this company. I am just thinking about joining them like all other in this page.

      • Me too man, I wanted to join this company but after reviewing these comments I think I am not going to go through with it, and about judging company by their owner’s name that is a very bad thing man and you are right to comment on that. Respect man

  6. Hey guys ,
    Like you’ll I also research about these guys !!
    Never found any posts on FB page of guys Nabeel Muhammad or Irfan Dhanani whose snapshot of earning posts have been added ,also I didn’t find them on Facebook or Instagram…looks fishy and probably is…

  7. This is a scam . I have emailed I unfortunately entered my card details on this website .

    *initial agreed amount was US$ 9.98
    However I was notified by the bank that $31.97 have been deducted.

    I was not provided a reference of this transaction.

    I have request to unsubscribe from this and refund the funds but no reply or a phone number available … This is called robbing people professionally …however I’m still following up on the refund , if anyone here knows how to get through to them please advice ….

    No one replies to my emails

    • omg i was so close to paying the 9.98… glad i searched reviews and found this comment of yours… im not gonna buy from them.. Thanks a lot!

    • Funny thing is that I saw the add still running today, it’s been more then a month , and the offers still going 😂

    • Please did they reduction any amount apart from the initial amount.
      Am curious because am also a victim, I wanna be sure if blocking my card would be the best.

    • Same happens to me too. I was thinking they will charge $9.98 but they took $36 from me. They sent me a congratulations message and encourage me to by the full course, but when I mentioned the overcharged they never replied.

    • Thanks Gerard. I was about to buy the course for a 98% discounted price of $9.94. Good thing I scrolled down to the comments section. Phew!

    • Yaa man same here, I have got $ 9.98 discount offer, I was thinking of buying the course, but now I am not going do it. Thanks for the warning man

    • Exact same thing happened to me just now. I totally should have checked for reviews before inputting my credit card details.

    • Thanks bro you saved my $31
      I was about to enter my card details,
      but wanna check online reviews before that.
      Thanks a lot bro.

    • Hi I am Hans
      I registered for the modern millionaires program which was supposed to be $9.98 but $31.97 was deducted from my account.
      And when I login to the account there started sending me email to buy another product called the “done for you”
      And I even try to join their Facebook group with the link provided in the account but Facebook told me the link is expired
      And they keep sending me emails up till now to make payment

    • Hi

      The same thing happened to me. When I signed up, it was stated that I could cancel at any time and get a refund; when I tried to cancel there was no contact information. No telephone #, no email address, this really looks like a scam, I can’t believe I get drawn into this. I am usually more careful.

      What is our recourse…I want back my money!

  8. After seeing add on you tube i am impressed to learn further about this office less agency, i visited the page i am surprised this course starts from 9.98 USD then suddenly 50% Discount came at 4USD, i chose to avail 50% then 27 USD added more with the option complete the package. i paid online the amount 31USD, when i go Next step there is a video in which Abdullah giving briefing about the product Office less agency, at the end of your video you also asked to upgrade the order by paying 97USD. i Choose the option that “No thanks, I am going to create all these assets myself from scratch. Go to next step”. But on next page the message appeared this site can not be reached. There were no contact number or any email address mentioned on the page for asking any hurdles if we face

    • Hey Fahad, hope all is well with you.

      I actually had the same thing happen to me. I saw that they were offering their MasterClass for $10 and then on the transaction page, that the price would be cut in half to $5. I then got a charge for $31.

      I figured it would be worth investing the $5 even if I only got a little bit of information out of the masterclass. I thought that it might be worthwhile to pick up a new skill while I’ve got the time. From your experience, can I expect any more charges, or was it just the initial $31?

