Click2Sell Review – Legit or Scam? Exposing The Fake Online Banner Advertising Scam

Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]

Click2Sell calls itself a “self-service online advertising platform”, claims to be based out of London & promises to provide people with an easy way to earn tons of cash by investing in online advertising.

Click2Sell Website ScreenshotAccording to their promotions, they claim to essentially act as a “crowdfunding” website for companies that want to advertise online & by investing in the banners through their website you can supposedly see yourself earning a healthy share of the profits generated.

But wait, investing in banners?

That sounds… Weird.

I’ve been doing this online marketing thing full-time for many years now & I’ve never heard of any sort of opportunity to invest in banners. In fact, I don’t even see how it could possibly work.

Is Click2Sell a scam?

That’s what I wondered, and to find out I decided to take a closer look into the company, try it out, see exactly how it all works & most importantly determine if you can really make money with it.

In this review of Click2Sell I’ll be sharing my findings…

Click2Sell Company Information   |   How Does Click2Sell Work?   |   How To Get Your Money Back From Click2Sell   |   Is Click2Sell a Scam?   |   A Legitimate Alternative

Click2Sell Limited – The Company

The first thing I decided to do was take a closer look at the company itself because as you might have already noticed there isn’t actually a great deal of information on their main website (located at

My initial discovery was that the company seems to be operating under a few different names.

BannerBit & Clicks Dealer seem to be the 2 main alternative names the company is using, but there may be more – and both of those websites follow a similar theme to that of Click2Sell.

They too claim to provide people with access to a great opportunity for making easy money online.

Stranger though was my next discovery, in which I found that not only was Click2Sell using multiple names, but it was also using multiple “doorway websites” for its promotions.

So instead of promoting the BannerBit, Clicks Dealer & Click2Sell websites directly, the people behind the whole thing were promoting doorway sites that led people through to them.

These doorway sites presented the visitor with a video, asked for their contact details & then redirected them through to one of the three sites – either BannerBit, Clicks Dealer or Click2Sell.

And here’s a list of some of the many doorway sites I discovered:

As you can see there are quite a few, to say the least, & this is where things started getting pretty shady because all of those websites put a “get-rich-quick” style hyped-up spin on things.

Plus, one of the sites (Digital Payday) even claimed to have been endorsed by Mark Zuckerberg, but the photo had quite clearly been photoshopped as shown below:

Mark Zuckerberg Digital Payday

Would a legitimate company go to such lengths to create so many shady doorway websites & photoshop images in an attempt to trick people into believing things that weren’t true?

I highly doubt it.

So what’s really going on here? Let’s take a look…

How Does Click2Sell Work?

The Click2Sell opportunity is promoted as an “investment” in banner advertising – so you’re led to believe that you’ll be helping companies acquire advertising funds & that you’ll be able to get a share of the profits as a result.

Now because you’re allegedly “investing” in the ads, they also claim to give you the opportunity to resell your ads at a later date to either recoup your initial investment or hopefully turn a profit.

The problem though is that none of this makes sense.

I’m an experienced online marketer – I’ve been earning a living online for many years now & there is just hands-down no way that you could “invest” in banner advertising like Click2Sell (and it’s various aliases) claims you can.

Forgetting about that “small issue” for now though, if you do indeed sign up to Click2Sell as I did (which I don’t recommend doing) then you’ll discover that they do indeed have a banner ads marketplace.

This is how it looks:

Click2Sell Marketplace

So you can deposit money & purchase banner advertising – which to the unsuspecting may seem fairly legitimate…

But going back to what I just mentioned above about it not physically being possible to invest in & earn from advertising like this – the question is, where is your money actually going?

The answer = straight into Click2Sell’s pockets.

That’s right, the whole thing is a complete fraud. They’ve basically invented the whole idea of ad flipping & developed a fake website around the imaginary concept in order to take people’s cash.

Unfortunately, it’s been pretty successful.

