Roy Tribble’s Binary Options Scam Watchdog Disappears! What Happened?

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Scam Watchdog Website ScreenshotIf you’ve spent any amount of time looking for ways to make money online – especially in or around the binary options sector – then Roy Tribble the name behind the Binary Options Watchdog (and also websites is a name you’ve likely heard of…

He claimed to be a binary options millionaire & devoted Christian, hosting a website where he talked about both binary options trading & God, appearing to come across as a genuine, honest guy… When in actual fact he was one of the biggest binary options scammers to ever exist.

Literally every single program that was recommended via his website was a complete-utter scam, and he parted thousands – if not hundreds of thousands with their cash by tricking them into signing up to them… The guy was ruthless, but now his website & entire online presence (except for scam reviews) have disappeared… So just exactly what’s happened to Roy Tribble & his Binary Options Watchdog scam? Let’s take a look…

Roy Tribble – Just Who Actually Is He?

As you can imagine, being the webmaster of several scam websites, Roy Tribble was a pen-name & that was made evident by the fact that his name often changed depending on which of his websites you visited.

Sometimes he went by the name of Roy Tribble, sometimes he went by the name of Justin Tribble, and sometimes he went by an entirely different name altogether – which was Dr. Bill H. Weld.

This resulted in a lot of YouTubers, scam busters & other online reviews taking it upon themselves to investigate further just who this guy exactly was, as shown in the screenshot below:

Justin Tribble Roy Tribble Dr Bill H Weld Scammers

But who exactly was the REAL guy behind the pen-name?

Well, one very clever reviewer came across an ABC News interview in which a “hoaxter” named Justin Tribble created a fake website in an attempt to take down the minister Joel Osteen by making lies about him… And the hawk-eyed review spotted that in the news clip (which can be found on YouTube here) at exactly 46 seconds in Justin’s driver’s license is shown which reveals his true name is Justin Roy Tribble.

Justin Roy Tribble

So we have a binary options scammer creating fake websites under the name of both Roy Tribble & Justin Tribble, and we have a hoaxster named Justin Roy Tribble creating fake websites as well – to take down ministers.

Too coincidental don’t you think? So it looks like the guy pictured above IS indeed our guy.

But anyway, it appears that this guy has been behind multiple hoaxes online, not just the binary options scams – and it sure as heck seems he knows his stuff when it comes to getting things “out there” online.

For example, the same guy appears to be behind a HUGE conspiracy theory named the Nano Domestic Quell, which seems to have scared many folks in the USA… And his theory has stuck so much (because of the lengths he went to push – including creating fake aliases) that it’s still being talked about today, around 5 years on after he initially put it out there – under the name of Dr. Bill H. Weld.

But it’s not just his conspiracy theories that he channels a whole host of effort into, oh no – he certainly put a LOT of effort into his Binary Options Watchdog scam (and ScamWatchdog) sites as well.

He was pictured on his binary scam sites to look like this:

Roy Tribble Scam Watchdog

And due to the fact that he is evidently much younger in real life, he went to the extreme lengths of using software to slow down his voice in the videos & recordings that he published online – as well as putting on a fake Texan accent in an attempt to mask his true identity.

Here’s an example of that Texan accent, which you can feel free to spend some time laughing at:

[youtube id=”9Vy-nYJCX4E” responsive=”true” showinfo=”false” branding=”false” hd=”false” autoplay=”false” controls=”false” theme=”light”]

He also ran “heart-string pulling” music in the background of his videos in another attempt to draw you in & almost feel sorry for him, in a sleazy effort to try to gain your trust so you’d sign up for one of his scams…

Basically, in short, there was a LOT of planning behind his Binary Options Watchdog scam, and a LOT of work put into it.

Which is why I was shocked to come online just the other day to see it had all disappeared…

Initially, I assumed it may have just been a technical error, so I decided to wait it out a couple of days prior to publishing this post – but it now seems that all of his social media accounts & videos have also disappeared too…

So has he been sent to jail? Or was all of this just another “game” for Justin Roy Tribble like the other hoaxes he’s pulled?