      • I was just about to purchase this!!! For 10 bucks and decided to look for a review! And bam!!! Thanks Dale. I really appreciate you. God bless you

      • On the page there was the initial 9.98 but there was some sort of “added value content for ~$25 or so. You have to uncheck the box and then proceed or it automatically adds it to the total. I saw and unchecked that box. It charged me the 9 bucks. Over all I think it was worth it. I didn’t do the $97 or the $0983y4690825460928346 course though. I’d rather figure it out. To be fair though, I’m done business for a while and they gave a pretty good big picture view to where there ARE some questions, but if you use common sense you should be able to figure it out.

        • This is a solid comment, William. I do strongly believe companies should be extremely transparent (especially about their costs), but people are often too quick to hit the purchase button without looking at what they’re actually purchasing. I cannot stress how important it is to do due diligence, and importantly, to thoroughly read the purchase page before buying.

    • They told me the $9.98 is for the whole course and another thing they never said on their ads on YouTube wah that they reject 74% of applicants like I would have not registered cause I hate luck.

  9. After seeing add on you tube i am impressed to learn further about this office less agency, i visited the page i am surprised this course starts from 9.98 USD so i entered my card details once done they charged 36USD and again in the next page i don’t know what i did but they charged 97USD i sent an email but no reply

  10. For the first time in my life, I was going to pull out my card to buy this course because it sold for $9.94. I was buying it cos I am a digital marketer and wanted to learn something new from the course.

    However, when I watched their video describing the whole process, I already understood their business model and it was something I was already doing (on a smaller scale).

    I decided against paying. But then felt it would be good to check a review on it too so I do not miss out on such an enticing deal, then I stumbled across this review.

    Thanks guys for your comments. I will not be paying for the course but I’ll still be using the business model. I hope these guys are legit though, if not it’s going to be a shame cos some of us are just out here trying to make some decent cash on the internet and then we have some dudes soiling our name. Too bad.

    Thanks for the review Dale. By the way, you are right, Affiliate Marketing is a great way to go. I already make some “peanuts” from it, hopefully I’ll be making “heaps of peanuts” soon.

    Thanks once again.

  11. amrutha valli
    I haven’t received any response from you Abullah.
    I don’t think this is the way you help hard working people.
    You said my money would be refunded if I don’t like this.
    You haven’t responded neither returned my money.
    Please read this comment and check your account detail i have credited amount by RBL credit card I have to pay the amount to the bank [S Mahalaxmi] my mother paid this amount me so that i can earn and please refund my amount

    • Hi Amrutha,

      I am Pradheesh from Chennai, India. I am also a victim of this scam and paid $106.94 yesterday without knowing the fact that they are scammers. Pl let me know if you get to know if you find ways to get the refund. Pl drop me an email when you get the refund or the process that you are aware to get the refund of the same. Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Amrutha,

      I requested for the refund and I received the same as they committed. So I don’t think they are a scam or fake. So please email them and get your refund as early as possible. Someone from their support team will help you to get the refund..

      Let them  wear the cap whom it fits. It means that whoever feels that it will suit them can get into their guidance and pay money to get trained. It didn’t suit me so I got my refund. Hope this piece of information helps many.

      Pradheesh B

      • Yes, it always makes sense for companies to offer refunds where possible because the last thing they want is people making chargebacks against them. It seems the majority of people in the comments section are calling them a scam prior to giving them a chance to offer a refund.

  12. Thank you So much, Dale

    This is valuable reviews for me, before entering that site, I thought to take a tour on that site what’s happened there what’s going on there.

    Then I found your web site it’s very useful for me and every people, I read all the content.