Take a look at these reviews which mention BannerBit – which is the same group as Click2Sell:

Banner Bit Scam Review

Banner Bit Scam Review 2

Those reviews were published in 2018 & it seems that Click2Sell is essentially a “relaunch” of the scam, using a new name in an attempt to escape the negative reviews to trick more people into joining.

And that’s why they also appear to be using all of the “doorway” sites that I mentioned earlier in this review too so that they can try to hide the true name of the company behind the scenes to prevent as many negative reviews.

If you want more information on the scam itself, I wrote a detailed post explaining how the ad flipping scam works here.

Back onto Click2Sell though, what do you do if you’ve already lost money?

Can you get a refund from Click2Sell?

How To Get Your Money Back From Click2Sell

Unfortunately, it seems that the people behind Click2Sell are actually pretty clever when it comes to taking money from people, and they’ve instructed for most payments to be made via bank transfer or Bitcoin.

This generally makes it extremely difficult for people to get their money back, because those types of transactions aren’t usually covered by any sort of protection, and aren’t processed by a third-party merchant.

Regardless though, your first step should be to contact your bank.

It may feel like an embarrassing call to make, but call your bank & tell them exactly what’s happened. Your bank should be able to offer you the best advice in terms of getting a refund from Click2Sell.

You may also find helpful information from other people who have been caught out by the scam in the comments section of this Click2Sell review below – and if you can share any information to help others in the comments it’d be great if you did.

Anyway, wrapping it up…

Is Click2Sell a Scam? Yes, It Is In My Opinion

From my experience as an online marketer, I can tell you that there’s simply no way the ad flipping concept described by Click2Sell could possibly work, and so, therefore, I conclude that Click2Sell is indeed a scam.

The people behind Click2Sell have just come up with an imaginary concept that is designed to almost sound plausible & simple to a newcomer, but leaves just enough confusion to force them into “trusting the process”.

The problem though is that instead of investing in advertising you’ll just be lining the pockets of the people behind the scam because any money deposited will be going directly to them.

Plus there’s also all of the suspicious doorway websites that I mentioned, the shady photoshopping tactics & the past negative reviews of the interlinked website BannerBit.

It’s safe to say that it should be definitely be avoided.

A Legitimate Way To Actually Make Money Online

Yes, ad flipping & Click2Sell may be scams but the good news is that there are still alternative, legitimate ways that you can earn money online.

One of my top-recommended methods is something called affiliate marketing, which basically involves you promoting products or services for companies online & getting paid commissions in return.

The best thing about affiliate marketing is that it requires minimal start-up cost, it’s relatively simple, and the amount you can earn with it is completely uncapped.

The harder you work, the more you can earn.

And affiliate marketing is actually the primary way that I personally make most of my own income online. It’s what enabled me to leave my job as an electrician & do this thing full-time.

So if you’d like to learn more about that instead then I’d highly recommend you check out Commission Academy, which is a place where you can get all of the training & tools you need to get started.

Or, alternatively, you can check out these other cool ways to earn online.

But whatever you do I just hope that this review of Click2Sell has given you a good insight into how the whole thing actually works (or should I say doesn’t work) & I hope it has helped you to avoid it.

About the Author:
Born & raised in England, Dale is the founder of Living More Working Less & he has been making a living from his laptop ever since leaving his job as an electrician back in 2012. Now he shares what he's learned to help others do the same... [read more]
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74 thoughts on “Click2Sell Review – Legit or Scam? Exposing The Fake Online Banner Advertising Scam”

  1. Hi Dale
    Thanks for the review. I have just started out with click2sell and am very much a beginner hoping to learn more so your description was perfect for the company. Hope to see and hear more from you.

    • Click2sell are bounge of senseless scammers. Even as i told them that i wasn’t interested anymore to sign up. They’ve threatened to keep calling my line almost eveey 10mins without my consent.Am happy i didn’t sign and did my research before believe their scamming sweet talking

    • Hi, I have been contacted by Click 2sell and was wondering if you have had any money back?

