Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam? My Review of Ray Blanco’s Newsletter

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Technology Profits Confidential is a website that’s been recently put out by a company called Agora Financial & it claims that it can show you how you can make a small fortune from a “little known device” that’s allegedly set to shake the tech industry…

Technology Profits Confidential Newsletter Website ScreenshotBasically you’re led to believe that they’re providing you with the “inside scoop” on this tech before it happens and that if you follow their instructions to invest you’ll put yourself in a position to make massive profits…

But is it actually legit? Or is Technology Profits Confidential a scam that’ll just result in you losing money rather than actually making it? Thankfully you’ve landed in exactly the right place to find out as I’m going to be explaining exactly what it’s all about right here in my real & honest review.

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?   |   How Does Technology Profits Confidential Work?   |   Things Aren’t Quite As They Seem   |   Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?   |   A Better Alternative

What Is Technology Profits Confidential?

Technology Profits Confidential itself is actually just a newsletter & it’s been put together by Ray Blanco who’s an author at a company called Agora Financial. Prior to joining Agora as an author though Ray was allegedly working for one of the most successful private wealth management firms in the country & supposedly managed over $30 billion in assets.

His experience, you’re told, included technology management for large trading and investment firms & Agora Financial claim that he’s an expert in the space – and that he’s now spotted a new “trend” that you will be able to cash in on…

But the chances are you’ve heard of Agora Financial before as they quite often release these hyped-up money making opportunities yet from what I’ve seen very few of them have actually delivered on their promises.

Some of their previous opportunities include the Secret $20 Bitcoin Blueprint, the Altucher Report & the Big Book of Income

If you take a look at my reviews of them you’ll see that they all make very similar promises to what the Technology Profits Confidential website does, and you’ll also see that the websites all follow a very similar structure too.

So you might be wondering what’s the deal? Can you really make money with the Technology Profits Confidential program or are they just trying to scam you instead to make money at your expense?

It’s good that you’re asking the question before diving straight in and signing up (as sadly many people do) but if you keep reading below you’ll see the truth when I show you how it all really works…

How Does Technology Profits Confidential Work?

Well it’s not surprising that you’re likely sceptical about whether or not Technology Profits Confidential really works as promised since the whole thing is actually being promoted via a fake news site as shown below:

Technology Profits Confidential Fake News Site

At a quick glance the site appears to be a legitimate news website but in reality it actually only contains 1 page which is hosted on Agora Financial’s servers & it’s sole intention is to sell you into the newsletter.

If you were to click on any of the links (such as the “You May Like” links on the right hand side) you’d quickly realize that something was amiss as they all redirect back to the exact same page.

Like I say it’s just a stunt to essentially “trick” you into signing up to the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter & whilst it’s not really against the law as such to do something like that it’s pretty strange that they’ve gone to those measures.

After all if the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter can help people make money so easily then why are they having to resort to such tactics in order to get people to sign up? Surely you’d have crowds of people wanting to join.

That’s Because Things Aren’t Quite As They Seem…

In short the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter is basically just another one of Agora Financial’s hyped up sales pitches. I mean don’t get me wrong after handing over your cash you do indeed get access to a trading advice newsletter but it ain’t gonna make you rich like the whole website promoting it makes out.

Sure, you might get lucky and make some money – but similarly there’s the chance that you could lose everything too & funnily enough there’s no mention of that.

The other problem is that most of the investment advice offered via the newsletter requires massive starting amounts to participate. So if you haven’t got several thousand to spare (and possibly lose) then Technology Profits Confidential probably isn’t the program for you.

And if you’re seeing it as an easy way to make money then it definitely isn’t the program for you.

The truth is that in my opinion if you were looking to make easy, profitable trades you’d probably find more luck over at a social trading site where you can copy hundreds of traders rather than just rely on the opinions of 1 (aka Ray Blanco).

Plus there’s no verifiable evidence that Ray has even achieved the results that Agora are boasting.

So couple all that with the fact that they use a phony fake news site to promote the system… It sure doesn’t look good does it? And that probably explains why they’re so many complaints about it over at PissedConsumer.

Here are just a few I picked up on:

It should be just as easy to contact by email to cancel as it was to purchase on line, but when I tried to communicate by email with this company, unfortunately, it was virtually impossible.

After joining his subscription service and paying for it I got an email offering a “Premium” version of the same service for $3,000.

I realized that a) their data is outdated, b) they’re selling smoke and mirrors, and c) their advice, such as it is, is ***.

Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam?

Well no, it would be wrong of me to call it a scam – after all they’re selling access to a newsletter & access to a newsletter is what you get… It’s just that in my opinion the whole thing is extremely overhyped.

You’re basically led to believe that you’re getting access to some sort of “secret” that is almost guaranteed to make you lot’s of money but in reality that just totally isn’t true. The truth is you’re just getting access to a typical trading newsletter & if you follow the investment advice there is no guarantee for you to make money, instead you could actually just end up losing it.

So overall I am not going to be recommending the Technology Profits Confidential newsletter because I don’t believe it will really help you & instead you could just land yourself with a subscription that you find difficult to cancel (based off member reports).

As far as I’m concerned there are better ways to make money online, ways that require much less start-up money & contain much less risk. If you’re still interested in making money then I suggest you check out Commission Academy which is one of my top rated legitimate programs.

