Is The Turnkey Business System a Scam? You Might Want To Read This…

The Turnkey Business System is a program that’s been put together by a guy named Matt Lloyd & it claims that it can provide you with all of the benefits of an online business (such as time, location & money freedom) without you having to actually build the business yourself…

Essentially it makes out as if you can just sign up & begin making money without really having to do anything, but is it actually legit or is the Turnkey Business System a scam? Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as I’m going to be uncovering literally everything there is to know about this program right here in this review…

And if you’ve been thinking about signing up to the Turnkey Business System then you’ll definitely want to read it right through to the very end because there are some important things that you need to know.(such as the small fact that it could actually cost you over $50k!).

So let’s jump right in & I’ll show you what it’s really all about…

What Is The Turnkey Business System?

At a glance the Turnkey Business System might sound like the answer to your prayers, Matt Lloyd the founder certainly makes it seem that way. I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to reap the rewards of an online business without having to actually go to any of the effort of creating one of their own?

This whole program leads you into believing that you can simply sign up & plug yourself into some sort of done-for-you online business that will see you earning money without really having to do anything, but sadly the reality is not quite as sweet.

That’s because the Turnkey Business System is actually just another “front end” for an online business opportunity named MOBE. This exact same opportunity actually used to be called MTTB, My Top Tier Business but now it stands for My Online Business Empire instead.

When a company changes name usually there is something untoward going on… Obviously not always… But often you can suspect that’s the case.

MOBE is technically a legitimate company, but I emphasize the word technically – it’s very expensive to say the least, and whilst part of the business model is “done-for-you” it will still require a LOT of work for you to actually make any money.

Sadly the majority of the people who join MOBE see themselves spending more money than they ever end up making. The reason for that is because it’s what’s known as a pay to play program which means in order to earn commissions on any of the products sold by “your business” you must firstly purchase them yourself. That might not initially sound too bad but when I tell you that the products can cost up to $50k in total you might quickly change your mind.

If you search for complaints regarding MOBE then you will find a never-ending list. I myself put together a MOBE review & if you read through the comments some of the people have left then you will quickly gather a good idea as to what’s really going on.

How Does It Work?

Okay so as I’ve outlined above the Turnkey Business System isn’t actually a system in itself, that’s just a fancy website that’s been put together to get you to buy into the MOBE business opportunity. The reason I know that is because Matt Lloyd the creator of the TBS program is the same person who founded MOBE & also if you click to read the terms & conditions on the checkout page you will see that they link to the terms & conditions hosted on the MOBE website. ?

So yeah, basically you sign up to the Turnkey Business System & you’ll then be provided with details to login to your account over at MOBE because that’s what you’ve actually bought into (a little deceiving I know).

This isn’t the first deceiving sales funnel for MOBE though, there’s several more – many of which I’ve also reviewed on this blog. A couple of examples are the WiFi Millionaire & My Super Affiliate Mentor programs.

Once you are inside your MOBE account you will begin the 21 step training program. You’re led to believe that by the end of these 21 steps you will be in a position to start making lot’s of money from your new online business (but that’s unlikely to be the case – instead you’ll probably just be $50k short).

Initially you might still be hyped up about the opportunity & the reason for that is because upon joining you will be assigned a coach who will give you a welcome call. This coach will remain with you throughout the training & after each step you must call the coach to have him or her unlock the next step for you. If you do not call the coach you cannot progress through the program.

I know to some of you this might sound fantastic, especially if you’re new to online business & feel like you might need extra help but the truth is the coach is really a sales person who is being paid to get you to upgrade. They are also only paid if you do actually upgrade which means they can be quite pushy too.

Therefore at the end of each step when you contact your coach you can expect them to give you a big sales pitch – the classic “oh but you will earn more money if you invest in this product” etc… It’s easy to go along with it because they keep you excited.

But here’s the bummer – if at any point you decide not to upgrade the coach will just ditch you. Why would they care about somebody who isn’t upgrading? They only care about you whilst you’re splashing the cash because that’s when they’re earning cash from you.

Now through these 21 steps you will likely learn about making money online, specifically through affiliate marketing – but the training isn’t the best because it’s geared towards pushing you into reselling MOBE itself. Through the videos Matt really stresses on you the importance of promoting a high-ticket (expensive) product & he claims MOBE is the perfect answer. He says that by selling a high-ticket product you can earn a lot more money.

So basically come the end of the steps you will realize that to make money from MOBE what you will actually be doing is simply promoting the same MOBE program that you went through onto other people & hoping that they will splash out & invest the $50k in the program like you did.

And if you didn’t invest the full $50k then you will find that you’re not eligible to earn commissions on all the products, so if somebody does sign up & invest the big money then you won’t earn a penny – instead the commission will be passed up to the next person above you who is qualified at that level.

Can You Make Money With It?

There’s no denying that you can make money with it but it is nowhere near as easy as the Turnkey Business System makes out. This system also doesn’t mention anything about the huge investment you will need to make just to be eligible to make money either.

It’s actually so difficult to make money with MOBE that only a very small percentage of people who sign up ever do. Yes there are people who make millions from this program, but the reality is there’s only a handful of them compared to the thousands in total that have joined. Most people LOSE money as a result of joining this program.

That’s why above I said it’s technically legit & stressed the fact technically, because yes you can make money with it but sadly the chances are that you won’t.

It claims to be built for newbies to easily make money through a done-for-you business but in my opinion the program is actually geared towards gurus who are using to make money by parting newbies with their cash.

So question yourself, whilst you can make money with this type of thing would you really be satisfied knowing that the people you are referring to it are likely going to lose money as a result of you signing them up?

There’s much much better programs available like Wealthy Affiliate for example through which you can get started for free. No huge investment & no huge risk if you don’t manage to make it a success. In my opinion MOBE is not a good program for new starters.

My Verdict – Is The Turnkey Business System a Scam?

Well it’s not a scam but it is very misleading & as a result of signing up you could see yourself parting with a lot of money. Whilst you could potentially make money back the chances of you doing so are very slim as there is LOT’s of hard work involved which in my opinion just makes this program far too risky for somebody who is just getting started.

I also don’t really like the fact that you are forced to purchase the products sold by MOBE in order to make commissions on them. This is what’s known as a pay-to-play program & because you have to do this it introduces a lot of risk. If you don’t manage to make a success of your promotions then you will not be able to get the money back that you invested (which could be up to $50k in total).

Ultimately as I say whilst MOBE is technically legit I really do feel like it’s a program that’s been designed for the gurus so that they can take advantage of people who are new to making money online and don’t really know how it works. They just want to make big fat commissions by getting them to invest in an overly expensive training program.

For that reason I won’t be recommending the Turnkey Business System to you because it’s a lot more hype than it is substance & it could see you losing a lot of money. There are much better alternatives available, such as Wealthy Affiliate for example which allows you to get started with no investment whatsoever.

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

Making good money online isn’t easy, but it IS possible – and this free training gives the average person the best chance of success at launching their own profitable online business.

…I should know, because that EXACT training enabled me to leave my job as an electrician & pursue working from my laptop instead. See how I went from nothing to over $10k/month here.

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