    I want to tell one the thing to people, if you see any think like this ads on FB Insta YouTube, please check the background or come here let’s talk with Mr.Dale

    Thank You

  13. hello Abdul
    i was watching today’s advertisement and i tried to get enrolled in your program. but it gets stuck on the second part where you refer to giving away the templates etc. it is not proceeding further
    if possible, look into this matter if i can pursue this or either please refund the initial deposit that i have made

      • Please is there any way I can get either Abdul or chance contact, I was ask to pay $9.94 but $31 was deducted in my account. Is it better for me to block my card to prevent further reduction.
        Thanks as you reply…

    • How I can believe on abdullah or u brothers after seen that comments because I have no money I am a student… For ur course I will borrow that amount 4 or 9 dollars from others if this one is scam definitely i will never take shortcut to earn huge amount

  14. Hello Dale,
    Thank you for the review. It has made us to get a clear insight of this through other people’s experiences. It has save my time and money.
    I will be checking WA to learn more about Affiliate marketing

  15. Hi…
    I paid 36 dollars to this agency which I thought I was gonna be charged 10$ and now I have not gotten any mail not to even talk of any replys
    Pls is this how you do things like I invested my hard earned income and now I haven’t gotten any replies
    Why?? After been charged

  16. Whooo! I am glad i got this review and loads of comments about being scammed…..
    Thanks dale! Saves time and money. 🙂
    Thanks to those folks for their feedback!!

  17. Dale,

    This is a good review. I like that part of Affiliate Marketing. But am shocked to learn they are scammers. Was about to pay for the Master Class Course. Are you aware of any genuine online class offering the same services? Kindly recommend.


    • Were you able to get refund, because I was also scammed will it be better to block my card to prevent further reduction

  18. Hi every one please don’t get cheated by these people. They are fraud people who cheated 32 dollars from me did not even give the material which they promised to give me.

    So please be cautious with these people. “THEY ARE FRAUDSTERS”

  19. I didn’t read the comments oooo. I still went to pay cos the review did not say they were a scam! Please dale, bring down this review and state that they are a scam! Because not everyone reads the comments in a review. This has cost me a lot of money. I regret it and feel so depressed. I want my money back! These guys should be arrested for internet fraud! Please if you know of a way for me to get my money back, I would really appreciate it! I feel so depressed right now! I was trying to learn a skill that will fetch me money online but now I’ve lost money that I don’t even have. Please I need help!

    • You shouldn’t hand over cash just because something is not a scam – you should always do thorough due diligence before spending money to make sure the product or service is a good fit for your needs. I appreciate it’s easier to blame others, but I’ve made all of the information readily available here (including the comment section) to allow purchasers to make their own, very informed deicision as to whether or not they want to buy into the program.

  20. Dale, I really wish you said it from the onset that they are a scam! I didn’t read the comment section and would not have bought their course. So please take down this review and state that they are a scam! It will save a lot of people like me from wasting money.

  21. Hey,
    I paid for this course last night $9.94 but deducted $36 from my debit card. I mail them but no reply. Its a fraud fraud fraud !!!.

    I can see lot of people come under the influence of these fraudsters. Why not raise a complaint together and get our money back?

  22. I was hoping for a good thing but I think enough said in the comment section. I want my life to change, not to become a corporate slave. I want to enjoy life and not pay bills in due dates. That’s why I think this is a good opportunity but sad to say it’s not. 🙁 Let’s hope and pray that we will get our dream life someday people.

    • My thoughts exactly 😂😂.
      But it’s well with our souls. I’m glad I didn’t rush into payment because it sounded so attractive.

  23. I’m so curious to find out if they really charge additional costs, as everyone is commenting, without you clicking any extra boxes (or unclicking), or if people are actually that dumb. If people are really upset about it, why are you posting on a 3rd party review? Go to BBB and file a complaint. Lol I don’t understand how all of these people do not understand this. Like this guy, Dale, is just Dale. He can’t help you.

    But Dale, I have an honest question for you. Did you purchase the course?

    • Haha, yep – I’m just Dale 😂 and nope, I didn’t purchase the course for the reasons mentioned in my review. The fact I didn’t purchase it is actually what spurred me to write the review, to share the reasons why I don’t really think too highly of the method that’s being taught (in the hope of saving some people money).

  24. These people are nothing but SCAM! I paid for their content and then they blocked me from their website! Dale your review needs to be changed. They are a scam! I posted on their youtube page and emailed them 1000 times but no reply. I’m so glad I didnt pay more just $9! Someone needs to take serious action against them.