Maybe he’s made enough money now & decided to call it a wrap, as it was estimated that he will have been making well over $5,000 to $10,000 per day from his scams… And now that the binary options industry is looking bleak (thank God), maybe he’s just decided to shut up shop.

Call it quits whilst your ahead as the saying goes…

The Binary Options Scam Watchdog – Gone For Good?

According to the site, which saves historic versions of websites – it appears that Roy Tribble’s Scam Watchdog site has indeed had some downtime in the past, but never have his social media accounts disappeared… Which leads me to believe that this time, yes – it appears the Scam Watchdog site is gone for good.

I mean at present some of the listings to his website, such as the listing to Roy Tribble’s Master List (what a load of BS) still appear in the search engine result listings as shown below:

Roy Tribbles Master List

However, if you click on any of the links you’re merely taken to a page that produces a 404 not found error message like the one shown below:

Scam Watchdog Not Found Error Message

And like I just mentioned above, the same now seems to apply for all of his social media channels too…

All of his YouTube videos have been removed (as shown below):

YouTube Video Removed

His Twitter, Google+ profiles & others have disappeared… And even his Dr Bill H Weld blogspot site has been removed too, which now presents visitors with an error message as shown below:

Dr Bill H Weld

I believe that this also confirms that Justin Roy Tribble was indeed 100% Dr. Bill H. Weld as well, as it’s way too coincidental for all of these websites to share such common links, and for them to all disappear at the exact same time.

So regarding the whole Dr. Bill H. Weld thing & the Nano Domestic Quell conspiracy theories, I think this once and for all proves that basically it was just Justin Roy Tribble, the same man that was behind the binary options scam watchdog site, spouting a load of BS under a fake alias.

But regarding the conspiracy thing, I don’t want to get too caught up on that – I’m more interested in the scam side of things…

And I want to know WHY Mr Roy Tribble has suddenly decided to remove all this content… Has he been forced to do it? Has he been closed down? Has he gone to jail? Is he on the run? (maybe he’s in hiding with Matt Lloyd).

There are so many questions!

And what about all of his victims that lost money to his scams? How can they get their money back?

Something big has certainly happened because even his LinkedIn profile as shown below has disappeared too:

Roy Watchdog LinkedIn Profile

Literally EVERY trace of Roy Tribble has gone, apart from the few videos that remain on YouTube which were uploaded by third parties exposing him.

His site has gone, his site has gone – and his LinkedIn profile mentions he also owned another site named which surprise surprise has also gone too.

The Thing That Doesn’t Make Sense…

As you can probably tell if you take a look around my blog, I’ve done my fair share of exposing online scams – and what’s odd here is the fact that Roy Tribble has completely taken all of his sites/profiles down.

Normally when scammers get caught out or get wind that they’re going to be shortly outed they simply redirect their sites through to another scam.

Take the Money Looper scam for example – that’s just launched, but when it launched several other scams that had been exposed merely closed their websites down & redirected them through to it via an affiliate link which earns them commissions.

After all, Roy did around 4 years (or more) of promoting his Scam Watchdog & Binary Watchdog sites, so they’ll have been generating a heck of a lot of traffic (visitors)… Meaning by closing his sites down completely he’ll be losing out on thousands, if not millions – something which scammers frankly don’t tend to like doing!

And prior to that, I noticed that Roy had been through a lot of his content, rewording it & removing some of it… Which I felt was odd.

As I said at the very beginning of this post, Justin Roy Tribble was a ruthless scammer, he didn’t seem to care about what he wrote or posted – so why now had he decided to go through his posts & edit them? And why so shortly after has everything disappeared?

It’s funny that the first post to get edited was a defamatory post which “called out” several legitimate people in the marketing industry. He called them scammers because they outed him as a scam.

Some of them though were BIG names… Have they filed a lawsuit?

I’m thinking that’s looking like the likely option – that somebody has filed a lawsuit, and that the lawsuit has brought attention to his website from the authorities who have forced him to close it down.

Either way, though there doesn’t seem to have been anything posted on any official websites like the FTC about the closure, which usually is the case in an instance like this where there are so many victims…

But I’ll be keeping my eye out to see what unfolds & I’ll be updating this post when I get some news so be sure to bookmark it & keep your eyes peeled if you too have been following the Roy Tribble scam.