      The reson I ask is that a guy called Rob who has called me so many times and when I ask him questions he shouts me down, wont let me speak and has put the phone down on me 3 or 4 times after I ask to speak with his manager?



    • Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…… ALERT EVERYONE YOU CAN…….
      click2sell is DEFINITELY A SCAM. Check out the other Review pages for several other examples of victims. Specifically, the Better Business Bureau. It has complaints dating way back. I ERRONEOUSLY only
      checked out one review, the 1st one that came up, which was this one, from Dale, no fault of his, he wrote his honest opinion of what the site looked like. It DOES appear legit. But it is CLEARLY NOT.
      I decided to buy into the cheapest package of $200. Well, as I was speaking to a person from click2sell, by the name of Reggie, I entered my credit card info and hit SUBMIT. A message came up saying the transaction didn’t go through. It was declined. The guy, Reggie, said I must’ve not punched in the numbers correctly and, if I would just go ahead and give him the numbers, he would punch it in, on his end. I didn’t feel comfortable doing that, so, believing the “declined card” message was legit, I entered the info a second time and got the same “card declined” message. Reggie continued to plead with me to let him do it manually from his end, if I would just tell him the numbers, as they read on my card. I declined the offer and told him to call me back, as I was going to look for another credit card. (which is not the truth, I only have the one card BUT he was getting kinda pushy with his repeated requests for me to trust him and give him my info.) I immediately called my credit card company to find out that, indeed, both transactions had been successfully charged.
      I was stunned. That means they’ve set it up in a purposely deceitful manner, to display a FALSE message?? IT CLEARLY STATED THE TRANSACTION WAS DECLINED. IT WAS NOT PROCESSED.
      Thinking about it makes me so angry. I’d just confided in this person, Reggie, or whatever his REAL name is, that I’m currently recovering from throat cancer, dealing with painful side effects resulting from massive radiation dosing I’d received, hadn’t been able to work for nearly 10 months now, how I’d run through the little bit of savings I’d had and, not yet being well enough to return to work, (although I HAD tried, against my care team’s recommendation NOT TO. The doctors being right, of course.) But, I was on the verge of becoming the latest member of our homeless community. AND, I STRESSED to this fellow, that I could only afford to invest $200, that jerk watched me charge my card twice, going over my limit, incurring extra fees now. AND HE WANTED TO CONTINUE TO ROB ME, HOPING TO GET EVEN MORE. He KNEW I was actually being charged. I did NOT. I was also unaware that you could program a false message like that. I am sick to my stomach, worrying about REAL issues, like what’s gonna happen to my dogs, if I get evicted……
      they’re big and they’re old, nobody’s gonna wanna take them. They’ve been such good friends to me….I’ve had them for such a long time. I owe them a good send off.
      What could these scammers need SO BAD, that they’re willing to sell their souls for…….
      steamroller right over innocent people who just wanna legitimately earn some money, HONESTLY. The more I get to know people, the more I love animals.
      every word of my account is 100% true.
      SCAMMER ALERT !!!!!!

    • It is very big time scam and be careful what he said is not true …They took a lots of money from my credit card and give me a promises to help make lots of money on their platform…and I am the one end up paying bill without any money received from them….We all need to sue this company… they are stilling money from the people… Do not trust them at all…you don’t want to end up like me…

      • Hi that also happened to me. It’s a big scam I’ve lost over 5k with them.

        Dont trust anyone from this company they are stealing money from people.

  2. joined this few days ago,firstly was harassed with phone calls ,then told to invest £200,before could see what this was about,reluctantly invested £200 and have since earned 80 pence a day,was also bullied into investing £5000 to see decent return,declined and refused that request,it will take months to earn back my £200.Is this a scam in my opinion it is dont waste your money

  3. Thank you for your review. I currently purchased the $200 beginner package. I’m interested in finding out how others are doing on this site I started my account on the evening of March 21st. Looks a though the activity on the account only takes place upon business hours. Checked the account around 1000am and 1100am and both times and the account showed .40 made from the package. I received a call from them at 1200pm and they said they moved my account to the silver package package for 40 minutes. That package cost $1000. They asked me to check my account and it had moved to $23.30 in that time frame. They had moved me back to the basic package, I’m still not sure what to make of the site. My add allows me to earn for 5 months. With the $200 basic package earning a total of .40 a day if that then I should see a total of $40 by the time 5 months are through if I remained only with the one add and without assistance as given today. That is also before they receive their 15%. Not sure if I want to spend $1000 for the silver. I also am not sure if this a scam in order for me to spend even more money.