    • If you have emailed them 1,000 times then the website probably blocked you automatically because it will have detected a spam attack.

    • You’ll probably be better off contacting the actual company for support with your login, as opposed to myself, a third-party reviewier.

      • Dale……. I give you credit for not pulling all your hair out and just stop commenting…… people just don’t read and are so prone to make a lot of money for doing next to nothing and working from phone and/or laptop.
        Anytime something seems too good to be true, it usually is!

        • Exactly right Zak! It’s crazy how many people come to my blog & ask for refunds on programs that I’ve reviewed them as if I own them. If somebody isn’t going to stop for just 5 seconds to actually read the page before taking action then they’re certainly setting themselves up for trouble at some point.

  25. You guys just saved my ass…
    I was going to pay them and i had a second thought…to read reviews about them…. I’m happy i did

  26. This “Chance and Abdul” guys are SCAM! When I got to know about them, it was through an ad on YouTube when they were claiming there was just a day left to register with only $9.97 instead of some $4000 or something and you’ll have access to all their contents for free. I spent over four hours going through their stuffs, so I was pretty convinced it should be valid atleast, based on their talks of going from being broke to living their dreams. On their homepage, there was this timer reading 1 day and a few hours left, buh where I began suspecting them was when I clicked on the “Register” button and was taken to the next page, the timer suddenly changed to 13 minutes left before the offer closes. So, here’s my take, any site that abruptly rushes you to register with them when money is involved Is shady and shifty, don’t trust it. At the tym, I overlooked it and registered, continued reading through their site, I got to a part where they said I need to pay another $197 for an offer, I decided to quit, but a pop up message came and said, you can pay $33 instead, as our service to you and to give back to the system. I paid the $33 and continued, hoping there won’t be no more charges, only to meet with another payment of $197 again which was necessary to get a “14-days access” to a particular material. At this point, I was pissed and just decided to get off their site. I was like these guys claimed you’ll only pay $9.97 for this whole course in their beginning video, why are they bringing in all these payments now which they talked nothing about from the start. I just wanted out and I replied to their support email for refund (funny enough, it was that same day I paid, I asked for refund, but got nothing). I got an automated response. Since then, nothing from them. It’s funny how people claiming they make thousands of dollars a month and millions a year scams you for just $43.

  27. If you made a purchase, and want a refund and tried to resolve it with the company, call your credit card company and file a dispute for the amount of the charge. Be very specific and have the emails that you sent and any responses from them. The company will issue a temporary credit while they investigate. They have a certain amount of time for them to respond and if they don’t or your side of the events hold up the credit will become permanent. It’s called a chargeback and companies don’t like them. Also contact the BBB or better known as the Better Business Bureau, they can help with disputes too.

    • That’s good advice, but be aware that typically chargebacks can only be done for purchases over a certain amount. Anything under $100 will typically have to just be written off as a “hard lesson learned”.

  28. I need my registration charge back!!!!!

    It was not $9 dollars deducting but it’s way beyond it.

    Do contact urgently to refund my money.

  29. Hello guys,
    I did subscribe for the training, i was debited 31USD and 97USD, i wrongly paid 31usd twice and i sent a mail for refund of 31usd and 97usd. I got a reply to choose the course i wanted to opted out from my account on their website. I was told it will take 48hrs to effect that and might take someday to reflect on my account. This was just yesterday. I could log in and watch some videos on their workshops and it make sense to me. Could it be this is a sought of impersonation?

  30. Just subscribed for $10. Lots of people on here saying they got wrongfully charged and these people simply don’t read, it clearly says on the screen the added package and you have to unselect it in order for the price to actually be $10. Yes I do agree this is scummy but a quick read through the page should make sense to even a 5 year old. Overall the amount of knowledge and information on their program for simply $10 is a good deal in my opinion. Great review and thank you for giving your honest opinion.

