BeFrugal Review – Scam or Legit Way To Earn Cashback On Your Shopping Online?

Everyday there are websites launching boasting new & innovate ways for people to earn or save money online & BeFrugal is one of them. It claims to provide it’s members with an outstanding online earning opportunity but the question is – does this website really pay back?

I’ve recently been getting asked a lot about it from my followers who are interested in joining… So to help everyone out I decided to put together this honest BeFrugal review so that there remains no confusion while making the right decision as to whether or not to join.

These days, it has become increasingly difficult to determine the legitimacy of an online money-making offer & as a result you might be wondering “Is BeFrugal a Scam?”. That is the main question which we need to answer but before we do, we need to consider all the important factors including how it all works, what it offers and the eligibility requirements associated with BeFrugal.

What Exactly Is BeFrugal?

Everybody loves the idea of being able to save money on regular basis & BeFrugal is a website that offers various products which you can shop at discounted rates.

The compensation is primarily in the form of coupons and cashback programs. BeFrugal is a popular choice of cashback site because it’s been around for many years and this is why many of the visitors consider it legitimate. Is it so? I’ll present my verdict by the end of this BeFrugal review. The fact is that this website is known as the most popular coupon/cashback site.

A Name of Trust!

BeFrugal’s partnership with over 5,000 retailers contributes to the legitimacy of the company. A huge majority of the reviewers talk highly of this platform but there are still some drawbacks. We need to go through how BeFrugal actually works in an attempt to know what to expect after joining the offer.

How Does BeFrugal Work?

BeFrugal offers discounts and cashback from more than 5,000 retailers but the best thing is that you can also find products from Amazon. It is hard to find a website offering legitimate Amazon products with cashback and coupons. So this is a huge plus-point!

BeFrugal Retailers List

Multiple Categories

BeFrugal features multiple product categories so you can expect a huge variety. There are various reliable and high-end brands as well. It works like this…

  • You select a product with cashback offer
  • When you opt for the product, the website will direct you to the retail store where you can confirm the deal

BeFrugal offer print coupons as well as online coupons which facilitate your shopping in various stores and restaurants. The availability of the print coupons is pretty rate but BeFrugal is known for introducing excellent offers you don’t find often. BeFrugal offer over 4,000 printable coupons.

How Good Is This?

As far as the coupons are concerned, BeFrugal is one of the best sites in this regard and I don’t find the likes of BeFrugal quite often. Many websites do offer coupons but they don’t feature such a huge variety of sellers and product categories.

As far as the cashback offer is concerned, BeFrugal is doing a good job but we can definitely find similar offers at many other websites (like at Fetch Rewards or DOSH). The cashback rates are also encouraging. Most of the cashback websites offer a maximum of 3% cashback but BeFrugal offers up to 5% cashback on average.

BeFrugal Challenge!

BeFrugal is so confident about its cashback offers that it openly challenges the visitors by claiming that if somebody finds better cashback rates and provide them with proof of the rates then BeFrugal will not only equal that rate but also reward him/her with additional 25%.

I spent a lot of time in an attempt to verify their claim and reached the conclusion that their claim is actually true. I don’t see any other website offering better cashback rates compared to those of BeFrugal.

How Does Cashback Work?

In the case of a coupon or discount, you simply pay the discounted price but in the case of cashback, you simply make the full payment. Once done, cashback is credited to your account.

How Does BeFrugal Work?

Upon joining BeFrugal, your virtual account is opened with the website. The cashback amounts are deposited to your account. You can withdraw the money by using various methods such as direct deposit, PayPal or check. In the case of many other cashback websites you’re often only rewarded with gift-cards etc.


  • After going through the reviews of hundreds of users, I’ve come to conclusion that the main complaint is about the slow processing of cash-back deposits. But the fact is that this issue is related to specific stores because most of the stores process the cashback pretty quickly. Even if it is a bit slower, it should not be a huge problem.
  • A relatively worrying problem – according to some users – is that sometimes the cashback never gets processed. Such cases are rare, but they do occur and this phenomenon is common with all cashback websites. It happens due to technical issues with the function of cookies and the cookie tracking algorithm. But the good thing is that BeFrugal representatives solve the issue after they get the proof of the purchase.

I’d like to suggest that you never close the window while shopping for cashback. If you close the window and then open the store’s website again, it doesn’t link you with the BeFrugal source so this is why cashback is not awarded. That’s something to be careful of!

My Verdict – Is BeFrugal a Scam?

BeFurgal is definitely not a scam, it’s a legitimate cashback & savings website & it’s a pretty darn good one to say the least. Up until now my favourite cashback place was the DOSH app simply because of it’s ease of use, but BeFrugal is also a really good site because their deals are just flat-out unbeatable.

So yeah, BeFrugal is definitely getting a thumbs up from me & if saving on your online shopping is something that you’re interested in then I’d definitely recommend you check it out because it can certainly help you do that.

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I’ve give you a little hint though, my top pick is a place called Wealthy Affiliate – the training/tools they provide can help you build a full-time income online & you can actually get started there for free so it’s a pretty amazing site.

But anyway hopefully my review here gave you a good insight into how BeFrugal works & hopefully it helped you decide whether or not it’s a good fit for you to join. If you do still happen to have any other questions though then don’t hesitate to leave them below & I’ll get back to you ASAP. 🙂

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