  4. Click2sell is only to happy, even pushy, to take your money but seem so reluctant to allow withdrawal of earnings (displayed in your balance field). Ruluctence is a bit soft. truth is that you cannot make a withdrawal. Their site wont accept the withdrawal page. this is what Allan Black wrote me when he first got me to invest in this scheme,

    Hi Dave I can assure you we are a legitimate institution. The purpose is pure marketing and I will assist in every facet of the journey. I can assure you that if we were not we would not able to operate in the manner we do we would be liquidating and closing our doors. Give me 5% of your trust and I will earn the other 95% over the next 3 months.

    let me tell you, he has failed miserably and i wish i knew how to tell every body that click2sell is a scam.David

  5. Hi Dale,

    Thank you for your review of Click2Sell. Here is my experience…

    I do not have a website and click2Sell never told me that this is for those who have a website to get traffic to their website.

    I strongly believe that Click2Sell is a SCAM. Maybe you are looking at another Click2Sell website, but my experience is not positive. Before placing any money with Click2Sell I made it very clear to them that I wanted to withdraw monthly from my profits. They assured me that this is how there system works. At the end of February 2019 I opened with the gold package of 5,250USD. Where, with the help of Roger Wilson, I bought my first campaign costing me $5000. My first month went very well and I made a profit of $5000. I applied for a withdrawal of 3000USD. Since then I have not been able to contact them. I have sent numerous emails to Roger Wilson asking him to contact me to discuss my account, left messages with their customer support asking Roger to phone me to discuss my account, but unfortunately with no success. I strongly believe that this a SCAM.

    If you have any ideas how to get my money back it would be very much appreciated.

  6. Hello, I started with in December 2018,so far i have invested over $30,000, yes,over $30K and they were badgering me to invest more, i refused and then they dumped me.They told me more than one lie and stupid me, I believed them. I still have active advertising campaigns that i am not getting paid on anymore. it is definitely a fraud, DON’T DO IT!!! .

  7. You have a picture of a lady that got into click2sell. Do you have an email for her ?
    I also am in click2sell, I would love to talk to here, if I may ? Thank you.

  8. I tried click2sell put the lowest amount in and was rescind phone calls daily telling me how much I coul earn if only I moved to the next level up with I said no I will wait and see how it performs which the guy didn’t like but anyway after a month or so I was up to $900 so thought I would take it out see if I was for real after at least 10 try’s at getting my money no answers so went on online chat and was told the need to contact me first so nobody has contacted me and it seams like they have now deleted my account so I think this is a scam and should be avoided at all costs

  9. I tried click2sell by starting out with the minimum $200 deposit. Well, the 25% bonus they promise to add was Never added. And I didn’t add anymore money myself. After about 2 weeks they closed my account, but never issued my refund of $200. I’ve sent emails that at first got responses. But after a little persistence on my end, they eventually Stopped Responding. This was 2wks ago…

  10. I have been with click2sell for 3 weeks now, starting off with a low stake which saw a 35% profit. then i invested a bit more & saw a profit again, the only thing that i dont like is the sales guys are very pushy for you to invest more & more & they start talking about investing thousands after just a few weeks so you have to stand up against them & only put in what you are happy putting in & no more. Only time will tell if its a good or bad way to make or lose money.

