Is Wad Ojooo a PTC Scam? Read My Honest Review Before Joining!

Wad Ojooo is a PTC website that claims it will pay you in return for carrying out simple tasks such as clicking on advertisements & watching short videos, but is it actually legit or is Wad Ojooo a scam that’s merely set to part you with your time?

I’ve decided to take a closer look at it to find out what it’s all about, how it all works & whether or not you can really make money with it. I’ll be uncovering everything you need to know right here in this Wad Ojooo review…

So basically if you’ve come across this website & you’ve been thinking about getting started with it then you can rest assured that you’ve landed in the right place to see if it’s going to be worth it before you do. 🙂

And on that note let’s dive on in to the review…

What Is Wad Ojooo?

Aside from being a website with a pretty peculiar name, Wad Ojooo is what’s known as a PTC website which stands for Pay-To-Click. As you can probably guess this means that they will pay you for clicking. ?

However when it comes to PTC websites whilst there are some legitimate ones, sadly many of them are actually scams. I know that because I’ve exposed several of them right here on this blog such as the Seven Dollar Click & Teens Earn Cash programs.

These scam PTC sites promise the world but when it comes to withdrawal time the members are left to find that their withdrawal requests simply get ignored. The only people really making money with them were the creators – and they were doing that at the expense of the members.

So what’s the deal with Wad Ojooo? Is it actually legit or is this one a scam too? It’s always good to ask the question before signing up to anything like this but thankfully I can confirm that Wad Ojooo is indeed legit.

However one thing I can tell you is that whilst it is legit it is still not really a website I would recommend, not at least unless you were really desperate to earn ANY extra cash (I’m talking literally like a few dollars). The reason for that is because Wad Ojooo, like the many other PTC sites out there is very low-paying.

When I say low-paying I mean generally they don’t even pay a single cent per click, and the maximum they pay per click seems to be capped at just $0.04… A measly 4 cents per click.

And I know that might not sound too bad, but it gets a little worse. Firstly you are not just getting paid for the clicks, you actually have to spend some time looking at the ad before the money gets credited to your account (usually 10-30 seconds) and secondly you can only view a maximum of 100 ads per day.

So even if every ad was paying the highest paying amount of $0.04 the maximum you could earn in a day would be $4 & that would take you roughly 50 minutes if every ad needed to be viewed for 30 seconds (which is likely such high-paying ads would).

$4 for 50 minutes is NOT great, that’s the reason I don’t really recommend PTC sites unless you really, really need the money. Even then there are still in my opinion much better alternatives available.

How Does Wad Ojooo Work?

One thing I will say about Wad Ojooo is that whilst I don’t really recommend PTC sites in general, in terms of PTC sites Wad Ojooo is actually pretty good. In fact it’s probably one of the best ones I’ve come across.

Another legitimate PTC site I came across was DonkeyMails but alongside Wad Ojooo it doesn’t look quite as good. Wad Ojooo has a much simpler process & seems to be reputable for it’s payouts.

Anyway the process with Wad Ojooo is quite simple…

You sign up, and once you have done so you will be presented with a whole bunch of advertisements to view. You can view up to 100 ads per day & each ad will pay roughly a cent or so per view.

To start earning money you simply need to click on an ad & view it for the required period (which is usually 10 to 30 seconds). Once you’ve viewed the ad for that long then the page will refresh & your account will be credited with your earnings… You can then continue to view more ads, until of course you hit your daily limit of 100.

On top of that you can also earn money by watching videos – these pay a little bit more, but there are not so many of them on the site. These also contribute towards your daily cap of 100 – so for example you could watch 20 videos & view 80 ads etc – but no more than that per day.

Where Does The Money Come From?

When it comes to these types of PTC sites a lot of people are skeptical because they are unsure as to where the money comes from – I mean after all why would somebody pay you to click on an ad or watch a video?

Well basically there are indeed advertisers who are willing to pay people to do just that, however of course they are informed that the people viewing their ads/videos are indeed being paid to do so.

This means that generally the advertisers pay much less per click/view than they would do on a traditional ad network because they know that the majority of the people viewing the ads won’t actually be interested in the services or products they’re offering… They basically just work on the fact that the advertising is cheap and that they hope somebody who clicks will actually be interested…

Realistically it’s not a very good form of advertising for advertisers however thankfully there are enough people in the world willing to try it out at least once to keep the site running & to keep members earning – but often with these types of sites there can be “droughts” which are basically periods where they are short of advertisers meaning less ads for you to view (and less earnings as a result).

My Verdict – Is Wad Ojooo a Scam?

I’ve had a lot of people asking me if Wad Ojooo is a scam & I can understand why, when it comes to these PTC sites there are many rogues so it’s wise to be careful. I know I’ve already confirmed that it’s not a scam above but just in case any of you reading this page have jumped straight here to the conclusion I was to stress again that Wad Ojooo is indeed legit.

Now, to be honest you might think that will mean I recommend Wad Ojooo but realistically I still don’t. The reason for that is simply because although it is legit & you can potentially earn money for it, these types of websites will having you giving up a lot of your time for very little reward.

Ultimately unless you are in a really desperate situation where literally ever dollar counts then these types of websites just really aren’t worth it. Honestly they pay much less than minimum wage & the reason for that is because the tasks are so easy which means anybody can do them so there is a lot of competition. These types of websites will never ever need to pay a high amount to get people to do the tasks because they know that there will always be somebody desperate somewhere, sadly.

So yeah that’s why I don’t recommend them, especially when I know that there are better ways to earn online – many of which, like Wad Ojooo are completely free to join & some of which can even ultimately land you with a full-time income (as opposed to a measly ~$4 per day like you would be earning through this particular PTC site).

Anyway, hopefully you found this review useful & hopefully it give you the insight on Wad Ojooo that you were looking for. Before you leave if you are still looking to make money online then be sure to check out my free guide here.

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