Is The New Lifestyle Now a Scam? My Review Takes a Closer Look At The Truth

The new Lifestyle Now system has been put together by a guy named Joel Therien & it claims to be a life-changing system that can allegedly enable you to cash an additional 3-4 checks per week…

You’re led to believe that the whole thing will provide you with a “sure-fire way” to earn an additional $200 to $10,000 per month & that you can do it with ease even if you’ve never made so much as a single penny online before…

But is it actually legit, or is the new Lifestyle Now a scam that’ll just see you spending money rather than actually making it? Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as in this honest review I’m going to be uncovering the truth about how it all really works. 🙂

What Exactly Is The New Lifestyle Now System?

To be honest the new Lifestyle Now system isn’t actually anything new at all – and it isn’t a “system” either. In reality it’s just a doorway site that’s promoting Joel Therien’s company named Now Lifestyle.

I actually reviewed the Now Lifestyle opportunity around a year ago when it was first in pre-launch & I’m actually quite surprised that it’s still being promoted… I’m not gonna lie I didn’t really see much hope for it when I first came across it.

But anyway yeah, Joel’s obviously created the new Lifestyle Now system page to attract a different audience to his company Now Lifestyle (which is a fitness based network marketing style business opportunity).

The Lifestyle Now system clear focuses on the money-making opportunity & is therefore obviously targeting people who are looking to earn extra cash as opposed to get fit from home (which is who the other site targets).

Basically to give you a better idea of what’s going on let me quickly explain how Now Lifestyle itself works…

So, Now Lifestyle sells various products related to getting fit at home – such as the one pictured below (among others):

Now Lifestyle Body Boss Home Workout System

But as well as selling those products the company also gives people the opportunity to sign up as independent sales representatives… And as a rep you get to earn money by promoting their products or by recruiting other people (and getting them to promote the products).

The whole thing, as I mentioned a little earlier in this review, is based around a multi-level-marketing compensation plan which means realistically the big money comes from the recruiting side of things.

That’s because whilst you can earn of your own sales, it’s much more lucrative to build a team & earn from the efforts of multiple people below you rather than to rely solely on your own efforts alone.

And taken from the Now Lifestyle pre-launch website back in 2017, the structure of the whole thing looks like this:

Lifestyle Now Compensation Plan

However despite it “seeming” to be quite a lucrative opportunity since you have the potential to earn from all of those people below you, you should know that in actual fact multi-level-marketing is pretty darn difficult.

The FTC actually stated in one of their recent publications that less than 1% of MLM participants turn a profit (as shown below) which is a pretty shocking statement:

MLM Failure Rate

But I know what you’re now probably wondering… Just how does the new Lifestyle Now system fit into all this? Well let’s take a look…

How Does The New Lifestyle Now System Work?

So basically when I first reviewed Joel Therien’s Now Lifestyle program back in 2017 one of the points I raised was that I felt it wasn’t very well defined as to who the program was actually supposed to be targeting…

Was it supposed to be targeting people who wanted to get fit, or was it supposed to be targeting people who wanted to make extra money? The pitch, in my opinion was kinda halfy-half & therefore confusing.

It seems though that since then Joel has took this on board (whether he thought it himself or whether he read my review) & so now rather than promoting everything via the one site, he’s created 2.

The Now Lifestyle site now primarily targets people who are looking to get fit… Whilst the new Lifestyle Now site explicitly targets people who are looking to make extra cash.

However now I believe there is another problem, which is that the whole thing is just WAY too hyped up. In the promo video on the Lifestyle Now site you’re almost promised that you’ll be able to make $200 to $10,000 per month & it leads you into believing that you’ll be able to do it with ease…

Sadly though none of that’s true.

I mean sure, you can indeed make money with Joel’s opportunity – but only if you work hard… And again, if you take what I mentioned above about the FTC statement into account you’ll realize that in reality the odds are stacked against you with only 1% of MLM members managing to turn a profit.

In my opinion if you’re looking to make money there are much better alternatives available, such as Wealthy Affiliate for example where you can actually get started for free & stand a MUCH better chance of turning a profit.

Which brings me onto…

My Verdict – Is Lifestyle Now a Scam?

It’s definitely not a scam, that would be a pretty harsh verdict to arrive at because after all you do indeed get the potential to make money… But I can see why you would ask the question because in my opinion it is extremely hyped-up & the sales page does resemble that of a get-rich-quick scam.

However despite it not being a scam I am still not going to be recommending it to you & that’s simply because in my opinion I just don’t think it’s all that great of a business opportunity. I didn’t recommend it when I first came across it as Now Lifestyle & there is nothing here with this new Lifestyle Now system that is really going to make me change my mind.

I’m also not really a big fan of MLM programs due to the extremely high failure rates & I personally believe that there are better methods of making money than joining an MLM, such as affiliate marketing for example… Which is the exact same way I personally make most of my own money online.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing then do be sure to check out the Wealthy Affiliate program that I mentioned a little bit above because it’s there that you’ll be able to do exactly that. Plus it’s a program that’s actually been proven to help people achieve success too, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

But overall like I say there’s just no way I’m going to be recommending Lifestyle Now to you because I really don’t see how it will help you make money. It’s legit, but in my opinion it’s not really a great opportunity.

Hopefully though this review helped you get a better idea of how it all works & hopefully you feel that you’re now in a better position to decide whether or not it’s actually right for you. If you do have any further questions about it too that you feel I didn’t cover then don’t hesitate to leave them below & I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

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