  11. Hi Dale
    I invested $10,000 in click2, my income in almost 2 months is almost $40,000, which quite good for a me.
    But their withdrawal policy is little bit risky, I can withdraw only after 3 months, and the withdrawal can be between 9% & 23%, depending on amount.
    I cannot take my money unless it becomes 50 times the bonus amount $15,000 added with my initial deposit $10,000.
    50*15000= $750,000.
    I don’t know how it works
    Please advice if any, how it works and the reality behind it.
    I have been assigned an account manager as well.
    Naturally he will be telling everything about his company.


  12. The major concern I have is that the company (Click2Sell) seems keen to give you extra money and match your starting investment which I took as an opportunity to get into a better position of doing great campaings. My Gripe is that I was not told that I could not withdraw any of my own money untill my Turnover was equal to 50 times the bonus given, so they gave me $2700.00 for the $2500.00 (USD) that I put in, so I have to generate $135,000.00 before I can withdraw my own funds, which on the performance of the past 2 months could take years to get any money back. I won’t know for some time if I can make any money or even get my original investment of $2500.00 back

  13. Hi Dale,
    I have started with click2sell from March 2019, so far they were able to rake in US$8,250 from me and they only returned US$800 for me to taste. Every time they want more investment from you, they never stop calling you but when I want to withdraw some money, they make excuses of saying that my income has to reach “potential liquid state”, blah, blah, blah and won’t give me my money. I e-mailed them so many times but he (account manager) never returned a reply and don’t call me. They are so nice to you only if you are willing for fork out more money for them. I am really angry and disappointed in them. They are nothing but the scammers! I don’t think I’ll ever see my money back! 🙁

  14. I have ventured into this, with a minimum investment, hopefully with my eyes open in the belief that it may create a “small” profit over the next three months or so– as long as this is the real deal.I am always sceptical of people, that as soon as they get you started they will try something dodgy.I was also aware they would try and up sell.once they had you in “their club”.—this happened and I didnt go there–.Only time will tell whether these guys are what they profess to be Will keep you posted.
    Cheers GG.

  15. As above…….completely so im interested to see where it takes me without putting any further money in ,thankyou. Michele

  16. G’day mate. I am a 82 year young Australian man and I would love to make honest money to help with my living cost.

    I do not understand how to use a computer but I would like to try to create a on line money making business. Can you please advise me about this. Can it be something simple to create an income?

    I would appreciate any help you can give me!!!

    Thanks Aussie Lawrence

  17. SCAM !!! Do not trust them, promising good return but newer happened, I have been waiting 6 month try to withdraw money..

  18. It seems your explanation is logic but I have to join first to know what more you can offer with very minimal risk.
    I already deposit £4,600.00 + £100.00 transaction fee to click2sell almost a month this July 2019. Can I cancel / withdraw my money. Because the threshold is quite unrealistic and they will forfeit my deposit if they lost their business. Please give me some advice

  19. Hi Philip here
    I have just signed up with click to sell with a stocks account that lasts 5months. I’ll let you know how it spans out .

  20. i started on click2sell 6 months ago, i started off investing $250 then i was prompted to invest more, $1000 then more & more & more, i am now in it for over $12000 & so far i have not been able to withdraw a single dollar, in fact they are urging me to invest more which i have now refused, click2sell match your investment to get you going & the reason that they give for not being able to withdraw & money is because click2sell have to withdraw their investment first. Beware its not all it seems & it is difficult to get your money back as they just want you re-investing !

  21. they are an absolute scam – took my money and dont retunr emails, calls. Im a struggling sungle mother – which they knew.

    I hope they rot in hell

  22. Click2sell is a scam. We just got scammed close to 4K AU.
    Once you transfer the initial US$250 the very next day someone else calls (mind you anyone you talk to is South African and apparently they are in London) to get you to invest another US$2.5K. From there they want very personal id. Not explained anywhere in the process. They give you a 7 day cool off period, which is what we tried. Good luck, no one now answers calls or emails.
    Bottom line, Click2sell is obviously into money scamming, though there is a deeper agenda looking like identity theft. Funny how all the articles on Click2sell lead to similar sites!!

