Click Click Cash Scam System – PROOF That It Doesn’t Work Here In My Review!

A man known only by the name of Josh has created a so-called revolutionary system named the Click Cash System which supposedly contains the secret for making 8-figures online in as a little as just 24 months – all on complete autopilot…

You’re led to believe that you can basically just sign up & begin making money, but surprise surprise the website doesn’t state how you’ll be making money & instead you’re asked for $37 to “find out more”… 2 common traits of a big fat scam!

So what’s the deal? Is this system actually legit & can you really make any money with it like Josh claims? Or will Click Click Cash scam you instead & just leave you with less cash than you started out with? The good news is that I’ve took a closer look into it & in this honest review I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know (including of course whether or not it really works). 🙂

What Exactly Is The Click Click Cash System?

Josh the founder of the Click Click Cash system wants you to believe that his system is the easiest system for making money on earth & just like the name suggests he states that you’ll be able to start making good money literally after just a couple of clicks…

He repeats over & over in his promotional video for the system that you don’t need any experience, that you don’t need technical knowledge & that you don’t even need to have made a single penny online to become a millionaire through his system… Apparently “anybody can do it with ease”…

You’re told that everything has been done for you & that by signing up to the system for $37 you’ll essentially be “stealing” his profitable websites that have been responsible for making so much money over the years.

Click Click Cash Cashflow Websites

They’re supposedly the same websites that made him 8 figures in just 24 months, and he’s claiming that he’s going to give you full access to them (and their profits) for just a mere $37…

An 8 figure website for just $37? Sounds like a great deal right? Nope – it sounds like a scam!

And a scam is exactly what the Click Click Cash system is because I can tell you right from the off that rather than being set out to help you make money like it claims it has, in reality it’s just set out to take money from you instead.

The reason I can say that so confidently right from the off is because it’s just a clone of a scam I previously exposed named the Affiliate Millionaire Club. They’ve simply launched it under a new name in an attempt to escape the negative reviews (like mine) which out it so that they can continue scamming people out of their hard earned cash.

Oh and believe me, they’ll be scamming their victims out of a LOT more than just $37… But you don’t have to just take my word for that – keep on reading below & I’ll show you exactly how it all really works…

How Does The Click Click Cash System Work?

Well in short the Click Cash System doesn’t work & as mentioned above it’s nothing but a big fat scam that’s been designed to part you with your cash to make its creator (who isn’t really named Josh) wealthy at your expense.

But the concept is that essentially after paying $37 you’ll be getting access to some “done-for-you” websites that are reading to start earning you profits right from the get-go… So it’s a “sign up & instantly start making money concept”… Also known as a get-rich-quick scam.

However the scam doesn’t stop at just a mere $37, so if you’re thinking about trying it out anyway (which sadly most of my readers end up doing) then I urge you to stop because the true cost is an awful lot more… And no matter how much you spend, you won’t make ANY money with it.

You see the initial fee of $37 actually only gives you access to some instructions & a basic guide on something called affiliate marketing

Now I will point out here that the method of affiliate marketing itself is actually a legitimate way to make good money online – but to find true success with it you need proper training like that found over at Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate marketing basically involves you connecting people with the products they’re looking for online & getting paid commissions by companies in return for doing so if the people you connect happen to make a purchase. Like I say it’s a great method & if you’re interested you can learn more about getting started with it here

Anyway, the Click Click Cash claims to provide its members with a “shortcut” for seeing success from affiliate marketing. They claim to have already done the hard work & created profitable websites with affiliate products listed on them.

You’re told in the instructions that you paid $37 for that you simply need to sign up for some web hosting, install the website they give you & change the ID of the affiliate links to your own affiliate ID (which they show you how to set up) to begin making money…

But this is just part 2 of the scam!

You see the web hosting company that they recommend to you is also in on the scam as well. Their packages are extremely over expensive (hundreds of dollars) and when you sign up they’re paying the creators of the Click Click Cash system a commission… So basically the whole thing is just a way for the creators of the Click Click Cash scam to sucker as much money from you as possible.

FYI you can actually start a money-making website for free (check out how here).

But Can You Make Any Money From The Click Click Cash Website?

The answer to that is a big NO – even if you were to purchase the Click Click Cash program & setup the “done-for-you” website as you’re told to, you still wouldn’t find yourself earning any money at all through the program…

The reason for that is because having a website doesn’t make you money – it’s the visitors to your website that do… And whilst the Click Click Cash website may provide you with a website (which is just a low quality copy that they provide everyone with), they don’t provide you with any visitors.

But there’s a bigger problem – which is that because every member of the system is getting the exact same website, search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing won’t list it within their results because all of the sites are just duplicates. I mean sure, they’ll list the original which the creator owns – but none of the members paying $37 will get their sites listed…

And given that those types of search engines are one of the best ways to get visitors to your website you’re going to massively find yourself struggling to get visitors to your site without it being listed in them.

Like I said previously there’s a much better option – just create a money making website for free by following my guide here & then leverage the search engines to get free visitors who can make you money. ?

Don’t waste $37 (and the additional costs) on a bogus program like Click Click Cash.

Which brings me onto…

My Verdict – Is Click Click Cash a Scam?

Yup, without a doubt the Click Click Cash system is a scam. I mean sure in return for your $37 they do indeed provide you with some “brief” training on how to make money online, but ultimately the whole thing is just geared towards parting you with your cash to make its creator wealthy at your expense instead.

Whoever is behind the whole thing doesn’t really care about your success at all & even if you were to hand over your money and follow all of the instructions there is just simply no way you’ll find yourself profiting as a result. It’s a complete flat-out scam.

So for that reason it comes without saying that I won’t be recommending the Click Click Cash system to you because I know that if you sign up to it you’ll just find yourself totally disappointed with what you receive.

Instead if you really want to make good money online you need to stop looking for things that promise overnight or quick riches & instead focus on legitimate (and free) programs like Wealthy Affiliate which will truly help you get started.

Plus as a bonus here’s a list of my other top picks for making money online too.

Whatever you decide to do though I just hope that my review here has given you a good insight into how this system & other scams like it work & hopefully it has helped you save your hard earned cash.

If you happen to have any further questions or comments then don’t hesitate to leave them below – as always I’ll do my best to respond to you as quickly as I can. 🙂

P.S. it’s time to be completely honest…

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