For now, though, do YOU have any information on the Justin Roy Tribble scam? Have you found yourself a victim of the scam? Please do leave comments below if that’s the case as I’m eager to hear more information on this… And as I say I’ll keep you updated as it unfolds.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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33 thoughts on “Roy Tribble’s Binary Options Scam Watchdog Disappears! What Happened?”

  1. It looks like Roy started another scam this started back in late Sept. 2018. I received an email from him saying he became acquainted with a person Mitchell Drake who had worked with a Large Swiss bank trading stocks and forex. Supposedly Mitchell had left the Bank and when he did he took a computer program that would allow the Bank to intercept incoming electronic trades and based on these trades the Bank could tell which trades were buys and which were sells. The Bank would then enter trades AND SCALP small percentages on each trade. Mitchell was willing to help the common person to get rich by trading your personal account based on the amount you opened your Brokerage with. He was going to use this computer program that he had taken from the Bank. Roy was sending email on how he was doing with Mitchells help. Race option was the Brokerage he suggested to use. I did not open an account with them as I decided to follow Mitchell’s Facebook account and see how his trades were doing for the people he was trading for. There were more than a dozen people that were thanking him for their weekly incomes on his Facebook page. some were impressive amounts. After about 2 months I decided to invest. I had to sign a Non-disclosure and a Private Brokerage account and send around $1000 in Bitcoin to the Brokerage. Which was around the middle of Dec. Since I did this Roy’s Scamdog account was shut down and Mitchell has not returned any of my emails. I am beginning to think that this whole thing was made up by Roy as a last big Scam of his. He might have walked of with several million with this Scam. i would like to know if there are others that have been scammed with this deal!

    • Sorry to hear that Richard – it does indeed sound like another scam, especially since it involves the use of Bitcoin for the transaction as Bitcoin transfers are non-traceable. Sadly since it does involve Bitcoin there won’t be a great deal you can do with regards to getting your getting money back… “Roy” is/was a crafty guy for sure.

  2. Hi Dale

    For some reason when I read your post about Roy Tribble the post gave me concern about him. That is the reason I replied to you in the way I did.

    After reading your information and adding some of what I was feeling, I was compelled to write to you about my feeling at the time. This was for your information and not the whole world!

    For this reason I am asking for you to remove my reply:

    I do not have any solid evidence that what I said is 100 % TRUE! All the evidence I have currently is circumstantial and I do not want anyone to rely 100% on what I said as gospel truth.

    That is why I am asking that you remove my comment from your site.

    Thanks: Richard Mahan

  3. Hi Dale

    Just checking to see if you had taken my reply down that I wrote on January 7th.
    I would appreciate it if you would take my reply down! My reasoning for this is as I stated yesterday on Jan. 30th when I emailed you. I am still not 100% sure that Roy is a scam artist. I know from your post that you are and after reading your article I was convinced enough for me to write to you, however I did not know you were going to post that reply for everyone to read.

    I am not comfortable with it being posted for everyone to read as all the evidence I have before me currently is only circumstantial.

    So if you would please take that reply of mine down! That was only meant for you to read!

    If this turns out to be a scam, I will come back to you with solid evidence that I can offer as proof and you can post it for all to read and make their decisions from that evidence.

    Thanks: Richard Mahan

  4. Hi Dale

    I just checked your site this morning (2/01/19) and I noticed you haven’t removed my reply that I wrote to you on Jan. 7th, even though I have asked you politely twice to do so! If you are going to keep showing my reply, how about you also posting my emails to you asking for my reply to be removed! My reasoning for this is so that people reading your post will know that even though I have a concern about Roy’s being a scam artist I am not 100% sure of it! And until I have solid proof and am 100% sure that he is a scam artist I want people to know that I still have reservations! So if you are not going to take my original reply down please post my last (2) emails along with this one!

    As I want people reading your post to know My reasoning for asking that my reply be removed is even though I have concern I still have doubt as I do not have s0olid evidence that Roy is a scam artist!

    All the evidence I have is only circumstantial!