  23. Hi Dale. I joined Click2Sell with the minimun amount that was required, $250 and within a couple of days I was pressuured to part with another $1500. They trade in American dollars, so my Australian dollars came to $2292 altogether. This amount has been my total retirement savings. Click2Sell guarantee that you will receive the amount that you have invested. I have requested that I have my money returned to me, and have been told that the package I bought was for 5 months. I did not choose this package, and was not told of the 5 month rule. What can I do next please ?

  24. They are an absolute SCAM. People, please be warned and stay far away from them. Do not sign up, do not give them money and DO NOT give them your details. We have currently lost USD 2,000 and they refuse to pay it back.

  25. I have a Ckick3Sell starter package that was supposed to add a 20% welcome nonus upon activating, it has been 3 weeks and hence no welcome bonus, but have had several very pushy at times insulting phone calls with to upgrade immediately with consistent avoidance to my questions about receiving the welcome bonus for my current subscription and future upgrades to a higher investment.

  26. click to sell is a scam, they are quick to take your money but when you want to cash out and take your profits they close your account and refund the money you invested and only after months of emails trying to get my profits. They first said you could not withdraw early though when I read their terms and conditions, no where does it say that you can not , then after being told that they would look into my request for withdrawal and that they would call me back within 24 hours, 2 weeks went by during which I contacted them on line 3 times asking for an update only to find my account closed and my money refunded, I never saw one penny of my profits. total scam, avoid at all costs.

  27. Absolutely disgusted by this company. I reached out to get information and receiving harassing phone calls at all hours of the night with rude,.belligerent high pressure sales tactics. Do not waste your time with these scammers.

  28. This company is a scam. Do not invest. If you have signed up and signed something called a “Bonus Agreement” then you can say goodbye to your money and also you won’t make any income. Their terms they make you sign (after you have deposited) state that you must make whatever total “bonus money” they add to your account multiplied by 50, and they can add bonuses of any amount whenever they want. Plus you have to be a member for 12 months or more and make deposits every 3 months. All deposits come with “bonus”. The ROI they state is 66% ish and the lowest bonus dollars they apply is circa $4500. So you have to make a quarter of a million in profit to be able to “withdraw”. But it’s not actually possible if you buy even the highest package of 25000 as the ROI would be $16K, and in order to withdraw you would need to make over $1 million. So as you can see, it is mathematically impossible to get money. Moreover the “ad campaigns” you purchase are not real or live on any website. I filed a chargeback to my financial institution on the basis of them “not providing the product” that I paid for. The chargeback process for them is costly and it scares them enough. For me to get a full refund. Do your research and DO NOT SIGN anything from them.

  29. Hi Dale I have been working with Click2sell for 4 months i put in $2,000 and then they put in $2,000 as a bonus (dont get the bonus) I left the bonus because I need to learn and to withdraw with the bonus in place you have to turn the bonus over 50x so I needed to get to 100,000 to enjoy benefits but i saw it as a goal to meet and in the small time I have been doing this on the low package I got i have still managed to be at this stage at a balance of 54,000 and going strong i am upgrading very soon, i mad a withdrawal just the other day to prove i could get money out and I got our around $600USD I am getting my friends and family into it it is real and legal and does not take a lot of work plus they train you

  30. Hi Dale 🙂
    I’m a full pledged member at Click2sell whose invested $18,000 so far. They are very tricky at getting more money from you. So my only advice is when you’ve reached you’re financial quota say NO!!
    But I’m thrilled with this online business, gives me something to focus on and dream about the financial gain. So far I have made $6500 in a week

  31. I have just dipped my toe in with a very small investment as I was very sceptical. Yes a lot of promises were made and up selling. I stuck to my guns and a am following progress. At the moment I am surprised by the return on just $200 so far $76 in two months far more than the interest from a bank. I am wondering whether to go forward with a larger investment!!! So far so good. Watching and waiting!

  32. Hi Dale,

    I would like you to help me to get my money back from StsRoyal trading company.

    This has nothing to do with Click2sell but a different trading company.

