EarnBucks – Scam Influencer Network? My Review Uncovers The Reasons It’s Not Legit

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EarnBucks is a new website that’s just recently launched & it promises to provide people with an easy way to earn as much as $500 per day online by simply sharing links on social media. Visitors to EarnBucks are led to believe that all they need to do is sign up, copy their referral link, share it & that they’ll… Continue reading

Click2Cash Review – Scam Influencer Marketing Network or Legit Way To Earn Online?

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Click2Cash calls itself the “#1 influencer marketing network” and leads you towards believing that you’ll be able to sign up, share links & earn as much as $500 per day by simply referring others. But $500 per day is certainly a heck of a lot of money for a task that seems so easy… So what’s the truth? Is Click2Cash… Continue reading

Rain Money – Scam or Legit? My Review Uncovers Why You Won’t Earn $150 Per Day

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Rain Money is the name of a newly launched website which promises to be able to help you “monetize your social media & make money rain”… You’re led to believe that you can basically sign up, share a link & earn a whopping $10 for every friend that creates a free account with Rain Money after clicking via your link…… Continue reading

Is Click4Kash Legit or a Scam? Review Uncovers Fake Payment Proof & Hidden Dangers

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Click4Kash calls itself the “#1 influencer network in the world” and it promises to provide people with a really easy way to make lots of money online even if they’ve never made so much as a single penny online in the past. Visitors to Click4Kash are led to believe that all they need to do is sign up (for free),… Continue reading

Money Genie Review – Scam or Legit Social Media Affiliate Network For Earning Money?

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Money Genie is the name of a newly launched website which calls itself the “#1 social media affiliate network” & promises to provide influencers with a way to earn lots of easy money from social media. Visitors to Money Genie are led to believe that they can simply sign up for a free account, share their referral link on social… Continue reading

Secrets of the Wealthy System Review – Scam or Legit? I’m Exposing The Honest Truth

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Secrets of the Wealthy is the name of a new online money-making system that promises it can provide you with access to a means of earning thousands of dollars per day online all on complete autopilot. The creators of the system who go by the names of Matt & Orlando lead you towards believing that you can just simply sign… Continue reading

Novelty Site Builder Review – Scam Software or Legit Way To Earn With Amazon?

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The newly launched Novelty Site Builder software claims to be able to build you done-for-you “novelty websites” which you can then affiliate with products from Amazon to allegedly see yourself earning an automated income… You’re told that the sites leverage the “viral effect” so that people will almost unable to resist from sharing them & you’re told that whenever somebody… Continue reading

Adsense Lab Software Review – Legit Way To Earn $4k/Month With Just 1 Click?

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The brand new Adsense Lab software has been launched by a self-proclaimed Adsense guru named Anirudh Baavra & it promises to provide you with a way to earn $4k per month with literally just 1 click. Anirudh Baavra claims that he has discovered a method which can see you earning in just 3 simple steps & he even claims that… Continue reading

AffiliSites PRO Review – Glynn Kosky Is a Real Person But I Wouldn’t Buy His Program

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AffiliSites PRO has been created by a guy named Glynn Kosky & it claims to be a piece of “epic new software” that can allegedly create done-for-you websites which will supposedly earn you 4-figure daily commissions. And if that on its own didn’t already sound good enough, Glynn Kosky even claims that his software will create those sites for you… Continue reading

OG Bucks Review – New Scam or Legit Influencer Network That Actually Pays?

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Have you stumbled across the newly launched OG Bucks influencer network which promises to pay you as much as $500 per day just for sharing links online & inviting friends to create free accounts? Are you now wondering if it’s really legit & if it actually pays, or if it’s just a scam to avoid? Well the good news is… Continue reading