    So please either take my reply down or post these (3) emails along with my original reply! That way people reading your post will know that even though I have concerns I am still not 100% convinced because I do not have solid evidence of Roy’s being a scam artist.

    Thanks: Richard Mahan

    • Hi Richard – my apologies as for the past few days I have been traveling with limited internet access. I am just catching up & as requested I have published the additional comments you sent to me.

      I am curious though – what is the update to your situation since Jan 7th? Did you manage to get your money back or receive contact? Would be very interested in hearing how things went.

    • It’s a little strange how Richard was extremely responsive & regularly checking this post (according to his comments) but then suddenly disappeared when I asked for an update on his situation. Not sure what’s happened there.

    • Same here. I participated in the Mitchell Drake investment stuff. Yet to hear from him again. I invested $1000 with him. Hope he comes back someday.

    • I have to admit Liam I am a little bit confused by Richard’s comments… First he said he had been scammed by Roy, then he left several more messages saying he was unsure & that the whole thing may not be a scam (and was clearly checking my blog each day)… Then after I published those messages as he begged me to do so he has since disappeared. I therefore suspect that Richard has potentially been offered some money by Roy to keep quiet/backtrack on his old comments.

  5. The reason i wanted to know about Richard is because i heard about this too. Liam were you in the group? I want to know also to see if people are actually getting anything from this. Richard clearly disappeared.

  6. Unfortunately, I was part of this group. The last communication from them was late February. I’ve sent numerous emails since, but no reply. I’m amazed that I can’t find any other info other than here, as there seemed to be lots of people involved. Yeah Richard, how come no reply?

  7. Liam I was part of this group also and have not heard anything since early February and nobody responds to my emails. I also can’t seem to get in contact with anybody. This is so messed up. What did the last email you sent say? Did they explain anything about what is going on? I sure would like to know since you heard from them after me. Thanks

  8. Lucas, I was communicating with Stefan and the last I heard of him was 28 Feb. He said he had sent an recent “update”, but that not everyone received it. I told him I didn’t receive it, but never heard from him since, despite my numerous emails since then. I’d rather talk privately though!

  9. Liam, samething with me last contact was on february 28 but nothing after that. Nobody answers. this is so messed up. Let me know how we can talk in private

  10. Hey Richard mahan, do you have an update on the group. You never said anything else about this. Some of us will like to know since we got scammed

  11. Hi Guys: This is Richard Mahan and the reason I posted the reply I did back in February was because of this email I received from Mitchell Drake see email:
    “On Saturday, January 19, 2019 11:27 AM, Secure Groups wrote:

    > All balances are being renewed, traded and brought to $75,000 USD each in Monero.
    > I will have more instructions soon, but for now as I instructed, all members should have a Monero wallet on standby.”

    From that email I was hoping that soon I could start asking for Monero to be sent to my account and that was the reason for asking that my response be removed, because it looked like Mitchell was going to start paying. Well here it is May 30, 2019 and I have heard nothing from Mitchell Drake or a person called Stefan! Here is my last email to Stefan:
    “Hi Stefan
    Here it is May 9, 2019 and I have heard nothing from you or Mitchell. I am now assured this whole thing that Roy Tribble said about Mitchell Drake being a Banker that took a computer program from his Bank and wanted use the program to help the little guy make money is a SCAM! In fact I have come to believe you are a made up person just like the other two. I wonder how many people have been Scammed by Roy and his so called Banker Mitchell Drake?”

    Liam it seems like this guy Roy Tribble is a Scam Artist. I watched his site for about 3 years and tried some of his Binary Options trading however I stayed away from them because of my having little money to invest. That being said I would watch the site on a monthly basis. Then one day Roy’s site I saw this:

