How To Get a Refund From WarriorPlus (The Easiest Way To Get Your Money Back)

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

How To Get a Refund From WarriorPlusHave you spent money on a WarriorPlus product only to later discover that it’s either a flat-out scam or just a piece of junk that doesn’t really live up to its initial promises?

Sadly, that doesn’t come as a shock to me. Over the past few years, I’ve exposed literally hundreds of scam products that were being sold through the WarriorPlus network.

But the good news is that you’ve landed in the right place because in this article I’m going to show you step-by-step how to get a refund from WarriorPlus & this method works every time.

So if you’ve lost money, rest assured that you’ll soon get it back.

What Is WarriorPlus?   |   Is WarriorPlus a Scam?   |   How To Get a Refund From WarriorPlus   |   WarriorPlus Ban Disputers   |   The Bottom Line

What Is WarriorPlus?

WarriorPlus is basically a marketplace for digital products, particularly those in the “online marketing” and “make money online” related niches.

Unfortunately, however, most of the products are complete junk.

In fact, after reviewing literally over 100+ products from the WarriorPlus marketplace I don’t think I’ve come across a single one that I have actually felt was good enough to recommend.

Instead, I typically just recommend that people avoid them.

Some of the most recent products I’ve come across on there include the likes of:

…and you can probably see a common trend with them. They’re basically all selling snake oil.

I mean sure, you can definitely make money online & you can definitely make good money online… But being realistic, you’re not going to go “from zero to $100 in 24 hours” or launch an “instant success site”.

So the products within the WarriorPlus marketplace, primarily, are set out to just take advantage of you… And no doubt that’s why you’ve ended up here looking for a refund – because you feel you’ve been taken advantage of.

The good news is that as much as WarriorPlus don’t want you to get your money back, you WILL be able to get it back with my help in this guide. First, however, on that topic of them not wanting you to get it back…

Is WarriorPlus a Scam?

Well, here’s the deal… WarriorPlus claim that they’re just a “facilitator”. They provide a platform for people to list their products & they provide a platform for product owners to take payments.

Does that make them a scam?

From a “technical” standpoint, no.

However, given the fact that the majority of the WarrioPlus marketplace consists of flat-out scams (products that make completely false promises to part you with your cash), and the fact that the people behind WarriorPlus clearly know this is the case… Does that make them a scam?

In my opinion, I would say yes, it does.

And when their TrustPilot page looks like this:

WarriorPlus TrustPilot Reviews

There’s no way they can deny they know what’s going on.

But there’s more – because that’s not the only shady practice carried out by the group behind WarriorPlus.

You see, WarriorPlus is actually part of the Warrior Forum & a good few years ago they tried to con me out of $500. Thankfully I was persistent & reclaimed my funds, but here’s what happened…

Basically, the Warrior Forum runs a self-serve advertising platform. This means that you complete a form, pay some money & have your advertising displayed at the top or bottom of their forum.

Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work anyway.

But they have a little clause which states “Note that all ads are subject to approval by the publisher.”

What they don’t tell you, however, is that if they don’t approve your ad the first time around then they will take your money & not allow a refund or any further changes to the advert.

Crazy, right? I submitted an ad, paid $500 & they basically said: “we’re not gonna run your ad but thanks for the $500 BTW”.

Obviously, they didn’t use those exact words… But frankly, they may as well have done.

So it’s safe to say I wasn’t very happy & as a result, I escalated the claim through PayPal. Shockingly, the Warrior Forum still tried to fight it – but the good news is that PayPal told them where to go 😉.

After that incident, it’s safe to say that I lost all trust in anything “Warrior” related (even though I had very little, to begin with). But hey, this isn’t about me – this is about you.

So here you go, here’s how to get a refund from WarriorPlus…

How To Get a Refund From WarriorPlus

When it comes to buying things online, the good news is that you actually have a LOT of rights – especially in instances where the sellers led you in with false claims or simply just failed to deliver.

WarriorPlus obviously won’t tell you this (and neither will the vendors)… But as a consumer, it’s pretty easy to reclaim your funds if you decide to leverage your rights.

But that’s not necessarily the first path you need to take and, to be honest, it shouldn’t be the first path you go down.

The first step you should take is to follow the proper procedure as laid out by the seller. It’s only if they fail to honour that procedure that you can then begin to leverage your rights.

So what’s the procedure with WarriorPlus products?

Well, here’s the first important point from the WarriorPlus terms:

Important Note: Vendors/Sellers are responsible for ALL refunds. WarriorPlus is NOT the vendor. Each product is listed on WarriorPlus by individual vendors/sellers.

(classic case of WarriorPlus trying to “pass the buck”).

Either way, your first action should be to contact the vendor & to contact the vendor you will need their support email address. You should be able to find this in the email you received after making the purchase or on the thank-you page that you were taken to.

Once you’ve got that, you’ll need to send them a refund request but you MUST be sure to include the following 2 things:

  • The item number (will look something like wso_a1b2c3_456789)
  • Your PayPal address

Give them 48 hours to respond to your request. If they don’t respond, you’ll then need to open a support ticket with WarriorPlus & once again you’ll need to provide the information listed above.

This time, however, you’ll also need to provide details of the steps you have taken to contact the seller otherwise WarriorPlus will just pass the buck once again & tell you to try contacting the seller.

And if you have any problems whatsoever with getting a refund after opening a support ticket with WarriorPlus, the next step (and the guaranteed way) to get your money back is to simply open a PayPal dispute.

PayPal will get a sh** ton of refund requests related to WarriorPlus products so it’ll pretty much be an almost instant reversal. They know just as well as you & I do that that the products are complete junk.