    If you are trying to pay $10 SIMPLY READ THE DAMN SCREEN BEFORE HITTING PURCHASE RIGHT AWAY! Also after you pay another class immediately pops up that costs $97 and only if you press purchase you buy it, don’t press purchase like a damn impatient child and you should be fine.

    If you can’t figure out how to read something before hitting purchase, you probably will fail miserably at the business model anyways with that lack of patience. Good luck everyone and again, nice review Dale.

  31. Any Website or a Portal who does not give a contact number or email is a fraud company. No one should invest and work with them. I am a fool after knowing this reason I paid $4.97 to Abdul and Chance. Both the **** are fraud and fake guys. They are cheating people like anything. Credit card companies will pay them and ask you for money because Credit card companies know how to threaten you and extract the amount. It is a cycle and we all will fall prey for this cheating. ABdul advertises to pay only $4.97 now and in the next page you willbe asked to pay $97 of two installments or else you will not get the money back. They will not tell you that they will not pay you but when there is no number or email to reach them what do you expect from Abdul and Chance. They are the **** of Cheat. Do not fall prey for them and get cheated.

  32. Personally i learnt nothing new from the 10 dollar course. Don’t fall into it. The information given is not worth the 10 dollar investment. It would be much better if they would have explained it with more details. Absolutely not happy with this. 10 dollar for 2hr session and even that session isn’t containing any out of the book knowledge. When you Google how to start your online agency top ten sites would actually explain you in more detail than this paid program. Not worthy with respect to cost paid. Someone please tell how to get refund. Not at all satisfied

    • Yep, essentially with most courses you’re just paying for the privilage of having information “structured”. You can find anything out with a little bit of Googling… But sadly it seems that’s too difficult for people these days.

  33. I attanded there master mind class by paying 9.94 usd. This master class is more about how these guys spend their money, about there life style, some of their life stories etc. There is no learning in this class so if anyone wants to learn something dont join this class. My 9.94 usd was totally wasted.

  34. Dale,
    Thanks for the review.
    I know this is not the right forum to get in touch with you for the Wealthy Affiliate membership. But just want to request a private conversation with you about that. I hope you will oblige me.

    • Hi Jonathan – I would prefer if you made your conversation public because that way other people can benefit from the responses too. If you absolutely MUST speak to me in private, then simply drop me a private message inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Easy peasy.

  35. Completely agree with some previous commenters – I purchased the course and some add-ons only after conducting research, reading online reviews like those written by Dale and weighing the pros and cons for myself. It is a bit scammy that they’ve got the $27 item autochecked so people end up paying $36 instead of $9.94 but how can people not read through the entire page before clicking purchase is beyond me. I thought there would be some value in the course and so far it seems to be okay. And as Dale shared in his review, affiliate marketing is a viable option to explore so I’ll be looking at that too after reading up more about it.

    People just need to have some patience and really apply common sense before rushing into decisions like this.

    And thank you Dale for the well-written review and other advice you gave! I’ll definitely check out Wealthy Affiliate and affiliate marketing in general after this!

  36. I purchase the 10$ One for which they charged me additional 27$ which was mentioned before the payment. But after reading all the reviews I am wondering if anybody got charged for any further transactions without any knowledge. I wanna know if anybody was charged any amount second time without consent, other than the initial 37$.

    • Protecting them? What fairly land are you living in? If I was protecting them, why on earth would I have approved all of the negative comments on this page? Sometimes you should take a moment to think before you speak.

    • Of course your comment awaits moderation before getting published – moderation is a measure of protection to combat spam. There is no “censorship” here & I think that’s blatantly obvious from the rest of the comments.

  37. Abdul & Chance,
    My name is Jerry Smith. Over this past weekend I signed up for you Officeless Agency. However, after signing up I received word of some new responsibilities that I now have to deal with that involve both time and expenses and I regret that I have to take advantage of your 100% money back no questions asked guarantee and request a full refund because I now have neither the time nor the funds to be able to take advantage of the program.