    “The Benefits Offered To All Members:
    1) Funds are deposited into one of Europe’s best brokers, in an account managed and traded personally by Mitchell Drake.
    2) Safe, secure, no risk of being shut down by regulators. Funds are NOT “commingled”, which ensures members are SAFE from regulatory prosecution or fines (this is why deposits are required; you must begin trading with your OWN funds! This protects your funds, and keeps you safe from any legal issues).
    3) Mitchell Drake will issue withdrawals himself, personally, to each member, at their request.
    4) By joining the Main Group, Gold Tier Group and Platinum Tier Group, you will later on have an opportunity to join The Mentor’s Executive Group, an exclusive group of traders who make over $100 to 250 Million a year trading. This opportunity is not available to the Subgroup or depositors of other brokers like Race Option.” I join the Facebook group of Mitchell Drake’s and watched for several months the monies that were being made by some of the group before I joined the Main Group. I purchased about $1,000 of Bitcoin and sent it to Mitchell’s Private Broker group. I also signed a Non-Disclosure that even has Mitchell’s signature (supposedly) back on 10/31/2018. Everything looked legit and I was hoping that finally I had found a program that could make me some money!

    However after time passes and no money you begin to see that this is a BIG SCAM ON ROY’S PART. I know Mitchell Drake is a made up name, This person Stefan is also a made up name and the whole program is BOGUS!
    It looks like as Dale said from his research this whole program was a SCAM from the Beginning. I now agree. At this point I do not know what we can do, perhaps someone has an idea as to how we can make this Scam Artist squirm as he needs to be dealt with!

    Thanks: Richard Mahan

  12. Hey Richard, thanks for coming back and updating us. That was the same email and information i got also and i believe we all did. I too believe this is a scam and that Roy made all this up. that is why he changed from using raceoptions to his own broker. I wish there was something we can do to get this guy man this is so messed up what he did to people. The thing is that besides this site and Dale speaking up on Roy, nobody else is saying anything about this.

  13. Thanks for that Richard. Yep, it looks like Mitchell Drake and Stefan didn’t even exist. I questioned “Mitchell” about Roy way back in January. I asked him why all of Roy’s sites were down and he replied…

    Roy is not able to get his sites back online because he is facing a series of legal issues, including a cease and desist order from the UK government preventing him from hosting a website. I’m doing all I can to help him via my own contacts to help him, because I feel partly responsible for what is happening to him.

    He also sent me this at the end of January…

    I also spoke with Roy and he said he hopes to have his sites back up within one month, as he has hired a new webmaster. This took some time as I needed to perform a background check on the new webmaster, but he did pass it and he has signed my agreements.

    That’s the last I heard from him. Then “Stefan” took over and the rest is history…..

  14. I was also a victim of this scam. I have filed a report with the FBI today. I am from Australia. I am pretty sure Justin Roy TRIBBLE was posing as Mitchell Drake, Roy Tribble and Stefan. I urge anyone else to file a complaint. The person will be tracked via the Bitcoin transactions back to the exchange where he cashed out. There is no hiding from that fact.

    • Hi Ash
      This is Richard Mahan according to your post you said you filed a report with the FBI. Could you give me the person at the FBI and where you filed the report? Please contact me at, as I would like to file a report with the same person at the FBI!


  15. I was scammed out of 11,500 worth of bitcoin, worth much more today from Roy aka, Mitchell Drake…I was invited to be in the “Gold Tier Group”. I filed a report with the SEC and am considering other agencies. I have sent multiple emails for updates and requesting my original bitcoin to be returned. I was told it could not be due to an “error message”, a lie, no explanation given as to what type of error message. I believed he set us all up and did his best to separate us all from each other as a group so we could not communicate with each other and ask questions. This is why he shut down the FB group, giving phony reasons, and opened up the Proton email account. Evidence of all transactions is in a secure place…

  16. To bad for all was sure Roy was honest and really trying to help the poor folks duped or what and the prayer groups good grief! I made some money on the coin he was promoting at the time ! And did learn how to play binary options and never made a cent at it lost a few hundred dollars and still have several hundred dollars locked up in another project he was promoting at the time viso from Georgia Russia still can’t figure out how it works and nobody to contact to ask to get bit coin back he used to answer most of my emails and just dried up and stopped. Does any body else have any coin in viso? I thought it was in the states only found out later is in Russia

