Club Cash Fund Review – This Scam Will Just See You Losing a $100 Bill In The Mail

Club Cash Fund Website Screenshot

Welcome to my Club Cash Fund review in which I’ll be uncovering the truth about John “Chad” Stalvey’s newly launched Club Cash Fund system which promises to provide its members with an easy way to “get free money in their mailbox” all on complete autopilot… You’re told that all you need to do is call (888) 997-4928 & listen to… Continue reading

Home Income Millionaire Scam – My Review Exposes Why It’s Totally Not Legit!

Home Income Millionaire System Website Screenshot

Welcome to my Home Income Millionaire review in which I’ll be taking a look at the brand new Home Income Millionaire system which claims it can allegedly enable you to generate thousands of dollars per day online after just watching a “short video”, even if you’re brand new… According to the website promoting it you’ll be getting access to a… Continue reading

Adflippers Scam Busted – My Review Highlights Why You Won’t Earn Anything

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Adflippers over at is a new service that claims to provide the easiest way to make money online, even if you’ve got no technical knowledge or previous experience at making money online before… You’re led to believe that you can simply participate in something called ad flipping to see massive profits of over $1,000 per day… But is it… Continue reading

Point To Click Profits Scam – My Review Exposes Why This System Is NOT Legit!

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Make $500 per day starting today – that’s what the Point To Click Profits system claims you can do thanks to their so-called “virtual black box” that’ll allegedly see you cashing in from e-commerce transactions all on complete auto-pilot… You’re literally told that you don’t need to do a thing & that the system will make all of the money… Continue reading

The Referral Pay Scam – So Fake There’s NO WAY Anyone Would Believe It Was Legit!

Referral Pay Website Screenshot

The Referral Pay website (found at claims that you can “start using your influence” and earn hundreds of dollars per day online by simply sharing links on social media & completing small tasks that apparently only take a few minutes of your time… You’re led to believe that you’ll be paid $10 to $15 for every friend that joins… Continue reading

My Lead Gen Secret Review – Scam By Jim Harmon or Legit Lead Generation Tool?

My Lead Gen Secret Website Screenshot

My Lead Gen Secret has just been launched by a guy named Jim Harmon & it essentially promises to provide you with everything you’ll ever need to be able to see massive success online & generate a fortune with little to no work at all… You’re told that for a small fee of just $1 per day you’ll be able… Continue reading

Automated Profit Formula Review – Scam or Legit System? Don’t Waste Your Money!

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The Automated Profit Formula system has just launched & it promises to give its members access to a way to easily generate as much as $616.86 per day online in just 3 steps, even if they’re totally brand new at making money online… But before you can access the so-called steps you’re forced to hand over some of your hard… Continue reading

Six Figure Empire Review – This Scam Could See You Losing Everything You Own!

Six Figure Empire Website Screenshot

The Six Figure Empire claims to be “the most automated 6-figure income system ever created” and the website promoting it suggests that upon joining it you’ll be able to create $1,000 paydays online in your spare time, even if you’re brand new… But in order to actually access the so-called “6-figure system” you’re required to hand over some of your… Continue reading

Instant Payment Method Review – Scam or Legit Opportunity To Earn Big Online?

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The Instant Payment Method system is a brand new money-making opportunity that has just recently been launched by Mack Mills & it promises to provide you with an easy way to get $250 commissions deposited into your bank account “over and over again”… You’re basically led to believe that you’ll be getting access to a 100% done-for-you proven system &… Continue reading Scam BUSTED – My Review Uncovers Why Nobody Will Get Paid Website Screenshot

The DoWeeklyJob website (found at claims to provide one of the easiest & fastest ways to make money online & it even suggests that you can begin earning with it if you have absolutely no prior experience or knowledge of making money online… But can it really be so simple to earn such a large income online? And if… Continue reading