Either way, it won’t take much at all to convince PayPal you were conned. Heck, just show them the sales page of what you bought.

But there is one thing to take note of…

WarriorPlus Ban Disputers

Got scammed through a WarriorPlus product?

Well, to add insult to injury, WarriorPlus claim that they’ll actually ban your account if you decide to open a dispute with PayPal.


They claim that “disputes” aren’t good for anybody… But as far as I’m concerned, if they’re willing to list products that are flat-out scams then you DESERVE to be able to dispute it.

WarriorPlus PayPal Disputes

As a consumer you have rights & you deserve to be able to act on them.

WarriorPlus trying to take away your consumer rights by threatening you with a ban is not cool.

No company, no matter how small or large, should try to take away people’s rights.

You made a purchase, you felt you got done wrong, you should be able to dispute it (without the threat of repercussion).

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is plain and simple. WarriorPlus is a marketplace that’s completely filled with junk products & frankly, flat-out scams.

On top of that, they also make threats that if you attempt to make a dispute against your transaction (which is a consumer right), they will completely ban you from their platform.

So, what should you do?

Well, as far as I’m concerned you should get your money back & run.

And if you’re still looking for a way to legitimately begin earning money online (that doesn’t require any upfront investment) then I’d just advise you stick with my completely free guide.

There’s simply no need to waste money on junk WarriorPlus products.

My free guide explains exactly how you can actually begin making money online & it shows you the exact steps that you need to follow. You can get access to it right here (without any email or payment).

But either way, whatever you decide to do, I just hope that my guide here has helped you with getting a refund from WarriorPlus & if you have any further questions or comments, don’t hesitate to leave them below.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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  1. How do you say but I am self-employed since I was 19 I try to get everybody the benefit of the doubt that’s probably why I got major identity Taft and Friday issues against me right now the FBI is supposed to reimburse me $150,000 and put my credit score back up to 765 for was before the incident luckily I know someone that knows someone .. but I purchased from Glencoe ask you yesterday and he seem to be very honest and legit but I’m disabled I can’t see very well and taking a vantage of grandma nice guy martial arts teacher in football player and I got a lot of followers on Facebook and messenger I just don’t wanna be taken advantage of I want to hook up with someone like you that’s legit and the reason I. Reimbursement on the guarantee is because they put that up for me to hit in order to buy more products from them.. I haven’t seen any large profits or any money been looking in the wallet they manipulate my phone only thing I have to work with and I read on Google exactly what you told me I’m just looking to make a little extra money been there done that I’m million dollar properties since I was 19 .. but I get a disability check there’s not much I was just trying to increase that I’m a personal trainer online from models confused on what to do I don’t want my money back from you I want to learn and succeed honest I got a lot of stuff but none of it has been purchased hit.. I got morals and values I’m a gentleman I don’t lie or cheat or sleep around I’m a good looking athletic body 56-year-old man that people think I’m in the 30s and that’s just what I’m told weekly I feel like the rest of the form I don’t want my money back from you they put that there were I could not miss it and that’s a proper step To take to buy their product and I’ve got a lot of them and I haven’t heard from a lot of vendors to help me and I need help on everything concussion syndrome 14 years playing football 11 championships undefeated state champions.. Thurman Thomas for the Buffalo Bills him and I played together..THANK YOU SIR

  2. Hi dale. Can I get my money back. Read the terms and it said warriors can’t sell or help. With purchases. I’ve never had a business and ready what I just saw I can’t do it by myself not knowing where to start and how. Made a mistake so sorry for wasting your time

  3. Hi, I purchased a product using my card instead of Paypal. But, I do have a Paypal account.
    Does your method still work if I want to get a refund?


  4. I was told to click one ☝🏼 to start learning and pay the limited fee , by the time I looked at my bank acct online it charged me like 14x all diff little paid 2 search , make money by clicking websites- it’s all lies!!!! Nor did they ask or advise me they would keep charging my card !!!!!!!

  5. PayPal dispute didn’t work for me…PayPal decided on the scammer seller’s favor even after providing every proofs to them…

  6. I got scammed badly . WarriorPlus was useless I sent umpteen emails to the vendor , who actually boasts openly about ripping people off , called himself a bandit . Very hard to belive he can get away with it , Hee is one of the top vendors on WarriorPlus .
    I tried Paypal , I was quite sick at the time and couldn’t escalate the claim before a certain date
    well within there 180 day guarantee .
    As a result I am turned of almost every offer that arrives in my inbox
    Why the FBI are not involved with this I don’t know ?
    Thank you for you brilliant service – Its badly needed
    yours Truly
    Scam Shy

  7. Hello I hope this message finds you doing well. I do not know why Warriors plus has to lie to people it’s unethical. they say there’s a money-back guarantee however if you can’t use the product there is no money back guarantee they make you use the product even if you don’t know what’s going on. I have purchased so much stuff. I don’t even know how to setup my Warriors Plus account and asked so many times for help and no one will help me.. yet I keep receiving these messages your commissions are waiting for you, it’s ridiculous already. I know nothing’s waiting because my account is not setup properly. I have a page with over 4,000 people and I said Warriors plus lies.

  8. Wow, I wish i had seen this YEARS ago. Over the years i have purchased almost 100 “products” from Warrior plus (and every time I swear I’ll never buy another) Including two “Done for you” that weren’t. I guess P.T. Barnum Was right. there is one born every minute. thank you for this article. I thought I was just too ignorant of computers to make things work. Now I know that I am a fool as well.

    Thank You.


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