  17. I too had the experience with Roy’s Mitchell Drake Trading Group and lost 10k. I am one of the group who followed his instructions to deposit with Race Option so he could begin trading on my account but very quickly after depositing he instructed everyone to remove their balance from Race Option as it was not secure anymore to be trading his system in that platform and he had a better private platform to trade on. He claimed there were people zeroing in on him and wanting to do him harm so everything must be very secure. So many people starting withdrawing their funds from Race Option that Race Option locked the funds in the accounts and refuses to give back the funds. This was back in Sept. 2018. Some people were lucky and got their withdrawals. I was not. Race Option was hot on the trail of whoever was behind the group and even called me demanding information to identify who it was that told me to withdraw my funds….even going so far as to scream at me and tell me I will never get my funds back. Repeated attempts to withdraw my funds is just met with false responses that it is being processed, please be patient or it has been referred to the financial department.

  18. Hey everyone,

    I’m assuming there has been no update on this? My dad was involved with the same Mitchell Drake “investment opportunity”. He received all the same emails everyone else has. Would love to know if there were any responses from the FBI, SEC, or Raceoption. I have been scouring the internet to find any info I can to maybe help him get some or all of his money back. I realize this is unlikely but worth a message. This is the closest thing I’ve found where people have had the exact same experience. So thank you for that Dale. It was so secretive, which makes sense now. Any info would help but I also understand that even any reply from this message board is a long shot understanding the time stamps.
    Thank you in advance.

    • On 2019/01/26 at 8:28 pm “Roy Tribble” threatened me with a lawsuit for defamation (lol) unless I removed this post. He sent me the message under the name “Anonymous”. It appears he threatened several others who had previously commented here & unfortunately, they buckled. Some of them even changed their comments to say that they thought “Roy was great” which in my opinion, makes them just as bad as him. Obviously, I removed those fake-praising comments, but since that initial flood of comments when he disappeared, there hasn’t been much other action. If you do have any developments though please do come back & share them.

  19. Hey Dale.

    i don’t know where Roy is right now ( i hope he’s safe) and i also can’t figure it out why would he scam people because he was genuinely a nice guy.

    Roy helped me learn binary options. i only knew basic stuff about trading but he helped me massively. he used to reply to my emails whenever i used to ask him about trading and brokers.

    He also helped so many people by sending them money via western union and paypal. he helped many people who were in need of financial help. his blog had stories of many families (their real pics as well) who received money from Roy that helped them change their lives.

    And before you say i’m lying and talking BS……Roy also sent me $300 via Western Union in 2017 just so i can start trading. the thing is i had no money back then to start trading ( i was a student who had no job) and it was ROY himself who sent me $300. back in the day, he used to pick 3 people every month and used to sent them $300 each. you probably won’t believe me but i swear this is not a bs made up story. these are facts that i have never shared with anyone on any other forum/thread.

    I’m only sharing this info here because i think internet world needs to know his good side as well. everyone is calling him a scammer ( i dunno if he is) but as much as i know him, i refuse to believe he is a scammer. i mean why would he help random strangers on internet and give out thousand of dollars to them if he really was a scammer???? this makes no sense.

    My conspiracy theory is something bad happened to Roy……he used to get life threats back in the day and his website was hacked multiple times too. i witnessed it myself so i think some guy or a group of people hacked his website/blog and his email as well and started scamming people as Roy. this is just my theory and i hope this is the case.

    I don’t care what other people say but for me Roy will always be remembered as a good guy (unless he gets arrested and put in jail for fraud) who helped people learn the art of option trading and most importantly he financially helped many people and changed their lives

    I hope someday Roy come back and tell his side of story and remember innocent till proven guilty!!!

    PS: i urge you to not delete my comment because the info i shared in this comment is legit and people need to know this

    • When somebody signed up to a binary options broker via Roy’s link, he was paid over $500+ in commissions. So one of his tricks was to send people funds & get them to sign up so that he could earn a profit via the commission. Then the person that signed up would ultimately go on to lose money trading (more than their deposit) and believe that it was “just their fault” and that “Roy was a good guy”. Clever scam but a scam all the same. Nobody makes money with binary options other than the brokers.

  20. That Roy is a weasel and a thief. I fell for his scam and sent him $5000 for his Mitchell Drake scam. He took advantage of a lot of people. There is a place reserved in hell for him.


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