    I invested $2,000 USD with StsRoyal and have made a profit of $5,400 USD and now when I went to withdraw all my money StsRoyal are asking me if I want to withdraw my money, I need to deposit $1,000 USD into there account before my funds are released, that is not right?

    I have sent them numerous emails and they will not release my money until I deposit the $1,000 USD into there account?

    If require any information about StsRoyal please contact me via email

  33. Click2sell is a scum they prey on people who are not fully conversant with the program. They promise you that you will make millions in no time and they will tell you to remortgage your house, they will say what are you earning on your ISA and they will tell you that in 90 days you will have paid the loan back.They will promise to pay monthly but they do not uphold to their promises. Please don’t join them and stop filling their pockets on the other hand I am not sure whether they are filling their pocket because everyone who joined is up in arms with them.

  34. I need my deposit back. I am not interesting in your organisation any more. I am not interested in any created numbers bitches

  35. PLEASE BEWARE OF CLICK2SELL everything that is promised with this Company is totally unrealistic, misleading, not true, and unachievable,  the reason i say this with absolute confidence and honesty is because even their own Customer Relations Dept have said that 11k will be Nowhere near enough money to get the Account into a position where i would ever make withdrawals, Deposits are supported by Bonuses ( x 50 ) that you have no say in or ever made aware of so in my case for instance untill i reach $711.000 clicks ( yes seven Hundred thousand ) i may as well just dream on.!! So this without doubt only amounts to out and out calculated Deception … YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!

  36. Thanks for you information and honest appraisal, Dale,
    I jumped into with an initial investment of $200US, believing I could ‘walk before running’. Then when I was contacted yesterday I was close to investing another $5,500Aus being told that was best for me since I would have personal help.
    I feel deceived by the initial inference that I could start effectively with a low investment then when “committed” asked to invest far more. I would have to borrow money to invest and marketing is not really my thing.
    Feeling to back out now.

  37. Iam an Australian I’ve just started with click2sell but never played the package am I doing the right thing
    I don’t know if their are scam I need to know

  38. I am still waiting for my money to get back into my account i have closed the account and waiting for $500 that was closed on Friday 11 October and the money is still not into my account

  39. Click to sell is a scam They got me for 19.5 k and it’s impossible to get a penny out of them Beware people this company is not legit I’m just thankful that I did not introduce any of my friends to these thieves

  40. Hi Dale, i have read your review but i dont think this click 2sell is legit but i have been trying to widraw and they giving me hard time to get my money back. Its been months and they keep on promising to give my widraw and call me but never had a results all i want is to widraw since i saw that i have made money but they are not want me to widraw. I have been so frustrated for months i wanted to get my money back.

  41. I joined click2sell the start of February got one account advertising a fashion company. Just about made my money back. Then it was supposedly add for holding it ran until September then when it reached £479.75 again just short of my investment I decided to cash in and forget trading. I made a request to them for my money they closed the account and dissappeared. I have tried to track them but have had no success any ideas? The same with wealth capital they will not give me money they owe me it after another trade-off another that just don’t care they supposedly went through my money in two days in other words they went on the piss with it. You may think your looking at a trading platform with most of these companies it’s faked to make it look good. I’m still owed money from a few years ago from a company called apiary I had over three hundred in my account my password didn’t work I had no access they ignored me that was the end of that most are scumbags you see the ads on tv but when you fill in your details it goes to the first one to call you who don’t know the compensating like we’re a parent company that gets it passed on to it is nightmare on elm street unless you get the genuine company which is harder than you think. Another is underground banking this big secret it’s total bullying it’s a case of first in the queue traders they call themselves but they are not PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THEIR BULLSHIT I’VE LOST A LOT IN JUST A FEW YEARS AND NOBODY WILL HELP YOU UNLESS THEY OWE YOU OVER £500.00 mine are all under that so I’ve been had and I regret each decision I am in the middle of a break down and they gained from that take care keep your money safe.