    I paid the following:
    ..$9.98 x .5 = $4.99
    ..$97.00 up grade
    ..Plus $197.00 additional future payment.

    Please refund the $325.99 that I have already paid and cancel the additional $197.00 future payment.

    I sent you an email with the various transactions that were taken out of my account.

    Once again, I apologize. Thank you for your prompt response in returning my money.
    Jerry Smith

    • On top of this comment, I also received 2 email requests for a refund from you… I would advise you to STOP and actually read the pages you’re visiting online before taking action. I am a third-party reviewer (as clearly outlined in the post above) so I cannot help you with your refund.

  38. Hi Dale what do you know about this company e-commerce business school its a school that assist you in making and building a store with amazon,my personal email is *email removed to protect the user from spam*, your comments are greatly appreicate.

    • It teaches you how to make money through e-commerce, but e-commerce is not a route I recommend going down as it requires a LOT of work in comparison to affiliate marketing, yet affiliate marketing can yield exactly the same results. Makes more sense, in my opinion, to go down the route of less work.

  39. After watching the Officeless Agency video ad, I was convinced. Their presentation is solid, and they pointed out that during these trying times their business model works perfectly. It made sense to me.

    Everything about the video looked and sounded legit. After learning that their business model was providing advertising management services to legitimate business, I was sold. It is a very good idea.

    But, as is my usual practice, before I hit the BUY button to pay $9.95 for their Quickstart course – I decided to search online for any negative reviews. Which is how I ended up here on your blog, Dale.

    Thank you for your review. It gives us useful info.

    After reading your entire review, I came away with these thoughts:
    1) The $9.95 cost was worth it for the material I would receive. The business is not a scam by any means. They up-sell us on many other courses, which is totally understandable in my opinion. I would never expect to receive the training they offer for ONLY ten bucks.

    2) The people in your comment section overwhelmingly posted negative comments about being “scammed” when in fact, they neglected to read the page before they clicked SEND.

    It is common practice for a business to have a selection boxed pre-checked, so you should ALWAYS read carefully and then uncheck any boxes that you don’t want. While presenting people with pre-checked selection boxes is a tad shady… it is NOT what I would call a scam. If anything, it shows me how many people are out there making hasty decisions without reading the details carefully before buying. Due diligence.

    3) You, Dale, are using your reviews to promote your affiliate link with Wealthy Affiliate. Again, this is a common practice and one which I have used myself in the past. I don’t think it is a negative in any way, but it takes away from your message a bit.

    IE: Is it REALLY about the business you are reviewing? Or is it more about convincing people there is a better way to make money online….

    4) I am still on the fence about officeless agency. I can risk ten bucks to see if it is something I want to pursue. On the other hand, I know for a fact that if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. If I take the bait and jump in on it, I wholly EXPECT to be hit with many up-sells. For that reason, I am inclined to hold off on that one.

    5) Dale, you will be happy to know that I am looking closely at Wealthy Affiliate. If I decide to try affiliate marketing AGAIN, I will use your link to join.

    I used to make a small side income with affiliate marketing, but I gave up on it when Google ads got so expensive. But, I know the concept works, as I had success with it before. Maybe the time is right to try it again.

    Once again, thank you for your review about the Officeless Agency business course.

    Bill Hester
    BarBil Enterprises

    • Thanks for your comment Bill, I agree with your points. With regards to point 3, there is certainly money to be made by running with the method taught by the Officeless Agency, however, as I mentioned in the review if you can generate profitable advertising for somebody else… You may as well leverage that advertising to generate profits for yourself as that’ll ultimately enable you to take a larger cut. Therefore, by leveraging affiliate marketing you can do the exact same amount of work, but earn more money by earning commissions directly, rather than merely charging a fee to companies for your services.