But anyway whatever you decide to do I just hope this review here gave you a good insight into what’s really going on & if you do happen to still have any further questions then don’t hesitate to leave them below.

A Better Alternative

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Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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22 thoughts on “Is Technology Profits Confidential a Scam? My Review of Ray Blanco’s Newsletter”

  1. i only wish that you were on line 15 years ago when i believed the hype of stand-berry company a man called dr. surggerrud i sent them 3000 dollars and never made any money now when i see the constant e mails and think o boy that sounds good i go to reviews and find many unhappy customers that did not get their money back as the ad says thank you for all your work it is very helpful to me

  2. I’ve actually done pretty well with their tech profits newsletter. I’ve more than doubled on several of their picks Himx, Ctrl, & Insg most recently so not sure why you wouldn’t be happy with a service like that.

    • Most people would indeed be happy with wins – and whilst *some* have reported wins via the Tech Profits newsletter it seems that the majority are reporting losses, and also hidden fees of thousands of dollars… Glad to hear that you personally have managed to do OK, but it may be a case of “quitting whilst ahead”.

  3. I would like to remove my subscription from automatic renewal. I went to their website, and I can’t find anything about stopping it. Can you tell me how to stop renewal? Thanks.

    • Hi Bill, sadly I don’t know anything about Agora Financial’s renewal policy so I would recommend getting in touch with them themselves instead. Just make sure you do it sooner rather than later though so that you don’t end up accidentally being re-billed.

      • Unfortunately it’s not quite as simple as that – many banks now require you to confirm transactions via a text message & if you’ve done that then it’ll be unlikely that you’ll be able to reclaim the money from your bank (as they’ll know it wasn’t a fraudulent transaction). Still worth contacting them all the same though to see if there’s any way they can help (if the company fails to offer a refund).

  4. Hi Dale,
    I liked your review and will do more research on the release of Halo Fi and LEO transmissions. I did go to the WA site and tried to create an account and it said I already had an account, so I logged in and I’m a free member from maybe 10 years ago who obviously hasn’t done anything with it.

    Who knew?

  5. I sat through an entire video presentation, which I consider one of the singular achievements of my life. My question has more to do with the structure and presentation of the information. Do you consider the video effective? Do you feel the cheap production value, plus mind-numbing repetition, plus the never ending’teasers’ for more information, are well known techniques?

    I’m not looking to do any online selling anytime soon. I just want some additional tidbit of information beyond what you’ve provided. I do feel cheated for my one-hour-plus investment, and I’m just venting I guess. I doubt you’ll respond, but I’d be delighted if you do.

  6. I recently signed up for the newsletter at Tech Profits Confidential. I have no experience with stocks and did not know how to handle the information given. I was thinking that the investments could be made by them. I called an spoke with someone who told me they would send me recommendations on companies that handle the investments. I have not gotten this information, nor have I gotten the hard copy newsletters promised. There continues to be a stream of upgrades that are quite pricey coming my way, for someone who has not invested or made a dime to need. Yesterday I saw the words, “ It’s a no brainer” in a message. That is a pet peeve of mine. If you don’t take advantage of this limited time offer, you must be dumb. That’s why I decided to look further into this company. I also signed up for another service with them. What I am seeing is a pattern that says if you are not happy with this choice, you can transfer to another service, not get any refunds. They do state that the payments are not refundable, but you are supposed to be able to cancel at any time. I am hopeful that I will indeed be able to make a transaction from this information that at least reimburses me for my investment. I will likely be a no brain haver for moving forward. Thanks for you slant on this issue.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience Camille, I hope you’re able to get your money back one way or another – but I would never, ever, recommend chasing money through investments in the hope of profiting (as that’s where it becomes a slippery slope).

  7. I am a new subscriber to “Tech Profits Daily”, so I do not have the experience with the service that the subscribers that have contributed to this web site have had. My interest in subscribing was curiosity about profits from a forth coming announcement about Apple-Fi . I figured the price for the subscription was worth the knowledge I would gain about investing in the technology market.
    Over the years, I have made money the slow and safe way by investing in mutual funds, but this time I thought it might be fun to make my own choices of where to invest. I no sooner subscribed, when yesterday the DOW dropped 800 points, giving me an opportunity to invest. and that I did – but I hedged my bet by purchasing the Fidelity technology mutual fund FSPTX which claimed a $10.000 investment placed 10 years ago, would have been worth $70,000 today. Of course, past success is no guarantee for the future, but my experience with past experience is that it usually works fo me (witness the Fidelity Contrafund (FCNTX) and its Puritan fund (FPURX), so I’m in for the adventure. Although I am just starting, I have already had one unintended consequence: I told my son (who has not shown any interest in investing, and he ,trying to protect his dad, researched the reputation of Ray Blanco, and warned me of the scam complaints. His diligence was well worth the subscription price, since I hope he will be a life long investor long after I am gone! David

  8. Thanks for the information, almost was going to give up car payment for the investment opportunity, just felt it was too good to be true. Goodbye TPC, Ray Blanco

  9. Dale, On 27th December 2020 I rec’d email from TPC foreshadowing BIG announcement coming on 27th January 2021 from Apple re Apple – Fi.
    TPC’s background about Apple -Fi was very detailed and convincing so I diarised their forecast date to await the big announcement. Needless to say Jan. 27 came and went – no announcement from Apple.
    So today I did a Google search of TPC and lobbed on your very helpful site. Thanks for the good work.


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