    • Now has reinvented a new name called
      Beware. I am hopeful my CC Companies will recover my tens of thousands of dollars invested into this scam

        • Yes Dale.
          They also steal your identity, and they screen share, and take control of your computer, and they produce forged documents, that they sign, falsely claiming you signed some bogus Bonus agreement, (that I did not).
          same names of scammers at Ads
          On my Credit card statements, shows “”, as to the criminal back account your funds go to.
          Even their so called reviews and plateform are same as They just inserted Ads-Supply review, and you can not comment on their fake reviews.
          These are heartless hardened criminals.

  42. Click2sell is a full blown Scam!!! So let me tell you about my story, that started back in March 2019 of this year. I started out small, then my account manager keep telling my about these campaigns the were make LOTS of money. What bullshit that was! Per the agreement i signed in relationship to bonus money click2sells contributes, pretty much will keep me from making any money! There is a 50 times multiplier that says if the company contributes money it will be multiplied by 50 before i can start pulling out any monthly income. I charged all my credit cards to the max buying all these pages of campaigns; Horse racing, Fashion, Crypto, the Mix. So i put in $30,800, they put in $36,250. I thought oh great we can build this account really fast, which we reinvested in several campaigns to the tune of $ 186,650, they have paid me back 7k because i have bitched. I have made to date $139,640.25 that is a $47,009.75 lose to date. Each new campaign you buy will stop producing large daily total after just 2 weeks. My campaigns are only making about 100 bucks per day & i have 90 days left, that is about 9k i will make, leaving me with a huge lose ($38k) in the account.
    I will never get paid back my investment! Here is why; Remember the 50 time multiplier i said the agreement has? 50 x Click2sell bonus money of $36,250 = $1,812,500.00 that is the threshold i must achieve in order to pull out a monthly income! They still owe me $23,800, they had the balls to ask if i would settle for 10k, i told them hell no!!!
    I built a Excel spread sheet and tracked all my campaigns losses, if anyone wants it, please send me an email to me
    When you send me your request, put in subject line (Click2sell Spread Sheet), you will then have all my phone numbers so you can call me and we can go over it together, yes you will be shocked..

  43. Click2sell is nothing but a scam. They just keep pushing for more money, your initial investment is never realised by what they claim is profit. As the interest earned never comes up to the amount you invest. When you ask to get money back they will come up with every excuse then just not communicate with you. They are a complete fraud

  44. I join click 2 sell is almost 1 years. They never stop to push me investment. I worry about is 120000 .Can I call the police

    • As mentioned in the review above, your first step should be to contact your bank. They’ll be able to instruct you on what further action to take.

  45. From My experience it is a SCAM.
    They get interested people to invest a small sum which buys campaign which rapidly grows a very good profit. Then they inform the advantage of investing more to get into an even better market. This process goes on as the investor sees growth of 3 or 4 times. Then when seeking to withdraw they inform that the Bonuses have to be repaid first probably 5 fold.
    Then the next stage kicks in, with the pretend market falling, and under a recovery manager the earlier gains are eaten way by each campaign not getting an income to cover the cost of campaigns, At this stage the income required to withdraw cash is not made and not forseeable,
    Simply an investor having seen excellent gains all is eaten away and passed into the pocketss of C2S.

  46. to anyone who is considering dealing with click2sell… dont even think about it!!! i too have been very foolish and trusting with these thieves!!! cause thats what they are… gain your confidence with smooth graphics and profits BUT come time to withdraw… no deal!!! scammed $5000US of me quiet easily!!! will never trust anyone again re money!!!!

  47. We have been with them for about 18months and theydont ring anymore about the campains i tried to send them a email and it wont let me we want our money back $7900 australian as we keep gettting told that we only get up too $500 IT IS A SCAM its digusting how they run a bussiness.

  48. Thank you Dale, my heart bleeds for all those people who have been scammed. If it sounds too good to be true it generally is. What’s really cool with google is that I just popped the email address they contacted me from into search and your reviews checked out. I knew it was a scam I just wanted to see how much. They are mow blocked from my emails, however with all the different scams they have going on I’m sure another one will surface.


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