  40. hello I have bought the course and there is two payments of 97 but I have changed my mind they have send me an email of my payment but I want a refund and I emailed them has anyone else emailed and got refund?
    please let me know I feel a little stressed out when I saw the comments

  41. Hello again this is my honest review they refunded my money I emailed the MM support which they sent me to use when ever I had problem they refunded the 4 dollar and the 97 I paid you just have to reach out to them and relax they are not scammers

  42. Alrighty. So the people who spend all the extra money and are complaining it’s a scam. I honestly don’t know what to say. I only paid $5. To get a masterclass. The masterclass tells you some stuff on what they do. But the real treat is where you help invest into the program! I scheduled a meeting for tommorow and they will give me a price quote on how much it will cost. This part doesn’t seem like a scam. As some people say this investment can be anywhere to 4k-6k. Definitely a good chunk of change. But this is where I’m trying to see if it’s a scam. But y’all are freaking out about $10-$200. Lol. I get it. It’s money. But really read in between the lines before you purchase something. It’s as simple as unchecking the box. And reading the emails. You don’t have to stay in the page. It’s just a video. All the info is in the email. As I didn’t have this problem at all.

    Now if anyone is actually in the course. I want to know how is it? I know it’s going to cost a few grand. And I’m willing to pay that. But only if it’s completely legit. Respond when you get the chance. Thank you

    • Yeah, I always stress that if people only have $100 or less to spare, then realistically, it is likely not the right time for them to be looking into starting a business.

      With regards to your queries about the course – you should step back & question the method. As outlined in my post above, if you can generate profitable campaigns for others – then why wouldn’t you simply generate those profits for yourself instead, through something such as affiliate marketing. I have done both and I can tell you that affiliate marketing is MUCH more stress-free as it requires no interaction with clients.

  43. You have to buy into crazy expensive mentorship program to get the full training. The stuff they sell before that is crap and doesnt do anything for you. Tons of baiting emails to get you to sign. Customer service was nice but I hot out before they took more money to sell me Hope’s and dreams of crap. Good luck if you fall for it

    • That exact question is answered several times throughout this page… Did you even read it? You probably only read a bit of that too I imagine… And that’s why people end up getting scammed these days. Not paying attention.

  44. MR. Dale what drove you into giving all this information for free whats the catch to this ? I was literally about to buy OA training but i skeptical about it i hope your program is real. I just want to make good money already man.

    • After struggling myself, I decided I wanted to help people & I wanted to figure a way of doing it without charging people money (because I know what it can be like when you’re struggling to make ends meet). So rather than creating courses & charging fees to access them, I decided to simply fund them from advertising. This means that from time to time you may see adverts on my website, but it enables me to provide the information to people for free. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  45. Hi Dale,

    I saw the YouTube ad for MM and then clicked to watch their video. Right now, I can book a call with them, so perhaps they had changed their techniques rather than having customers pay $10 right away and then hit them with an upsell. Maybe they got too many people complaining it’s a scam.

    Anyway, what I’d like to ask of you is how much you can make with affiliate marketing versus being a digital advertising agency, such as through MM. You said, “This way rather than making a profit for somebody else & charging them a fee, you’re making the profit entirely for yourself.” What confuses me here is that when you’re making a commission, you’re necessarily taking a cut of what they make, even though you use the word “entirely”. Likewise, if you’re generating a profit for someone else and you’re charging them a fee, you’re also taking a fraction, though you don’t necessarily know what that fraction is, just the dollar amount they pay you.

    I’m not doubting necessarily what you do and the success of it (plus not needing to deal directly with clients is a good thing), but I’d just like some clarity on what you mean. Also, it seems that their students get to a high income very quickly, but how stable (and typical) is this? How does that compare to affiliate marketing? For example, how long does it take for each to get to $100K/yr and then which is more stable to maintain at at least $100K/yr and which one might continue to grow and which one might plateau or even drop?

    Since you don’t deal directly with clients in affiliate marketing, can you still drop (i.e., choose not to promote) an ad/seller that you don’t like, e.g., because you don’t like the company’s values or you had a bad experience with them?

    I appreciate you putting up the review and any further insight you can give, as I’m looking into alternative ways of making income. Thanks.

    • Hi V, sorry for not being clear. What I mean is that if you are running ads for somebody else, you will not be in control of the scaling. The company funding the ads controls the scale of them & decides what budgets they want to operate at. This means that ultimately, they decide what you will earn (because you cannot force them to scale). So, if you can run ads successfully for others, then the better option would be to simply run the ads for yourself & promote offers as an affiliate. That way you are in full control of the scalability & you can grow your income to any amount you desire.

      Having operated both models myself, I can tell you that running an agency is relatively easy if you are only looking to keep your income relatively low – but it becomes much more difficult to scale. You will not pass 5-figures per month unless you’ve hired a team of staff because you only have so many hours in a day to carry out the tasks. The model is not passive, without a team. Affiliate marketing is much easier to scale, even if you’re on your own due to the fact that you can simply grow the budget of your campaigns.

      And yes, as an affiliate you certainly pick & choose what you wish to promote. There are several web hosting companies that I used to promote whose service went downhill & as a result, I dropped them from my promotions because I believe in a “value-first” approach. That’s one of the reasons I like the model the most, because it is so flexible.

      • Thanks, Dale — that seems a lot clearer. If I correctly understand what you mean, then you are saying you can put in the efforts to make your own website/blog appear higher in the search engines (sponsored results or not), and then use your website/blog as a space for others’ ads and earn commissions through affiliate marketing. And though you don’t have (full) control of the commission rate (e.g., it looks like Amazon slashed their commission rates earlier this year), but because you can control the scale of promotion of your own site and choose which companies/ads to promote, then the more your website appears in people’s searches, the more likely you will make money through affiliate marketing. Is that correct?

        It seems that MM has some examples where people are making money with little effort, though I’m assuming these really are not typical examples (e.g., they got lucky or they’re super-talented). If I understand correctly, then you are saying that for the same level of diligence (and not needing to rely on luck), then it is easier to scale and be successful at affiliate marketing than at being an ad agency. Is that right?

        I guess for me, I’m not sure what to write about on the web. I suppose the advantage of being an ad agency is not needing to worry about what content to put up. It’s not that I have absolutely nothing to say; I’m just not sure if I have enough for any one subject or how to demonstrate credibility. Is this a problem? Can these be overcome easily? Was this ever an issue for yourself? Again, I appreciate your answers very much.

        • Hi V, no that’s not correct – I’m not sure where websites or Amazon came into it as I didn’t mention those at all. But either way, that adds to my point as to why affiliate marketing is better – because with affiliate marketing you can promote ANYTHING. So as an example, if you don’t wish to promote Amazon products you could look for an alternative & many products pay up to 80% commission. In fact, there are some (ClickFunnels to name just one) that pay 100% commissions on the sales because these companies are willing to give you the full sale, so that they can then earn revenue down the line by promoting additional products to that customer.

          “It seems that MM has some examples where people are making money with little effort, though”… In that case, I would definitely advise you to run a mile. As you suspected, there is NO such thing as “money for little effort”. If there was, everybody would be doing it.

          Again, I’m not sure how we’ve got to this point but you’re now mentioning writing. I am simply stating that if you are running paid ads, why would you run them for somebody else, when you could simply run them for yourself as an affiliate & be in full control of the scale. If you’re using paid ads to promote your affiliate offers why would you be creating content? I’m running a side-by-side comparison of paid traffic here, not trying to compare other methods of traffic generation.

  46. Wow this is the only real review site I have come across in many hrs of searching into “Abdul and chance”. I actually have my 30 min phone appointment with a “mentor” of theirs tomorrow lol. Don’t think I’ll be answering that now. Thanks so much for the insight dale and everyone else. Gonna have to check these links out while I work on my very real copywriting business 🤦 but yeah big mistake avoided thanks again!


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